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The United States President = Pathological Liar

It is amazing to see “Mr. President” referred to every day as a Pathological Liar.  I have lived through many presidents and not everyone has been happy with the current president, but all of them – except maybe Richard Nixon – have been respected even when one could not agree with some of their policies or beliefs, until now.  And even Richard Nixon – who was given some choice names – pathological liar was not one.

To every United States voter who used their vote to help elect Donald J. Trump – you are unequivocally a bigot.  Everyone is being nice and dancing around this, but it is time to say it very clearly.  You voted for Donald Trump because you thought he was going to bring America back to the racist/bigoted nation it was before the election of Barack Obama – quietly, unobtrusively with plausible deniability as to the bigotry being re-enforced, re-established with examples to make sure the youth of the U. S. are thoroughly re-indoctrinated into the evil that has been a part of the structure of America for hundreds of years.

Two things come to mind when one says the name – Barack Obama:  one – he is half African;  two – his name brings up Muslim connotations. Isn’t that why Trump is on this anti-Muslim ban? His bigotry as he and his followers are determined to wipe everything off the face of the earth that this half-Black with Muslim ancestors has achieved, turning it all into extreme negatives to fit the negative stereotype that has existed in the U. S. since it was needed to justify slavery.  You cannot have this ex-president destroying the negative stereotypes you and your ancestors have spent generations putting in place.

Please understand, I know very well Barack Obama is not Muslim, but his name legitimizes Muslims as first class citizens as much as he legitimizes African Americans as full citizens of this country – totally eliminating the second class citizenry of both.  To the bigots in this country that is unforgivable.

To each and every Donald Trump supporter, you can hide behind other reasons that you spurt, but that is the real reason you voted for a man who showed himself to be a pathological liar both before and during his campaign for President; a purveyor of vicious and ugly stories that are lies; who was involved in soft-porn; owner and operator of casinos with rumors of mafia connections; who filed bankruptcy six times cheating many people in the process – without any explanation, without any disclosure of his tax returns, without any substantiating that he didn’t get money from Russia and others of that ilk; who was an adulterer many times over and who paraded it around for all to see and to brag about; who talked about and treated women as though they were sex objects existing for only one reason – who was vile in his comments about women.  And for your side bonus, he also called Mexicans and others ugly names to insure that the world knows that in America they are not considered equal to White Americans – or Russians. – You, Trump supporters, didn’t care, because you simply wanted someone who would wipe out everything about Obama and his presidency, creating a lie that it wasn’t right or good and someone to do everything possible to make that seem to be a vile, ugly, horrible time in these United States.  If Trump had to lie to achieve that goal – you were right there with him, helping to spread what you knew were lies.  If he had to attempt to destroy a woman who spent her entire adult life working so that our lives could be better – so much the better.  You got a ‘twofer’ in Donald Trump.  He not only lied about, misrepresented, slandered the sitting president of the United States, but Trump worked to destroy an “uppity” woman at the same time.  Wow! You really worked hard to make him your president.  Who knows when another such opportunity would come, for you to rise up and make your filth, that was poorly hidden all these generations,  known to the rest of the world.

You claimed you were voting for him because he was going to bring JOBS back to the United States.  Right! A man whose own company and the company of his daughter and family members had outsourced jobs for their businesses to other countries – China, Bangladesh, etc. – has credibility with you to bring jobs back to these United States?  He is still crying the same story. You still claim to believe him when none of his companies or his family’s companies including Ivanka’s has made any move to bring their company’s jobs back to these United States.  Trump makes an announcement about some corporation bringing jobs back to the United States and he takes credit for that move when he had nothing to do with a decision made long before he became president and no one even asks when Trump is going to bring his jobs back onto these shores.

Ivanka Trump just moved her company’s jobs from China – to where?  Back to the United States?  NO! To Bangladesh or some other country where the wages are almost slave wages and where people work in sweat shop conditions just to survive.  This is no secret.  We all are aware of this.  Paying sub-human wages to their workers to increase their own profits so they can live a more elaborate lifestyle leaving those working for them beyond destitute!  That is the reason most U. S. Corporations move their jobs overseas.  Trump and family were just going along with the crowd.  And at the same time hitting at others for doing the same thing.  It is hypocrisy at its worse.  This family’s ethics are in the dumpster and still you cheer.  That is the definition of a bigot.

Why do I call you Trump supporters bigots?  You elected a man who spent over eight years attempting to trash the sitting president of the United States.  He used blatant lies that every one of you knew to be lies, but you voted him in as president, anyway.  Not just little lies, but blatant ones that you knew were lies and that you supported in your zeal to be free of equality and  justice.  You were and are ready to trade a democracy for a dictatorship to maintain your White Privilege – and you are doing it with great gusto.

You knew before you cast your vote that you were voting for a pathological liar.  You knew you were voting for a man who had the ethics of a gutter snake.  A man who would do and say anything to get his point across and to gain his end goal.  In this case, you were casting your vote for such a person to be President of these United States.

You voters for Donald J. Trump as president knew when you cast your ballot that his campaign was a lie from beginning to end.  You knew he put together the KKK, the White Nationalists, Breitbart, the neo-Nazi’s and others on that same level with the same philosophy and beliefs to gain the presidency.  You knew when you cast your ballot for Donald Trump you were voting for the worse kind of bigot.  Yet you voted for him.  Why?  Because you are like him – bigots together trying to bring the United States back to a pre-1950’s place complete with raising again Jim Crow, complete with your claimed superiority over everyone not like you.

You knew with Donald Trump as president you would not have to swallow your own bigotry.  You could come out calling people the -N- word.  You knew you could be abusive to minorities.  You knew you could let out all of the ugliness you had to swallow during the years of Obama’s presidency and today you are doing just that and enjoying every moment.  We are all seeing just how ugly, shallow, violent, rude, vile you can be – that is all on parade for the world to see also.

At some point, it must have dawned on you that your children – born shortly before, during and in the process of the Obama presidency – would not share your hatred for those not like you.  You must have realized that children born to the rest of the world would also see a Black man as president of these United States and that changed, modified, mitigated, eliminated much of the racism that you and your forbears spent your lives creating and projecting.  The negative stereotypes you projected – from deep within your soul – onto minorities was fast disappearing.  You had to do something or face who you really are as a human being, just equal to, without the ‘glow’ of White Privilege covering all of your shortcomings, giving you an identity you did not deserve nor work for, giving you privileges over others which the ‘American Dream’ guaranteed to you, above all others.

America, having created ‘White Privilege’ as its camouflage to maintain slavery and to meld Europeans and others into a ‘race’ of superior beings called White, was changing.  It was threatening to you to see your beloved ‘White Privilege’ evaporating into the equality and justice now coming into being in these United States.  Late, but better than not at all.  This was something you would not tolerate.

Since we have been accustomed to lying to ourselves and saying one thing which was really code for something else, you saw right away through Donald Trump’s code words – Make America Great Again – to what those words really meant – Make America White Again.  We are also beginning to realize your dumping on the media means the “Liberal Media”, which means what you consider the “Jewish Media.”  We saw the need for you to eliminate the “Liberal Media” you could not control, but your actions are showing ever more of where you are coming from and where you are going.

The media conspired with its 24/7 coverage of Donald Trump’s campaign to the elimination of all but 5%  of its coverage given to others running for President of these United States.

So what now Donald J. Trump supporters?  You are faced with supporting Russia – since that is apparently who had to help you elect Mr. Trump.  There are not enough of you to constitute the overwhelming majority that Mr. Trump needed to become president.  Most Americans reject your beliefs and the bigotry by which you justify your existence.  Are you going to move into that place of being enemies of your own country because that is what the continuation of your attempts to re-establish a bigoted nation requires?

I can imagine how fulfilling it is to look at Russia and see only White Northern European faces – even if it does mean pushing the definition of Northern European a bit to fill this role.  You are doing that quite admirably.  Not even many women – a few here and there, but not so many they are equal to those White men we constantly see pictured from Russia.  And certainly, Vladimir Putin’s sexism is very satisfying to you, I am sure, as you see that he is just as much a womanizer as Mr. Trump.  Warms the heart to see those old values still in ascendancy with the hope that you can leave the world in tact for your children coming along, who won’t have to live under equality; won’t have to worry about justice being ‘blind’; won’t have to be truthful in their dealings with others – they will be able to lie to gain the goal of maintaining this bigotry because they will have been taught and have been given a role model who does just that.

So what now all of you Donald J. Trump supporters.  Some of you are hiding.  You supported and support him, but you don’t want your friends and co-workers to know because you know it is your bigotry leading your brain and you know it is wrong to give your support to such a person.

You and your young  children had as a role model – Barack Obama.  A man who was principled in his dealings with you and the rest of the world.  Whose family is down to earth and accepting of all of us – including you and your family.  You have now been instrumental in giving your young children a role model – Donald J. Trump – of a pathological liar and of a man who has cheated, lied and stolen from others without any remorse and who continues to do just that.  This is the role model your children now have and what a follow-up to Barack Obama.

Don’t be surprised when the crime rate sky rockets – don’t be surprised when the murder rate increases exponentially – don’t be surprised when corporate America takes away from you whatever they want in the name of major profits – don’t be surprised when you see the worst of humanity in your leaders because gradually that is what is happening and you know that.  You may be bigoted, but you are not stupid.  Because your current ‘leaders’ are expensively dressed, that indicates their wealth not their character.

Don’t be surprised when your children catch on and start giving you denials to their missteps; when they start justifying going on drugs to escape reality; when they start mistreating you as well as their friends; when they start taking whatever they want from whoever they want to take it and feel justified in the doing.

When you give your children a role model such as Donald J. Trump, they follow it just as they started to follow the role model of Barack Obama.  Who do you want your children to follow – to want to be like? Because rest assured that the ethics of this country – its character – is gradually being changed to follow the character of its leader.  That is the human condition.

When your children have business relationships will they follow the six bankruptcies of Donald Trump?  Will they justify their bigotry – which is assuredly going to grow – by claiming that Barack Obama, as President of the United States was fooling the people and was really not born in these United States – by claiming that Obama was lying to the American people and was really born in Africa?  In other words, Trump was trying to set up the argument that the United States has never had a legitimate Black president.  Isn’t that behind the lies Trump told constantly about Obama?  With the unspoken knife twist implying Obama’s lack of ethics to be able to do such a thing?

Will you delight in seeing your children, as some of you did, portraying the president of the United States and his wife as apes in the jungle, dressed in animal skins and acting as though they were totally stupid, violent, terrorists? Because that is the example you have given them as a good example by your vote for Donald Trump as president.  I could go on for pages, but you know the history and you know what you have done.

And now you have the ‘surprise’ of Donald J. Trump claiming Barack Obama had his phones “tapped” in Trump Tower as some kind of attempt to gain the presidency for Hillary Clinton.  How many more of these pathological lies are we going to sit still and absorb?  For this country they are like body blows.  And we can’t sustain too many of those.  The surprise to me is that having listened to Donald J. Trump lie about Barack Obama for over eight years as he was campaigning for president and his years as a sitting president, when Trump claimed that Obama was not born in the U. S. we are now taking this additional lie of Donald Trump’s seriously.  It is horrendous and should result in his removal as president, in spite of the support and delight of his bigoted followers rejoicing in ‘their President’s’ still being the horrendous liar that he has always been to them and very willing to promote the horribleness that finds its way onto the pages of Breitbart and other such publications.

You, Donald J. Trump voters, have violated your responsibility as citizens of this country because you valued your White Privilege above everything else.  You sold out your country so you could feel better than many others – who are probably better than you, at least ethically and as patriots.  Your patriotism was for sale to whoever assured you that they would make it possible for you continue to feel better than, covered in White Privilege and they would make sure that the law and government would keep you on top because they would “Drain the Swamp” of those swimming in the waters of equality and justice and working to bring about the equality and justice that the voters for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton tried to give to all of us.  You let Donald Trump turn the metaphor of Amos’ – let justice roll on like a river and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream into Trump’s “Drain the Swamp”.

All you wanted, all of you Donald J. Trump supporters,  was to put that White Woman in jail because she dared to think she was good enough and equal enoughto run for president of these United States and everybody knows women have a place and it is not equal to men.  All of you knew that could not happen if you were to maintain your feeling of superiority and your White Privilege in the face of its being torn down by people like Hillary Clinton and her followers.  You attempted to turn a God-fearing, hard working woman into a murderer and worse.  Well, you have your murderer as president; you have succeeded in electing your pathological liar as president, you have your mafia tinged president who many claim sold all of us out to Russia and whoever else would pay him the big money, and now you have to live with the result.  You could very well have voted in the end of this Republic and the beginning of a Russian style dictatorship.

Your actions will assuredly send you to the hottest corner of hell.  And what now are you going to do to rectify this situation?  Live in the muck you have created?  Or do something to get Russia out of the United States government and work with all of us to move this country into the greatness promised by its founders?  Into a country where justice, equality and more of the same are really the American way! It is not an easy way because we constantly annoy and disappoint each other, but it winds up to be a pretty good place especially if it is without all of you bigots creating a swamp you then don’t have a clue as to how to move across into the beautiful, clear flowing waters.

And no, I am not a Democrat.

Get those white sheets and pointy hats and that Nazi symbol out of here!~


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