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GOP and Global Terrorism

Saturday, September 4th, 2021

The change Donald Trump’s presidency has brought to these United States is to join one of the political parties with the terrorists trying to take over countries to exercise power and control by any violent, destructive, death producing means necessary. In that he is very much like Bin Laden except Bin Laden was physically a part of the war he raged, Donald Trump doesn’t have his hands in the pie because he might destroy his manicure. He does his dirty work through others.

Not surprisingly, out of Texas has come the latest step in this Global War against democracy. and half of our Supreme Court are implicated. Who would have thought terrorists would be appointed to such a formerly esteemed body. But then, wasn’t it Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ wife who funded some of the buses for January 6th? And could she have done so without his involvement? And don’t we have the Rev. Danforth, Episcopal priest, to thank for Clarence Thomas being on the Supreme Court and Josh Hawley being in Congress? What does that say about what our current institutions produce and from where they see their benefits arising.

One of the strong tenets pushed by the GOP as it moves into the center of world terrorist groups is the anti-abortion movement. It raises the religious banners as do all of those so fighting. Nothing like claiming a god as your guide. But which god! The god who strengthens the greedy, the power hungry, the cold and heartless seekers after their own fortunes at the expense of others? Or the Jesus of the disinherited. Or the Buddha who was born a wealthy prince, but left it all when he saw the poverty and sickness beyond his palace. Or many more……..

The anti-abortion movement is simply about money, power and control. It is no different from what is going on with ISIS-K and all those groups which preceded. If you needed proof that the GOP is now a powerful terrorist organization alongside all those others, the anti-abortion laws out of Texas are stark in their reach, their methods, their oppression, their setting up the first legalized terror group in the United States sanctioned by the laws of their state.

There has to be those in society who are “less than” to create the “better than” mentality which is the food of the gods of terror, destruction, death by torture and so much more. Humans are very creative and when we use that creativity on the side of satan it is horrendous.

Some of us were outraged by this new anti-abortion law out of Texas, which did not allow abortions even for those who have been raped, are the victims of incest, etc. Why that should surprise anyone amazes us. A man’s power has always been in his claimed virility and what shows that best than many children scattered around the world who were created by one man’s sperm.

The worst is when organized religion gets involved and claims god is on the side of what they describe as “life” and is not with those they claim are the “killers’ of babies. That is quite a twisted theology and those who have studied theology know that, but aren’t able to come out with the claim because in that area, many are “better than” males who want to see the anti-abortion theology succeed, however spurious its claims may be.

If you are for “life” you are against abortion, murder, executions by the state, war, adding chemicals to food to increase how much you can grow and therefore sell, those forces which destroy the environment and cause long painful death to many, – the list goes on.

Those who claim to be against abortion because they are for “life” are generally also those climate change deniers; those on the front row to see the execution of many placed on death row; they fight to maintain the death sentence in the law; they could care less about making sure growers grow healthy food; …….

It has ever been so around the world and across the centuries. It has and is so in these United States, in Europe, in the Middle East, in South America where there are humans there is those dichotomy of those for and those against. Those for life are only pro-life in areas where they see themselves gaining power and control so life itself is not the issue. Those same people can turn on a dime and advocate and work for death – slow drawn out death or immediate murder doesn’t matter if they gain money, power and control.

The “space race” comes out of the same need. People are starving, homeless, destitute in great need and our current billionaires are satisfying the needs their penis dictates. Even the shape of the vehicles being used in this race to another planet are shaped like the male penis.

Oh, that’s not right, they say. We gave at the office. We gave one penny for every $1,000 we spend on space craft – or some equivalent. First solve the problems at home which your accumulation of wealth helped create and then go off into space with your new play toys. There is so much to be done and so few to do it. Especially with those trying to traverse the universe wrecking havoc with the world.

Will we ever turn away from evil towards the good? Will we ever question ourselves as to our real motives? Will we ever feel compassion, empathy, love? A few maybe, but the many are too busy polishing their images, building their worldly fortunes, living each day as though it is one of thousands more during which we can accumulate more and more. There should be not one billionaire in this world, on this earth. Look at the destruction they have wrought in the process of acquiring.

Maybe one day we will find God’s love . Hope that day comes before “the fire next time” arrives bringing the end to all – the good and the bad.

A Publicly Acknowledged Bigotry acceptable for Supreme Court Justices.

Friday, October 16th, 2020

by: Marceline Donaldson

It is not only acceptable but a required part of your resumeĀ“ to be seriously considered for a substantial position within this Trump administration.

We have watched such happen for four years and each time a new set of nominations comes along we know the people so nominated have made Trump comfortable with the fact that they are full of prejudices and ready to act on them to bring about the ‘Northern European-ancestry white person’ as better than anyone to create the society Trump and his followers envision. After all, he did not have the Bible, nor Thurmans ‘Jesus and the Disinherited’ on his bedside table as did Martin Luther King, Jr. and so many others. On his bedside table – according to testimony in his divorce hearing – was a constant copy of ‘Mein Kampf’. Today, he does not have to go back and rummage through to come up with ‘what would Hitler have done’ – he has so internalized that way of being that it just oozes from him automatically in just about everything he does.

That can be clearly seen as we have lived through the many which this current Trump administration has nominated for top positions, middle and ‘at the bottom’ positions to maintain the bigotry which has existed in this country since its beginnings in slavery.

if you are full of racist, sexist, homophobic, immigrant, religious and all the other bigotries which we have been and are forced to live with to create and maintain one group ‘better than’ all others, then you have a chance of making Donald Trump’s list of nominees for government positions.

If your lifestyle shows you live that bigoted life as normal and everyday, you are certainly in line for promotions. If you assault women, have sexual problems disrespecting and forcing yourself on women or getting involved with all kinds of sexual deviancy and show your disdain and disgust for women who are independent and demand to live a life ‘equal to’ then you are also meant for greatness in this Trump government. If not, you are just cast aside and blocks thrown in your path even if you are far from the center of power. You still have to struggle so you won’t do much damage to the bigoted lifestyle required of you.

Currently, the topic is the Supreme Court nominee – Amy Coney Barrett.

What a great jurist she could be if only she wasn’t so imbued with the extreme bigotry which has been her lifestyle choice. What a destruction of the talent God gave her to use for good instead of for the evil path she has chosen.

That affects the rest of us because we do not have the internal strength and fortitude and honesty to call her out on her bigotries because we are afraid that in the process we might also be outed for all to see. Or, at the very least, have to endure shame and embarrassment as others rush to her defense.

During the hearings, to determine if Ms. Barrett should be confirmed, what was missing were questions about her extreme sexism. How can someone be a Supreme Court Justice in these United States when you believe women are inferior to men and cannot do the things a man can do or rise to the level to which a man has an automatic right to attain.

And then immediately comes – from many of you, even as you read this – DENIAL, DENIAL, DENIAL, EXPLANATION, EXCUSES, etc, etc ,etc.

I have heard those denials and explanations and excuses my whole entire life and today, being over 80 it is beyond enough already. But because I am losing the ability to continue to tolerate such doesn’t mean it will go away. My mother reached that point – so did my grandmother – and my grandfather – and I could go on listing all of my ancestors. But who would care? A few of you would give lip service and commiserate for a moment or two, but that would be the extent of it.

My family has achieved much, but their achievements have been in the midst of incredible sacrifice – ‘on all sides’.

To come from generations of people who intermarried and tried to be family under the stress and weight of this society’s bigotry has been an unbelievably difficult, painful, searing life experience.

I identified with Amy Barrett as I watched her demeanor, her dress, her way of speaking and recognized them all from my New Orleans upbringing. She certainly does not dress like a New Englander and I was just delighted to see that.

However, as who she is and the choices she has made through her life were exposed during these hearings my New Orleans upbringing at its most painful was also exposed.

New Orleans was and is a place where the most liberal and most conservative can co-exist and that goes through the generations. There were slave markets and free blacks with substantial assets. I grew up in a mixed neighborhood – white, black, rich, poor, mafia, police all lived within a couple blocks of one another. Three white families on my block.

By the time I went off to college, Eisenhower had started his extreme geographical segregation of whites from blacks and turning middle class ‘mixed’ neighborhood into all black, drug infested blocks with the beautiful boulevards with their trees and picnic tables in those mixed neighborhoods into filthy, crime ridden places where expressways – freeways – whatever they are called were built over those boulevards and became areas where you would then find abandoned cars under the freeways and the trees and picnic tables and white and black small businesses on both sides of the freeway gone and bars and other such places even today existing in their place without even a historical reminder of what went before.

Children assume that is how it ever was and ever will be because as they become adults they see what their efforts amount to – nothing except pushing them down and holding up those who are quiet and appear to be satisfied with the status quo.

Amy Coney Barrett comes from a neighborhood which I remember well and I am sure with a little prompting you will also. “Old Metairie” – where those who were ‘wanna-be’ lived in cultural constriction and extreme racism. Turn the pages to the time of Katrina and remember when people in New Orleans trying to escape the fast rising flood waters ran to escape by attempting to cross the bridge from New Orleans to Metairie and were met by those with guns determined that “those people” are not going to threaten and rape our women. And what happened? “Those people” trying to preserve their lives were stranded at the top of the bridge and had to stay there for very long periods of time in the heat, the blazing sun, no food, water, shelter because they couldn’t turn around to go back from whence they had come – the flood waters now prevented that.

That would have been one of many events which shaped Amy Barrett’s life and life choices.

How did she respond? She became, on the one hand someone who adopted Haitian children, which gives her some “street cred”, but on the other, where her identity lives she became an extreme sexist – which by definition is a hatred of women.

Her Catholicism, in which she was raised, gave way to belonging to “People of Praise” – a paraChurch, where those belonging run back to their identity within the Catholic Church when that is more comfortable, but do not leave behind their beliefs as “People of Praise.”

One of their most basic beliefs is in the inferiority of women and that is shown clearly in their structure. Men only on the board of those who governs Women subjected and under the governance of their husbands. Things most of us have not had to deal with for decades.

Women getting the vote; LGBTQ rights; equal pay; and so much more has come from our moving beyond by light years from where Amy Barrett decided to sit and make her life and out of that life her choices and now she is being promoted as someone who can make choices for millions of others for decades and where are we – talking about not criticizing her religion because that wouldn’t be right and so much more nonsense. Nonsense to allow the status quo to exist while we claim to be in another place fighting for equality.

Equality does not come from putting a woman or a man on the Supreme Court as a jurist who does not believe in equality and whose “integrity” will allow her to vote in such a way as to insure that equality does not come and the racist, sexist, structure of this society which we have all fought to change remains in tact. Maybe a few cosmetic changes, but with Ms. Barrett’s beliefs, not even that, especially since those questioning her demurred from the most basic issues – do you believe in the equality of women or do you equivocate on that and are not willing to step out and be counted.

My husband and I pray for this society daily. All we have left is the hope behind those prayers – that the next generation will not have to endure and go through the kind of horribleness we have been put through because some people’s egos and identities were so weak they could only survive believing they were better than and insisting that the society in which they live continues and maintains its structure which allows the bigoted to be sated and not threatened with having to go through the emotional trauma of moving from ‘better than’ to ‘equal to’.

We have so much to atone for and every time we make a start, the fear rises and the future without the identity you were raised to believe was your birthright comes forward and does not look good so we take a side curve and move in a direction where ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same.’

It would be tragic for Amy Barrett to be confirmed as it was tragic for Kavanaugh to have been confirmed. We saw the pattern, but when it happened again we decided to walk the same path because it was easy and those who stood up to say it is time to change this were martyred – and that is normal for us. We do that so well we have even hidden the mechanisms by which that happens and we look the other way.

Sadly, in this society, our excuses come down to money. How much will my doing this cost me – how much will I gain from being silent – how much will I get to rake in from going out on the limb just a short distance making sure I am always safe enough to be able to get back to the trunk in case the branch shows signs of breaking.

God forgive!


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