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TRUMP Death Camps

So far, the total number of children killed – about which we have been told – is 7. Who knows if that is accurate or not.

For adults, we understand one male from Honduras was killed a couple weeks ago and no other figures have been disclosed.

Some say they died. When you are not in control of your circumstances and you are put someplace where you are in harms way and the object of your being placed there is to remove you – killed is what has happened. Some would call it manslaughter, I would call it murder. Those who were there knew exactly what they were doing and what the result would be. A lot more will follow and the killings will begin to sharply escalate while we argue and talk about how awful Trump is, but we keep Trump in place until he has brought this society back to white supremacy.

We understand some of those working at the Trump Death Camps have started wearing face masks. Some say because of the horrible stench from the conditions in the Death Camps. Some say because disease is so rife and so many are ill this was necessary to keep the guards from getting sick and dying.

In spite of all the horribleness of those Trump Death Camps, they still exist and are growing exponentially larger. Does our history of slavery; internment of groups we make ‘less than’ as we did the Japanese; the torture and slaughter of African Americans in the village square and among the trees as ‘strange fruit’ for voting; the destruction of so many African American lives over the past generations since slavery and so much more – has that made us unable to do anything except talk about how awful Donald Trump is without moving to stop him claiming our talking about it is enough and we are doing what we can. Is the United States so structured that people like Trump and conditions such as we are experiencing today happen with a country structured so this cannot and will not be stopped, but be allowed to play out?

Now you know what happened in Nazi Germany under Hitler. Non-Jews were able to go on with their lives because the ugly was kept from them – for the most part. And when did this happen? When Jews were being destroyed in the Jewish Ghetto? No, when Jews were starting to break out of the Jewish Ghetto and were starting tp establish substantial lives accumulating wealth, art, businesses.

Although many really knew what was happening, they allowed it to continue because they enjoyed that feeling – thank god I am not a Jew. I am better than that.


Evangelical Christians as Trump supporters don’t understand his evil?


First off – Evangelicals are not Christian. They claim a form of Christianity, but it is with a small “c” – christians. They worship Baal, but call him god and try to give him the attributes of the Christian God with his son Jesus the Christ because that makes them look and feel better. They are a group which has elevated their culture to a place where they call it their religion and their faith and they structure this ‘religion’ so that it protects them and their culture and keeps them feeling and acting “better than” being allowed to destroy others.

The evangelical christians knew who they were supporting. They understood Trump better than most. They have walked in his shoes and lived parts of his life – especially if they have become extraordinarily wealthy. Take a look at the history and structure of this group.

First – remember when Jimmy Carter ran for president? One of the first blocks he ran into were the ones created by those who took a look at where and how he worshipped; those who questioned his Christianity because he was going to a Church which did not allow African Americans into the Church to worship on Sundays. If they did manage to get in they had to sit in the back of the Church. There were incidents after Carter announced his candidacy and in the end, he left that Church and worshipped where all were welcome. That is true of Jimmy Carter even today. When he recognized that the god being worshipped in the Church he attended had a small g – he removed himself because his worship was of God. That was a long time ago and evangelical christians showed their racism/bigotry back then assuming it was just fine and the way they chose to live in a manner ‘better than’ established by their ‘god’ for their superiority over others.

Second – the most segregated hour in these United States is Sunday morning at 11am – the time most Christians go to their worship services. Segregated into whites going to white churches with one or two blacks and blacks going to black churches with no whites. That has been the case for generations and continues to be the case even today. So – tell us again about evangelical christians and Donald Trump. They support him because they understand and agree with his morals, his character, his evil. They practice it themselves – remember Roy Moore? The man who as accused of sexual assault against young underage girls and was banned from the local shopping center because of it? A Trump supporter and back running for something with a lot of support from those who attend and belong to the gathering of people he joined and who he meets every sunday in a place called “church”.

Third – remember the history of many evangelical preachers/ministers? They tend to live “high on the hog”. Private planes – mansions – lots of money and display incredible wealth. They also have been the topic of news coverage with their sexual assault on young women and men; their adultery; their ripping off their membership, among others – and go ahead with the list of things for which Trump has been accused and you have the kind of person evangelical christians recognize in Trump as being like their leaders. A flock will recognize its own.

Now lets ask that question again? Why would a group of evangelical christians support Donald Trump and not be appalled by his values, his lifestyle, his hypocrisy, his racism – sexism -xenophobia, etc. All of the bigotry he preaches and practices? Because they have been doing such and supporting the likes of Donald Trump all of their lives. Because they have turned their “Church” into a cultural center – a place where the culture, not God is worshipped. Once that happens, whoever supports and promotes their culture is their god who they believe in and follow – especially if that culture is touted as being “better than” – and that for this generation of evangelical christians is Donald Trump.

I watched “Morning Joe’ on television this morning. It was all about excusing Trump and talking about and giving excuses as to why evangelical christians are not who they really are. Truth was missing.

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