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PERJURY #3 and Insurance Fraud – Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett

To continue with Ms. Al Wetaid’s affidavit:

Ms. Al-Wetaid says –


(a) “On Friday February 28th, the wife reported to MGH that the health care proxy (HCP) form on record designating Mr. Bennett’s stepdaughter Melissa Aranowitz, signed in 2018, was invalid and that her signature was forged.”

That is not true

Mr. Benett’s stepdaughter’s name is not Melissa Aronowitz, it is Maliça Aronowitz. That reflects the irresponsibility of Ms. Al-Wetaid to the point of not even taking care to know the spelling of the name of the people who she is investigating.

13 (a) Ms. Al-Wetaid claims (On Friday February 28th, the wife reported to MGH that the health care proxy (HCP) form on record designating Mr. Bennett’s stepdaughter Melissa Aranowitz, signed in 2018, was invalid and that her signature was forged.” In fact, Ms. Donaldson gave the Health Care Proxy created for Dr. Bennett by Mr. Donald McInnis on November 18, 2019 a couple days after Dr. Bennett was admitted and they knew surgery was going to happen.

Ms. Aronowitz knew of the Health Care Proxy created by Mr. McInnis. According to Ms. Donaldson she had no thought that Ms. Aronowitz would give the Health Care Proxy which she knew had been superseded by the one Dr. Bennett had created according to his wishes and signed by Dr. Bennett and two witnesses who have known Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson for some 20 to 30 years. It was not on either Dr. Bennett or Ms. Donaldson’s mind that Ms. Aronowitz would have done such.

Several days later, MGH spoke to Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett and informed them that two Health Care Proxies had been given to them and that Ms. Aronowitz had given MGH the Health Care Proxy which was the reason Dr. Bennett had Mr. McInnis create the Health Care Proxy they had given to MGH. The Health Care Proxy Ms. Aronowitz gave to MGH is the one which caused the problems Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett had at Beth Israel Hospital months earlier.

Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett together told the MGH person who handles proxies at MGH the story of the Health Care Proxies and what happened in the past.

The MGH person wanted to talk to Dr. Bennett alone. Ms. Donaldson left the room and Dr. Bennett, in a conversation that lasted about 45 minutes, said who he wanted as his Health Care Proxy and answered whatever other questions the MGH proxy person had.

The MGH person was also concerned because the Health Care Proxy created by Mr. Don McInnis on November 18, 2019, had a typo which was not crucial, but to make sure that the Donaldson/Bennett’s would be ‘safe’ it was better to have a Health Care Proxy which was without such a typo.

The MGH person created a Health Care Proxy to replace the one created by Mr. Don McInnis. Her conversation with Dr. Bennett and the Health Care Proxy created on November 18, 2019 were consistent.

The two people who were witnesses to Dr. Bennett’s signature on November 18, 2019 – Mr. Donald McInnis and Ms. Trudi VanSlyck – have made statements included with this document verifying the fact that the November 18, 2019 Health Care Proxy was indeed witnessed by them on November 18, 2019.

Ms. Al-Wetaid goes to great lengths in 13 (c) to attempt to negate the MGH Health Care Proxy by holding it up as something Dr. Bennett was not capable of understanding nor signing. She appears to have accessed Dr. Bennett’s medical records, without anyone’s permission and claims to quote from that medical record to attempt to disqualify the two Health Care Proxies which were combined – each one appointing the same Health Care Proxy according to Dr. Bennett’s wishes. One she ignores and says nothing about, the second one she quotes medical jargon to attempt to claim that Dr. Bennett did not know what he was signing and that the first Health Care Proxy which was not signed by Dr. Bennett and about which he knew nothing, was actually – according to Ms. Al-Wetaid, , the one that reflected Dr. Bennett’s wishes.

Ms. Al-Wetaid takes great care to not say anything about the fact that there was a Health Care Proxy which preceded the one she is holding up which Dr. Bennett signed in November 18, 2019 when there could be no question about whether or not Dr. Bennett knew what he was signing and that Health Care Proxy reflected his wishes. Ms. Al-Wetaid talks about a “new HCP designating his wife as his representative” as having been signed 13 (c) when Dr. Bennett “knew who he was and occasionally knew where he was.” She claims that this “new” HCP was signed by Dr. Bennett and accepted “Despite..a lack of understanding of his care needs and health issues, he was determined capable of appointing new HCP.”

This was all worded to give anyone reading it the impression that Dr. Bennett’s wife was appointed as a new HCP when Dr. Bennett was not in any condition to understand what he was doing when both Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms Clary knew better. At that point they were acting, not as impartial investigators, but as people selectively picking over facts and putting them together in such as way as to present a case which would support the conclusions they made before their investigation started.

In addition, their investigation started before they had any right of any kind to even begin an investigation of Dr. Bennett and his family totally violating all of their rights under the U. S. Constitution and every other document in these United States which protects the rights of its citizens. They then followed Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson from mid-2019 through today. That is a total violation of any interpretation of their job description and a violation of the right to privacy of Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson and could be interpreted as an attempt to kidnap Dr. Bennett, hold him hostage in a hospital and take whatever assets, information, etc. he might have that they could use. From what we have experienced through this, it is more of a kidnapping than any kind of group concerned about what Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services are supposed to be concerned about.

The investigations that Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary do, where people have contacted us with complaints about their experiences with Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services and a few other such groups around Massachusetts,all seem to have that technique in what they do so the end result is what they want it to be rather than what an honest investigation would produce. From our experience they seem to be more of a mafia group than an investigative caring group.

From 13 (d) Ms. Al-Wetaid goes on to misquote dates citing February 29th as the day Dr. Bennett was discharged from MGH when actually it was March 1st.

From 13 (d) Dr. Bennett was discharged from MGH to Sherrill House for short-term rehabilitation and both he and Ms. Donaldson were looking forward to the experience because of Sherrill House’s historical and current connection to the Episcopal Church and Dr. Bennett’s understanding of Sherrill House and its purposes. Their actual experience with Sherrill House fell short of what they expected.

From 13 (e) Ms. Al-Wet-Aid says that on Sunday March 1st, the wife signed Mr. Bennett out of Sherrill House rehab Against Medical Advice (AMA) after being at the facility for less than 15 hours. Ms. Al-Wetaid does change the number of hours Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett were at Sherrill House. They arrived about 2pm and left the next day about 12:30pm. That is actually about 22 hours.

Neither Dr. Bennett nor Ms. Donaldson wanted to stay at Sherrill House. Some of what they had problems with could be overlooked. Two parts of their objections could not. The first part was the fact that Dr. Bennett arrived via ambulance, as is normal when coming from a hospital, and expected rehab. Instead, he was told to stay in bed for the rest of the day and if he wanted to go to the bathroom he was not to get up and go by himself he was to ring for the nurse. Ms. Donaldson was also told at the same time, that she was not to help Dr. Bennett, she was to wait for the nurse. Dr. Bennett was ready to discover what his program of rehab would be, how soon it would start, etc. Being told to spend the day in bed when he had been able to do more than that in the hospital was not something Dr. Bennett was ready to hear. Ms Donaldson was concerned because when Dr. Bennett rang for the nurse because he needed to go to the bathroom it took some 45 plus minutes for the nurse to come and by that time he had the embarrassment of an accident.

Upon the arrival of Ms. Donaldson on Monday morning to see her husband, she could not because several patients in rehab on his floor had the flu and Sherrill House was under quarantine. When Ms. Donaldson asked what kind of flu, no one knew. When Ms. Donaldson asked if the patients with the flu had been segregated from the other patients at Sherrill House. she was told that was not necessary. With stories of coronavirus circulating Ms. Donaldson was concerned and called Dr. Bennett to talk about the situation. The receptionist told them there was nothing to worry about because Sherrill House had been quarantined just a few months before, patients had the flu and only two rehab patients had caught it.

Given the coronavirus stories beginning to circulate Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson decided he would be better off at home.

13 (f) There was no time for anyone to set up anything because Dr. Bennett left Sherrill house after noon on Monday and the police arrived to pick him up at his home Tuesday morning about 10:30am.

14 (a) Dr. Bennett’s wife did welcome the two women into the house. Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson were having ice cream on the second floor bed/sitting room. Ms Donaldson went downstairs to open the door when the bell rang. She assumed the two women at the door were ‘friends” because that is how they introduced themselves. She invited them upstairs to the sitting room and invited the two women to join Dr. Bennett and herself for dessert. They did join them in the second floor bed/sitting room, but declined dessert.

(b) Dr. Bennett was in the second floor bed/sitting room as was Ms. Donaldson, as was Ms. Clary and as was Ms. Al-Wetaid. Ms. Clary sat on a green chair in the room, Ms. Al-Wetaid sat on the sofa, Ms. Donaldson sat on a desk chair and Dr. Bennett sat on a white suede chair for a few minutes and then left the room because he realized he didn’t know who they were, the conversation was not of interest to Dr. Bennett, he assumed they were friends of his wife’s, excused himself and left the room.

The claim by Ms. Al-Wetaid that “Mr. Bennett was on second floor and attempted to come down flight of stairs before wife was able to stop him; wife recognizes that stairs are unsafe for him.” That is total fiction apparently made up from Ms Al-Wetaids need to create her case. Dr. Bennett was on the second floor as was everybody else. Ms. Clary and Ms. Al-Wetaid went from the front door with Ms. Donaldson to the second floor bed/sitting room. At the end of the visit as Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary were leaving, Ms. Donaldson, Dr. Bennett, Ms. Clary and Ms. Al-Wetaid all came down from the second floor to the first floor landing where Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett said goodbye to them and they left.

14(c) Dr. Bennett did not join in the conversation in his bedroom sitting area along with his wife. Very shortly after Ms. Clary and Ms. Al-Wetaid arrived, Mr. Bennett went to the workroom across the hall and didn’t rejoin the conversation until Ms. Clary and Ms. Al-Wetaid were leaving.

14 (e) Ms. Al Wet-aid says “wife did demonstrate understanding of high-risk if Mr. Bennett were to fall again.” That is not true since there was no conversation about Mr. Bennett falling. It was a conversation which was about nothing memorable and there was definitely no conversation about Dr. Bennett or falling or anything of the kind.

14 (f) Mr. Al-Wetaid says “During the conversation PSW and PSD attempted to explore plans for follow-up medical care, including PCP appointments, alternate rehab placement, visiting nurse and home care referrals.” That is all totally not true. There was no conversation about Dr. Bennett’s medical-care or follw-up medical care or anything of the kind. Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson don’t have such discussions with people they can’t remember who show up unannounced and uninvited. They are polite, thank whoever for coming and make the visit as short as possible. They are always polite and lovely people, but do not engage strangers in such conversations.

14 (g) Ms. Al-Wetaid says “Wife explained that she had fired Mr. Bennett’s Primary Care Physician and wanted to find a new one.” That is not true. Ms. Donaldson did look around for a neurologist before she and Dr. Bennett went to MGH until she heard from Dr. David Pilgrim – chief neurologist at Brigham and Women’s in Jamaica Plain. That search was done by talking to people Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett knew and whose judgment they trusted and who were in a position to suggest a substantial neurologist not to anyone who came along.

The same thing would have been true of a conversation about a new PCP. That would have been done by talking to people they knew, trusted and who would have some exposure to and knowledge about possible PCP’s who were substantial people not to two young women who show up without being invited, who did not identify themselves as to who they really were who introduced themselves as “friends” coming to see Dr. Bennett and happy he was out of the hospital and who were really being intrusive into the lives of Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett for reasons which are and were detrimental to both and from looking at all of this, Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary were doing things meant to be detrimental to both.

In addition, the women surreptitiously came to the Donaldson/Bennett home intending to do them harm under the guise of ‘friends’ dropping by to bring their good wishes to Dr. Bennett.

14 (h) Ms. Al-Wetaid says “PSW and PSD attempted to engage in discussion about Mr. Bennett’s health issues. Wife reported that Mr. Bennett has no health issues and has no prescribed medications.” From what we have uncovered, that is not true. The conversation, according to Ms. Donaldson and the notes in her diary, did not leave the level of comments on the weather. Dr. Bennett did not participate in the conversation having left the room when it started and returning only to say good bye to Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary.

(h) (i.) Ms. Al-Wetaid goes on to say “We found out that he is in fact prescribed two blood pressure medications, a blood thinner and an anti-seizure medication.”

That is a shocker that such a huge lie wold be told by Ms. Al-Wetaid. That “investigation” shows Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary’s inability and refusal and probably without knowledge about how to do their jobs. As we checked, we were particularly struck by the two women’s claims when we asked professional medical people about medications and were told anti-seizure medication would not have been prescribed because that was only given for 7 days after brain surgery and that was done in the hospital while Dr. Bennett was there. To give Dr. Bennett a prescription for an anti-seizure medication, according to the neurologists at MGH and others who work at other places, would have been beyond irresponsible of the doctor giving such a prescription because to give anti-seizure medication for longer than 7 days would have been detrimental to the patient. We double checked the information we received from neurologists at MGH with neurologists in other parts of the United States – one in Chicago, one in Louisiana and one in Boston. They were all in agreement. So clearly, Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary had to make up “facts” to carry their story further and did not bother to check if their “facts” were correct.

Ms. Al-Wetaid goes on to say 14 (h) ii. ” Mr. Bennett is diagnosed with dementia, hypertension, subdural hematoma, evidence of at least four head injuries history of stroke and history of falls.”

That is totally amazing because at that point in time – March 5th the date of this affidavit by Ms. Al-Wetaid, Dr. Bennett’s Health Care Proxy was Ms. Donaldson and she did not give anyone permission to see and publicize his medical records. A concern we have is was this an invasion of privacy and how and why do people like Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary remain in their jobs when they are so careless with information they may have and/or information they make up out of whole cloth and which they make public as the actual truth. They have no doctors names as to who gave them that information; no time frame for the information; no hospital which released such information to Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary who were apparently following the subject of their investigation and publicly sharing any and all information they obtained in the process of this investigation.

Whether true or not, the information they claim as true to Dr. Bennett’s health will be in the public sphere for decades if not longer and all without Dr. Bennett’s permission.

From conversations we have had with neurologists about such things in general the entire group with whom we spoke said the same thing – no responsible neurologist would have given a diagnosis of “dementia” nor some of the other things these two women mention, especially so close to brain surgery to remove liquids from anyone’s brain. The reason they quoted is because what looks like some memory loss could be caused by the fluids on the brain and one would not know a definitive diagnosis until some time after the surgery when the patient recovered. If their memory improved, to have given a diagnosis of dementia would have been a substantial mistake which no neurologist or other kind of physician would have wanted to make.

After the surgery, Dr. Bennett had begun to show signs that this was true since for the couple days he was at home his memory seemed to be intact and in a conversation in MGH as Ms. Donaldson talked to Dr. Bennett’s doctors they had those conversations about how Dr. Bennett was showing some recovery of his memory and they should wait and see what happens as Dr. Bennett recovers.

That possibility was destroyed with the enormous pressure put on Dr. Bennett by the actions of Ms. Al-Wetaid, Ms. Angela Clary and those who helped them carry out this recurring 1930’s Ku Klux Klan style attack on Dr. Bennett.

14 (ii) Again, Ms. Aal-Wetaid either violates Dr. Bennett’s right to privacy by publishing what she claims to be a diagnosis of Dr. Bennett on March 5th when she would not have been given permission to access his medical records and as she gives that she calls as Dr. Bennett’s “diagnosis” she does not give any time frame. When were such diagnosis made? by whom? over what period of time?

14 (i) Ms. Al-Wetaid goes on to talk about a non-existent conversation she supposedly had with “wife” who Ms. Al-Wetaid claims said “had no concrete plans and did not have interest in visiting nurse or home care services.”

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