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They are killing my husband!

They are killing my husband. Right in front of the entire country.

He is very strong and he stands solidly for what he believes. There is his failing in this society. He and I did not mince words. We say what we think, feel and have discovered as truth. We are not “nice” we have tried hard to be truthful.

We don’t mince words and we are involved at a level to be able to see the top – how you get there, what you have to sacrifice to stay there, how you have to destroy those around you who threaten the creators of “empire”. And we tell others what we see!

What we see happens so often and across so many different kinds of people most of us are accustomed to it. We accept it. We continue going about our daily lives ignoring the people calling for and needing your help.

In this case and this time there are quite a few coming to kill my husband and then they divide the spoils – from someone they declared to the Court’s as “indigent”.

Jim O’Sullivan – an attorney. But he is not alone – he is only the latest.

The abusers accuse others of their abuse

And the rest of you, you will read this and move on without a thought until you are in the dumpster.

You are all absorbed with the coronavirus. It has been around for a very long time. But it is time to bring it out.

Your food – once clean, good, nutritious and wonderfully tasty is now the imitators of the food your ancestors knew and is now in your system, but it is no longer clean, good, nutritious – it is full of poisons.

Why? Because more can be grown if poisons are used and if they get into the food and then into your system – it is a slow working poison. “They” won’t be accused. They will walk away with lots of profit and you will go into the healthcare system and slowly die with all of your assets taken to pay for the diseases others caused.

The way they have “developed” this earth has always been for the few. Not a few “old line” families because those change as the generations change. “They” recognize each other and pick each other out of the crowd. “They” know who will be like them and carry on.

Your water has been poisoned and you continue on allowing that to happen and it worsens with your next generation. And who suffers from these things? – the groups in this society who are “the canary in the cage.” Look to them and what is happening to them and you will see your future.

Your air is gradually suffocating you with all of the poisons chemicals and other refuse that winds up in the air you breathe.

All of these things – as they are killing you – are making “them” fat and what they consider happy.

It is my family today, it will be your family tomorrow.

Things move around – groups move on and up. We now have “geriatrics”. A very lucrative industry. Who is attracted to such, especially in its infancy of creating fortunes for the few.

The first to see those opportunities are those who develop into mafia’s and there is one in the “geriatric” field. A young mafia, but with many training them from the old mafias. Boston had many mafias. They were ethnically created – the “Irish” mafia, the “Italian” mafia. Today there is the “healthcare” mafia…… You can name the rest and note them as they become recognizable.

What happened to the Winter Hill Gang? Are those who admired them, wanted to be like them, copied them – are they now becoming extremely wealthy in the healthcare industry?

Oh, is that crazy woman at it again? We will cut her off at the knees by destroying her husband; killing his quality of life and gradually – well, gradually over a period of weeks – can’t be too gradual, the greed at getting his assets is too great, pulling those who have been waiting into the tornado forming around him.

He is now ‘critical’ again.

How did that happen?

Did he fall in the hospital? Looks that way!

Jim O’Sullivan is on record saying ” The latest information was that the family is leaning toward palliative care and hospice, which if all agree, may speed up his return home, but will change the conditions.”

Problem with that? The family is not leaning towards such and no one in the family even hinted at such, but that comes out from O’Sullivan. Because he can’t wait? Because he knows they are killing Robert and he wants it to go faster with the family to blame? And from that letter on – his words will be taken away from him and attributed to the family trying to save their loved one.

But they have “incarcerated” him twice in the same place – In Mass General Hospital. They have demanded he undergo the same “tests” in the same week. Police delivered him to the hospital. They said it was because they were concerned about his health. He was one day out of the hospital.

Keep him under great stress. Give him a diet to which he is unaccustomed. Keep him in bed 24/7 and he will soon lose control of his bladder. And he will lose his ability to walk – which he had before he was taken by the police.

What! He passed the test? The hospital discharged him with all his vitals in the normal range including his blood pressure? Oh my God! What did they do wrong. Well, let’s just do it again. No one will notice.

Send the police again to keep up the pressure on his body from the anxiety and other things that creates. Put him in with those who have public problems with alcohol, drugs. psychotic breaks. That will destroy him. And this time do whatever you need to do to keep him in the hospital.

They have kept his wife away as much as possible. They have accused her of abuse which they now are backing off from because too many people have come out to say that is not true.

But that can’t continue because she is telling all. She is describing his condition. She is talking about – out loud – what she is seeing.

And what are those around her saying? Shhhh! You can’t say those things, that won’t help. You have to be quiet while we try to get him out. Well, we knew that would not be possible. They will keep him until his death. O’Sullivan signaled to all the end result. The story to tell the public. The family gave up on him and called only for Palliative Care and Hospice.

But the family did not – O’Sullivan did. Signaling? Who? Watch the results of his letter as it gradually “leaks” out.

Lets not “leak” anything. Let’s say it out loud………………..and attribute that to who first said it.

Well, they are doing everything to keep him incarcerated and his wife out of the way, but she is not supposed to see or understand that.

I have seen this a few times in my life. African Americans all. Too successful. Too understanding of the system in which they live. Too thinking they were equal and their identity was clear – they were equal and beautiful and worked hard for themselves and for the rest of us and now – may they rest in peace. Gone too young! Gone too violently! Gone so those raping, pillaging, letting their greed run rampant, destroying the life and quality of life can become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams, but always at the expense of others who become poorer just as quickly.

Too wealthy? A coronavirus comes along to destroy your wealth.

Too healthy? A coronavirus comes along to destroy your health.

Working too hard for others – a Jim O’Sullivan and his boys come along to destroy you and take away everything and every one around you.


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