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An Illegitimate President – now Impeached!

An amazing process. We have had an illegitimate president for three years and many have acted as though he was duly elected. It is time for that farce to be dropped.

Donald Trump has clearly caused lots of problems; has diminished the United States in the eyes of the world; has diminished the power of the United States within its boundaries; has caused lots of grief and harm to so many over his few years in office. How long, O God!

Remember – this is a man who “won” the presidency with only 70,000 plus votes spread over three states. Hillary Clinton had over 3 million votes more and yet he was declared president. The 70,000 plus votes could be accounted for by the help Trump received from Russia during the campaign so we have, in actuality, had a president elected by a foreign power. And this so called “president” has now set about lining up foreign powers and heads of state to insure he will be re-elected. How long, O God!

Listening to the short talks within the House of Representatives from the many Republicans giving excuses for Donald Trump made it a very harrowing time because it was not possible to understand why the Republicans made the statements they made, especially considering that most knew they were lying; knew that they were working for a “president” who is a bully of the worse sort – who is a self-confessed sexual assaulter who brags about how he enjoys assaulting women – who has done so much against all of us including those giving the talks of support against his coming impeachment. It would take pages to list his sins and he is not done yet. How long, O God!

The most grievous were those who compared Trump and what he was going through with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, and in that case, to the teller of the comparison, Trump came out as having suffered more. To hear that, shouted to everyone that the person making the comparison was not Christian and did not believe any of the stories in the Bible. If he did he would not have been able to begin to make that comparison. Christianity was to him what it was to those who went to Church on Sundays for almost three hundred years and came home to have their slaves do the work and suffer the humiliations that would be heaped upon them that day. The comments were so horrible a Jesuit felt compelled to come out with a push back against the Trump supporter in the House of Representative outlining the sufferings of Jesus and putting the Trump impeachment in perspective.

There were others who compared Trump to those killed, drowned, mutilated as a result of the Salem Witch Trials. In that comparison the, mostly women, came off as not having suffered nearly as much as Trump during his impeachment trials, leaving out the history of Trump which preceded his claiming the title of “president.”

There is so much more that could be said – but so much has already been said I think each one of us needs to retire within and think on these things.

As for me and mine, this process – these comments – have been totally revealing of the interior, of the souls, of so many people. As we listened we heard people, elected to Congress, expose their values – their future hopes and dreams – the length they are willing to go to maintain the world according to Donald Trump and to move and keep this world closer to one which is racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic, weak, brimming with sin and more. It was clear many had already sold out. To expose to who and for what is the next stage of this process. We do need to know what it was worth to each one of them living in a republic and giving it up to live under the tyranny of a vile, vicious bully who lies with practically every breath he takes.

So much has been written – spoken – quietly prayed about. It is now time for us to stop and take a deep breath.

The last word remains and it is – Donald Trump has been the closing parentheses for a group of people who have been accepting, going along to get along, who have raised children with values they themselves don’t recognize and who don’t know from whence those values have come, because they have not recently looked into that mirror of truth. People who have been willing to give up everything for 30 pieces of silver and a small very tenuous connection to power. How long, O God!

The last statement I have about Donald Trump came from what I heard at his rally in Michigan when he resented and called Senator Dingell’s wife to task because she dared vote against him when he had so honored her husband in death. Dingell’s wife, who succeeded him and now has his seat responded that after 60 years of hard work given to this country – the honors he received were hard won and deserved. The pattern of Donald Trump’s life. – take credit for everything, give only to those from whom you expect everything. And in the end take even that back.

The only thought that came to mind after hearing the Dingell comments was – a true, total and completely evil bully who will always and forever move from one crime to another and in the end wind up like his mentors Joe McCarthy – an unrepentant drunk who caused tens of thousands of U. S. citizens untold misery because of it and Roy Cohn, a man who used his knowledge of the law to support and help others like McCarthy do even more and deeper damage to themselves and others. And didn’t both men, in the end die destitute surrounded by a very few friends who saw their evil and conspired with them to hurt, maime, destroy others? For nothing?

“….and as for me and mine, our hope is in God. May we never so transgress to cause a moment’s harm to anyone.”

And as for Donald Trump, it is as if “the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. All this I will give you,” he said, “if you bow down and worship me.” What Trump has not heard is the continuation of Scripture – “..the people living in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of the shadow of death a light has dawned.” “Repent and atone for all the years of harm and hurt you have created for others because the kingdom of heaven has come near.”

It is not the many who do not believe and who are following Donald Trump into the homeland of sin, but the many more who have seen a great light and have stepped out putting their earthly, vocational, material wants and needs aside to follow what is right and to hold up the righteous instead of following those who are sliding into universal and eternal darkness. Love guides one group – the absence of love guides the other. Trump’s world shows us what happens when sex in its many deformed forms replaces love in this world. One watches the deterioration of life and the defacing of everything good.



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