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Response to “Edmund Petus Bridge”

You’ve done it again.  I did not make the connection between what is happening today in Alabama with what happened all those years ago in Alabama against African Americans.  This is sick!

I saw the people at the press conference of evangelicals raving and screaming in favor of Roy Moore.  What struck me during that time was how low Roy Moore brought his wife by having her out front defending him against his sexual abuse against other women.  It was incredible psychic sexual abuse against his own wife.  She must know the truth of his penchant for teenage girls – too many others know it for her to be in ignorance.  How that must hurt to be the one on that stage.

It also struck me as to how scared the men were who were talking – raving actually – about god and Roy Moore.  I wondered if they were so fearful because they have to put the women down as brutally as possible who are telling their stories about Roy Moore’s sexual abuse because women will be out there telling their stories about the men raving on that stage.

I also noticed color doesn’t make a bit of difference – the men were white, black, brown.  All united trying to keep their claimed ‘superiority’, which would be taken away from them if they don’t destroy the women speaking out.  But the curtains have been raised and we can all see what this is about and guess what is still hidden.

Thanks for this article.  It was quite eye opening.  Keep telling these truths – we are listening.  How about more comments from “Bettina Network’s Oracle”?  The last one was right on and you folks were the first to make the connection between Trump – the mafia and what is looking like treason by the president of these United States.  That is all just now being unveiled for the rest of us to see.  Would like to know where we are going next.


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