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Blackmail at High Levels

by: Marceline Donaldson

It seems as though each day brings us closer to a breakout to get to know exactly what is happening in this government with Donald Trump claiming the spot as president, but it doesn’t quite happen.

How come?

Someone like William Barr comes to the rescue and is appointed Attorney General. Not the only one to appear at just the right time.

Are you being blackmailed Attorney General Barr? Is your family threatened with exposure? Are you protecting your father and his reputation, which in a white male upper class family would mean the entire family’s position and wealth are teetering on the brink.

And who else?

The Jeffrey Epstein scandal will probably unearth many and we only have to do a little following of the bread crumbs to put together the whole story.

How come?

Jeffrey Epstein claims to have patterned his modeling agency after the modeling agency of one Donald Trump!!!!!! What does that mean? Is that a harmless following the successful pattern of a friend engaged in a legitimate line of business or is he saying something else and did he follow the example of a business which had an above the table structure and a below the table structure. – rife with sex trafficking?

Speaking of blackmail – who was actually behind the invitation to Donald J. Trump to come to England and be so feted? Was it Theresa May? Or was it Prince Andrew? Or was it someone else altogether who has yet to surface? Or was it a group of people who needed to protect themselves and their families from the threat of, do this – or else?

Surprised at the camaraderie of Trump and Kim Jong Un?

Take a look at the Concentration Camps springing up all over the place housing thousands. Bettina Network Blog predicted this would happen when the first such Concentration Camp was built. Instead of stopping this evil we have taken to arguing about whether these should be called concentration Camps – even though they fit every description – and claiming they cannot be compared to Hitler’s Nazi Government – in spite of the fact that they are following that exact pattern. They have not reached the g”gas” stage, but they are taking other ways to kill, maim and destroy their target inhabitants.

Take a look at the separation of children from their parents at the border. Question why that happened at the direction of a man with so many sexual abuses, sexual assaults, rapes claimed against him and then take a look at his friends who are in the same space – especially the sex trafficking ones. These Trump created Concentration Camps are an incredible place from which to recruit young, desperate boys and girls.

However, on second thought, maybe not so much because the young people sex trafficked by these governing the United States today all tend to be white and young.

Is one of the advantages of being an immigrant of color the fact that you don’t have to fight off sex traffickers at the top of the government to which you have come for asylum, you get to fight them off on a much lower level.

Could that be the reason the Trumpian Concentration Camps are so horrid? Anything to escape? A set-up , a structure put in place to recruit the young and vulnerable? There are certainly reports that such is happening on the United States southern border. Think of the blackmail that can happen against those who are in charge of such a place! Or are many of those in charge a part of maintaining and worsening such a place because the power over other human beings, watching and pushing them ever lower and into increasingly more degradation addictive and creates the need for more of such power?

But, back to William Barr.

One of the things that you realize happens to you as you age – especially if you live a very long life – you live it through times which become history. You remember things not recorded as others write about the history they research and present to you. Did things happen in those historical times which were not considered nice? Clean them up so books will sell and be believable? Not up to the challenge of taking a detour into legal things as you are appalled at what you find in that history about which you write? Stiffle the need because you are, after all, a proper historian and would lose all believability if you actually documented ALL of what you found.

I remember what happened during my growing up, young adult and middle age years which has been skipped over quickly with no investigation and very little else except a very peripheral announcement of a couple events in the life and times of Donald Barr. Maybe innocent – maybe a lot more under the table. My remembering these bits and pieces and delving into them to find out if there is something missing and not spoken or written about probably comes from having been raised in a journalist family. That incurable curiosity and the research one does to satisfy that curiosity, sharing the research with as many others as possible so we can alll learn.

Could that be what is driving William Barr? Is anyone looking into the details of what those brief announcements held within them? Why appoint someone as attorney general who acts like a puppet with Donald Trump as the puppeteer and reputation for demanding “loyalty”. Maybe he contributes to those demands because he has found things on which to base many of his “loyalty” demands.

So spurious – in schools, even independent ones (private) which seem to have more than their share of scandal these days? Why then resign? Were the two connected – the appointment and the announcement to come shortly thereafter? Our upper classes are known for their discretion. Only the middle to lower classes get drug through the mud with no relief if they stray. Our upper classes are allowed to quietly and discreetly resign and continue their “activities” if they so desire. Not until these renegade progressives entered the picture have things been forced open – with sledge hammers and all the muck and pus and stuff allowed to spew out, get collected and spread over the media for all to read and learn about.

We elected a man who has a lot in common with Kim Jong Un and all the other fascists with whom he finds common ground. It takes quite a filthy character to create, grow and lie about what is happening on the southern border of the United States. Isn’t that how the Nazi Concentration Camps were created, grew and were lied about? The same character traits where he finds common ground with Kim Jong Un. The difference being in the fact that Kim inherited his and Trump has had to build his so he is a little behind. Given what he has accomplished in the filth, killing, immoral department, given a bit more time Trump has what it takes to make Kim look like a slow learner. What is horrendous for us, we have come to see and accept all of this Trumpian evil as “normal”. Given a bit more time we will find these United States to be just as horrible a killing field as in North Korea and all the other governments we once abhorred.

And as to the rest of the blackmail?

Doesn’t it seem strange to you – or am I the only one with these thoughts – that Republican Senators are a bit too compliant and followers of a pied piper than they should be – than they were elected not to be?

Strangest of all ? Test yourselves? Are you a Trump supporter? You would then fit right in with all that is going on. Take a cold, hard look at your life – you might not like what you see. When folks talk about their “wonderful president doing everything we wanted him to do”. Back away, those are not folks you want to get to know – without exception no matter whether they call themselves white, black, etc. etc..



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