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Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

We are having a wonderful holiday.  Hope your holiday is full of love, family, friends and so much more.

Many members of Bettina Network Lifestyle Community sent us bits and pieces for Bettina Network Blog.  They also sent financial contributions to keep us going so we feel well fed both materially and in the soul with what looks like the success of Bettina Network, inc.

What follows are some of what we received to go in the blog.  It would be even better if all of you sent full blown articles on whatever topic you want information published – political, historical, scientific, literature-your short stories-poems- expositions.  Whatever you want to share.

Before we start sharing we would like to remind you that Bettina Network Oracle said some months ago that children would start dying – murdered by Donald J. Trump and his Administration.

Into this happy season comes the tragic and vicious news that Donald Trump – the illegitimate president of these United States has started killing children and the pace will accelerate.  Where do you stand and what are you going to do about this? Trump wants to scare the brown and black people of the world away from the borders of the United States.  What better way than to put those who arrive, after experiencing horrible trauma and an extremely difficult trip looking for asylum, into American Concentration Camps.  Moving them through a “cold box” to jeopardize any resistance they may still have left to illness, while exposing their children to sexual traffickers and so much more.

We get the news of their children’s death at the hands of a liar, thief, sexual assaulter, murderer, mafia don etc and there is no uprising in this country?  We were quiet through the first death we knew about – although you will soon hear of many more – from the past – not those dying today.  That is also a part of this holiday season.

Are you going to take the road of Germans – the middle class Germans – who kept silent, went about their daily lives as though Jews were not being slaughtered and turned into slaves by Hitler or are you going to make sure the same thing does not happen in these United States?  It was the ordinary citizen who allowed Hitler to rise and wreck his evil.  Not willing to jeopardize their middle class economic position to take a stand against the evil which stared them in the face.  As long as it wasn’t one of their family?

From the Bettina Network Lifestyle Community:

  1. ” Is one of the reasons Trump is so enamored of Russia and Putin the fact that Russia is a white country?  And one of the few such places left in the world?  Is that what makes him drawn to the particular fascist dictators he shows a complete attraction to?”
  2. “Donald J. Trump sent out an order to withdraw United States troops from Syria. He did that while on the telephone with Erdogan or shortly thereafter.  Erdogan’s first choice was that Trump send Methullah Gulen to the Turkish prison island. – so he could be imprisoned and possibly killed there? Trump did everything he could to comply, but his power as president did not extend to his being able to do that – although he did try.  We heard the figure of $15 million tossed around as payment for the deed.  Trump could and did comply with Erdogan’s second choice – to withdraw U. S. troops from Syria.  Why would he allow himself to be complicit in this cover-up? Trump was clearly looking for some way to distract the world from Mohammed bin Salam’s involvement in the brutal and vicious killing of Khashoggi and to begin the process of putting Saudi Arabia on a positive footing with the world as he managed to wipe the story out of the media.  To do that he needed Erdogan to stop telling the media about the details of the killing and to not provide the proof the rest of us needed to bring some kind of justice for the killing.  This pulling the U. S. troops out of Syria solved that, we have not heard one word from Erdogan about the tapes, the killing nor anymore details about what he and his knows about what happened.  That has not been brought into the world’s view for action. Trump’s indebtedness to Saudi Arabia and his beholdeness to MbS was partially satisfied.”
  3. “Trump is a man who does not think!  He is not dumb, stupid nor all of those negative adjectives.  He is a man who, instead of thinking and feeling has substituted  manipulation, shrewdness, insults to and intimidation of others in his path – particularly those he has to address as President of the United States.  The worst I have seen of anyone was the performance Donald Trump made in front of the rally after the hearing on the Brett Kavanaugh/Christine Blasey Ford sexual assault allegations which moved his people to vote for Kavanaugh.  Was that because they did not believe Blasey Ford?  Or was that because of the fear such a performance raised in them of Trump doing the same thing to them and their political and public destruction imminently following.  What was tragic was the fact that Trump’s performance did not destroy Trump, it scared his people into falling into line and doing his bidding. That speaks volumes for the ethics, morals, character of those in politics and those supporting them in these United States.  Truthfulness, integrity, honor, – none of those things apply anymore.  Manipulation to gain power and control over to do the kind of scumbag actions which have been carried out by this president are what holds the day.  The United States Government has become a criminal mafia headed by the mafia “Don” – Donald J. Trump.  In fact, I am beginning to think the mafia, as we have known mafias, is several steps above Trump in the way it operates.”
  4. “The elegance, thoughtfulness, grace, compassion of the Obama Administration has been replaced by the cruelty, viciousness, untruthfulness, cheating and sexual abuse by almost all those in this current administration.  Every time someone is appointed, one of the first scandals that comes out is of that persons past scandalous involvement in the sexual assault, abuse, denigration of women – white, black, pink, green, purple women.”
  5. “I am constantly stunned at the similarities between Trump and Hitler. Trump folds his arms in front of himself when seriously speaking around the table – so did Hitler.  Hitlers messiah complex was strong and evil – so is Trump’s.  It has pushed Trump to come out with his need for absolute control – he showed that in his call to take troops out of Syria without consulting anyone.  His Messiah Complex is right at the peak of being the destruction of Western Civilization.  Hitler blamed the Communists  for everything – Trump blames the Democrats whether it is true or not and he pushes that song with his Republican Congress following his lead.”
  6. “I know many of us make parallels to Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler.  I would like to remind all of us, including Donald and Melanie Trump that Hitler ended in a fulthy bunker alone except for the woman who lived through him, got her identity from him as well as her self-worth and called it love.  This was the face of evil.  The United States is becoming the country which has supplanted that history by attempting to recreate it.  Hitler ended his reign by committing suicide.  Before he did, however, he was manic about his need to kill as many Jews as quickly as possible.  The United States’ killing spree has just begun.  Are there those who are going to stop this madness or are we going to let our passive bigotry lead us into a pretense to be helpless in the face of it and let it go on until we have reached the point where White Supremacy is no longer threatened by the Black and Brown peoples of the world.”


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DRAFT DODGER as Commander in Chief

Saturday, November 3rd, 2018

Donald Trump has a long list of ways he has violated the “norm.”  It seems as though he is president to upheaval this country and deliver it into the hands of the fascist leaders of the world.  To be one with them is the goal?  If it is he is certainly succeeding admirably.  Most recently he modified one of the ten commandments – “Thou shalt not kill”.  Compromise – if you didn’t hold the gun which shot 11 Jews at prayer;  if you didn’t attempt to break into a black church to kill those inside; if you didn’t hold the gun which killed two African Americans which was your fall back position from killing in houses of worship;  if you didn’t put the rope around Khashoggi’s neck; if you didn’t wield the bone saw which dismembered Khashoggi then you really didn’t kill?  Somehow, my bible doesn’t say that – it has a very opposite view, especially in the New Testament – if you even as much as hold such a thought against your neighbor you are guilty of the act.  And don’t most of you claim to hold to the teachings of the New Testament?

Trump has dodged the draft many times.  His “bone spur” excuse is a well known joke.  What happens when a serial draft dodger becomes president?

He calls the troops into action – the same number as were called up to fight a serious war in, for example, Afghanistan.  He gives them orders to shoot if brown and black immigrants trying to cross the border to ask for asylum throws a rock at any one of them.  That also gives them the authority to turn the “Caravan” of destitute people into a shooting gallery.

He takes the troops away from their families during the holidays for a very frivolous, political cause.  He uses the troops the way his fascist dictator friends use their troops – for his own aggrandizement and to maintain his personal power.  He takes them away from training which they need and he costs the country millions of dollars to satisfy his need for power, control, greed and to practice his bigotry against those desperate families who walked over 1,000 miles to get away from the horror of their lives hoping countries including the United States would welcome the refugee.  Not in America, however.

Historically?  We did the same thing when Jews escaping Germany at the end of the Nazi terror needed a place to go.  We saw them on overcrowded ships which were practically sinking and turned our backs.  We did, however, take in the scientists and others who could promote America and help make her wealthier.  We have still not acknowledged that those Jews who did manage to get into this country even though destitute, poverty stricken, no to little education made amazing contributions to American society.

What else does he do? He demands a parade – a military parade like the ones put on by the likes of Kim Jong Un and other such dictators to show their personal power and strength and to deter their citizens from deposing them and from rioting because they are starving.  He planned a military parade for November 11th – a show during which he would stand in the middle as president of this mighty, military country and let his messiah complex out into the light at its full.  Tax payers would pay the bill of the multi-millions of dollars with no benefit to themselves.  Our military, used in ways it never has been in the past – by a draft dodger who becomes Commander in Chief.

That is just the tip of the iceberg.

All of you folks planning to vote for Donald Trump’s people and causes on November 6th.  You know the above is true.  You also knew before you voted him in as president – helping Russia to install the man in the presidential chair in the United States for the benefit of all the fascist dictatorships around the world – that he was unqualified both emotionally and by the way he conducted his life before declaring his candidacy, but you voted for him anyway.  Why?  Because you are people who want to bring in the kind of government Germany had under Hitler.  That is your dream – including the part where those who were or thought you were of the ” Aryan race” would be above everyone else and use and abuse the rest of your society for your own gain – ego, economic, et al.

You knew and today know even in more depth that:

Trump is a sexual assaulter.  He admitted that on tape.  You heard him talk about being able to sexually assault any woman he so desired.  Yet you voted for him.

Trump steals from tens of thousands of people to have money for himself.  You knew that because you knew about all of his bankruptcies where he built without concern for return on his money because he only had to file bankruptcy, walk away with multi-millions and have the business and building hard working people sacrificed to build for him thinking they would be paid and in many cases they lost businesses they had built, some for more than one generation.  Yet you voted for him.

Trump lies and you heard many of his lies before you walked into the voting booth to attempt to vote him in as president.  You knew what he was saying was lied and You knew about Trump University – those, even amongst your friends, who again sacrificed much to have an education and to move up financially in this society by paying the substantial amounts of money Trump University demanded and for which they gave back nothing.  Yet you voted for him.

You knew about Trump’s involvement in the mafia.  His casinos, his family history in the KKK, his father’s partnership with mafia to gain the foothold and the money he accumulated over his lifetime.  You also knew that about Donald Trump.  Yet you voted for him.

You knew about his involvement and his learning at the foot of Joe McCarthy and McCarthyism and you knew about how Roy Cohn – an anti-semitic Jew mentored Trump and you also knew how badly Trump treated Roy Cohn after Cohn was responsible for helping to bring Trump from Queens to doing business in Manhattan and supported Trump during the rest of Cohn’s life.  And yet you voted for him.  You didn’t ask – if this is how he treated his friends, supporters and mentors how will he treat us?  Yes, you voted for him.

You knew his reputation in New York.  It goes on for decades and is well documented – none of it good.  Yet you voted for him.

You white evangelical christians knew about Trump’s adultery.  You knew about his morals which were in the gutter.  You knew a lot more about how Trump violated and still violates everything you claim to believe in and yet you compromised your God and your religion to support him. I should not be surprised because those are the same kind of compromises you made over the years as you built Churches – called them Christian – and made sure Blacks were not allowed into your sanctuaries.

You knew all of the conspiracy theories Trump created to attempt to destroy African Americans – especially the African American president.  But he did not stop there.   Trump went on to attempt to have the Central Park 5 executed  by the state when they were innocent and had committed no crime.  He spent a good deal of time and money after they were exonerated, had spent time in jail for a crime they did not commit,  Trump knowing that still spent much time and money trying to get them executed.  Killed by the state for being black? And after all that, Trump continued making sure as many people as possible turned against these innocent African American young men.  And yet you voted for him.

Since he has been president you have seen and heard Trump lie – every single day – about some of the smallest things and go on to lie to manipulate you for his advantage and mostly for your disadvantage.  Over 6,000 deliberate lies to gain power, control and riches at your expense.  And yet you voted for him.

Since he has been president he could have nominated someone to the U. S. Supreme Court who was conservative and someone who was also an upstanding citizen of whom you could be proud and know that person was doing their best for you and yours.  Instead, he nominated a man credibly accused of sexual assault – just like Trump – and who had a very questionable history which included years of public drunkenness and worse, showing he was not the person you would want on the U. S. Supreme Court.  You may not feel that touches you, but when you need the Court to be fair and judge without the bigotry Kavanaugh has shown with his clear inability to control his emotions or all of the anger and ugliness in his background you will wish you had considered and not let your need to be better than and vote in someone who would maintain your better than status in this society, but had opted for a better result which did not demand the United States Supreme Court as Donald Trump has done and quite intentionally so.

There is nothing greater than being with people who you feel equal to and who feel equal to you.  It is a freedom like no other.

That is far away from where Trump has lived his life and far away from where he is taking this society.  The theft, lies, murder that has happened under Trump’s time in office is off the charts.  And still you are there supporting him.

What is it you are hiding?  How much like Trump are you and what will you do if left to your tiki torches?

I would say good luck to you and vote your conscience on Tuesday.  However, from what I have seen you don’t have a conscience just an ability to rationalize and justify the most horrible things if you feel they benefit you and make you over and better than everybody else.  However, who will be with you when you discover you have been taken advantage of and destroyed in ways that makes what happened to the Central Park 5, Christine Ford and all the others look pale by comparison to what happens to you.

Your “president” is now threatening violence if his people and his causes don’t win on Tuesday.  This is who you voted for in 2016?  This is who you follow today?  This is who you support?  This is not a little evil.  This is evil like that which happened 2000 years ago when Jesus was crucified. Remember him?  The one you are turning into a fool with your worship of Trump?  The one whose teachings you have abandoned for the lies of Trump?

Don’t you think it is time for you to let your knees hit the floor and beg God’s forgiveness?  Not just for Trump – he is only the latest and his sins and the sins of his co-conspirators are small and only a tip of the iceberg.  But for those sins you and yours have been committing since way before slavery.

May God forgive you!


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Ed. Note: Members of the Bettina Network Lifestyle Community can contribute to the Bettina Network Blog whenever they have anything they want to say and be heard by this fantastic group of people. Send your blog to or mail it to us at P. O. Box 380585 Cambridge, MA. 02238 or call us on the telephone at 617-497-9166 to tell us what you want to say and we will write it for you.

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Donald Trump – Don’t You Dare…

Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

by: Marceline Donaldson

apologize on my behalf.  Your apology to the Kavanaugh family on behalf of the American people included me as a citizen – the daughter of a citizen – the granddaughter of a citizen – the great granddaughter of a citizen – the great-great granddaughter of a citizen and even further back to before American citizenship when a part of my ancestors owned this land and were put on that long walk without food or water so the land they lived on and owned for generations could be taken from them, given to and used by people like you.

I have nothing to apologize for and will never apologize to someone like Brett Kavanaugh who has been credibly accused of the assault of at least three women and who knows how many more who are afraid to come out and tell their story.

Why do they not come forward?   Because you and people like you have made sure to keep them scared and ashamed so you could sexually assault whoever whenever you decided your ego needed that.  So you nominate and hold up another credibly accused sexual assaulter.  I could say like you – but so far only three women have come forward to accuse Brett Kavanaugh.  Some 19 and counting have come forward to accuse you, Donald Trump.

No, Donald Trump, don’t you dare include me in some apology that you make, not for yourself, but on behalf of millions of others for whom you have no right to include in any apology.  More than half the citizens of this country did not want and do not want Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court and you arrogate to yourself the right to apologize for them?  Who do you think you are!

Apologize for your own sins and the mess you continue to make of this country with your racism, your sexism, your Nazi leanings, your White Nationalism.   – Brett Kavanaugh was not on the Federalist list – you put him there for your own evil reasons and you nominated the person you put on the list and then you fought in the filthy way you have shown yourself capable for decades, to get him confirmed.

You have a lifetime of ugly for which you have never apologized, not even once for anything and you have done much that a thousand apologies won’t begin to address.  – Your mentor, Roy Cohn, taught you to never apologize but claim your failures and uglinesses as greatness.  He did a fantastic job on you because he had a willing student who acted like a sponge and who stayed on his knees in front of Cohn for decades taking in everything Cohn put out.

You have continued McCarthyism in this country from your association with Joseph McCarthy when you were young.  A man who was a drunk and who upheaveled this country in horrible ways.  You are doing the same.  You claim you don’t drink, but there is such a thing as a “dry drunk” and that is the style I see you showing in how you live and in the way you have been “governing” – to use the term ‘governing’ loosely.  A style you picked up from McCarthy and are projecting into the future – you have also picked up his politics, his belief system and are throwing them into the face of the world.  Putin may be your friend today, but he needs to be careful because you will throw him overboard the first chance you get when you see how to claim his power and control.

Under your leadership I see the United States of America sinking to a new low.  I am always amazed thinking your ethics and evil have hit rock bottom, but you then manage to go even lower.  You have this ability to  make sure there is no bottom to the lies you will tell, the filth in which you will engage and now you have taken on this bold, upfront projection of your unbelievably sinful actions onto others.  Today it is the Democratic Party you are blaming for your evil – tomorrow?

I do not apologize to the Kavanaugh family for anything.  So your apology to that family needs to be modified.  I DO NOT APOLOGIZE TO BRETT KAVANAUGH FOR ANYTHING!  Take my name out of the general apology you made on behalf of all the citizens of this country.  How arrogant of you to apologize on my behalf when you have sinned big in your lifetime and have never apologized for any of it. Brett Kavanaugh needs to apologize to me for his part in being so entitled and so in need of power and control that he will work with you and Shine and McGahn and McConnell and Grassley and so many others to bring this country to a new low and for arrogating to themselves the right to degrade women – so he and others can gain money and some kind of male ego power. He showed the direction in which he was going when he sexually assaulted Christine Ford – was that a preview of things to come?  He would then go on to assault not just women, but the institutions in which he lives and works?  He has certainly done a job on the U. S. Supreme Court.  He has taken that body very low and they just might not recover.

However, I have to thank them all of those good ole boys for the way their evil has exposed how the sexist structure of this country works.    I thought I knew.  This, however, has exposed a whole deeper and unbelievably uglier level.

The way the white, northern european-ancestry male, – today’s ‘ruling class’ which clearly includes the Bush family – who came to this country under heavy clouds even hundreds of years ago and whose ancestors enslaved Africans and did so much more and who are now demanding that they be allowed to continue their right to rule even if that includes the ‘enslavement’ and constant sexual assault of women.  Look at the uproar when it appears that sexual assault may come under castigation and be held accountable with women no longer afraid or ashamed.  How will they exercise their out of control male egos?

And don’t be surprised that this ugliness has the Bush family in the middle.  Under their ‘rule’ the Supreme Court has been brought low.  They are responsible for both Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh, the two credibly accused of sexual abuse and sexual assault, being members of that high court.

To confirm to the United States Supreme Court a man who has been credibly accused of sexually assaulting at least three women and whose public drunkenness is out there for all to see and whose character has been on display as he totally disrespected members of the Senate who were not a part of his “group” is not something I need to apologize for.  He needs to apologize to this country and resign.

You and your friends and followers now leading this country have as one of the talking points on your “manipulate the voters scam”  call the women and men “a mob”, who peacefully demonstrated their objection to Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.  That tells us all as loudly as you can that the Republican Party is now the Party of White Nationalists, led by the Eastern European and Russian Mafias.

By calling a peaceful demonstration, in the image of the demonstrations under Martin Luther King, Jr., “mob rule” says exactly where you come from.  You and those following you said the same thing about African Americans and others who demonstrated against the extreme racism practiced in this country which they were trying to get addressed and changed.  What were they trying to achieve? To get African Americans treated like human beings – to get people like you and your friends to respect the United States Constitution.  Until then they were treated abominably and that treatment was out of control – especially in places like Mississippi where you received such accolades for the sexism you were promoting and the ridicule you were parading out for all to see as you called Dr. Ford “evil” and ridiculed her in many other ways and held up sexual assault as the right of privileged white males that was being threatened by a King-type mob.

It is no accident that all 11 Republican members of the Senate Judicial Committee are white men.  Your entitlement keeps you from even seeing the problem you are perpetrating.  You see only your right to rule being threatened.  And your right to rule in the style of Adolph Hitler – Josef Stalin – Mussolini and others.

To call those demonstrations against you and those who follow you “mob rule” and other names even worse says you and all your followers are completely in line with neo-Nazi’s.  The neo-Nazis who reenacted Kristallnacht in Charlottesburg who you called good people.  They killed a woman standing on the sidewalk; they re-enacted Kristallnacht making a statement to the world who they were and what they were about; they brutalized, beat, attempted to kill peaceful demonstrators who you then characterized and continue to characterize as the people in the wrong, Donald Trump.  When you call the people peacefully demonstrating against Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed when he should not have been – a mob – and we all remember your calling the people who brawled, maimed and killed in Charlottesville “good people” we know exactly where you stand and where you have stood your entire life.  This is nothing new.  You and your family were racists and sexists, KKK members, Nazi supporters and today people who have cheated the United States of America  through the way your family handled its finances.  The United States of America, the government over which you claim you are president.  You were trained into evil by your parents – your immigrant parents – and you have taken their training steps further down the road to perdition.

And to set the record straight – Senator Grassley, another racist, sexist and probably neo-Nazi is someone who follows you and does your bidding  is who he is not because of his age.  He has always been like that – go back into his record and you will see he comes out as he is today through years of experience acting out his racism, sexism, and Nazi tendencies.

McConnell simply wants power and is shrewd and without ethics enough to do whatever he has to do to get and keep power even if his actions border on the same evil you are spreading around the world.  Power is addictive and he is a total addict, probably irretrievable.

Beyond all of the above, I would like to know what part Christopher Wray – a Trump appointee – played in all of this?  The FBI has been mentioned, but its leader, who could have and probably did have some influence in how those investigations went, has not been mentioned at all.

To call Dr. Ford evil and to mock her the way you did in front of the people, some of whom claim, you paid them to sit there in your rallies and yell their approval of whatever you had to say, is evil Donald Trump.  It also says you have one use for women and after that they should just go away until the next time you need to sexually assault another human being.

Sexual assault is something you see as your right.  Not my words, Donald Trump, but your own words.  You and those with you think sexual assault is not a crime, but something they should not be harassed about because that is what they engage in.  You set the example.  Your election, with all that you have done, clearly says the Republican Party is a sexist, white nationalist group intent on remaking this country into a country led by fascists who have not one shred of decency nor ethics and whose character is in the toilet.

Not one corporation in America would have hired Brett Kavanaugh.  He is not innocent until proven guilty – he has not been charged in a court of law.  He is credibly charged, as his background is exposed in the process which all candidates for Supreme Court Justice must engage,  with at least three sexual assaults against women and incredible intolerable drunkennes and American Corporations will not, under any circumstances, hire such a person.  You made sure, however, that he was promoted to the highest position in his field in these United States of America because those are the kind of people with whom you always have surrounded yourself and now as president you do the same in spades.  You clearly have no tolerance for good, clean, law abiding people because they will not serve your purposes.  They will be fired or resign before they do or will tolerate some of the things you have pulled in what was a republic on its way to a democracy.  You have intervened and your illegitimate presidency has taken this republic and put it on the road to a fascist, intolerant, Nazi-type country – and of that you are proud.

Judgment Day is right around the corner and I don’t mean Mueller’s.  No one can get away with what you have done and are doing – the universe will not allow it.  Not just what you have done as president but all the years before your presidency.  I have seen people who fell off that straight and narrow road, but who worked to pull themselves together and become better functioning members working to bring about a just society.  You have been evil from your youth with no thought of apologizing nor atoning for your sins.

The only thing keeping you today are your years when the television industry dusted you off and used your image to create a person many people would like to be or befriend.  The fact that you are not that person – you only played that person on television the way Bill Cosby played a great father figure while sexually assaulting women – and when you did play that person for whom you were the avatar you were told what to do and how to act with many supporting even putting on your makeup, combing your hair, picking out your clothes and so much more.  That is who we now have as president of these United States.  A figurehead performing, as if on television, the role of President of the United States of America and this is who the Republican Party supports.  And please don’t say I am just another angry Democrat.  I have never been a part of the Democratic Party in my life.  I was a life-long Republican.  I saw the beginnings of the making of this forest of evil startingg with Strom Thurmond when he left the Democratic Party and moved into the Republican Party.  I thought it was temporary and I could fight what was happening because the Republican Party had such a fantastic history.  I had an African American cousin who was head of the Louisiana Republican Party.  This was my Party.  Well, wasn’t I foolish and emotional when I should have stepped back to see the reality of what was happening.

The Republican Party has become the playground of every bigot in the world with political aspirations and it isn’t even ashamed as everyone inside and outside of the Republican Party sees what is and has happened.

People are fleeing – I am not alone.

You think this is angry?  I had to calm myself way down before I could even begin to write this.  This is above any anger I have ever felt.  I will have to pray hard for months to overcome this.

May God have mercy on your soul.


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An Anniversary Celebration of the Trump Access Tape

Saturday, October 6th, 2018

We have been drowned with comments from members of Bettina Network’s Lifestyle Community.  We could not publish all of them – most of what is coming in are comments from people about Trump and company and that has been true for several weeks.  To say this country is upheaveled by this man, his horrible character, his mistreatment of women, his ethics that are in the toilet and his superiority to everyone having been raised in a family which encouraged the development of his messiah complex is an understatement.

We have published as many as we could.  Some we combined when more then one person sent us similar comments.  The anger, pain, upset, and looking around for some way to make this right is what we are hearing.  Hope the anger, pain, upset and other negative feelings go away and give way to finding and combining to use this to bring this country into a more equal place.  As human beings, we are not “better than” we are “equal to”.  Some may never realize or accept that.  Most acting out and engaged in that “better than”  culture have submerged what that means to their character development and the moral laws by which they live.  Some – or rather many – are going to have to be dragged into this new world of equality kicking and screaming, but if that is necessary, so be it.

Comments from Bettina Network Lifestyle Community Members:

Member #1

What an incredible way to celebrate the one year anniversary of the publication of the Access Tape which exposed Donald Trump and his contribution to normalizing sexual assault against women.  For his efforts as one of the extraordinary oppressors in this society, trained by Joseph McCarthy and McCarthy’s lawyer Roy Cohn and having adopted McCarthyism as a young man – today he is keeping McCarthyism alive  with its fascination with Russia (then the Soviet Union) so it could be passed on in more intense form by the next generation.  Trump was rewarded, by the “ruling class” in this society by being elected President.

Member #2

Sexual assault is something very common in this society.  Women of all classes, colors, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation have been socialized into being ashamed when they have been sexually assaulted and have gone to great means to hide that fact and deny its existence and in the end, have wound up protecting their assaulter because they have been led to believe their reputation would be ruined if anyone found out that, somehow, the sexual assault against them was their fault.  They somehow “encouraged” their attacker.  They said “NO” when their attacker really knew they meant “YES”.

Member #3

Trump brags about the sexual assault in which he engages; clearly believes it is his right as a privileged white male famous person and even goes so far as to defend against women accusing him of sexual assault by claiming he wouldn’t give any woman as unattractive as the one making the claim the time of day.  Braggadocio doesn’t begin to describe Trump.

He articulates and apparently believes the women he talks about have no rights, especially no rights over their bodies.  White males of a certain class and financial standing have that right and how foolish are women to think and act otherwise.  As Trump has talked about the sexual assault aspect of those rights, it is clear he and others like him have removed a woman’s right to control who touches her body and/or anything else about her body coming from that sexual rights claim of the misogynous male.  That certainly gives an understanding as to why so many of these same men are the ones leading the charge against abortion.

Member #4

Trump has appointed to his administration many people who have or who could be accused of sexual assault against women .  His U. S. Supreme Court nomination is only one of many such nominations and appointments of men who are sexual assaulters, abusers, harassers to high and low positions in his administration and who are really the people outside of his administration who he turns to for advice and who he calls “friend”.  That clearly will be his legacy.  Take a look at his administration.  We need a chart to keep track of them.

With what has happened during the course of this horror story to get Kavanaugh confirmed shows  Kavanaugh is now beholden to Donald Trump as well as his beholdenness to people like the two Bush presidents who worked hard to introduce a “new world order” into this country so their friends would benefit even more than they benefitted in the past on the backs of others.  What will happen with that if Kavanaugh actually gets to serve as a U. S. Supreme Court justice? A Republican Political Operative as a justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Member #5

Kavanaugh’s comments during his hearing as he tried to justify himself against Christine Blasey Ford were amazing.  That is the first time I’ve heard a potential political appointee and/or nominee list and threaten those he considers his enemies.  The last time we had an “enemies list” was during Nixon’s days.  At least the last time we had one publicized.

To talk about a “political hit” and all of his other language – that screams mafia language and tactics.  What’s up with that?  Does that mean he is now connected to the mafia because of his connection to Trump?  Or is that a reflection of what he has picked up during the time William Shine, the man who protected Roger Ailes of the Fox channel from the sexual assault Ailes practiced against women for decades.  William Shine is now Trump’s Chief of Communication and preparer of people like Brett Kavanaugh to take his place amongst the officially protected sexual assaulters of this administration.  As Brett Kavanaugh moves along in his friendships with Trump administration sexual assaulters does that mean his wife will have to take her place amongst the Camille Cosby’s of the world?  Is there a trainer for her or will she be cast aside and left in the dust when convenient for “Bart”.

Member #6

As a Mormon I am totally taken back and quite depressed about Senator Jeff Flake.  He helped restore my faith the way he acted, trying to right what is clearly a wrong and a sin.  It seemed genuine when it was happening, but he only did what he did demanding an FBI Investigation to give Bishop Orrin Hatch and the other Republicans on the Judiciary Committee cover so they could confirm Brett Kavanaugh.  Did Senator Flake take advantage of his friendship with Senator Coons to get this done?  It certainly looks that way.  Don’t they see what they are doing?  I’ve had trouble as a woman and a Mormon because of the way I have been treated.  I hoped as I saw from Senator Flake that maybe some good would come out of this for the country and for Mormonism.  It certainly has not through Bishop Hatch.  Senator Flake seemed so genuine.  He is not genuine.  He was posturing, helping his “peers” to be able to vote a man accused of sexual assault onto the U. S. Supreme Court making it look better than the crude, awful way it was happening.  We now have two men very loudly accused of sexual assault and sexual abuse on the U. S. Supreme Court and a President whose example to this country and to the world is that of someone who shows it is alright to sexually assault women.  And there are more in the Trump Administration because he seems most comfortable around such people.  Why?  Who benefits?  It can’t be Russia because they are already white and misogynist and substantially so.  The United States does not benefit unless you want to look at a benefit being the subjugation of one group under another and that is the tradition out of which the Republicans are acting. Where will this lead?

Member #7

Donald Trump is and has made a grand mess of these United States.  However, he is doing it by taking advantage of what has already been done.  In 1954, the U. S. Supreme Court knocked down Plessy vs Ferguson.  A decision made at the turn of the century out of a Court like the one now being put together by Trump and his predecessors.

After the Plessy v Ferguson decision happened, when it was clear integration was real and would be pushed by the Courts the society reacted by destroying the school system.  Rather a destroyed school system than an integrated one.  The attempt was made to establish private schools and have tax payers money underwrite those schools and then keep those private schools white.  That didn’t work.

The Evangelical Christian movement was developing and all white academies – with tax payers money supplied by the Nixon Administration –  came as a result of the splitting off of a “white conservative evangelical christian” side of that movement.   That original Evangelical Christian movement” continues today and one of its leaders seems to be the Rev. William Barber. The split-off group of white conservative evangelical christians also continues today doing the same racist/sexist things which caused the split.  May God reach their hearts and move them away from the heart of Pharaoh from the Old Testament and move them into true communion with the Christ they claim to worship but clearly don’t know and would reject if he appeared to them as Jesus look on earth with his dark skin and kinky hair.

Many whites would not cooperate with Court ordered integration and looked for alternatives schools to send their children. They increasingly rejected the evangelical christian academies because the theology being taught was nothing even closely related to Christianity, which those schools claimed to be their foundational belief.  That attempt has left the white evangelical christian churches the bulwark of racism and sexism because the people who support them and whose children are educated in almost “pure” white schools are among this country’s most racist and sexist citizens.  These schools tried mightily to get federal money to underwrite their children’s education, but – with Hillary Clinton’s help – it was proven that they were “white only” schools so federal money for their support moved away from their grasp.  Wonder why the Clinton’s are so despised by people like Brett Kavanaugh, and all the other racist supporters of these schools?  Here is one reason that is not surfaced by anyone – except a Bettina Blog that recently appeared.

Trump came along and has put the death knell to the public school system by appointing Betsy DeVos to head that area and she is doing exactly what she was appointed to do.  End the school system because integration is not going to be a fact of life in these United States.   And in the meantime have a system in such bad shape that those who go through public education won’t be able to get into college and will spend their lives serving the privileged for very little money and then we will be able to bring all the jobs back into the United States which until now have been moved offshore.  We will soon have a populace which will encompass enough people in dire poverty that they will have to work for the wealthy for practically nothing because they have no alternative.  And if you want to fight that through the Court system – take a look at what will happen with the current makeup of the courts if Kavanaugh is confirmed.

Member #8

Brett Kavanaugh is a wealthy prep school kid from the Maryland/D.C. area who is infected with the immorality of the Catholic priesthood which is destroying its own youth.  That sounds harsh, however, take a good look at this situation and don’t think Kavanaugh no longer drinks, etc.  His acting out like a teenaged juvenile delinquent who couldn’t get his way and went to a hearing to blast everyone shows he is still a wealthy prep  school kid who even though he graduated from Prep School, he still has an overwhelming sense of entitlement from which the rest of us will suffer.

Member #9

I hope you all heard Senator Grassley when he said – about the women protesting the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh – we are not going to have mob rule.  When he went further in answer to a question as to why there were no Republican women on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Grassley said that women were either too incompetent or too lazy to serve.  He used other words, but that is what his words mean.

Grassley was talking about people who are legitimately protesting his and his fellow senators violation of this republic.  Grassley and his kind see this country as their own private back yard in which they play with their own kind and the rest of us are just so much extraneous garbage, useful when needed and if we toe their mark, insulted at other times and constrained when we do not see this country as a private preserve for the privileged few.

Member #10

I hope it goes down in history how Attorney Mitchell, a woman, was used to carry forth the agenda against women.  She was brought in from Arizona, Sheriff Arpaio’s country, to question a woman – Dr. Christine Blasey Ford – so the male Senators would not have to soil their reputations by so doing.  She was apparently told she was being brought in to question the woman for all of the Senators in five minute increments per Senator.

She was taken down when she started questioning the male senators, by Lindsey Graham, but she did not object.  She sat quietly for the rest of the session.

She did apologize to Dr. Ford for having to do that and expressed her opinion that it was not the way to do this, but still she did what the men who hired her wanted her to do.  Even after she saw how those same men treated her, showed her by their oppression of her so publicly, without apology and with disrespect, she continued on with the rest of the plan and wrote her opinion to add her voice to the negatives dumping onto Dr. Ford.  Her opinion was probably written before she arrived to do her dirty work to help Kavanaugh get confirmed.  She doesn’t seem to realize that giving legitimacy to a sexual assault against one woman is giving freedom to sexually assault all women – including Attorney Mitchel and the female children and elders in her family as well as in the families of the rest of us.

Member #11

When Senator Susan Collins was running for election the first time, was welcomed and won as the result of what happened with Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill – sexual abuse –  she answered the question of whether she was for or against term limits.  She said she was for term limits and would not stay in the Senate longer than 12 years.  Well now we see why we should stay strictly to term limits because we can see what has happened with a woman who ran for the Senate on another woman’s back (Anita Hill) and totally overstayed her ability to positively contribute.  Wonder what Lindsey Graham and those folks she had lunch with promised her if she would take the ball over the goal post.

When Murkowski said she was voting NO to the Kavanaugh nomination she was in her senate seat with no one around her – no women, no men just Murkowski giving her reasons.  When Susan Collins said how she would vote she was surrounded on two sides by women in two seats in back of her – not their seats because they were not members of the Republican Judiciary Committee – there are no women on that Committee, but they were put there to make it look as though women were supporting Kavanaugh.  When are we going to stop allowing ourselves to be so used, abused. insulted and assaulted?

That whole thing was a form of sexual assault in which Senator Susan Collins participated and was its star.  She was used, abused and assaulted in return for what?  Nothing should entice you to give up equality for you and those like you. This happens so much I assume she thought this was not only normal, but she was being given a great promotion.   No one will ever again look to look to Senator Collins as anyone interested in the equality of women or in the equality of any other minority.  It takes a certain kind of person to do what Senator Collins did.  In the 1930’s and 40’s during the great days of the KKK and others like them, there was always at least one black person hanging around.  Brought into the group when they needed him and pushed out when his blackness began to irritate.  That is the role Senator Collins played in this Supreme Court nomination farce.

Senator Collins, your true colors and who you really are showed out clearly today.

Member #12

Support Senator Susan Collins of Maine  -oops, no, no. don’t do that.  Support soon to be Senator Susan Rice, as she starts her campaign for election as the Senator from Maine replacing Susan Collins.


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Ed. Note: Members of the Bettina Network Lifestyle Community can contribute to the Bettina Network Blog whenever they have anything they want to say and be heard by this fantastic group of people. Send your blog to or mail it to us at P. O. Box 380585 Cambridge, MA. 02238 or call us on the telephone at 617-497-9166 to tell us what you want to say and we will write it for you.

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Trump/Putin/Kim – Creating a World to rule!

Thursday, October 4th, 2018

Does what’s happening around Trump and the Ford sexual assault accusations have a ring of familiarity?

Is the way that is being handled by Trump have the ring of familiarity?

Take a look at Putin’s Russia and Kim Jong Un’s North Korea!

Mitch McConnell, Trump, the U. S. Senate’s investigation into the allegations against Brett Kavanaugh could have happened in Russia.  That certainly must have brought Trump lots of accolades from Putin and from the head of the Russian mafia.  He paid his dues today.

I try to tell myself that what is happening today in these United States is more indicative of how they handle dissent in Russia rather than the way it is handled in the U. S.  I say to myself – self, we have a more open, democratic system than exists in Russia or North Korea. We would never set up a sham investigation so we could gain evil ends by corrupting  U. S. democratic institutions.   I like to think allegations such as those made against Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U. S. Supreme Court would be handled the way our mythological and carefully culled history declares we handle such things in these United States.  But is that true?

Looking at past history, isn’t it more true that the way Trump is making sure this is handled looks exactly the way it would look being handled in a pseudo-democratic state?  A state giving way to form to quiet its citizenry while it goes along behind the screen destroying everything this democratic country claims it stands for?

However, in spite of that, goodness seems to be bursting out all over.  What was hidden will be revealed.  For all of you bible quoting folks – and all of a sudden we are surrounded by such people – read these chapters and verses – Mark 4:22 – “For everything hidden is meant to be revealed, and everything concealed is meant to be brought to light”.  If you don’t like Mark try Luke 8:17 – “For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing concealed that will not be known and illuminated.”  Don’t like the New Testament – then turn to Proverbs 10:9 – One who walks in integrity walks securely but one who perverts Gods ways will be found out.”  And there can be no denying the fact that we are “finding out” about Trump and his history on a daily almost minute by minute basis.  It seems he can’t do anything anymore that is not immediately exposed.  His history is tumbling out like a television series with unending segments.

But  to all of you bible quoting people – let me also remind you that Satan quoted Scripture and to Jesus.

Trump has warned all of you young men that you better be careful because they’re coming after you. That is true.  What Trump left out is the qualifying clause that says, if you are one of those who engages or who has engaged in sexual abuse, harassment or assault – things for which you were once lauded in raucous groups and quiet groups where such exploits were bragged about – or those of you who did your deeds in private and only the women involved who you abused, harassed and assaulted knew about your tendencies – yes you should be afraid because the culture is changing and that is no loner acceptable.  That is no longer something you can get away with.  That is no longer something you can do and then have the culture back you up by making the women involved feel shame and hide your deeds.  The bright light of truth is shining and becoming even brighter and that spotlight may soon land in your front yard.

To the men – young or old – who have led a different kind of life; one of respect for others.  To those who have not violated women, children,  or even men, your life will change.  You won’t have to be bothered with the filth of those who have engaged in such deeds because their deeds will be exposed and they will be removed from the halls of government and all the other places they inhabit.

What a fantastic world that is about to break in on us.  We can endure this present because we see the future.

As the pressures from the “ruling class” increases and has increased all around, all over, all above and all beneath us as their greed and other such vile needs have grown and have taken tens of thousands of us to protest, to leave our jobs, to bring along our families to expose them to the deeds of these people so they will know the warning signs and protect themselves – as those pressures have increased we have seen the breaking in of God, the God Spirit, Jehovah, Lord, Krishna, Buddha and all of those entities and concepts we turn to as we worship and bring about a world our memories cannot recall.

Donald Trump is being exposed with his own deeds bringing thunder and lightning clouds to surround him and everything he does.

Those who want to see someone like Donald Trump on a high pedestal and want to look up to someone like Donald Trump these were among the shouters and laughters and those jumping for joy at the rally in Mississippi where Donald Trump thought he knew his audience – doesn’t Mississippi have a reputation for extreme racism and violence to back up the racism, sexism and horrible way they have treated human beings who did not fit their image of who is included and who is on the outs subject to being the repository of their society’s fear?  However, even in Mississippi there were dissenters.  Even in Mississippi there is a history of the sacrifices made by whites and blacks when the Black and Feminist Civil Rights Movements moved to bring about change even there.  What their sacrifices, all of which are not a part of history, show is that there is life after what we are experiencing.  There is life after you have made that sacrifice which you think will end the career you were seeking.  There is life after all the horribleness of today caused by those led by all the  negative forces in the world and that life is even more beautiful than you could imagine.

Those too are being exposed to their friends, to their family, their colleagues, those who are the periphery of their community watching.  Yes, we are being divided and when it is over will the lion be able to lie down with the lamb instead of touting his greater size, ability to instill fear in all of those who cross his path, wreck havoc in the world around him; will the lamb show itself to be the greater of the two because of its gentleness and willingness to be sacrificed; or will they lie down together and enjoy that beautiful warm sunlight together?

It is time for these United States to come together, declare the rotters of the community, the destroyers of truth, goodness, graciousness, and run the offenders of such values off the cliff.  And what a time of year this is to do just that – didn’t the Jewish people just celebrate Yom Kippur?  Weren’t there lessons in that celebration which related to this instance.

Every religion rails against people like Donald Trump.  His using  lies to ridicule Dr. Ford shows exactly who he is.  His life’s history is a listing of foul deeds not the least of which is to have been credibly accused of sexually assaulting some 19 plus women and he denied all 19 claims.  But then didn’t Bill Cosby do the same? Didn’t this society, to bring Bill Cosby to justice have to fight for years against the image created for him by the television media?  Isn’t this a society which many times has a problem separating the real from what they see in the stories invented to sell products?

Surely Trump, as president would be expected to nominate and then pull out all the stops to back one of his own?  Isn’t that where his comfort level lies? And hasn’t he done that?  But be careful, he speaks out loud what many men have in their hearts after having assaulted women.  He showed clearly how huge is his disrespect, dislike and arrogance against women.   He constantly shows that in his press conferences in the way he speaks to and tries to insult women reporters.  But what I heard as a child – “he isn’t worthy enough to clean my toilet.  When the universe extracts its punishment he will be lifted high so his crash will be felt. to the measure of his deeds.”  And isn’t that what we are seeing.  And as he crashes he goes down warning men like himself to be careful – they will get you the way they are getting me.  Those men would be well advised to pay attention and take heed.

What a triumph for Trump to install someone like him to the U. S. Supreme Court.  He has appointed many men to serve in his administration who could be called out on such charges and some who have already been so called out before they were called by Trump to serve him – and yet they tried.

Sorry folks – my rant will probably be edited by the gods at Bettina’s – but it reflects the horror and anger I feel at what is happening.  It reflects the disbelief that I live in a country which elected such a man to be its president and gave him powers he is using to subvert and change the hearts of thousands.  When I see what he does and has done and when I see those who are supporting him, my heart bleeds.  The only visions that keep me alive come from people like Senator Flake – a Mormon who redeems Mormonism for all of us from the grip of an Orrin Hatch.  And Susan Collins, who sometimes does the right thing and sometimes gets lost into the horrible ethics of her political party, but still she tries.  And Lisa Murkowski who seems to be clear as to where she is going – sometimes .  I hope she does not disappoint that would be too much trauma for my weak heart.

Let me finish with that Bettina saying which I mean to the bottom of my heart – sometimes – may God forgive!


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Ed. Note: Members of the Bettina Network Lifestyle Community can contribute to the Bettina Network Blog whenever they have anything they want to say and be heard by this fantastic group of people. Send your blog to or mail it to us at P. O. Box 380585 Cambridge, MA. 02238 or call us on the telephone at 617-497-9166 to tell us what you want to say and we will write it for you.

Volunteer with Bettina Network Foundation, inc. to work estate sales; to help move items from one home to another; to contribute your ideas on how we can better use our resources in this effort to relieve and eliminate homelessness and poverty. We also need photographers; designers; and more. However much or little time you have, we are grateful.

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