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Integrity – a goal to reach to experience the beauty of life and the pure light of eternity!

I was beginning to think that we live in a world which has very little integrity. Look around! Within five minutes someone will come up to you or be around you weighing their decisions based upon what’s in it for them. How can they maximize their gain even at the expense of others. How can they color the truth to benefit from the results. What can they do, honest or not, to make themselves look good and come out on top of society at the expense of others.

As I look at the people taking part in that stunt to invade, what in government, is a sacred space it was ugly. Seeing that done for the benefit of vile people and for even more dishonest, hypocritical reasons, I thought this world has reached the point of no return. We are on a totally downward spiral leading straight to hell.

Today, just a short time later, we are seeing that change. Almost imperceptibly, but changing nevertheless. In the middle of watching all of those people streaming into the SCIF to try to obstruct others’ lives I turned to watch Elijah Cummins funeral. In the middle of watching this group of people trying to hurt others and put their own needs above everything, it was as if the sky opened and the depression and horror I was feeling just melted away. Here was a good man.

Watching and hearing how he lived his life, I turned from evil to seeing people who put their economic present and futures second and the good of the rest of us first – and even doing that he came out on top.

After watching those two events one almost at the same time as the other it was an example for me where I was finally beginning to see and hear from people who chose honesty in all things and who showed and show respect for others without separating those high and mighty folks living on the backs of others from those working hard for their living. It is as though a cloud parted and the sun could be seen starting to shine through so I decided to turn to Bettina Network’s Oracle for some bits and pieces of wisdom and maybe a look into the future. Even if only the very immediate future:

Me: What is going on in these United States. Why have we been through so much carnage over the past few years?

Oracle: Because you are living through what you set yourself up to live through. When you live the way most do in the United States you are bound to reach a point where you have to deal with someone over your society who looks very much like the anti-Christ.

Me: Isn’t the anti-Christ an old fictional account and name?

Oracle: No! It is very real. When you spend so much on yourselves; when you engage in such foul living as has been going on in the U. S. for generations; at some point an anti-Christ will emerge. In fact, this is not the first. The last time an anti-Christ emerged in the United States it was under the name of Andrew Jackson and he became president of the United States. Go back and review that history and tell me if you don’t see the emergence of the anti-Christ. The anti-Christ emerged in Germany under the name Adolph Hitler. I could go on, but you get the message.

Me: Everyone in this society is not evil or bad or self-absorbed or dishonest telling lots of lies. Many take responsibility for their own lives and the lives of others. Why are we all under this anti-Christ?

Oracle: You are your brother and your sisters keeper. What happens to one happens to all. You are all interconnected. When human beings gather together in one large institution or one large country what they all have in common and contribute to that institution or that country is the evil that lives inside all of us along with the good.

Several people have arrived on earth at the same time bearing the same evil intent and spreading it all around and so you have what is happening on your earth today. Good people have done nothing for too long. Those who have worked tirelessly are beginning to come home. Others have lost the vision, or never had it to begin with. When you can close your eyes and see the door in front of you and when you take hold of that door knob, open the door and walk through, it is the brightest most beautiful scene – that brightness, that light, that beauty is the other side of death. When you walk through you hear this music which goes through you and wipes out everything that was not good and which brought you pain and suffering. All of that leaves as you walk through that door and the beauty of God is all that remains. Some of you live with a piece of that within you because you were born holding onto some of the goodness from whence you came. Some of you replace that because of what happens to you during your lifetime and you spread evil, pain and suffering throughout your lives.

The most difficult to overcome is coming into this life with the need to be better than. It negatively affects and infects everything within and without. You need to group. You need to be a part of group that is better than other groups. When you live such a life and have those needs you bring evil into the world some of which will never leave. It will simply be picked up by others coming across your needs even after you have discarded them and left this earth.

Me: What happened to someone like Donald Trump and those around him. What did he bring into this world? They say he is being blackmailed to do some of the things he is doing what is that about?

Oracle: I won’t go into everything, but I will pick up on the blackmail part.

No one can blackmail you unless you let them. You have to be someone who lives and projects onto the world an image instead of being true to yourself and letting people see you are you are. No one is perfect and we do make mistakes. Anyone can pick up and try to blackmail someone else for what they have done during times when they were weak. But you make the decision to either fess up to your sins and move along promising yourself to live a better life or you come under the sway of those who would use you to do others harm or to gain power and prestige using your weakness.

Some people can’t live a true and godly life. Once they err they spend their lives hiding it and being an image instead of who they really are.

Donald Trump is being blackmailed because he wanted to be president of the United States and was willing to do whatever to reach that goal. It was a petty wish and he moved to reach his goal in very petty ways. He compromised himself with foreign countries asking them to help him become president and telling them what he would do for them in return. A lot of the evil circulating in the United States today comes from that. You saw one of his blackmailers drop the bomb on him during a meeting. You saw it on his face when after that siege he had to step up to a platform and do and say what he had been told to do and say – and for the sake of money and power he did just as he was told.

You can make a deal with the devil for what you want in life, but the devil collects. Either he does the bidding of the devil in his life or he will be exposed with everything he did to become president becoming public and known by everyone. His spirit cannot handle that so he is fighting to maintain the image he created and has lived into all of his life. Many are paying for his decisions – many more will suffer because they fell under his evil.

Me: Isn’t that what is happening now?

Oracle: Yes, but he is making a new deal with the devil to continue to be president. When he made his original deal for which he paid an enormous price that was before he become president. He does not now have it within himself to stand up and be counted as one who erred, who strayed, who repents. His arrogance and pride will not allow that so he will wallow in the muck and sludge for the rest of his life and the door I described above will never present itself to him. The chute he will fall down when his time comes will only show him the ugliest and foulest scenes, smells, imaginable.

The lesson is – to err is human to repent and admit your error leads you to the divine.

Me: Thank you. I have to find a corner to curl up in and think and pray on these things.



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