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Motion Filed in Massachusetts Trial Court by Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett, Jr.

Motion is to:

Dismiss Protective Order

Validate the Health Care Proxy naming my wife – Marceline Donaldson – as my Health Care Proxy

Invalidate the Health Care {Proxy which the court put in place naming Maliça Aronowitz as Health Care Proxy


Sanction Attorney James O’Sullivan

I am Rev. Dr. Robert A. Bennett, Jr. and I ask this court to dismiss the Protective Order, obtained by Attorney James O’Sullivan who asked the court for an emergency hearing in which I was not notified and Attorney O’Sullivan obtained that order in an exparte hearing through lies, misrepresentations, combined with an affidavit sworn to under penalties of perjury by Ms. Nora Al Wetaid and Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services. Ms. Al Wetaid’s affidavit is full of lies from the beginning to the end – and easily disproven.

  1. Attorney O’Sullivan declared to the court in the process of the ex parte hearing that Robert Bennett was “indigent”. Attorney O’Sullivan knew that was not true as did Ms. Al Wetaid, but both presented themselves to the court as being there on behalf of an “indigent” person.

I am Roert A. Bennett, Jr. and I have never in life been “indigent” as I am not “indigent” today.

2) Neither Attorney O’Sullivan nor Ms. Nora Al Wetaid had any reason to attempt to take over my life nor to represent me as they have tried to do attempting to separate me from life, property, family, much more and having no qualms about lying to achieve that goal.

3) Attorney O’Sullivan asked this court for the emergency hearing. To obtain such Attorney O’Sullivan lied to the court about what he claimed were the emergency reasons.

For Example: Attorney O’Sullivan did not tell the court he, Ms. Nora Al Wetaid and Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective services had the police come to my house and forcibly take me out of my home against my will and with no reason. They filed a section 12 against me on March 2, 2020 which was carried out on March 3, 2020. In that section 12 they were trying to force me into Mount Auburn Hospital.

My wife (Marceline Donaldson) and I insisted that if this was necessary then it should be Massachusetts General Hospital instead of Mount Auburn Hospital. I was concerned as to why they would insist on Mount Auburn Hospital when I was just out of Massachusetts General Hospital after brain surgery.

I was forcibly brought to Massachusetts General Hospital after eight white policemen and about five EMT people, two ambulances, theatre acted out on the sidewalk outside my house with a hospital gurney sitting there surrounded by more police and more EMT people waiting for force me onto the gurney.

I had no physical problems, at that point and walked, talked, thought and participated in life as a whole human being. Before this happened, I worked in developing a business with my wife six days a week.

4) I was brought to MGH and put in an emergency room in the section of the emergency room where people who had psychotic breaks, overdosed on drugs and/or alcohol, were a threat to society by the way they acted out in public and police had to be called, and people who were a threat to themselves having tried or threatened suicide.

My wife stayed with me in the emergency room from the time I was brought in on March 3, 2020 in the morning until I was discharged on March 4, 2020 at 3:30am the next morning.

I was discharged with “no medicines prescribed”, vitals in the normal range”, no reason for having been picked up in the first place.

5) Immediately after I was discharged from the dates on her affidavit, Ms. Nora Al Wetaid and Attorney O’Sullivan started the process of doing what they felt was necessary to put me back into the hospital and this time keep me there. Ms. Al Wetaid and Ms. Angela Clary engaged several people in MGH and outside of MGH to be a part of a conspiracy to keep me in the hospital and gave those people a story which was not true, which they knew was not true and which Attorney O’Sullivan also knew was not true, but which was what they needed to keep me in MGH with cause indefinitely.

6) My wife was accused of abuse – without proof – and with lies.

To get the second section 12 and the Protective Order, which they used to put me back into MGH just a couple days after I was discharged from the first section 12, they did not tell the court that this was the second time in 24 hours that they were trying to have me held in the hospital. They did not tell the court I had been discharged because the first section 12 should not have been filed. I did not fit any of the reasons one filed a section 12 against a human being.

After what I went through at MGH for five weeks, under the supervision of Somerville cambridge Wlder and Protective Services, it is nothing short of a miracle that I am in the good condition I am in today, living happily with my wife and family and able to have control over my body without anyone forcing me to stay in bed 24/7 as happened at MGH by the Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services who insisted that I not be allowed out of bed or out of the chair next to my bed in a space which was seven by nine feet and was also occupied by much hospital equipment.

7) A Health Care Proxy which I signed November 18, 2019 naming my wife, Marceline Donaldson as my Health Care Proxsy, was invalidated by the court at the request of Attorney O’Sullivan. Attorney O’Sullivan apparently hid from the court the fact that the Health Care Proxy he asked the court to validate was one which appointed Maliça Aronowitz as Health Care Proxy, it was also one about which I knew nothing, had not signed and did not want Ms. Aronowitz as my Health Care Proxy.

8) I asked Donald McInnis to create the new Health Care Proxy which I signed on November 18, 2019 – another fact Attorney O’Sullivan kept from the court.

I discovered Ms. Aronowitz had a Health Care Proxy about which I knew nothing, had not signed and did not want Ms. Aronowitz as my Health Care Proxy. It is my understanding that Health Care Proxy’s created for and signed by the individual who is the subject of the Health Care Proxy are to be respected and not so irresponsibly invalidated without proof of anything. It was also my understanding that it was illegal to have such an ex parte hearing because this is the kind of thing which can result. There are exceptions to that rule, however, I would not think that a hearing in which my freedom as at stake and which changed my health care proxy would be a hearing about which I would not be notified.

9) In addition, the Health Care Proxy which Mr. McInnis created and had been signed by me on November 18, 2019 had a one character typo which was of concern to MGH because there were people all over the hospital trying to “investigate” me, my family, and more.

MGH issued its own Health Care Proxy and that was done after the woman who handles such for MGH talked to me in my hospital room several days after the operation when I was quite able to understand the conversation and conveyed to her several times that I wanted meh wife, Marceline Donaldson, as my proxy.

MGH is not a “fly by night” institution which goes around issuing Health Care Proxy’s without first doing the work to make sure they are legal and properly executed and are very particular about what they do. This court totally disrespected MGH and the person who issued the proxy and instead validated a Health Care Proxy which Ms. Al Wetaid knew had not been signed by me and about which I knew nothing and which Attorney O’Sullivan knew the same or should have known.

At the very least, Attorney O’Sullivan knew the Health Care Proxy created by Attorney McInnis invalidated the proxy which Maliça Aronowitz presented to MGH because Attorney McInnis’ Health Care Proxy specifically stated any HPC prior to November 18, 2019 was invalidated.

10) If I had been notified of the hearing we would have been able to present the history of the HCP’s which the court invalidated and that I actually appointed Marceline Donaldson as my Health Care Proxy and that was my wish executed by Attorney McInnis and MGH with my knowledge and at my request That would have prevented the pain, horror and loss of weeks of my life that has now happened. That was the beginning of Attorney O’Sullivan pushing into my life and creating a horrible mess, which – on knowledge and belief – has happened before and Attorney O’Sullivan and those like him should be removed from being involved in such decisions and in lives of people whose assets have been taken, who have lost family and friends and some who have sound up homeless.

11) I am asking that the entire Protective Order be invalidated and removed. I would be more specific, but in spite of having received the records of my case from attorneys and not having been able to get a copy of the Protective Order from this court I don’t know what else is contained therein.

Given the way Attorney O’Sullivan handled this and the way Ms. Noral Al Wetaid lied in her affidavit to support Attorney O’Sullivan, I am sure whatever else is in the Protective Order is not in my best interest nor in the best interest of my family.

I have and have had family who cares about me and about whom I care. My wife and I have taken care of each other for over 36 years. We do not need any oversight by these groups, nor did we want Home Health Care Services which is an institution which also has serious problems not the least of which is sexual abuse of those they supposedly oversee. This is what I have been forced to go through by people who are what – lusting after our estate?

Given the fact that the only illness I have had in the entire time of my marriage to Marceline Donaldson, was the two falls which were due to eye surgery which Maliça Aronowitz pushed me into having, which I did not want and which did nothing for my eyes, but which has caused this grief. There are not many in as good shape as we are and should continue to be but for the interference of groups like Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services.

I am 87 years old and my wife is 82 years old we must be doing something right about our life and health.

It took quite a bit to get me back to good health after being discharged from MGH this last time because when I left the hospital I could barely walk even with the help of a walker and when I arrived home I do so without shoes because my feet were so swollen none of my shoes fit. I also had to have help getting into the car which brought me home and two people plus the walker had to help me get out of the car. That is what Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services “intervention” into my life caused me and my family.

When I was forced into MGH I was walking, talking, enjoying the company of friends, had just sat down to a candlelight dinner with my adult children who had driven from Washington, D. C. to spend time with me after my brain surgery and so much more. My wife and I were working on a substantial expansion of the business in which I work and that expansion would have carried us through this COVID-19 time. Instead, we have been reduced to fighting people trying to destroy my life, our marriage, my family relationships and more, using our resources because a few people saw a way to act out their greed” Their need to be Mother Theresa” their overstepping their job descriptions?……etc.

The “Protective Order” and Maliça Aronowitz as my Health Care Proxy forced on me by this court were not in my best interest and, in fact, caused my health to fail. Maliça was picked to be my Health Care Proxy probably because it was clear my wife was not going to allow anyone to feed me 10 t0 12 pills per day without prescriptions and without any diagnosis which said those pills were needed. MaliCa Aronowitz was apparently seen as someone who could be manipulated to the advantage of all those concerned.

I am now walking over 1 mile per day. I am back to work with my wife six days a week without fatigue, my shoes not fit, and my health is as good as it has been over the years. That happened under the care of Marceline Donaldson who stopped the downward spiral Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services along with Ms. Nora Al Wetaid and Ms. Angela Clary and Attorney O’Sullivan and the psychologist who authorized the section 12 without ever having even met me and who signed off on a second section 12 without any qualms about the possibility that something untoward was going on if I had been discharged by MGH and the first section 12 lifted by them.

I was given hallucinatory drugs, psychotropic drugs and many other pills which added up to about 10 pills per day without my knowledge of what they were nor my consent. My wife was kept away and could not visit – she was allowed to visit only 3 times in five weeks and then only for 1/2 hour each time and then only with a Security Guard and policeman present during those three visits.

I think I have been put through enough by this institution and I am asking that my Health Care Proxy that I wanted and asked to be created be validated – that Malica Aronowitz be removed as my Health Care Proxy and my wife put back in that place which was my choice from the beginning – and that these institutions stay out of my life, including Attorney O’Sullivan and Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services.

I am also asking that Attorney O’Sullivan be sanctioned and that Somerville/Cambridge Elder and Protective Services be closed until they can be investigated to see how many people they have so pushed over into their area of power.

We have been contacted by several people who have experienced the same thing and after talking with them extensively, we believe this is a criminal conspiracy which operates within Massachusetts Protective and Elder Services – which at the least needs new management and at best needs to have all of the people they have forced into their sphere of operation questioned to see what happened to them and if they and their families were harmed by this group.

Respectfully submitted

Robert A. Bennett, Jr.

witnessed by:_______________________________-

May 14, 2020


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