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Melania Trump’s Lifestyle – African American?

It was amazing at the Republican Convention to hear Melania Trump give a talk which was lifted practically verbatim from a talk given by Michelle Obama. So it was not too much of a surprise to see her choice of clothes.

For the formal dinner in England just a few days ago, Melania Trump chose to lift the dress choice of Lupita Lyongo, the Kenyan/Mexican actress and model – only in yellow instead of the red chosen by Lupita for her appearance at the Golden Globe awards.
And then there was the jacket Melania wore to visit the site where children were being held in cages. remember? It said “I really don’t care. Do U?

All of the conjectures about the jacket missed a very crucial point. It was designed and manufactured by a company which routinely designs and manufactures anti-semitic clothes, of which that jacket was one – fit right in with the anti-brown/black immigrant goals of a White Nationalist family, don’t you think?

On a different wave length, to her more serious events she wears designs by people who would fit into the “better than” category the Trump administration and its White Nationalist philosophy has chosen to designate as those who are “better than” – “more/better culture than”, etc.

The Trump’s fit into the “Nouveau Riche” category and they are acting out their newsness to wealth and their inability to acclimate and fit into the society. Apparently, before the wealth arrived, the Trump family had some secrets to keep hidden in the “culture” department and are trying to do so by giving themselves a very different background from the one which is their reality.

Donald Trump labels himself as half-English/half-Scottish. With the claim that his mother came from England and the other side came from Scotland. Nothing about his real grandfather who came from Germany, which means that Donald Trump himself is an immigrant one generation removed from the man who arrived in these United States with no money – very broke – no education – scraping the bottom of the barrel and who reportedly moved himself up on the backs of women who he used to scrape together the means to build a hotel – and- it is rumored, used the hotel as a brothel.

This is the background of the man who is now trying to lift himself up by pushing down other immigrants and lifting up Northern European culture as at the top and currently endangered by all of the bare foot, dirty, non-English speaking immigrants he is trying so hard to keep out of the United States and strongly advising England to keep them out of their country or their “superior” culture will be lost. The Trumps clearly have worked hard to move themselves up class wise, but don’t quite seem to know how to do that. Their recently learned knowledge about this “cultural” phenomenon has come late and with lots of defects in the knowledge. The KKK, White Nationalists, neo-Nazi’s take you down the cultural ladder, Donald, not up. The “Upper Class” in these United States will never embrace someone with your background. Probably not your family until the third or fourth generation – which means Ivanka’s grandchildren – if they keep their noses clean and out of what you are constantly involved with and which Ivanka is, apparently, helping you to achieve.

Problem is, every time Donald Trump opens his mouth he shows his lack of a decent “cultured” upbringing and out comes all the crude, lying, greedy, lifestyle he apparently learned at his father’s knee. His presumptions and characterizations about himself show a great gift for storytelling. – Wasn’t it Donald and his father who were sued by the United States of America for the racism they were practicing in their buildings? And wasn’t it Donald’s father trying to lie his way out of being jailed with the KKK after they marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in their sheets and pointy hats trying to scare the entire American society? And given the choice wasn’t it the Donald who found his associates and friends among the mafia, the gamblers, those who stole from others to pad their own pockets ie his six bankruptcies which took away from many and gave him assets without a cost to the Trumps?

This is now the president of the United States – How the mighty have fallen!

The Evangelical Christians of a certain stripe support him strongly and claim their god sent him
Their god sent an
pathological liar
man full of greed – ripping off others as though it was his right
takes his failures and proclaims them as great successes
and so much more – do we really need to list everything?
______________________________________________________________________He needs to find GOD! and give up on his evangelical imitation leading him down the road to sedition and sin which leads him straight to hell! It is extremely interesting that the Trumps imitate the peoples they consider inferior and want to push down and characterize as “less than”. Wonder what that means?


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