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Perjury – Insurance Fraud – Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett (cont’d)

This investigation has been amazing to us. We’ve looked into many things and each one more astounding than the next. It is especially egregious from our point of view because this is about your health – yours and mine. It is about turning the health care in this country into a police state. The only way you can have someone in this country picked up and incarcerated for an indefinite period of time who is not accused of a crime.

What is also very clear – the health care system in this country is seriously broken, seriously racist and so much more. It seems to be riddled with people who have discovered how to rip-off dollars with one scheme or another; others who are careless with medicine, their patients and so much more; and no one seems to know about all of this nor do many care, until they come face to face with this unbelievable way of functioning. Basically, it is – right or wrong – this medical system is right. That is the governing standard.

At the beginning of this, of course, is the primary care physician. You are supposed to have one and that person accesses the system for you and your needs.

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett has a primary care physician he has been trying to change for months with no success.


Well first, who! His primary care physician is Dr. Kehlman with the Washington Square Group. He is someone Dr. Bennett has met exactly once and that was when he went for a check up after his overnight at Beth Israel Hospital because of a fall which turned out to be not serious.

Although it was considered not serious, there was one CT Scan which showed four dots which needed to be watched and checked. Beth Israel suggested that Dr. Bennett have a CT Scan by a neurologist in six weeks to make sure those four dots were as harmless as they looked and had not started to allow blood into the cavity between the brain and the outer skull.

When Dr. Bennett went to Dr. Kehlman for a six week check up after his trip to the hospital, that did not happen. Dr. Kehlman checked him by taking his vitals and had him walk up and down the hallway to make sure his balance was fine – and it was. No need for a neurologist to do an additional check. Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson took Dr. Kehlman’s word that an additional check by a neurologist and a CT Scan were not necessary and went home.

Well, not exactly. Months later when his wife called Dr. Kehlman because of the second fall Dr. Bennett took after eye surgery – this time a corneal transplant which cut his peripheral vision – the PCP’s office told his wife the PCP was busy and could not talk to her: No, he did not know a neurologist to refer Dr. Bennett to: and the PCP was busy getting ready to go on a ‘brief’ vacation’ and would not be able to see Dr. Bennett until he returned.

Dr. Bennett had an appointment with Dr. Green, a podiatrist just days later. The appointment was cancelled by Ms. Donaldson’s daughter, but Ms. Donaldson called to remake the appointment and was able to get the same time slot. She asked Dr. Green for a referral to a neurologist since they had been looking for one since Dr. Kehlman was too busy to see Dr. Bennett and since Dr. Kehlman’s office said he did not know a neurologist for a referral. Dr. Green said he couldn’t refer a neurologist Dr. Kehlman would do that. They told Dr. Green they had asked Dr. Kehlman’s office for a referral and they didn’t know any. So off they went to talk to others about finding a neurologist. They found Dr. David Pilgrim through a friend. Dr. Pilgrim suggested they go to Mass General Hospital and go by ambulance since that was the best way without going through clinics, etc. That was a tremendous recommendation and referral.

We verified that exchange because it was amazing to us. So much for the PCP. They are looking for another PCP, but can’t get the current one off Dr. Bennett’s medical records. Given that, it is not likely another PCP will be willing to take a look at taking on Dr. Bennett.

We cite that example and exchange because we read the comments attributed to Dr. Kehlman by Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services if they are true, Dr. Kehlman dumped all over Ms. Donaldson. We wondered why and then we discovered this little exchange.

What is most serious as we do this investigation – truth is hard to come by in this field of medicine.

From our last writing I am sure you remember “the shower thing”. Well it happened. Although, at the last minute, Ms. Donaldson backed out. She and Dr. Bennett have showered together for decades. The Occupational Therapist has come along to put a stop to that.

The OT person arrived and she wanted to see Dr. Bennett shower “alone.” Since he didn’t ever do that we were amazed at her request. She insisted however,. She also insisted that he do this in the nude while she watched.

We’ve seen some demeaning things, before, but this one topped the list. A man who should not be under an OT person to begin with because he walks a mile a day – goes back and forth to the post office from his home, which is several blocks – is self-sufficient in every way, but is considered in need of care that people who are “incapacitated” need and so he needed to show this OT person how he showered.

He stripped, as this young woman demanded, but did not remove his jockey shorts. He stepped into the shower stall – a space that is about 4 x 5 feet. It would be very difficult to fall in such a small space, especially if you are quite mobile and balanced before you got into the shower.

Ms. Donaldson was very present because she was not going to let any space within which her husband could be accused of anything.

What none of us expected was for this young woman to grab Dr. Bennett’s jockey underpants and attempt to pull them down. Wish I had a camera for that one. It was a shocker.

She said, she was there to observe him shower and she could not do that with his under pants on.

She then launched into how “unsteady” Dr. Bennett was and how he should not be allowed to shower without a chair in the shower room and even then she was going to have a medical aid come daily to watch him shower so he would be “protected” from falling. She went on to say he should not shower – only wash his face, under his arms, etc. until she was able to get this medical aid in place. The cost for this medical aid would be $60/hour – or any part of the hour used.

We pointed out that Dr. Bennett showered with his wife and what was this aid going to do and why was this necessary. The OT person went on about her clinical credentials and her profession and knowing what she was doing, etc. and Dr. Bennett was warned and the rest of the family was warned they should not allow him to shower until this medical aid showed. up.

Of all the bizarre things we have experienced with these groups – this was the most outstanding. It clearly was not about Dr. Bennett taking a shower. It was clearly about starting another upheaval that could end in the police coming to Dr. Bennett’s house again and forcing him out of his house to some medical institution.

We don’t know about you readers, but we are sick to death with all of this.

It was not the only threats Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson received.

Dr. Bennett’s son made an agreement with Mass General that Dr. Bennett would be allowed to go home if the family agreed to allow in these Home Care People. Only this agency – Blissful Agency – was allowed or considered. They could accept that or Dr. Bennett would be immediately taken to a nursing home. That had been threatened before – either Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett sign up for Mass Health or Dr. Bennett would be taken immediately to a nursing home – and so much more.

Dr. Bennett’s son agreed because everyone was tired and Dr. Bennett had been in the hospital for far too long, especially since he was not there nor brought there for medical reasons. Dr. Bennett’s son picked up Dr. Bennett at the appointed time from the hospital – Monday, April 13, 2020 and at the appointed time.

That agreement was immediately broken by Mass General and its people because registered letter started arriving around the country to all of Dr. Bennett’s family. The letters set up a telephone hearing with the Court to have Dr. Bennett put under the guardianship of the Jewish Center for Family and Children and sent by them preferably to a Hebrew nursing home – this retired Episcopal priest.

That hearing was to happen on Thursday, April 16, 2020.

That hearing was cancelled on Wednesday – the day before it was to happen. Notified of the hearing on Tuesday – cancelled it on Wednesday. Was the hearing real? Or was it being used to threaten the family to get them to do whatever demand was about to be made. – Clearly, it was the latter.

A Constable came to the door of Ms. Donaldson’s house on Wednesday looking for Dr. Bennett. He wanted to know if Dr. Bennett was “incapacitated”? That was a strange question. He was told no, Dr. Bennett was no “incapacitated”. He served papers for a hearing to put Dr. Bennett under the guardianship of the Jewish Agency for family and children. Since Dr. Bennett has family, has adult children, and many other family members who are there for him – in fact, there were five people currently caring for Dr. Bennett – three in the house, two on standby. So why was this being done? What was the point? The upheaval being caused was incredible and we are sure that was a large part of the reason for sending a Constable out with papers to be served.

We are beginning to look closer at who is behind this. It is clear something big is at stake here because of the extreme lengths these folks are going to destroy this family and to take Dr. Bennett out making him “incapacitated”..

It does make sense that if you forced a man out of his home at 87 years old – kept him enclosed in a 7 by 9 foot space in a hospital where he was placed not for medical reasons, but in the area where patients are restrained with many there for non-medical reasons and kept that man in bed for five weeks with an alarm under his bed and under his chair so when he moved the alarm would go off and the nurses and others would know to run to his room and force him back into bed or back sitting on the chair, it is possible his health and the rest of his life would be ruined because any possibility of mobility could have been stripped from Dr. Bennett under those circumstances. Those are the circumstances Dr. Bennett had to deal with for those five weeks at Mass General Hospital. So when the Constable comes the day after he is released from these conditions with papers to legally force him into a nursing home within days it looks like a pattern has been at play here – a pattern which has probably been used against others to destroy their lives. For what reason? Well, one could be – Dr. Bennett has a net worth into seven figures, and a guardianship moves into the management of the assets of the person under guardianship. Could that be the reason?

Fortunately, Dr. Bennett is quite strong, determined and understood that this was about something over which he had no control. He did have control of keeping himself alert, as physically fit as he could under the circumstances and wait until he was rescued. Given his wife and others determination, he knew he would be rescued.

So the people who broke the agreement they made with Dr. Bennett’s son and started harassing the family to an extreme the same day he was released from incarceration in Mass General Hospital must have been extremely disappointed to understand that Dr. Bennett was not “incapacitated.”

You see “incapacitated” in quotes because that is how Dr. Bennett is described in the papers served on the family just two days after he was released from his incarceration.

What was Dr. Bennett’s actual condition? He was in disreputable condition when he was released from Mass General Hospital. His feet were so swollen he came home in his stocking feet because his shoes no longer fit. That changed within a few days of his returning home.

Coming back to normal after being almost destroyed while in Mass General Hospital by the conditions under which he was incarcerated took a lot of work by those who love him.

His strength was coming back quickly as he started walking a mile a day to keep his balance while at the same time doing the exercises the Physical Therapist was generous enough to share with him.

So, Dr. Bennett is far from “incapacitated” – and clearly that is much to the disappointment of those so determined to make him so. He showered, dressed himself and is totally self-sufficient, but the need to destroy him is so great the papers served on his family claimed, without seeing or knowing what conditions he was in, that he was “incapacitated” and could not take care of himself needing complete care in a nursing home.

The threat of that is great for any family because at the same time those papers were being served, the news stories were full of what was happening in nursing homes around the country – people dying by the hundreds; families not able to see their family members because of the quarantine of nursing homes and more.

We are offering a $500 reward for information which leads to uncovering what and who this is about It is no longer possible to believe this is just happening. This is being orchestrated for some reason that escapes us because we don’t have that kind of mindset. If that is not true and many others suffer the same thing happening to Dr. Bennett that is a horrendous story about this health care system.

Dr. Bennett is a part of Bettina Network’s Blog! And the blog has had some very strong writings about Donald Trump! But there is also a lot more out there that could be motivating this. A couple people in Dr. Bennett’s neighborhood have been strong about doing whatever they could to move this African American family out of the neighborhood. We remember what happened years ago when a mixed race kindergarten bought a house on Brattle Street for their school. The neighborhood went crazy and did everything they could to stop that school from moving in. The house they bought was sold to a real estate school, which still operates in that same location today.

Our offer stands. It isn’t much, but we hope you who know what this is about will be moved to do the right thing and let us know what you know about all of this.


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