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Dogs! Dogs! and more Dogs!

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Oh! Isn't that cute! I can leave it where it drops, the leaves will cover it up.

Oh! Isn’t that cute! Such a thoughtful dog, we can leave it where it drops, the leaves will cover it up.


NEWS FLASH!  New terminal disease discovered which is killing the population.  It is fatal within two hours of a human becoming infected.  Scientists have found the cause – the huge amount of animal fecal matter spreading rapidly and piling up across the world.  The main spread agent – dogs whose fecal matter turns into this rare form of disease when expelled.  No cure found!  Babies under one year are the most susceptible.  Humans on earth are confounded.  Hospitals are not overcrowded because people infected with this new dog caused disease die before reaching the hospital or a doctor!


Everywhere you go there are people with their dogs.  Some on leashes, some running free, all peeing and dropping their fecal matter on the sidewalk – in the gardens around the trees – everyplace except where it is supposed to be dropped.  Some people pick up their dog’s crap.  Some don’t.  Some pick it up and drop it on top of their neighbors garbage cans or in another neighbor’s garden.  Most humans are pretty thoughtless about other people and are only concerned about their own comfort and convenience.

This was a pretty emotional breakfast.  So many feelings about all the dogs multiplying, increasing exponentially in a society which still has homeless and young children without enough to eat – no one to care for them – needing clothes, education, comfort and love.  None for you, my lovely and needy children, it is all going to the dogs.


Our little band of temporary friends decided it is because dogs worship humans.  A self-absorbed society adds to its self-absorption by bringing in an animal that gets happy when it sees its “master”; wags its tails strongly to show how happy it is to see this human being who feeds them, etc;  gives companionship in a master/servant kind of way and will never try to become an equal; and the biggy – isn’t going to stage a revolution for its freedom.

What would this world look like if all the money and other resources being spent and lavished upon dogs were spent and lavished upon those who are in need.  Is that enough to end poverty? To end homelessness? to end children on the street selling their bodies for a meal and a roof over their head?Buy a dog or adopt a child!!!  Take care of a dog or help a family take care of its children!!!  Spend tons of love and care on dogs or spend tons of love and care on humans in need.  We have clearly made our choice – the dogs win.  The humans think, care, act! Dogs just worship!

It is much harder to deal with your own kind than to deal with a group you have designated as less than.  That master/servant relationship isn’t going anyplace.  It is firmly in control of most of us and we seem to not be able to stand on our ethics, our principles, our own two feet and we especially don’t want to be inconvenienced or put out in any way.  We won’t even pick up our own servant/dogs poop – or dispose of it properly.  For every one person who does, there are at least 10 who don’t.

His new teeth cost a fortune, but it was worth every penny!

His new teeth cost a fortune, but it was worth every penny!

So what is the answer?  We couldn’t find any.  Get this dog problem under control and we will probably only be able to do so by putting another situation in its path that will turn into something worse than what we are now experiencing.  Everybody at the table, including those with dogs had a horrible dog story to tell about a neighbor, a friend, a relative and that persons dog.

While we talked at breakfast about the incredible number of dogs every place you turned, doing damage to human life and health, we were in a dining room with a window which looked out on the street and we counted twelve (12) dogs going by with their owners – and this in less than an hour.  The dog owners stopped in front of the tree which was surrounded by lovely flowers.  That was a clear signal to the dog – pee and crap now and in this spot.  The dogs simply walked into the flower bed, encouraged by its “master” and peed.  We were sure that flower bed would soon be barren.   As it is, the flower bed was bedraggled from the dog traffic and our host didn’t want to go out to continue to cultivate it after watching all the dog pee going into the ground.

Contrary to dog owners claims – dog pee and dog fecal matter are not garden fertilizers.  They are garden destroyer.

They can't be talking about me! But I am so cute, anyone would be proud to have me lick their face!

They can’t be talking about me! But I am so cute, anyone would be proud to have me lick their face!

What does it do to the human spirit and the human soul to lavish all of the resources now being spent on animals and ignore the need of humans who are going hungry – are without basic shelter – have no way to get out of their current tragic existence.  How would you feel in those circumstances sitting on the sidelines watching pampered pets go by?  We have more compassion for “rescue” dogs than we do for another human being.  We talked – finally – about seeing friends getting all misty-eyed when they see a dog in need and turn hostile when they see a human in need.  There is something basically wrong here and we are clearly not dealing with what is missing in the human spirit which allows this and blind-sides us to our part in this tragedy.

When you die will it be your dog who greets you with its tail wagging or will it be the humans you denied because of your inability to face your own mortality and morality?


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