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Guardianship is a Civil Rights issue and evil!

Wednesday, September 9th, 2020

As we have moved along trying to understand all that happened with Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett, whose life was almost destroyed by Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services and its hangers on, we have come to realize that RACISM – SEXISM – ANTI-SEMITISM – and more are where the targets are aimed in this new area, discovered by those who are determined to keep bigotry as a part of this United States.

Slavery gave way to Jim Crowism. Jim Crowism gave way to Structural Racism. Structural Racism is giving way to a really vile kind of bigotry in the Health Industry where Guardianship is one of the star performers destined to keep slavery, jim crow and structural racism around for an eternity.

It is within the Health Industry where a person can be picked up by the police for no reason and have their lives ruined because of a number of reasons none related to your health. The kind of police power given to the health industry with no safe-guards is astounding. It is an area rife for the arrival and take-over of that industry and its institutions by a strong mafia.

The way there are no guard rails around Guardianship is unbelievable. The end of many minorities lives has been made a living hell by those who see themselves able to benefit financially from pushing into the lives of strangers and wrecking havoc for a few dollars.

Dr. Rebecca Warner needs to have her license to practice psychiatry seriously investigated and probably revoked.

With no prior psychiatric problems of any kind, Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett found himself in Mass General Hospital being given things like anti-psychotic medications, hallucinatory drugs and a whole lot more on a daily basis. This to a man with no psychiatric problems. The attempt to turn a fairly health man into an incapacitated sub-human was done exquisitely by Dr. Warner.

Remember – Rev. Dr. Bennett was not there for health reasons. The police went to his house and picked him up to incarcerate him in the hospital on a Section 12 – with no reason – except for the paper signed by Dr. Rebecca Warner who made the disclaimer with her signature that she did not know Robert Bennet, had never met him, never examined him, never been to his house and yet she signed for the police to pick him up and force him into the hospital to be psychiatrically examined because under the Section 12 she deemed him a threat to society and/or to himself.

He was supposed to be forced into Mount Auburn Hospital, which is apparently very amenable to and – on information and belief – have been practitioners of this ‘Guardianship Game” for quite some time. Instead, his wife insisted he go to MGH where the Section 12 was lifted because he should not have been so forced into a hospitable on such charges in the first place. So he was sent home.

Two days later the police arrived again at his house, this time to incarcerate him in MGH with the claim that his wife was “medically abusive” to him. This was introduced to the court without telling the court about the discharge of Rev. Dr. Bennett from the hospital just two days prior. This group of criminal conspirators were not to be rejected. They had a pattern to put in place and follow and nothing would deter them. Lying – cheating – trying to steal a man’s life for the financial or career gains that would accrue to them – fair game.

At MGH Dr. Rebecca Warner arrived and did what she was supposed to do at Mount Auburn Hospital, but didn’t have the chance because Dr. Bennett went to MGH and had been discharged with “no medicines prescribed” and all vitals in the normal range including blood pressure.

At Mount Auburn Hospital, they were waiting for the arrival of Dr. Bennett under the Section 12 to consign him to their psychiatric wing. There would be no examination, nothing just send him off. They would not have “lifted” the Section 12 at Mount Auburn Hospital because that was the start of the road to “incapacitating” Dr. Bennett. To drain his assets he had to be incapacitated, sent to a nursing home for the rest of his life as unable to be assisted to live any kind of life except tied to a bed. The court papers all say – not even with the help of all of the new technology

Unfortunately, he is not the only African American who has experienced what he has been forced through over the past several months. There have been many and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts needs to investigate what is going on with its Protective Services people.

Blacks, Jews, Latina’s have all been so incarcerated.

What had Dr. Bennett done wrong? He lived in the wrong neighborhood in the wrong house. A house that had been “red-lined” and we believe still is.

In addition, he and his wife and some in their circle of friends, consultants, business associates have been and still are very outspoken and have consistently and for months published how they see Donald Trump running these United States into the ground.

They have lived in the Harvard Square neighborhood for some 37 years and have had to fight, all of those years, some of their neighbors who wanted that African American couple gone. Interestingly enough, almost no African Americans have moved into their neighborhood in all of that time. When they see someone dark of color they discover they are Harvard related and live in Shaler Lane or in another house owned by Harvard, thus assuring the neighbors they will not be permanent neighbors and will not be involved in whatever decisions and community that happens.

Acceptable as a place to live in the Harvard Square area is on the other side of Harvard Square – Definitely not the Brattle Street side.

They put their house on the market for sale. When they decided against selling and took the house off the market, some folks in their neighborhood went crazy. Finally, they thought, their neighborhood was going to ‘lighten’. Instead the ‘darkness’ stayed.

That is only one reason and one example for Guardianship being a Civil Rights issue. There are many more and unfortunately this is becoming true across the country.

Blacks you cannot touch because they are not criminals, not accused criminally can be brought into the criminal justice system and can be picked up and forced out of their homes by the police with just the signature of a willing psychiatrist and Dr. Rebecca Warner turned out to be such a person for the Donaldson/Bennett’s.

Jews are also targeted in this Guardianship scheme – which we consider a criminal conspiracy. The anti-semitism around Jews has to do with the propaganda that Jews actually rule the world – have all the money – and are constantly grabbing for more. That negative stereotype goes on, but I am sure you are completely aware of it.

Immigrants, especially are becoming targets of these schemes to gain Guardianship over and then deplete and draw down the assets of minorities so their next generation does not have the “push” from being left assets to begin to move ‘Up” financially and otherwise in this society.

The hard work of that first generation of immigrants is well known as the way to the American Dream tor their children, grandchildren and more down the generations. Stop that – with the Guardianship conspiracy which has overtaken and felled many immigrant families.

Las Vegas, Nevada seems to be the headquarters for such evil. But it can be found in many states and spreading fast.

In Massachusetts, the Courts – which we believe is the headquarters these days for the Irish Mafia – has been developing a very sophisticated system to strip families of their future inheritance by incarcerating their parents using “Guardianship”.

MA. Health is a supporter of this scheme and they do a fantastic job of ripping assets from families – are they a health insurer or are they a very vicious bill collector. Whatever, their structure totally supports this Guardianship criminal conspiracy.

And what will the state do about that? DENY? Investigate itself and find itself clean and not involved?

Don’t be ignorant – Don’t go along to get along – know what is happening in your neighborhood and to those you know and love. Take action and demand that those being so discriminated against be listened to and made whole – one day, that could be you.

A summary of what happened to Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett, being sent to their neighbors and friends because of a request for contributions sent to them by SCES!

Thursday, August 20th, 2020

To:   All of our neighbors and friends

From:  Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett and Marceline Donaldson

            49 Hawthorn Street

            Cambridge, MA. 02138

We just received a request for money from Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services.  That same request was sent to everyone in this neighborhood and probably beyond.

We would like you to know where your money is going and what it is supporting.  From the experience we have had and what we have seen others experience we ask that you please take a look at our experience and reconsider where you put your money and/or volunteer support.


In February, 2020 Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett had brain surgery at MGH.  The surgery was successful and after seven days he was discharged by MGH.

Two days after he left MGH eight white policemen, 5 or 6 EMT’s, two ambulances, police cars all over the block arrived without notice, without either of us having called them nor did we know anything about why they were at our front door.  It was such a circus people came running from the Charles River to see what was happening.

They were there to force Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett into Mount Auburn Hospital.  We understand, from one of the policemen that they were waiting for him at Mount Auburn to put him into the psychiatric wing of the hospital to be kept indefinitely.

No complaint issued, no investigation showing the need for such, nothing.

A “sectioning” is a psychiatric term.  A section 12 applies to a person who has had a psychotic break, overdosed on drugs, alcohol, etc. and imposes  substantial risk to the public or to themselves.

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett does not drink alcohol, does not smoke nor take drugs nor has he had a psychotic break not shown or been suspected of a mental illness of any kind at any point in his life. He is a quiet, shy, unassuming Episcopal priest who is neither a threat to himself nor to anyone else.

A “Section 12” type action is beginning to be used by “front companies” across the country under different names to incarcerate blacks and other minorities in ways the IRS has been used in the past with people the government wants to silence, demean, discredit, disgrace, shut-up.

Guardianship companies are being formed to take over the life and assets of the elderly, spend them down, incarcerate the elderly in hospitals, nursing homes, substandard assisted living or other kinds of housing until their assets are gone and they are then indigent, destitute, etc.

Because of the lack of “reach” – the lack of political and other power of those so treated and the refusal of the media to investigate and publish this destruction of human beings, with only a few exceptions, you haven’t heard about this. Hopefully, that will change.

Jews are being targeted as well as other minorities and immigrants.  Why?  Because it is a way to reduce the influence of the next generation and “knee cap” the family.

What follows is being written by people we hired to investigate this:

Who ordered this and for what reason?  Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services. Under the control of SCES or other such ‘protective services’ one can incarcerate, claim any kind of mental deficiencies (without proof and without such diagnoses) , store the elderly in out of the way places and when their assets are gone walk away and give them over to the state.  Not only is SCES doing this, but so are the Protective Services across the Commonwealth as our investigation has begun to uncover.  The central place where this is happening in a very developed structural way is Las Vegas, Nevada.  Massachusetts is setting up to follow in their foot steps.

Dr. Rebecca Warner, psychiatrist, signed the order to have Rev. Dr. Bennett picked up by the police and forcibly incarcerated at Mount Auburn Hospital under a “section 12”.  Dr. Bennett had never in his life had even a hint of mental illness ever and “sectioning” is a psychiatric term under which all kind of destruction of the individual, their assets and more can happen and be sanctioned.

There are those who are serious about their vocation.  There are also those who will use their vocation to acquire more than they should destroying others in the process and money is not the only goal.  Power over others is high on the list, an instrument for bullying, especially where families try to gain an advantage over other family members using this ploy.

Robert’s brain surgery at MGH was because of a fall he took after unsuccessful eye surgeries which left him with limited vision.   His eye doctor provided no information nor guidance in such a circumstance and a few months after the two eye surgeries he was not as acclimated as he is today.

Dr. Warner said in this paper she signed for the police to immediately incarcerate Rev. Dr. Bennett in Mount Auburn Hospital, that she had never met Dr. Bennett, never examined him, never been to his house.  Neither had Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services.

That is a serious default in the law and Dr. Warner’s lack of professionalism and lack of concern for others is screaming in what she chose to do and how she chose to use her psychiatric credentials. Sign a paper, make a disclaimer and take away a human beings freedom while she went ahead with her life uninterrupted.

And it gets worse.

Dr. Bennett and his wife of 37 years – having lived in their home for 36 years were stunned.

This large contingent of police refused to give the Donaldson/Bennett’s any court papers which gave them the right to demand Robert be removed from his home.  They said he would either walk out of his house voluntarily or they would drag him out.  If they did any damage in the process that was not reimbursable because they had permission to take him out however and could break down the door to enter the house if they were refused entry.. 

What the Donaldson/Bennett’s were experiencing was the out of control power of the health industry.  Did you know about the police power of this industry and what it can do to you?  

The Greater Cambridge/Boston areas is one of the most racist places you can live.  It is a place  where structural racism is rampant and is kept in place with its set of denials by the educational institutions where “the spook who sits by the door for all to see and draw inaccurate conclusions”, or, “the minority held up as an example to say we are not racist” is an apt description of how this is allowed to continue.   The racism is substantial and unassailed.  

In the Donaldson/Bennett neighborhood they have been racially harassed during all of the 36 years they have lived in the Harvard Square/Brattle Street neighborhood.  A neighborhood that was red-lined and to this day is almost totally free of African American home ownership.  We tried to make an offer on a house just within weeks past and were told it was sold.  When someone else called it was not sold and is still being advertised for sale.

The latest extremely racist incident the Donaldson/Bennetts experienced – before Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services came along to make that last incident seem minor – was a new neighbor on the block who moved in bringing their racism to spread around by using the Donaldson/Bennett’s garden as a dog toilet.  When Marceline Donaldson went outside to tell the ‘gentleman’, who had just lifted his toy dog into their garden to pee and shit, that it was criminal trespass to do this and that she knew and had seen him and his dog in her garden several times,  his response was to be physically threatening and stomped her toes to show his “superiority” and ability to relieve himself with no consequences?

But that pales compared to forcibly being able to take an African American man out of his home to incarcerate him in an institution – without notice – without a court hearing – without cause –  to deprive him of his freedom for weeks.

The Donaldson/Bennett’s insisted Dr. Bennett be taken to MGH instead of to Mount Auburn Hospital, as Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services was insisting, since he was just discharged from MGH two days ago.

The police did that.  MGH discharged Dr. Bennett within hours without any medicines prescribed and with all vitals normal including his blood pressure and with comments by several of the professional staff that he should not have been picked up in the first place.

If Dr. Bennett had gone to Mount Auburn Hospital – where Dr. Warner is connected – the results of all of this would have been far different and has been different for many people so trapped.  An investigation into SCES and its connection with Mount Auburn Hospital and how that has affected other people seriously needs to be conducted and not with the result pre-determined and a letter of exoneration written before any investigation has happened, but with the serious intent to correcting a wrong which has and is destroying families.

Two days after he was discharged from MGH on this section 12 Dr. Bennett was again forced out of his home by the Cambridge police and forced into MGH and this time kept for 5 weeks.  Within hours of his arrival at MGH this second time he was given medicines he did not want – mostly over the counter, but also hallucinatory drugs, anti-psychotic medicines, anti-seizure medicines, medicines for schizophrenia and bipolar disorders without a diagnosis of such and more. 

This time he was forced into MGH on a section 19/20 which accused his wife – Marceline Donaldson – of medical abuse.  If they couldn’t incarcerate him on one thing they would try another.

The people who did this did not even know her name.  They claimed, in papers they filed with the Court that his wife’s name was Davidson, etc.  Their ‘facts’ showed they had not investigated anything if they didn’t even know the names of the people they were accusing. 

Rev. Dr. Bennett was kept in bed on an alarm blanket so if he moved or tried to get out of bed the alarm went off and a nurse came to make sure he was back in bed.  He could go from bed to chair next to the bed in a  space roughly 7 by 9 feet.  One arm of the chair hit the bed, the other arm hit the wall – in a double bed, that defines the space in which Dr. Bennett was kept for five weeks without cause, but suffering under all of this because SCES could use the health industry’s unbridled police powers to pick up and incarcerate a person just because

The “team” over Dr. Bennett while in MGH for those five weeks was mostly Somerville Cambridge Protective Services.  We know that because we were able to get an email sent to this “team” which included almost exclusively Somerville Cambridge Protective Services people.  This second time he was picked up the claim was that Dr. Bennett’s wife was medically abusive and he had to be immediately removed from his home or he would be seriously damaged.

When they could not seriously incarcerate Dr. Bennett on a claim of mental illness, they came back two days later to remove him from his home on a claim of an abusive home situation.  Prior to this invasion there had never been a hint of any abuse in that home at all.  Dr. Bennett did not make such a complaint to anyone.  Talk to him and he will tell you he loves he wife – has loved her for 37 years – they have a good marriage and some neighbors have sent us letters describing what they have seen of their relationship – all very positive about seeing this “caring relationship between the two of them for years.”

Dr. Bennett tells you he takes care of his wife and she takes care of him and that has been their relationship.  Neither one has gone to doctors or taken medicines over those years, not even aspirin.  That is their belief system and it has served them well over their years together.  

Both are over 80 and in good health except for Dr. Bennett’s fall – and that happened because of eye surgeries.  They will tell you they should not have and did not want the surgery.  Marceline’s daughter insisted and Rev. Bennett decided to go along – a decision he now seriously regrets.

What exactly was this invasion and violation of their basic rights guaranteed under the constitution about?  Is this the new way to be bigoted?  If you are black you don’t have to have committed a crime or be involved in the criminal justice system to be incarcerated, it can be done through the health care institutions with police power.  The assumption that it will always be used for good is nothing which is assumed in other parts of the society – why is there such a leeway for these things to go off the rail in the health care areas?

You can be incarcerated and force fed medicines just because that is how you can be incapacitated and moved full time into this health care system with your money and insurance drained in the process with no repercussions to the people and/or institutions which do such?

Are the traditional institutions with their structural racism and now defunding the police being moved out willingly and changed willingly because this new way and this new structural racism is being moved in as a replacement?

The five weeks he was in MGH Rev. Dr. Bennett was not allowed visitors, no telephone calls, kept in bed – until the last week when he was going to be released.  His wife was allowed to visit only three times during his five week stay.  She had to call the day before, make an appointment to see him, could only visit between 11am and 1pm, with her visits limited to 30 minutes strictly enforced and a Security Guard had to be present during the entire time of their visit.  

The week before he was going to be released he was able to walk the halls, receive telephone calls, and he was moved to the larger side of this two person room where before, his curtain was kept closed so he could not even see or know there was a window in the room.  Getting ready for release he was finally able to see outside through a very large picture window with space to breathe.

When Rev Dr. Bennett arrived home from MGH, he was in his stocking feet because his feet were so swollen his shoes did not fit.  He left his house forced into MGH walking on his own, talking, in good shape.  He returned totally disheveled, not able to walk and somewhat confused.  He had a walker and had to be helped into his house by two people – one on either side to hold him up because he could not stand on his own.  To see the man who returned when you had seen the man who was forced out of his home made your heart break.

Why did this happen?  

The day after Dr. Bennett was released from MGH a Constable came to the Bennett home to serve papers to put Dr. Bennett under the Guardianship of the Jewish Center for Family and Children who would also have control of his assets to be able to draw them down to pay his expenses.  The Guardianship would then place Dr. Bennett immediately into a Hebrew Nursing Home (did we mention that Dr. Bennett is a retired Episcopal priest?) These papers were asking the court’s permission to administer psychotic drugs to Dr. Bennett in this situation and to keep him restrained.  The papers claimed Dr. Bennett was “incapacitated” and even the newest technological innovations would not be of help to him because his “incapacitation” was so severe nothing would help.

So far, it has cost the Donaldson/Bennetts tens of thousands of dollars to fight this.

We put the entire saga as it happened in Bettina Network, inc’s blog because we didn’t know what was happening and wanted to make sure all of this was publicly recorded in case the worst happened there would be a record for anyone interested to know about these incidents.

The Donaldson/Bennetts lost their business and the time spent on all of this took over their lives.

Because this was published in Bettina Network’s Blog we have received telephone calls, emails and people stopping us on the street to tell us their story.

It is beyond appalling that this has happened not only to Dr. Bennett, but to others.  Those who contacted us included Jews, African Americans, immigrants and other minorities.  Their families and lives have been destroyed by Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services as well as Protective Services across the Commonwealth.

To incarcerate Robert Bennett a second time, SCES went to court for an emergency motion during which SCES, through its attorney James O’Sullivan, asked the court that Robert Bennett not be notified of the hearing and he was not.  We think this violated Massachusetts Laws because major things were done during this “ex-parte emergency hearing”.  

In that hearing, Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services asked the Court to invalidate the Health Care Proxy Dr. Bennett had drawn up by a probate attorney in November 2019.  Dr. Bennett had that November, 2019 Health Care Proxy created because he discovered there was a Health Care Proxy in existence which he did not sign, did not want and did not want the person named as his Health Care Proxy. He was very consistent that he wanted his wife as his Health Care Proxy. When he discovered its existence he invalidated it by having the November Health Care Proxy created which was signed November 18, 2019.

SCES, in its emergency hearing – about which Dr. Bennett was not notified – also asked the court to invalidate the Health Care Proxy MGH created.  It was totally amazing that SCES would accuse MGH of being so irresponsible as to have created a Health Care Proxy for someone SCES described as being unable to understand what he was signing. That from SCES who interrogated Dr. Bennett without anyones’ knowledge or consent when he was just out of surgery and minutes after he was out from oxygen and barely knew where he was. The stress, anxiety and much else they put on a man just recovering from serious surgery is amazing and ugly.

In the place of these two Health Care Proxies, Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services asked the court to validate a Health Care Proxy which they knew Dr. Bennett had not signed and they knew Dr. Bennett did not want that particular person as his Health Care Proxy.  This unsigned and unwanted HCP was validated by the Court at SCES’ request and was put in place of the November 2019 Health Care Proxy and the MGH Health Care Proxy. It is amazing that a Court would take that stand, especially in a hearing to do exactly that while excluding Dr. Bennett from any knowledge of the hearing. The Court invalidated two Health Care Proxies that Dr. Bennett had created and wanted as his choice and validated one he specifically did not want and had moved to have invalidated by replacing it with a new one dated and signed November 18, 2019 created by a probate attorney.

An attorney was appointed for Dr. Bennett by the court who he has never seen, nor met, nor spoken to and who did not return his telephone calls nor the telephone calls made to her by his wife, nor emails sent to her.  The attorney so appointed was involved in another case in Peabody, MA in which the family claims a Jewish man was so treated because access to his assets was the goal – over $6 million in assets.

The attorney appointed by the court, during this “emergency motion”, has served as a space holder so others could not file motions nor do what is needed for Dr. Bennett. This has also discouraged other attorneys from stepping in to take this case because they did not want to start with a fight to remove a court appointed attorney. 

Major things happened in that hearing which, we believe, made it illegal under the laws of the Commonwealth.  You do have the right to defend yourself in these United States.  That ex-parte emergency hearing totally took away that right from Dr. Bennett.

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett – with a Harvard University doctorate; full tenured professor at Episcopal Divinity School (retired); was adjunct professor at Princeton University, Atlanta University and others – living for 36 years in  a seven figure home was characterized in court as “indigent” with no one around to take care of him.  SCES had their attorney describe someone in a destitute position.  This was some of the reasons Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services gave the court requesting Rev. Dr. Bennett’s immediately removal from his home of 36 years and to be forcibly separated from his wife of 37 years. This request was made through SCES attorney James O’Sullivan who apparently uses emergency motions for such activities with frequency.  

What was the Bennett/Donaldson family doing when this happened?  What was this “indigent” man who was destitute, as described by SCES, and in despair in his home doing?   – The police arrived moments after he sat down to a candlelight dinner with his adult son, daughter-in-law, daughter and his wife.  His children were visiting and staying at the Donaldson/Bennett home to spend time with their father because of his recent surgery. They were there to do whatever they could to make sure their father was comfortable and had whatever they could provide.

How did the SCES describe this to the court?  A man who was destitute with no one to look after him or protect him from his abusive wife.  This destitute man in so much danger he had to be immediately removed from his home by white police, ambulance, EMT’s and more was happily enjoying the company of his son who was VP at CBS, a daughter who is a film producer and more, a wife with a masters in Theology running a business with her husband which they created decades ago , which had a great reputation and through which they met some of the world’s leaders who stayed with them at different times throughout their career.  

SCES managed to  demean, disgrace, destroy this African American family.  That is beyond vicious and clearly borders on evil. When you support SCES with your money and/or volunteer work this is what you are supporting.

What does SCES say to those who have contacted them and questioned what was happening?  They say “It is complicated.”  We think it is straight forward unless you are trying for a cover-up.

To so abuse the emergency court motion puts the opposing side in a very bad position because lots can be done without the other side present and you have a willing and cooperative judge – which apparently was the case.  The judge was called out of retirement to hear this case which had no proof.  It only had a sworn affidavit from Ms. Nora Al Wetaid who is head of Protective Services at SCES.

We believe her testimony rises to the level of purgery and have asked several times that this be investigated.  Especially when other minorities have had the same experience.  The other minorities were destitute  at the end of their experience with SCES and other such groups, but not at the beginning.

In addition to the incarceration, this entire incident opened the door for Dr. Bennett to be sexually abused. He was threatened that if he did not strip naked and get into the shower it would not go well for him.

We could go on for pages, but we are asking that you seriously consider what you are supporting when and if you make contributions to such groups which have a vicious structural racism and sexism which is denied by everyone, not investigated and when it was investigated at Ms Donaldson’s request the organization investigated itself and found itself not guilty of anything.  

Mr. Paul Hollins needs to be removed as head of this organization.

Mr. Hollins claimed to investigate – without the particulars of the complaint from Ms. Donaldson even being considered.  She called the elder hotline to make the complaint.  She was told it was recorded and would be investigated.  On information and belief, Mr. Hollins made his decision without access to the hour long recording from the hot line.  It was an hour long because they claimed that was the limit of such recordings allowed over their hotline.  Who is that hotline? Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services.  So they investigated themselves without identifying to Ms. Donaldson that this is who would be investigating her complaint against Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services.

Ms. Donaldson brought the complaint to the next level up in this state hierarchy and sent a written complaint.

Ms. Bree Cunningham called Ms. Donaldson to say she could not find the written complaint and would Ms. Donaldson send her another copy.  However, without having received another copy of the complaint, Ms. Cunningham found no basis for the complaint in a letter which was an exact copy of the one sent to Ms. Donaldson by Mr. Hollins.

The Donaldson/Bennett’s rights were stripped in every way.  Dr. Bennett was incarcerated for no reason and forced to take medicines which he neither wanted nor needed and was subjected to horrors in the process.   

The complaints were so flimsily regarded that when the court complaint was sworn out, Ms. Al Wetaid didn’t even know Ms. Donaldson’s name.  Any basic investigation would start with moving against a person knowing who it was you are so charging – in Ms. Donaldsons case – with abuse.  She was named  Davidson by Ms. Al Wetaid and Ms. Angela Clary and that misnomer continued for quite some time without anyone from SCES knowing who they were actually filing against.

If you want to read the details as we recorded them – see

If you have questions we can be reached at 617 497 9166.

The racist tropes are clear and certainly don’t need to be spelled out further.

There is an affidavit from Ms. Nora Al Wetaid who is head of SCES Protective Services in which she claims under oath that this time (this second time picking up Dr. Bennett) she would “conspire” with others at MGH to make sure Robert Bennett was not immediately released (as he was on March 4th) but would be kept in the hospital

This was a first for us.  We had never heard anyone talk about “conspiring” to keep someone in a hospital.  It certainly calls into question the hospital’s ability to do its job.

Several things happened to Dr. Bennett during his stay at MGH:

  1. He was put there, not for medical reasons, but the SCES claim was he had to be removed from his home to get him away from an abusive wife. Yet major medications started immediately.

2)  In spite of that he was treated the way one would treat a human being you wanted to “incapacitate” for other reasons.  Isolate – Medicate leads to Incapacitate.  Someone who called us gave us that formula for what happened to them.

3)  He was given an assortment of medicines daily – usually five pills in the morning and five later in the day – to someone not in the hospital for medical or psychiatric reasons.  The psychiatric part had been put to rest by Dr. Bennett’s discharge from MGH from the section 12 claim.

4)  The pills Dr. Bennett was given included anti-psychotic pills; anti-seizure medication; hallucinatory drugs which kept him in a horrible state.  This given to him after he was discharged from MGH the first time on March 4th at 3:30am with “no medicines prescribed”. Two days later, MGH allowed heavy medications to be given to Dr. Bennett.

5) We were able to get the name of several of the pills Rev. Bennett was forced to take, but were not able to get the names of all – only the reaction Rev. Bennett had after taking them.  We sent the list to MGH’s compliance department.  

6)  Rev. Bennett and his wife were told by Dr. Schweitzer, the doctor who headed the surgical team doing the brain surgery on Dr. Bennett, that he was given anti-seizure medications the seven days he was in the hospital after his surgery.  That was the limit and Dr. Bennett should not receive anti-seizure medications after that period because that could be harmful to his recovery, his brain.  Ms. Al Wetaid was outraged that Dr. Bennett’s wife had not even continued  anti-seizure medications and after such serious brain surgery.

7)  Rev. Bennett was given ( by a different group of people from the neurologists who performed his brain surgery and in a different area of MGH) anti-seizure medication for the five weeks he was in MGH having been forced into the hospital by the police and the court.  When Dr. Bennett was finally sent home after 5 weeks, medications were sent with him and he could only go back to his house if his wife agreed to make sure he received those medications daily as was happening in the hospital for those five weeks.  They also insisted that the Blissful Home Care Agency visit daily to make sure Robert Bennett took the medicines the SCES sent home with him.  SCES also insisted that the only Home Care Agency the Donaldson/Bennett’s could use was the Blissful Agency. 

8)  MGH also insisted the only way Rev. Bennett could leave the hospital was if his son, Mark Bennett came from Washington, D. C. to pick up Rev. Bennett from the hospital to take him home to Cambridge – the home he was forced out of five weeks earlier by the police and forced into MGH because he was so poor and alone and endangered because of who Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services called a “medically abusive wife.”  They were now sending him back to this wife.

9)  It seems to us the medical abuse came from the “team” MGH allowed to be over Dr. Bennett while he was in MGH and from the Home Health Care Service SCES insisted be the only one he could use who had to come into his home daily .  When that happened, the only one properly dressed to do that in this Pandemic time was the nurse.

10)  Dr. Bennett was also subjected to sexual abuse  at the hands of one of the Blissful Agency people.  

11)  After Robert returned home from this second forced stay at MGH his son, Mark Bennett, called Dr. Goodson to complain about all the medicines his father was given and to describe to him what happened when Rev. Bennett took some of those medicines.  Dr. Goodson said those were some of the medicines given to Rev. Bennett while he was in MGH.  He agreed that all of the pills except the blood pressure medications could be stopped. 

12)  The day after Rev. Bennett returned home – on a Monday – that Tuesday Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services through their attorney James O’Sullivan – sent a Constable to Rev. Bennett’s home to serve Guardianship Papers – a motion to commit Rev. Bennett to a nursing home because, as the  court papers claimed, he was “an incapacitated person” who not even the latest technological advances could help.  The papers also asked that the Jewish Center for Family and Children be appointed Guardians over Rev. Bennett which Guardianship included control of Rev. Bennett’s assets being able to draw down whatever was needed to cover Rev. Bennett’s expenses and that Rev. Bennett be immediately sent to the Hebrew Nursing Home for life with constraints allowed and anti-psychotic also allowed to be given with Dr. Bennett in constraints because of his extremely incapacitated state.  

For those of you who have seen Rev. Dr. Bennett and his wife around the Harvard Square area that can be a bit hard to believe that this is a man who Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services claimed was so “incapacitated” he had to be consigned to Guardianship; taken out of his home for life; taken away from his wife of 37 years and separated from a large family who cares about him and did not want to see this happen; and to be incarcerated for life in a nursing home under constraints.

At that point we understood why the person who gave us the three word code was so concerned.  Their experience with their family member had been – Isolate – Medicate = Incapacitate.  That family spent all of its resources trying to get their family member – an African American elderly gentleman – away from SCES.  He had been isolated – medicated – and while he was not incapacitated from the experience he was treated as though he was and stored in a nursing home.  He escaped and left the state.  He is not the only one which is probably why SCES asked for constraints on Dr. Bennett in the Hebrew Nursing Home.

Contemplate these things as you think how you will respond to this request for money from Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services.

Please, also, pass this around to as many people as possible. We are trying to make sure everyone in Cambridge, Somerville and surrounding areas in the Commonwealth receive this information.

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett and the sexual abuse he had to suffer! It is enough, already!

Friday, July 17th, 2020

by: Robert Bennett

This has been an unbelievable experience. Without prayer I don’t know how I would have survived. I was picked up by the police and incarcerated in a hospital without my agreement and without need, unless providing a story and ‘patient’ for Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services to brag about in their fund raising materials.

I came home from the hospital not able to walk without a walker and two people holding me up – when I went into the hospital I was walking just fine, took a daily walk along the Charles River without cane or walker; my feet were so swollen I could barely stand on them the pain was so bad and none of my shoes fit – I was kept in bed, mostly on an alarm blanket for five weeks; the grief I experienced in the hospital was profound, I had not been separated from my wife for over 36 years and the pain of that was almost unbearable; I was forced to take medicines I did not want and did not need – including an anti-seizure medicine which made me sick every time they came for me to take those pills and the horrible feelings after taking, particularly the anti-seizure pills was almost unbearable I could barely swallow and had other physical things happening.

For me to be able to leave the hospital my family had to agree to have one particular home health company come to the house daily for an indefinite period of time. I had no choice over anything and neither did my wife. I did not want that to happen.

I have had enough of the health industry and the way they have exercised their power over me to the detriment of my health. It is time for all of that to stop. It has not.

What is this about? From what I have seen, my guess is that in spite of claiming in court that I was “indigent” and destitute to get their “emergency motion” over me when there was no emergency, it is about draining down our assets and moving us out of a home we have lived in for 36 years.

Because of what I have been through and continue to experience, I decided to share the letter I sent to the home health care company with its complaint about sexual abuse. It was very difficult to write and even more difficult to reach the decision to make this public.

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett

July 16, 2020

Re: Sexual Abuse Complaint – (sent from Robert Bennett to the Home Health Care Company he was forced to accept.)

Your company was assigned to me for Home Health care by Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services.

It has been a horrendous experience which no one should have to endure.

I had a very good experience with the nurse – AWA – who came to take my blood pressure, etc.

However, an Occupational Therapist came when we were expecting a Physical Therapist at that date and time with no one saying anything to me as to why the change.

The OT was named Becca and this was her second visit.

Becca wanted to “evaluate” my ability to take a shower.  I was a bit perplexed by this because she came mid-morning and I had already showered, shaved and was dressed for the day.  She insisted that she had to see me shower and it had to be in the nude.  That was a horrendous request.

She gave her credentials and training and  insisted that this is what she was supposed to do or she would not be doing her job.  She went on about needing to see what I needed in the process of showering to stay “safe”.  I objected strenuously.  However, Becca insisted and said I would need “equipment” and she needed to see what that was. 

My wife was in the bathroom at the time and told Becca that we showered together and there was nothing unsafe about that so neither she nor I understood this request.  After a back and forth which was not pleasant and during which Becca said she would have to report back that I was “uncooperative” and that might not have good results, I agreed to shower – with my jockey shorts and undershirt on. That would have given Becca any information she needed since those are skin tight underclothes.  That was not adequate because Becca said she could not see what she needed to see during the shower.

Again, a threat came of my being uncooperative, which she would have to report.

My wife said if I did not want to shower nude in front of Becca I would not.  

Since I was fully functioning – was not bed-ridden – was working every day – walking, eating, everything done for me by me, I didn’t understand why this was an issue.

Becca then agreed to my showering with my jockey shorts on.  It was very ugly and totally unnecessary, putting me in a horrendous situation.

I got into the shower, turned it on and Becca reached into the shower, grabbed my jockey shorts and tried to rip them off.  My wife stopped her by grabbing her hand and releasing my underpants from Becca’s grip.

That was the end of that and we asked Becca to leave.

She called a few days later to say she was returning and would need to order a shower chair and other “equipment” for me to use in the shower.  Since I clearly did not need that equipment and had checked with those training home health care people and discovered what Becca did was totally outside anything they trained or recommended, they suggested we contact you about what happened.

I had no idea this is what your “homecare” was about.  I can’t imagine what would have happened to me if I were not able to fend for myself and if my wife had not been in the bathroom.

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett                                 Marceline Donaldson

Responses from Bettina Network Lifestyle Community Members!

Saturday, July 4th, 2020

Member 1

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett is the second African American – that we know of – who has had a negative interaction with the police. He is the second African American who had done nothing even remotely criminal and yet the police came to his house twice and forced him out and incarcerated him. The second time for five weeks.

The first we heard about was “Skip” Gates.. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., is the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor and Director of the Hutchins Center for African and African American Research at Harvard University. Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, literary scholar, journalist, cultural critic, and institution builder.

The attempt was to arrest Skip Gates. There are now pictures in the papers which show him on his porch in handcuffs with the police standing around.

Even if they could not be held, their images could be tarnished and it gives jokes among white supremacists.

And, by the way, how come the police in Cambridge, Ma. are becoming whiter along with Blacks being “arrested” for no reason.

Why was Gates “arrested”? For breaking and entering into his own home.

And Bennett? To be “sectioned” at the local and apparently ‘going along with the program’ hospital. He who had never had a hint of any kind of mental problems was picked up by the police, forced into the hospital to be psychiatrically examined because he was considered a threat to the public. Someone who might do harm to those around and about.

Both are living in areas of Cambridge which are known to be “for white patrons only.” It is an area which traditionally was and is “red lined.”

Rev. Dr. Bennett lives in that area and he is not Harvard connected. Well, except for a Harvard doctorate, however, he was supposed to live in faculty housing so the neighborhood would be confident he and his family would be moving along once he retired. Disappointed and having to come to grips with the reality of where they lived, they decided to sell their house, but then took the house off the market. Shortly thereafter white anger was unleashed and this is the result?

Member 2

What is incredibly disturbing in what I have read about all the things happening to Rev. Bennett is the fact that he had a probate attorney draw up a Health Care Proxy – which we are all advised to do – and that was drawn up months before he went into the hospital for surgery. Apparently, a judge, at the request of an attorney- who really seems ‘sketchy’ – invalidated that Health Care Proxy and put in its place a Health Care Proxy that Rev. Bennett did not want, had not signed, with a proxy he did not want and that Health Care Proxy was the reason Rev. Bennett had this new Health Care Proxy drawn up. Rev. Bennett was forced by the judge’s decision to have that proxy. Rev. Bennett apparently tried to correct that awfulness by having a probate attorney draw up a Health Care Proxy which invalidated the one he knew nothing about and the Court validated that proxy – the one not signed by Rev. Bennett, one he did not know existed and invalidated the one he clearly wanted. It is mind blowing! Are our attorneys and court that crooked? That said clearly to me this is all about setting up the situation to rip off Rev. Bennett’s assets and not about anything else.

Attorneys who have no ethics about what they are doing and who possibly have hidden interests in so doing can change our wishes to what benefits those attorneys and their clients. What kind of court system do we have? The way it is developing is that of an extreme dictatorship that wants to present a good “front” with no problems letting such things happen. Sadly, some folks have discovered the pots of gold at the end of United States citizens lives and have figured out how to put those citizens into extreme pain, make the end of their lives a torture and wind up with everything they managed to save so that end of life would be decently lived.

People who do not have endless money to be able to hire attorneys to go to court for as long as is necessary to correct this horrible wrong are at the mercy of tainted courts and -should we say ‘crooked’ attorneys? Even then, I suspect it would be a waste of money because the first attorney and judge did ugly things. Isn’t that illegal? Shouldn’t that be illegal? And what recourse do you have except continuing in court – bleeding money to attorneys – and even then – nothing.

Keep publishing. We need to know these things!

This entire thing has upset me and my family unbelievably because we have a probate attorney we hired to make sure we were all covered with what we need and want for those times we might not be able to or not allowed to control our own lives and this says to me that was just a waste of time and money. Money well into four figures. The court and an attorney can invalidate all of it in seconds.

Whatever happened to the United States and its honest court system? Was there ever such a thing and we only knew the image and not the reality?


Member 3

Thank you for all of your postings about what is happening to Rev. Dr. Bennett. I was a student of his years ago and it grieves me to see what he is going through today.

He is a lovely person. Very quiet, self-effacing and extremely shy!

I was a student at EDS at the time and took his Hebrew Bible Class and a class on Racism he co-taught with his wife, Marceline Donaldson. They also taught that class at Trinity Episcopal Church in Boston, but it was more complete at Episcopal Divinity School.

At the time, when they invited the class to tea at their home, my thoughts were – one day this community is going to attempt to destroy them. They were the only African Americans owning a home in that neighborhood and I knew a few of their neighbors who were not happy with “those folks” living close to them. Besides their comments to me, they smiled nicely when they encountered the couple. I know that because I was with them when one of the neighbors greeted us. They didn’t know Dr. Bennett and his wife so I introduced them. I was so shocked at their response – smiling, lovely, welcoming and just two days prior they were bitter in their comments to me about “such people” living so close.

If there is any way I can help, please let me know. They can’t be left alone in this fight because it is one that affects us all.


Member 4

My husband and I have been calling Robert and Marceline who we have known for years. At first, I could not believe what was happening to them. After some thought, I realized the same could happen to any of us. My work has made me aware of the result beginnings of these Guardianship Corporations which fly under the banner of “helping the elderly who are alone”. We had one problem in our church with a member who was fairly well off and all of a sudden was embroiled with one of these Guardianship groups trying to take them over. It became clear that they were trying to take over and drain off their assets.

Given what we went through with that family, please know that we are here to do whatever we can for Marceline and Robert. They have always been a very beautiful couple. Their sense of humor with each other is great! It is a shame that this is what they are experiencing at this time of life.

We are praying for them – however, we also want to know what else we can do. My husband thought about organizing a group in the church to work with them and keep that group going after their problems are solved to work with others in the same place.

Stay in touch and please keep those write-ups coming so we all can keep up with what is happening with Dr. Bennett and his wife. When I receive mine I send it around to as many people as I can think of who would be interested and the feed back has been dynamite.


Member 5

Reading about all of this it is startling and very disturbing.

We have pictures of Skip Gates – from Harvard University – in handcuffs on his own porch – being arrested by the police for breaking and entering his own home?

And now we have Robert Bennett picked up in a huge drama, which we watched and were appalled at the Cambridge Police for allowing themselves to be so used. Or – were they a part of this whole drama before it happened and were attempting what was attempted with Skip Gates?

Do you realize how the Cambridge and Boston police are becoming “whiter”? Now that we are decades away from what caused these areas to attempt to diversify their police force, that has gradually slipped away and we see the whitening now happening. Will we now see more of this happening in Cambridge? Clearly, African Americans can be picked up in Cambridge, by the police, even though there is not even a hint of criminality involved and they can be imprisoned for indefinite periods of time for no reason. And what happens after that? Any and All Americans can be picked up in Cambridge, by the police, even though there is not even a hint of criminality involved and they can be imprisoned for indefinite periods of time for no reason. Do you doubt that? After this, I don’t!

I guess we consider ourselves so influential that we can make those same African Americans pay for their own imprisonment. Isn’t that what happened with Robert Bennett? I would love to know who paid for all of this? Hopefully, not my tax money and hopefully not the Bennett’s insurance money. Either way I am getting ready to protest all of this somehow.

If you are all sleeping and not paying attention to this and not intervening to make these things stop you could be next. I was raised with the saying – Nazi Germany is what happened because good people did nothing. You are seeing the same thing happening in these United States and what are you doing about it?



Photos of Robert Bennett and Marceline Donaldson. Somerville Cambridge Protective Services claims Robert is incapacitated and must be forcibly detained in a nursing home for the rest of his life under the guardianship of Jewish Center for Family and Children!

Thursday, May 21st, 2020

How evil! And they are doing this with tax payers money in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Of course, taxpayers will not benefit as Robert Bennett’s estate is stripped of everything and that money goes to private individuals involved in what we believe is a criminal conspiracy. Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services wants to take Robert Bennett away from his family forcibly and put his guardianship under the Jewish Center for Family and Children. That has always mystified us because Robert Bennett has adult children who are fairly substantial financially and personally; he has extended family who would and have been there for him; he has a wife who would never put him in a nursing home and has more than adequately taken care of him as he has of her. Does this come under “The perils of being Black.” Your assets, for which you worked all of your life don’t belong to you they can be stripped away from you by those lusting after what you have and have figured out how to take what they have not earned.

That Jewish Center for Family and Children has been involved in other such moves which the families are still fighting to get their family member released from being totally destroyed physically and financially some five years later. All of their resources going to attorneys and others. The estate of the person so selected going to pay salaries of many people – some of his family restricted from having access to him on any level. It is a pattern – which has been repeated many times – sometimes even with Blacks who are not well off, but struggling to make ends meet. Whatever assets they have acquired have been taken and when they are totally in poverty they are released from under all that went before and they are on the street. Some have had family pick them up off the street and continue to care for them and try to bring them back to where they were before they were stripped of everything including their dignity.

Robert Bennett and Marceline Donaldson at Whole Foods on May 20, 2020.

Sorry for the look, but this is what happens when hair salons have been closed for a few months.

Take a good look at Robert. If this is how one looks, acts, gets around when incapacitated, maybe we should all try that way of being. From Marceline – “We were delighted to meet a friend at Whole Foods in Fresh Pond and she took our picture. This was May 20, 2020. We will post other pictures on Robert living his life with all that he is doing.”

SCES and others claimed he was “incapacitated” and described his lack of every kind of mental capability. What they did not say is that they are the people who unsuccessfully tried to “incapacitate” him. They filed a “Guardianship” action the day after he was let out of Mass General Hospital.

They had an agreement with Robert’s son that he could leave Mass General Hospital and they would back off all of their past actions. They wanted Robert’s son to agree that a family Health Care Company would be allowed to see him periodically. Robert’s family agreed and complied – SCES broke the agreement immediately, the day after Robert left Mass General, by having Attorney O’Sullivan file a guardianship suit against Robert to have him put under the care of Jewish Center for Family and Children and then delivered to a Hebrew Nursing Home. That was done by SCES with papers served the day after Robert left Mass General Hospital for home.

Some interesting observations that we are now investigating:

  1. Robert’s family thought this was being paid for by Robert’s medical insurance, but we investigated and have discovered that is not true. The reason for Robert having been identified in the first court hearing as indigent is one of the first steps in what we believe to be a criminal conspiracy. Once indigent the police come to take you out of your home without questioning how could a man who lives in such a house be indigent? Second step, the police take you to the designated hospital – we have serious questions about that designated hospital having been Mount Auburn and only became Mass General when Robert and his wife insisted that was where he had been until the day before. If it was not going to be Mass General they were going to have to drag Robert physically out of his house. At the designated hospital there is no charge for an “indigent” person being admitted especially if it is at the request of Protective Services from some part of Massachusetts – in this case Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services. We are still trying to discover who pays the hospital bill. Is this a contribution by Mass General? Does the state pay the bill – which means the taxpayers of Massachusetts or is there some other funding for this. Five weeks incarcerated at Mass General is not a small amount of money – not including all the other fees involved – the lawyers fees and much more. What we also don’t understand is how could Mass General not put this all together? A patient comes into the hospital for brain surgery with adequate insurance. Discharged after surgery. Two days later the patient is brought back as “indigent” and is checked into Mass General with who paying the bill? And no questions from Mass General? I hate to think this hospital that – so far – Robert and Marceline think of very highly is a part of all this! However, we have nothing to show otherwise. MGH has had more than one such “patient” forced into their hospital. At some point “innocence” – “ignorance to what is happening” – all of those kind of excuses by MGH or any other hospital involved in these kinds of kidnapping shenanigans begins to wear thin. What is the criteria before MGH begins to be accused – as the others should be accused – of kidnapping.

2. This really comes down to fraud perpetrated against many – especially taxpayers, Mass General Hospital, and so many more.

Robert Bennett was forced into Mass General using the Cambridge police to do the forcing without his wife or family being given any court documents to say they could – so they does that mean they literally forced their way into the home and accomplished taking Robert Bennett out and bringing him to Mass General without fulfilling the most basic requirement – produce a court document to prove you have the authority to do what you are doing..

At Mass General, Robert Bennett was listed as “indigent” with other little notes embroidered to make the fact that Robert would be kept away from everyone who cared about him for as long as it took to “incapacitate” him.

It also explains why his wife was threatened so many times with Robert being sent immediately to a nursing home if she did not apply for Mass Health – in spite of the fact that they had adequate health insurance and they did not qualify for Mass Health. The pattern this “criminal conspiracy” needed to move along the way it had in the past was the patient having Mass Health – whether they qualified or not. We are still trying to discover why the threats, over a couple months, of what would happen is Marceline did not apply for Mass Health. They couldn’t, all of a sudden, use Robert’s health insurance – which they knew about – that would have clouded the story they were setting up to tell.

If you tried to visit him at MGH you could not because he was not listed as a patient. He was listed on a special list and we don’t know what those on that list have in common. You could not call him because the operator would insist there was no Robert Bennett as a patient at MGH.

So what were they hiding? Robert Bennett was a paying patient at MGH for his surgery. He was a “charity” patient for this forced stay because that is what was needed for SCES and their friends and supporters to take over another human beings life, reputation, assets, and remove him from his family.

Thought I would share this to bridge any unbelievability that an African American man who is totally able to negotiate life physically and otherwise on his own would have to face the kind of vicious harassment Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett is having to face being pursued for his estate by Attorney James O’Sullivan, Ms. Nora Al-Wetaid, Ms. Angela Clary, Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services and others. Our investigation says this is a criminal conspiracy and needs to be investigated by law enforcement.

It is a pattern which is a variation on that which is happening on the border with migrants separated from their families and more. Sort of reminds you of slavery in these United States during which those in charge felt no problems with the way they destroyed slave families; separated slave families; cheated slave families out of any and everything they could and so much more.

We see this as a criminal conspiracy which others have had to also face and negotiate using resources they earned and are now being threatened with poverty because of the greed of the people perpetrating this criminal conspiracy. It may have been legal during slavery days, it is not legal today.

City Council people need to move to stop this from happening in their cities. State Senators and others need to stop this from happening and from using taxpayers money to push this conspiracy to increase the wealth of some and destroy the wealth and life of others.

My favorite story – comparing Massachusetts to the very deep south.

We are looking into what happened to an African American man living in the deep south. Like Robert Bennett he was living in an otherwise all white neighborhood which had kept blacks out for a couple centuries. He bought the home of a very high up member of the KKK. They thought this was great because oil rights were involved and the KKK former owner of the home saw this as a way to sell his house and get the oil rights because colored folks were to “ignorant” to know how to stop him. And then he could be relieved of his property. Unfortunately for the KKK person, that ignorant colored person did know how to get the oil rights which were his anyway by virtue of his home ownership. What happened? The African American wound up incarcerated in the hospital just like Robert. He was picked up by the police and forced into the hospital when no one was home – so his family did not know where he was and they looked all over for him. It took four weeks for this African American man in his 80’s to be able to use a telephone to call his family to let them know where he was. With cell phones – he didn’t have his – pay phones are no longer around for public use – hospital phones were not allowed to him and so much more. His family worked to get him out and home after the expenditure of many resources which should not have been so spent.

Massachusetts brags so about its “openness”. In reality Massachusetts has the reputation for being one of the most racist places in the United States. Sophisticatedly so, but racist nevertheless. Here is a parallel case – how similar things were handled in Massachusetts and in a deep south state in about the same time frame.


Insurance Fraud – Attempted Destruction of a human being – and so much more!

Friday, April 17th, 2020

Each day brings drama such as we have never seen before. We had no idea the Health/Medical field had such incredible things happening.

Keeping up with all that is happening takes a lot of work. We are trying to walk a fine line with what we publish because Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett want to preserve a bit of privacy because a law suit is going to follow all of this, but at the same time, we think the public has a right to know what the medical/health industry is producing and how quickly and totally your rights are being destroyed. It is like living in an extreme fascist country when you deal in this area.

There is so much constant insurance fraud it is difficult to document. We will start with the smallest things we have seen.

When leaving a medical facility Dr. Bennett was offered a walking stick and a walker. He had several of both because the Donaldson/Bennett’s are avid estate sale shoppers and have purchased things they didn’t need at that moment, but they could see a possible use in the future and they had guests who they thought might need such when visiting.

Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson have two walkers – which they keep in the basement in case they are needed. They paid $5 for the two. They also had three walking sticks, not including an exquisite carved African piece. The three regular walking sticks cost them $2.00 each.

From a medical facility they were encouraged to take a walking stick. they declined and said they already had three. The person encouraging them said they should take it anyway because it was “free” and theirs anyway so they should take it.

Turns out that is not quite true. It was “free” to Dr. Bennett because his insurance was paying the bill and the insurance company was charged $12.00 for the walking stick that was represented as being “free”. Same thing with the walker.

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett is now at home. He was discharged from Mass General Hospital on Monday. Dr. Bennett’s son made an agreement with the people at Mass General who were keeping him incarcerated for Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services that if Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson agreed to accept “Home Care Services” then Dr. Bennett would be released on Monday.

The Donaldson/Bennett’s kept their part of the bargain. The Mass General people did not keep theirs. It has been extreme drama since Dr. Bennett has been home beginning with the fact that the Home Care Agency chosen could not be chosen by either Dr. Bennett, his wife, nor anyone else in the family. Mass General’s people would make that choice.

We would call what has and is happening attempted murder, and/or the attempt to destroy an African American male. And as we said before, this is not the only case of such we have found – in Massachusetts and around the country. We would say “attempted murder” because Dr. Bennett would be kept alive, barely, until his insurance ran out and they would have taken all of the Donaldson Bennett assets and then the actual murder or the turning out onto the street of Dr. Bennett would, no doubt, take place. And, this is not just conjecture, we have people calling us constantly now because of the blogs we have written documenting what has been happening to Dr. Bennett. They have seen a commonality with what they are experiencing and they are calling us for help or to just have someone to tell their story to because it all sounds so bizarre it can be difficult to believe that such happens in what is supposed to be a “free country.”

When Dr. Bennett was released from the hospital, his son picked him up and brought him home. It was a shock to see him. He could no longer walk except with the help of a walker and one person on either side holding him up. He looked disheveled and unkempt. He left the hospital and arrived home in socks because his shoes no longer fit. His feet were extremely swollen and the socks almost did not fit they were so tight. Dr. Bennett talked about being in California and later in other parts of the world including conversation about events no one knew what he was talking about.

As everyone gathered around several people committed to being there to be able to take care of Dr. Bennett. His wife took charge and things began to change. The first thing they worked on was helping Dr. Bennett get back his ability to walk on his own.

It took about two days for Dr. Bennett to begin walking on his own. He very quickly reached the point of being able to walk from home to the post office and today he takes a daily one mile walk around Harvard Square. At 87 years old, having been forced to stay in bed some five weeks during all of which his friends and family were not able to visit nor see him nor talk to him via telephone because he was held under some kind of “Security” to keep him “safe” – that was nothing short of a miracle and an answer to prayer. That “Security” allowed all of this to happen because there were no eyes on Dr. Bennett of people who care about him and would have raised red flags if they had known how bad things were for him.

His feet were addressed next and Ms. Donaldson was able to get the swelling down to the point where that Dr. Bennett could wear shoes again. So now he can go for walks with his own shoes on instead of oversized galoshes stuffed with paper and other materials to make them comfortable.

Dr. Bennett, who never took medicine and never wanted to take medicine of any kind, not even aspirin nor tylenol was sent home with some 12 plus bottles of medicine with orders to take them and the intervals necessary. These were the medicines which had been given to Dr. Bennett during his stay in Mass General. There was a twice daily schedule for him to take these medicines. It was painful to see him take a couple of them because they clearly burned Dr. Bennett as they went down and he showed the results of having had to take such and endure the pain as they went down, for so many weeks.

All of those medicines were amazing to us because Dr. Bennett had not been forced into the hospital for medical reasons. Remember? He was “sectioned” by Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services without any psychologist or psychiatrist having examined him. The woman who signed for him to be sectioned had never even met Dr. Bennett. In addition, Dr. Bennett had never overdosed on drugs or alcohol nor did he have public displays which would threaten people in the public nor was he a threat to himself. In fact, Dr. Bennett does not smoke, drink alcohol, does not take drugs and has never had even a hint of mental problems. So it was quite a shocker to discover that a couple of the “medicines” sent home with Dr. Bennett were psychotropic drugs. Therein the light began to dawn and we begin to understand where the flights of fancy Dr. Bennett had about being other places and having a hard time knowing where he was – it became clear to us where those things had come from.

That has all cleared up as the drugs in his system were eliminated and he is himself again. That made all of us breathe a huge sigh of relief when we realized he would be fine, but it also seriously angered us to know how much ugliness had been done to such an incredibly lovely person.

When Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett was in Mass General he was kept in bed for five weeks. That would have destroyed or “incapacitated” many people. Thank God that did not happen to Dr. Bennett. As we went back over what he had been given, we knew from the very brief conversations we had with him over the telephone when he was in the hospital that something was wrong because one day he would sound fine and the next he would be exhausted for no apparent cause. We discovered that he was given drugs that were depressives and a couple of them were sent home with him. Our guess was that this is what one had to do to keep someone in bed for such a long period of time, who was not sick and who had been as active as Dr. Bennett had been.

Because of the agreement Dr. Bennett’s son had to make with Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services just to get Dr. Bennett home, we could not simply stop giving Dr. Bennett the drugs sent home with him from Mass General Hospital. We were forced to continue giving hime those drugs. Dr. Bennett’s son had to negotiate with a doctor that because these were not prescription drugs, none given in the course of some disease, or for any other real medical reason, why did he have to take them and wouldn’t it be possible to stop them because they were not needed and were clearly causing Dr. Bennett physical and psychological problems. The doctor agreed and those drugs were no longer given to Dr. Bennett. Once they cleared out of his system he was back and strong. The bill for those drugs must be horrendous and we would guess into at least a couple hundred dollars.

Today, we are dealing with the Home Care People who come into the house.

That was the hardest of all to accept. A large part of the agreement Dr. Bennett’s son had to make for Dr. Bennett to be able to leave Mass General Hospital was they had to agree to allow Home Care People from Blissful Agency into the house. The Bennett/Donaldsons concern was the possibility of the family coming down with coronavirus because of so many people coming and going. Before Dr. Bennett was released, Ms. Donaldson kept herself inside the house and didn’t let anyone into the house because she knew Dr. Bennett would one day be home and she wanted to make sure the house was as clear as possible of coronavirus because she had sheltered at home and closed the home to others. Now it was open to whoever the Blissful Agency sent and they had no say so over anything.

So far, the nurses they have sent have done exceptional jobs. They take care to have on a mask and gloves. If their clothes have picked up something from the many places they go we had no control of that and that still worries all of us. We could only stand aside and pray hard that Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson would get through this too without coming down with the coronavirus.

There have been a couple exceptional experiences. One is yet to come this Friday at 10am when the “Occupational Therapist” comes back. This is the most amazing and the most negative experience so far, from what we could see. We had some questions about her first visit, but decided to keep an open mind. Dr. Bennett and his family said they did not need an “Occupational Therapist” and there was an appointment for the afternoon and that was supposed to be a “Physical Therapist.” Instead, the Occupational Therapist who the family said was not necessary came anyway and it was not a great experience.

She visited Dr. Bennett’s bathroom and had him sit on the toilet and get up – but he was completely dressed at the time, so maybe that was routine. She also had him get into the shower – fully clothed. The Donaldson/Bennett’s have a walk-in shower so there are no impediments to anyone getting in or out.

The “Occupational Therapist” suggested a stool be put in the shower, which she thought was needed. It was a bit strange because she knew Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson showered together so exactly what a stool in the shower would do was a bit mystifying, but trying to be open and accepting and keeping up the spirit of the agreement the Bennett/Donaldsons did just that.

Last night, however, they received a telephone call from the “Occupational Therapist” who said she would arrive on Friday about 10am and she wanted to see Dr. Bennett take an actual shower and not with his clothes on.

There we had a real problem. Since Dr. Bennett is now completely mobile; goes for walks every day of at least one mile; rides his stationary bicycle daily and has access to two other pieces of exercise equipment in his home on a daily basis with no problems, his ability to get around and do whatever he needs to do is not in question so what was the point of having to see him take a shower – sans clothes – and a walk-in shower at that made no sense.

Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson agreed, but with the proviso that Dr. Bennett take a shower the way he normally would – which is with his wife.

Also amazingly, the “Occupational Therapist” thought that would be fine.

We wondered if we should film this “Home Care Shower Exhibit” because we would probably be able to sell the film to a porn film group and we wondered further what that had to do with home care?

Our next installment will go into detail about the breaking of the agreement Dr. Bennett’s son made with Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services which Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services broke on Tuesday and continue to break daily with the extreme harassment they and Attorney O’Sullivan are bringing down onto the backs of Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson. It is what they have done continually for all of the time they have harassed, injured, attempted to destroy this African American family. This time they are coming around with a scenario to send up a picture of this being Jews and Blacks harassing each other, however, we see the shadows of the real culprits in the background – doing what? – for how much money? The picture becomes uglier exponentially, but clearer as to what is really happening here.


A Summary of what happened to Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett!

Friday, April 10th, 2020

        Events Leading to the Involuntary Holding of Reverend Dr. Robert Bennett

  Reverend Dr. Robert Bennett is an 86-year-old retired Episcopal priest. In 2019, Upon the insistence of his stepdaughter Malica Aronowitz, he had cataract surgery. The surgery was not successful. Thereafter, his ophthalmologist recommended corneal transplant surgery. Robert was not in favor of the surgery. Upon the insistence of his stepdaughter, Malica Aronowitz, the surgery was scheduled and performed. The surgery did not vastly improve his sight. He did not possess peripheral vision. A couple days after the surgery, while wearing the molded plastic eye-covering, Robert fell. Concerned, his wife Marceline inquired if he were all right. He said that he felt fine and did not want to seek medical help.

 The next morning after the fall, Robert began to complain of nausea. The nausea settled. He and his wife, Marceline Bennett ate breakfast and attended an estate sale. While at the estate sale, Robert vomited in the hallway of the facility. Marceline called her daughter Malica Aronowitz who told them to go the nearest hospital, Beth Israel in Needham, Massachusetts.

 Accompanied by his wife and a friend, Maria Sensale, Robert arrived at the hospital with a presumed head injury. They were forced to endure a considerable wait time. Finally, they were told that the hospital did not have the proper equipment and Robert should be transported by ambulance to Beth Israel of Boston. Marceline and Maria drove in a separate automobile to the hospital.

 Tests were performed including a CT Scan. Marceline could not get the results of the test from any nurse or attendant.  Finally, two doctors entered the room but addressed all comments to Marceline’s daughter, Malica. Malica gave the doctors papers of some sort. Upon requesting to speak to the doctors, Marceline was told that they were busy and had to leave. Robert was required to remain in the hospital for further testing.

 Meanwhile, Marceline discovered that her daughter, Malica, had given the doctors a Health Care Proxy declaring herself as the person making health decisions for Robert. Marceline or Robert were unaware of the existence of this Health Care Proxy. Don McInnis, a probate lawyer and neighbor of twenty years was contacted. According to Robert’s wishes, Attorney McInnis drafted a new Health Care Proxy designating, Marceline Donaldson, Robert’s wife as his Health Care Proxy. The Proxy was witnessed by Ms. Trudy Van Slyck, a friend of twenty to thirty years. Because the Proxy that Malica Aronowitz was of an earlier date, Attorney McInnis advised that it was invalidated with the creation of the new Health Care Proxy.

 As a follow-up to his hospital visit, Robert’s Primary Care Physician, Dr. Glenn S. Kehlman, of the Washington Square Group scheduled an office visit. Marceline and Malica accompanied Robert to the office visit. After taking Robert’s vitals and requesting that he walk the hallway, he was declared in good health. Marceline gave a representative in Dr Kehlman’s office a copy of Robert’s new Health Care Proxy. The representative accepted the document.

 A few months later Robert sustained a second fall when forced to use the rear stairs of their home while upgrades were taking place on the front stairs. The rear stairs were not frequently used and unfamiliar to Robert. His lack of peripheral vision limited his maneuvering on the stairs.

 Marceline called Dr. Kehlman’s office and asked to speak to him relative to Robert’s fall. The person with whom she spoke stated that Dr. Kehlman was busy. He was preparing for vacation and would not have time to return her call. She inquired if they could recommend a neurologist that she could secure an appointment for Robert. The representative stated that they did not know any neurologist.

 After contacting friends, one friend Desiree Ivey, Executive Director of Teaching at Shady Hills, recommended Dr. David Pilgrim, Chief Neurologist at Brigham and Women in Jamaica Plain, Mass.

 Meanwhile, Robert had a scheduled appointment with his Podiatrist, Dr. Green. Malica called to say that Dr. Green’s office notified her that Robert’s appointment which occurred every five to six months had been canceled. Because Robert’s nails were in need of cutting, Marceline called Dr. Green’s office to reschedule Robert’s appointment as soon as possible. Dr. Green’s office stated that they had not called to cancel an appointment. Instead, Malica called them to cancel Robert’s appointment. But they stated that the original appointment was still available. Marceline accepted the time slot.

 Marceline received a call from friend, Desiree Ivey. She stated that she had spoken to Dr. Pilgrim. Dr. Pilgrim advised that Marceline call 911 for an ambulance and have Robert taken to Massachusetts General.

 An ambulance was called. Robert was taken to Massachusetts General where he was examined by a neurologist and Marceline was told that he needed brain surgery to drain the fluids from his brain cavity. Marceline further learned that Dr. Kehlman should have recommended Robert to a neurologist as a follow-up to his Beth Israel visit. Perhaps there would have been a difference in his medical condition. Perhaps the hemorrhaging would have been taken care of earlier.

 Robert had surgery. Stints were placed to eliminate the pressure and the fluid. The surgery was successful. And, he recovered and was discharged from Mass. General on or about February 27, 2020.

 During his stay at Massachusetts General, Malica Aronowitz gave the hospital a Health Care Proxy declaring herself as Robert’s Health Care Proxy. However, upon Robert’s admittance, Marceline submitted to Massachusetts General the current and updated Health Care Proxy declaring Marceline Donaldson, Robert’s wife as his Health Care Proxy.

 Upon discharge, Massachusetts General referred Robert to Sherrill House for rehab.  Robert decided to follow their suggestion since Sherrill House was supported by and had a long history with the Episcopal Church. As a retired Episcopal priest, Robert thought that the spiritual connection was a good thing.

 On the day that Robert was admitted to Sherrill House, they waited a considerable amount of time before being cared for by nursing personnel. Upon asking questions at the Nurse’s station, Marceline was told that all nurses were busy. About 10 minutes later, a nurse arrived and instructed Robert that he was to remain in bed. Should he have a need to use the bathroom, he was to ring for help. When the urge to use the bathroom arose, Robert rang the bell. A nurse arrived 45 minutes later. The delinquency in arrival, caused him to experience the humiliation of an accident.

 Upon arrival the next day to visit Robert at Sherrill House, Marceline was told that no visitors were allowed on the second floor because 4 patients had the flu. Marceline called Robert on the telephone. They, Robert and Marceline, decided it was best for Robert to go home.

 Monday evening about 9-9:30 pm, a policeman rang their doorbell in response to a call request   for a “wellness check.” Upon hearing Marceline talking to the policeman, Robert went to the door out of his concern for his wife addressing a policeman alone at that hour of the night. The policeman apologized and said that everything looked fine. He apologized for the intrusion.

 The next morning eight white policemen arrived at the door with five or six EMT personnel, all white. They said that they were there to take Robert to Mount Auburn Hospital. Robert said that he did not want to go to the hospital, he had just been discharged and had no reason to return to a hospital. The policeman stated that Robert had no choice. If he refused, they would physically carry him out of the house.

 The police did not have a hard copy of a court order. The police showed Marceline a cell phone and told her that the order was on the phone and she could not touch the cell phone. After extended conversations, the police forcibly entered the house. Marceline asked that they take Robert to Massachusetts General for continuity of care instead of Mount Auburn Hospital. Robert was placed on a gurney and taken to Massachusetts General.

 Robert was admitted to the hospital on a Section 12 order. An order that is used for incarceration of those who are a threat to themselves or others, drug addicts, alcoholics or persons experiencing a mental or psychotic episode. Robert had none of those. He has never had mental problems, did not drink, did not use drugs nor has ever had a mental or psychotic encounter.

 Being admitted to the hospital on a Section 12 order, he would be subjected to psychiatric examinations. We waited in the examination room for an available psychiatrist. The psychiatrist arrived to examine Robert at 2:30 am Wednesday morning. After examination, the psychiatrist stated that there was no reason for Robert to be there. The Section 12 order was lifted, and he was released for home. Robert and Marceline were given discharge papers.

 On Thursday morning, Robert and Marceline went for a walk around the Charles River. They also walked around Harvard Square.  They met friends and sat by the river for a period of time before returning home.

 On Friday, Robert’s son and daughter arrived to visit with him and spend the weekend. About 6 pm Friday evening, the police arrived again with a Section 12 order and a Protective Order accusing Marceline of abusing her husband. He was to return to Massachusetts General. The Protective Order invalidated the current Health Care Proxy designating Marceline Donaldson, his wife, as Robert’s Proxy. Instead, the Court placed into practice the Health Care Proxy that Malica Aronowitz drafted without his knowledge or signature. Malica Aronowitz engaged Cambridge Elder Services as cohorts in her unauthorized proxy.

 Currently, Robert remains in the hospital under the Section 12 Order. Marceline has not been able to secure his discharge or release.

 For a period, Marceline was allowed to see Robert for a half-hour each day with the presence of a Security Guard. Then, in a two -week period, she was allowed a total of three visitation sessions. Each day upon arrival, Marceline was given various reasons for not granting visitation to see Robert, i.e., the hospital did not have sufficient staff to allow her visit. Most recently, upon arrival, Marceline was told by Security Guard, Robert DuBois that she could not see Robert because Robert had filed a restraining order against her. That statement was not true.  Security Guard DuBois insisted that should Marceline not leave the hospital; he would physically throw her out of the hospital.

Throughout this entire ordeal, Marceline Donaldson Bennett has acted in the best interest of her husband, Reverend Dr. Robert Bennett. At this time, her prime interest is to solicit assistance in the release of her husband so that he, as an 86-year old man, can enjoy a peaceful life. 

1933 Mississippi/2020 Greater Boston,MA.

Saturday, March 28th, 2020

Rev. Dr. Robert A. Bennett – the incredible, quiet, lovely, caring person who spent his life working for others, giving to others, helping those who crossed his path and needed help that he had to give has been made an example of in the tradition of the KKK possee which rode at night across places like Mississippi and Alabama to destroy the home, property, health and life of a N***** who didn’t know his place and didn’t stay in his place.

It is always amazing the people who joined that possee. They wore their faces covered so they could rejoin society the next day as though everything was fine and they were not a part of the ugly destruction of life that happened the night before. So do the people who have caused this to happen to Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett. They have rejoined society posing as loving, caring individuals working to help the elderly. This all amounts to elder abuse and will continue if not investigated and stopped.

You will not read about this nor see the story in any media. The only stories of interest to our current media that they will cover and report on are stories about coronavirus. That sells papers and electronic media and it costs very little to produce. So the media can rake in profits from their commercial advertisers and very little of those profits will be spent on producing the news and other stories for their consuming public.

Robert has been incarcerated in Massachusetts General Hospital for almost four weeks. He is not there for his health. He is there because he dared to achieve; to live in a neighborhood reserved for that class of Northern Europeans who have achieved mightily. His living in that neighborhood brings down the achievement and identity of those who spent much to have that privilege and that can’t be left to stand.

All through their 36 years living in the Brattle Street neighborhood in Cambridge, Massachusetts in the shadow of Harvard University, Dr. Bennett and his wife have had to endure, fight off, continue to carry on their lives under some of the most stressful conditions around. None of the attacks worked and they ranged from psychic to physical – Marceline Donaldson had her toes stomped recently by someone high up in the medical field – a new neighbor who found his multi-million dollar house was practically next door to an African American family. Something they didn’t know until they moved in after spending much to renovate their new house. This is someone rumored to work at one of the major hospitals in the Greater Boston area. What the Donaldson/Bennett’s experienced and endured is now the stuff of legend.

This latest is the arrival and movement into their lives of the 21st Century KKK type possee. People who previously didn’t know one another, but who worked together to achieve their goal of destroying this gentle soul.

And who has come to their rescue? Mostly those who experienced the same things because others don’t want to get involved. Which is why extreme racism in this country has endured over so many generations. It serves a wanted purpose.

” I talked to Robert by telephone yesterday and it was heart breaking. He has moved into his head trying to survive what he doesn’t understand. Why am I here – when can I leave – why have I been so treated”. and many more such questions. The same questions those watching and hearing about this travesty are asking. I understood what he was saying and why – he was rehearsing his life’s history and reliving a large part of it. I doubt that anyone else would because they don’t know and haven’t lived that history. When I talked to him he said he was in Denmark and was waiting for me to join him there. He went on to talk about things that actually happened in his life when he was in Denmark which was a good time in his life and one he was re-experiencing in his mind. The pain for me was unbearable remembering just a couple weeks ago standing in the Harvard Square Post Office – on a Thursday before the Friday this long incarceration started – talking with Xonabelle Clark, a friend of ours, having a great, fun conversation with someone we hadn’t seen in quite sometime. Robert was totally a part of that conversation. We walked to the post office from home, walked around Harvard Square and went home to enjoy a meal together. After these last four weeks of incarceration in Mass General Hospital, it will take some time before Robert can hold such a conversation with friends again. Before the surgery Robert had some memory loss. Right after the surgery that began to subside almost completely because the pressure was off the brain and his memory was back almost totally. Today, Robert would have to use a walker to take that same walk. Mass General Hospital has aided and abetted evil.” (Marceline Donaldson)

During the time Robert was in the hospital – all three almost four weeks – his wife was not able to talk to him via telephone. Why? Because the group that put him there and is determined to keep him there got a Protective Ordere – to “protect” Robert from his wife. By claiming his wife abused him, they were able to move her aside so she could not see or talk to him except very rarely. They were then able to claim that Robert was indigent ( in other words poverty striken and destitute) to open the Medicare pocket book even wider for their program for elders to succeed and their personal vocational goals to be achieved.

The few times she was allowed to visit Robert was limited to 1/2 hour per day and then only in the presence of Security Guards and Policemen (armed with guns).

How was she able to talk to him today – actually call him on the telephone using a telephone number for a telephone on the side of his bed when her telephone calls to others to attempt to talk to him in the past were met with phones being hung up on her as she made her request to talk to her husband? A friend called to talk to Robert today and that friend’s last name was Schlossberg.

Ms. Schlossberg didn’t get to talk to Robert – even with that illustrious name. She experienced what Marceline experienced. She was put on hold for some 15 minutes until someone else came to the phone and transferred her to the Security Unit. After providing identification as to who she was and waiting another 10 plus minutes, someone came back to the phone, told her could not talk to Robert and they hung up. We have the statement backing this up. We don’t write unless we have back-up statements.

However, the name Schlossberg must have gotten through when the security checked the persons identity because within 2 minutes of Ms. Schlossberg hanging up, Marceline’s phone rang at home and she was told that if she wanted to talk to her husband – that could be arranged. She was given a telephone number and told he would have a phone next to his bed on the side of the bed and he would be able to talk to her when she called and he could even call her. This happened over 3 weeks after Robert had been brought into the hospital against his will. Before that there was no telephone contact possible. Talking to doctors in the past, Marceline was told by them she could talk to her husband all she had to do was call the floor. When she tried doing what the doctors suggested – to call Robert after those doctors said she could talk to him – she was told that she could not.

Her 1/2 hour per day visits were not everyday because there was always a reason why she couldn’t visit her husband that day. The hospital was short staffed – the Security Guard told her Robert had filed a restraining order against her (which was not true – but used to refuse to let her see him that day and forced her to experience the ignominy of being thrown out of Massachusetts General Hospital. ) And on and on it went.

Every generation in these United States has had a way to force African Americans to experience truly horrible times. Each generation has lost beautiful black men and women to unspeakable criminal acts which they generated against themselves by being black.

Do you remember the young Mississippi teen ager who was beaten beyond recognition by the KKK possee, killed and thrown in the swamp? – He would only be about 75 today – so not that long ago. And he was not alone, there have been many such – hung, burned, beaten, bones broken and so much more. Today you have the modern KKK possee achieving the same goals, destroying blacks in vicious, evil ways. And with all of our media – what of this have you heard or read about?

Has that sort of thing stopped? No! It has changed to keep up with the times – those kind of things continue to happen. We stand by and watch and then wring our hangs at “them” – “those others” and all the names we give ourselves to place blame outside of ourselves so we can escape responsibility for the act, but our identity can benefit from the results of the action. These ignominies continue with every generation and today they are intense because the numbers of minorities threaten to outstrip the majority for the first time in American history.

The same thing happened in Germany under Hitler. The holocaust didn’t happen when Jews were in the Ghettos and under control and under the feet of the so called Superior Race. It happened when the walls of the Ghettos could no longer hold Jews back and they began to move out with successful businesses, families, social lives and more. It was at that point that the holocaust took hold and that “Superior Race” started rounding up to destroy Jews before they were wealthy enough, numerous enough, powerful enough to take over. The great fear driving all of this, even today!

That “Superior Race” was always a myth and no one knew the lie it told better than those who identified as such.

You see that now in the large waves of whites moving out of California (becoming a majority minority state) fleeing to New England to maintain their power and control over all. And doesn’t that reflect the history of slavery? There were slaves in the south as well as the north, but the plantations were in the south and the money made by the barrel full happened in the New England area where that truth is still denied. Even during the so-called times of the Abolitionists it was New England that held the power over; whose money was dependent on the continuation of the slave trade, and whose identity was dependent upon the continuation of slavery as showing society with a group of people “less than”, sub-human, and more so those others could be “better than”, more elegant than, defining of human beauty and used as cattle and more.

All of the above is incorporated into what is and has happened to Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett.

The KKK type possee came for him with an overwhelming police force – not because he was a criminal nor because he was a terrorist but because he was an African American out of his place – living someplace other than amongst his own kind in the ghetto and more.

Take a close look at what happened and is happening to Dr. Bennett. Look at the group incarcerating him? Look around and you will see others experiencing the same thing. It is a quick, very private way to rid this society of successful blacks who think they can do whatever their talent, education, lives dictate. They are blacks who bought the American Dream without realizing that is the White American Dream and does not apply to African Americans nor is it meant to apply to other minorities..

You can sort of live it if you understand which neighborhoods are off limits to you. You can sort of live it if you understand your place even within your chosen religion. You can sort of live it if you don’t bother the rest of society with your knowledge and understand of how this system of bigotry works and you go along to get along smiling broadly all the time.

The number of times the Bennett/Donaldsons have been told through this ordeal that they needed to “go along to get along” – “play the game until you get out from under this” and so many more similar-type comments – those numbers of times are inumerable. What is that really saying? Get back into your stereotype – who do you think you are doing your own thing?

Every one of Robert Bennett’s rights have been taken away from him – with the help and clear understanding by the Health Care Industry of what it was doing. It is the strongest industry in the world today and the one which has brought bigotry back into the system like never before.

Hospitals and other such “health” institutions have this other side where you enter through the back door and are kept until you are actually destitute. Young, arrogant whites – male and female – carry out stripping you of every part of your dignity and self respect, even into your identity that they and others like them can reach. They are very good at it because the first thing hidden from them is their extreme racism. And racism is not the only part of the national bigotry they support, make stronger, and much more powerful than it has ever been.

The institutions are becoming bolder and justifying their participation – why? Money, greed and more. It is, afterall, Massachusetts General Hospital where Robert Bennett is being held and not for health reasons. If he is ever released, that will come with trappings to make you think it was his health and concern for his health that caused this imprisonment,.

The police picked up Robert Bennett and forced him into the hospital on a psychiatric charge – that is what a section 12 is about. You cannot get out until you have passed a psychiatric exam by a psychiatrist. Robert Bennett, who had not even an inkling of psychiatric probmes passed their exam and was discharged because they had no reason to hold him.

He was “arrested” again just two days later on a section 12 – identical to the one under which he was first “arrested”. He is still in the hospital because this time unscrupulous attorneys and arrogantly bigoted health workers went to Court to get a Protective Order which was full of lies, but they knew which lies they had to tell to the judge and they knew which judge to tell them to. The Protective Order kept him in the hospital because at home was his wife who that group of totally unscrupulous people had charged with abusing him. They knew the system and worked it well to their advantage.

You, the average American citizen is paying for this – which is costing a small fortune. Not just the hospital fees – which are being charged and collected fraudulently, but the fees from the police and so many other areas contributing to the cost of this action.

Without the “Protective Order” Robert Bennett could only be held for 72 hours as happened during his first incarceration. However, with the addition of this Protective Order, which was impounded so it could not be seen by the public, he could be held indefinitely – they could claim guardianship over him, but what they really wanted were the commissions from the insurance collected by Massachusetts General Hospital under these false conditions.

These same people responsible for all of this offered Robert Bennett and his wife “free” services – someone to clean their house, “for free”; someone to cook for him “for free”; someone to walk the dog they don’t have “for free”. And when they refused – this is the result. If they had taken all of those “for free” services this probably would not have happened. The Elder Affairs Office needs to get its share of the insurance pie and this is how they do it. Those “for free” offers are actually paid for out of Robert Bennett’s Health Insurance.

Why is Health Insurance so high? and so costly? It is full of such graft and corruption. Get that out and costs will go down dramatically. Do you hear anyone talking about such? No!

That kind of graft also insures that the number and economic viability of African Americans in this society can be reduced dramatically, quietly and permanently controlled as a side act of the Health Care System.

Why does Massachusetts General Hospital allow itself to be so mis-used?

By that misuse it participates in the South African style apartheid which is the Massachusetts Health Care System. But lets not limit this to Massachusetts, that is true across the country.

“Before Robert was incarcerated I didn’t know Mass General Hospital had its “Brown and Black Door”. Today, it is clear that kind of bigotry exists and is kept from public eyes.

As long as we were in Lunder and the neurological side where great work was being done we did not see many blacks or brown peoples. Roberts second incarceration opened the door to that side of Mass General. Where Robert Bennett is currently incarcerated the racism is stark.

Walk to the reception desk on his floor and there are two black women sitting right behind the counter. There is something separating those two from the rest of the women in that entrance area and the rest of the women are white and clearly have a higher position than the two black women seated at the entry counter.

Enter the area and look up and down the hallways and you see mostly black. In Lunder in the neurological area you saw mostly white. IN fact, in the same positions you saw all whites in Lunder.

We were excited about Mass General Hospital because when Robert was brought in, the neurologists and others who were examining and attending to him were all colors and nationalities. That has a very limited area. Once you get into the bowels of the beast where the ugliness happens, the color turns black.

“I don’t know if Robert will ever get out of there. Or if he will be the same once out that he was before all of this high stress, anxiety and more were dumped on him as he recovered from surgery. He was discharged after his brain surgery at Mass General in very good shape. In fact, we were ecstatic by what happened. He was discharged after the first section 12 in good shape. The discharge papers said – his vital signs were normal as was his blood pressure. No medicines were prescribed and etc.”

I doubt that would be his condition today when and if he is let out of Mass General. So they healed on the one hand and destroyed their healing on the other – of an African American man.

When we last talked to Robert – which was yesterday – he sounded under enormous stress. His voice sounded as though he had a huge cold. He was confused as to why so many people were leaving his floor – and he was still there with no one even attempting to say why that was happening and why he was not allowed to leave. He has not experienced the sun or gone for walks or gotten close to a window since he was thrown into this situation.

He knows prisoners are being let out of prison, but what has he done so egregious that he is still incarcerated with no criminal charges.

We have Somerville Cambridge Elder Affairs group – an agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts actually engaging in elder abuse. By charging Robert’s 82 year old wife with abuse and putting both of them into this kind of situation is pure elder abuse. And normally if there is one such group engaging in that kind of activity there are more. We have certainly heard of more. The stories have circulated for quite a few years and nothing has come of them. Certainly no state investigation nor other kind of investigation to stop such abuse. it is profitable. Its purpose seems to be to gain insurance money using really spurious techniques. Robert Bennett was classified as “indigent” – poverty stricken because that opens more pockets of medicare money to be misused.

The Elder Affairs group just this Friday responded to the Bennett/Donaldson attorneys by trying to claim guardianship over Robert Bennett. Things just go from bad to worse. Cover-up one ugly with something even uglier. but their interest was not guardianship, they wanted to maintain their right to raid medicare using Robert Bennett’s insurance. they wanted to continue destroying families by picking out family members who would carry out their wishes. Weaponizing family members against each other.

It is ugly, vicious, and being allowed to continue. the Court is laying down requirements for Robert Bennett’s release. Putting those requirement on his wife as though she is the one who caused this. Putting payment for what Somerville Cambridge Elder Services and James O’Sullivan have done on Robert Bennett’s pocket book and Medicare.

All of this, from what we’ve seen amounts to Medicare fraud among other charges. What happens now! The drama has been extremely painful and daily. The pattern, however, seems to be set from other such cases.


Hospitals and Bigotry – Institutional Racism, alive and well!

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020

Every place you live, work, visit is imbued with racism and other forms of bigotry. They are entrenched and have not gone away in spite of the many lives which have been sacrificed to change things.

We stayed away from the medical/health industry for years, but were recently forced to get involved.

What I saw as a child in the deep south is being re-enacted in the Greater Boston area. Racism is alive and well and functioning throughout the health care system. The difference? No one comments or analyzes or tries to change things – from what we could tell.

We recently interacted with two hospitals – Beth Israel and Massachusetts General. The experiences were so different I thought I was in different countries. One was horrific and one was unbelievably good.

Our first interaction was with Beth Israel and we barely survived.

We entered Beth Israel through the Emergency Department. That was a horrifying experience. We were directed by the Primary Care Physician to the wrong Beth Israel. We were directed to a suburb of Boston It did not have what was needed to deal with the problem we presented. It was quite some time – with a serious problem – that we stayed in the waiting room and at first had to endure ugly treatment until one of us complained and then everybody started smiling at us. We were then moved by ambulance to the Beth Israel in the downtown Boston area.

When we arrived we were brought to the examining area. A room with a curtain across the front and lots of equipment. That was time spent for a couple days seeing nobody – waiting for something which didn’t happen – watching what was happening outside this examining room.

There were people stacked all around the hallways in hospital beds which apparently brought them to the hospital. Along every wall – every turn of the corridor, people sick enough to have come to the hospital were all over the place – not in private rooms, not in examining rooms, not in any space which could even remotely be called a room, but in the hallways almost stacked one on top of another.

One of us started walking around the hallways and stopped periodically to try to deal with the shock to our system. At one stop in the middle of the hallway a nurse was vicious accusing us of violating the patients confidentiality by having stopped to catch our breath. My face must have shown the shock I was in, but she was just ripping me apart for this violation of her patients confidentiality. How was that done? When I stopped, in the middle of the hallway, she was in the process of talking to a patient asking questions about that patients health and background. I wasn’t aware of any of that I was just looking around at the horribleness of what was in front of me. I wasn’t even aware of the patient – who was in the hallway, on a hospital bed – apparently rolled there from an ambulance and left barely covered with all kinds of people all around.

I stuttered to the nurse that I wasn’t violating any patients confidentiality I was simply walking down the hall trying to cope with the shock I was feeling. The nurse continued to just rip me apart and demanded that I leave the area. Since we were in the examining room just on the other side of the hallway to the patient who was against what wasn’t even a wall, but a desk. Someone was working at the desk, not family nor medical person involved with this, and was clearly closer to the patient whose rights I supposedly violated and was being ignored by the nurse as someone also possibly violating this patients right to privacy. I don’t know where the nurse expected me to go.

That was just the tip of the iceberg. I was also in shock and reacting to the fact that there was a “bull pen” in the middle of this very large room filled with rows of desks and people working, talking, relaxing, joking in this “bull pen”. What I was shocked about was not all of the above, but by the fact that everyone in that bull pen – the professionals in that part of the hospital, were white. Not black, not brown, not colored, not asian, not any of those things – traditional white northern european types working and communicating back and forth about the patient and hospital business. They were, from what we saw, the closest to the top of the pyramid in that hospital.

As I took in that scene I looked around this very large room and blacks – mostly black women were seated around the periphery of this group, working. They looked as though they were the receptionist for the group, but they were not doing receptionists work.

And other minorities? Blacks occasionally came to the floor working, but they always carried a pail, mop, broom, etc. because they came to clean the examining rooms when a patient left and before another patient arrived.

What was striking was that most of those blacks had Caribbean accents and clearly came from another country.




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Health Industry the new Oil Industry Scam

Friday, November 22nd, 2019

We have just been through the scariest time of life. An unexpected health emergency requiring hospitalization.

We have stayed away from medicine, hospitals, doctors for our adult lives and now clearly we know, without a doubt, that was a good/great decision.

What we encountered was a money pit which makes the oil barons of old look like good samaritans on the edge of poverty. The kind of money and resources being drawn from the society by the health industry with little to no results is endless and will become even more so. So, until something changes, we are not for “Medicare for All”. That will give full and total control over the universe to those in the health industry, but only to those at the top. The rest will be scrambling, working unbelievably hard for almost nothing and the maintenance of the racist, sexist system in which we were raised has a stronghold for generations. Civil Rights activists in other areas are simply a distraction giving the real continuation of White Supremacy a chance to develop to its full strength such as has never happened before.

The first thing we encountered was the entitlement and arrogance of those on the front line as you go in the door. You know clearly you are in a territory where – without some kind of uniform or connection to the health industry, you are second, third and fourth class citizens.

The second thing we encountered was the incredible racism – based on skin color – that is totally expected and has created a ghetto like none we have ever seen.

After having been escorted to an examining room, which was a small space with equipment and a sort of hospital bed with a curtain separating you from the outside you have a few hours to look around before you come to anyone’s attention. Once inside this room, where you get to wait for hours for nothing, and once settled (sort of) you look around and see you are one of the privileged. Outside this small space, lining the hallways and every available wall in the place are beds with patients waiting for treatment or for one of the rooms which you now inhabit. Every available space has a gurney with an ill patient in the hospital for emergency treatment. All just lying there out in the open, seemingly ignored with their pocket books or bags or whatever they came in with on top of them on the gurney. It is gruesome.

As you look past all of humanity waiting for emergency attention because of something which sent them immediately to the hospital you see what makes your stomach wrench. Out in the middle of the room – like the space once inhabited by stock brokers with their machines to call and follow their customers stocks – were the “medical professionals”. In that central space was a sea of white. We were there for several changes of shifts and at no time did the skin color in that middle group change.

Every once in a while a wheel chair passed with a patient being wheeled someplace. There the color changed because the person pushing the wheel chair’s skin color was very dark. Other times the sea of white was lifted as a gurney with a patient was pushed past the curtain and you saw the person doing the pushing of the gurney’s skin color was very dark.

When those small spaces became vacant, which held a patient, who was now moved on someplace else, then you also saw the skin color change in the room because the person now in that, space cleaning it, had a very dark skin color.

And so it goes – the institutionalization of bigotry in all of our corporations is alive and well and moving into the next generation without comment. We have searched the news for several years and found no push back against this extreme bigotry.

Ed. Note. This is the beginning of a series of articles on what we are finding in the health industry. We feel as though we are lancing a boil which has been throbbing with pus for decades hiding out under the pretext of saving lives.__



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Hair Color – Organic/Beautiful/Changeable!

Sunday, June 24th, 2018

Many breakfast table conversations move into the areas of health and beauty.  We have heard just about everything people do to enhance their natural looks and we have tried everything talked about.  We don’t put everything out for you to try or know about because we want to make sure someone in the Network has tried it and thinks it is marvelous.

As you get older your hair ages just as your skin, your bones and everything else.  So trying to “fix it”, “stop it”,  “shape it up”, “strengthen it” and in this case “keep my beautiful locks” can become a constant pre-occupation. A fun pre-occupation, but time consuming – so, expecting great results goes along with the staying beautiful and always at my peak of perfection.  My grandmother used to say “when you step out of that front door you should look as though you just stepped out of a band box.”  During those years I knew what she meant.  Today, I often wonder just what is a “band box”?

Entering into this discussion  comes “Henna” – a hundreds of years old solution to all kinds of hair problems.  One not so popular today because it is simply a plant which has been mashed and ground to a powder.

Several of us have been using Henna in different ways for several years and it has turned out to be fantastic.  It has taken all those years to learn how to get the best results but it was worth the trial and error and the gnashing of teeth. My hair has never been so beautiful and we are 20 times (4) years old, or maybe its is 20 times (2) years old or maybe it is something else?

The Henna we found most usable is the kind which is pure organically grown Henna.  No chemicals of any kind added; no preservatives; no anything else – just the crushed leaves of the Henna plant.  If you are going to try Henna, make sure it is real and not a part of a mixture of other things.

Now to – how to use Henna for your hair:

First:  Wash your hair with a good shampoo.  The Henna we settled on advises that you wash your hair with a shampoo without essential oils.  I use an organic shampoo with lavender essential oil and it seems to do fine although it is possible that the Henna would last longer if I listened to the experts.

Second:  Decide with what you want to mix your Henna.  We’ve tried eggs, organic apple cider vinegar, tea, coffee, yogurt and much more.  I found eggs and organic apple cider vinegar works best in my hair which is naturally curly and can look unruly if it gets dry – which can be often.

Don’t try eggs and organic apple cider vinegar at the same time.  Try one and next time try the other.  Inbetween applying Henna I now use a raw egg in my hair after I shampoo.  Crack the egg, beat it to mix yolk and white, cover your hair with the raw egg and make sure your all hair is covered while you sit with your hair and head wrapped in something like Saranwrap or a shower cap and wrapping a towel around my head for 1/2 hour or more depending upon what else I have to do. This is the same process I use for the Henna.   If I mixed Henna with organic apple cider vinegar. then when I wash my hair in-between Henna applications I go back to using the egg as a conditioner.

I was totally amazed at what the raw egg did for my hair.  At first I thought it was the Henna, but after many tries I realized it was the raw egg.  My hair comes out softly curled in spite of my doing nothing to it after the egg application except drying the hair with a towel and putting on a bit of organic Avocado Oil to keep it from drying out.  I know the effect has not come from the Avocado Oil because I used that before I started with Henna and eggs and after a day or two my hair dried out and looked as though it was breaking off and out of control.  With the egg and Avocado Oil my hair lasts looking great for about a week before it needs to be re-washed.

I don’t use organic apple cider vinegar in-between Henna-ing my hair because I didn’t see what good it did.  When I use it combined with the Henna the color seems brighter and shinier.

Third:  Ready to apply Henna to freshly washed hair – mix the Henna powder (which is ONLY Henna leaves pounded into a powder) with one or two raw eggs which you have whipped before adding and then add enough water to this mixture to end up with something the consistency of a thick, wonderful yogurt – which, by the way, is something you can also add to Henna.(Instead of the egg or apple cider vinegar).

Those who used tea and coffee didn’t see any observable results.  Their hair didn’t change in any way neither for the good nor the bad.  It didn’t seem to affect the color nor did it seem to contribute to how long the Henna results lasted.

My results last for about two months.  After that it is time to try again.  It lasts two months not because the color changes or leaves the hair, but because the grey grows back in and I have that color line between the new growth which is grey and the Henna’d hair.  What I really like is the new growth once I put in Henna, comes out a bit lighter than the old hair and it sort of mimics the grey and dark brown of my original hair.  The lighter color around my face has a softening effect.

I also like the fact that my hair looks as though I have had it streaked as the grey throughout comes out lighter than the hair which is still dark brown and that is also an effect I love.

You have to experiment to finally get the results you like and if you enjoy variety you won’t stop there, but keep on going so each time you step out you have a new look.  Not a drastic new look, but one of which you are aware.  Friends notice how nice you look.  It isn’t dramatic enough to notice and be able to see what the changes really have been.

Fourth:  Once you have the Henna mixed the way you would like – making sure the water you add is very hot – apply Henna to your scalp and hair until you have used it all up and have a thick coating with every hair strand covered well down to the scalp and root.

Fifth:  Wrap your head and hair with something like Saran Wrap or other material which will hold heat.  If you have a salon type hair dryer – where you put your head in the bubble and turn on the heat; or a hand held dryer with the cap attached to the hose that is great.  Go ahead with either of them.

If you use the Saran Wrap or a plastic shower cap – the ones you used to get from the airlines when you travel are great for this – after you have covered your hair completely then wrap a towel around your head to keep in the heat.  If you have the salon dryer or cap style dryer turn them on for at least 1/2 hour.  The darker your hair the longer you need to keep the Henna covered and heated.

Sixth:  Once the time has passed – I keep Henna on my hair for one hour for best results for me (you have to decide your best time through trying different times) – rinse your hair thoroughly with very warm water until the Henna has all washed out.  Be very thorough in this wash.

Seventh:  After rinsing the Henna out of your hair completely, shampoo as usual, towel dry your hair, and add a bit of organic Avocado oil.

Eighth:  After all of the above go about life as normal.  If you set your hair on huge rollers, do that.  If you shake your head, do nothing and go about your business do that also.  If you comb and arrange your hair the way you would like it to look when dry and then put on a netting to keep your hair in place while it dries – do that also.

Let us know your results.  This is a give and take article.  We’ve given and now we are ready to take in your experiences.  Let us know if you want your results published with or without your name.  You do have to be a member of Bettina Network’s Lifestyle Community to have your results published in the Bettina Network blog.


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Food – Vanilla – Chicken Stock – Horrors!

Friday, February 9th, 2018

I have had to turn off the cooking shows.  I keep looking for one that does something other than season its desserts and sweets with vanilla flavoring and its savories with chicken stock.

Ever wonder why describing how dishes taste you always have to add – they taste a little like chicken, don’t know why, but I enjoyed the dish.  Or, describing a sweet you can’t really define the vanilla taste, but it is present.  That is probably because every dish made today that is not sweet is full of chicken stock and every dessert has vanilla flavor.

What is that about?

Well, the desserts are easy to fathom.  We use white conventional flour, white over-processed sugar, low-fat milk which has been over processed and is roughly equivalent to sugar water.  Debased – with the taste stripped out as well as the nutrition.  So,  you have to put in desserts  something to restore the flavor.  Thus comes the addition of vanilla.  Try baking without vanilla.  Let the ingredients win the day.  Try a cake with real organic cherries in the batter for a flavor component.  There is always raisins, cinnamon, nutmeg, hazelnuts, and so many more.

Try baking, cooking, saucing your desserts with organic whole wheat or whole any grain or whole anything else.  Organic eggs add incredible taste;, whole organic milk, organic butter, organic turbinado sugar, organic maple syrup or something equivalent  and you will see an amazing difference.  I very seldom use vanilla and get lots of compliments for the flavor of desserts.  Don’t totally eliminate vanilla, but use it on purpose for the taste not to carry the entire dish. Why?  Because flavor comes from all the ingredients and does not have to be restored by adding vanilla.  That just dumbs down your taste buds.  Once you get them back to rally tasting what you are eating you will really see how bored you can get with vanilla.  That is a real shame because vanilla is an excellent and adds great flavor, but not to everything sweet.

That is difficult to do when using almonds since the FDA has decided there should not be organically grown raw almonds.  Before you get the almonds, those dubbed ‘organic’ have been toyed with and those that are not organic or have no such descriptive label have really been trashed.  Someone decided almonds must be, at the very least, pasteurized or they will deliver mold, etc. to your gut.  Sound like the processed food industry looking for graft or profit where it would otherwise receive none?

Organically grown raw almonds are very good and not at all a threat to your health.  That is very far from the truth. Whatever the economic benefit to those delivering such an edict to all of us won the day.  Those raw almonds, not organically grown, have been chemicalized to avoid the mold.  Whenever I see something like that I think “shelf life”.  Don’t know if that is the case, but it is my fall back reason and it has been right in the past so I have no reason to doubt it today.

With everything savory using organic ingredients, that also makes a huge difference. Put aside the chicken stock and try water for a change.  The dish you are cooking provides a unique flavor all its own without the use of a “cheater” ingredient.  The chicken stock industry must have paid a pretty penny to get not that position.  There are other stocks on the market, but chicken stock seems to be the one used in just about everything.  Whoever came up with that must have made quite a load of money.

When cooking, you can taste the difference between grass-fed and hormoned/chemicalized meat.  You can also taste huge differences between wild and farm raised fish.  Wild fish tastes the way one would expect fish to taste.  Farm raised fish has a strange texture and the taste leaves something to be desired so additions are necessary to make a decent dish, probably the addition of chicken stock – and on and on it goes.  And you can bet any salmon with Atlantic in front of the name is farm raised.

Who is behind all of these changes to our food supply?  They are coming fast and furious and a stop sign is needed for all our benefits.

Homes that are a part of Bettina Network Hedge Schools are either totally organic – like one in Harvard Square – or they are on their way to becoming organic in their toiletries, food, paper products, cleaning products used and more.  Any way we can move the Network in the direction of using products that don’t destroy the environment or your body that is the direction in which we are headed.

Any suggestions to help that movement are welcome!


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Everything talked about in this blog and in any other blog in the Bettina Network, inc. is the opinion of the person who wrote the blog and does not necessarily represent the opinions of Bettina Network, inc. It is the property of Bettina Network, inc. and/or the person who wrote the original blog.Want to join us? Have a home that you want to open to become one of Bettina Network’s Hedge Schools? Call us and lets talk – or email us.

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Weight loss – Health – Beauty

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017

by: Marceline Donaldson

Those of you who know me know I am almost passionate about organic everything – especially food.  It is a rare day to come into my home and find food that is not organic.  Yes, it cost more initially – but yes it has benefits which justify the cost and which, in the long run actually show you it costs much less, over the long term,  to eat organically and surround yourself with a total organic life.  Your benefits include better health.

A few of us have just finished a short, but very productive experiment.  We worked together to get everything out of our lives that was not organic – food, cleaning products, cosmetics, etc………….The result?  We lost weight – have more energy – feel better – and our looks, well, let me not brag, but we look sensational!

Now being at that age where hair turns grey – that is where I started.  A couple years ago I started using hair dye.  All during that time I worried and imagined what that was doing to my health and sure enough the literature was showing me horrible possibilities that I could hardly contemplate. It is not for nothing that it is suggested that pregnant women refrain from dying their hair.   None of those possibilities pointed squarely at the hair dye, but they came awfully close.  So, I recently changed to using Henna and other natural herbal possibilities.  It struck me that these are probably what our ancestors used in the dim historic times before the oligarch’s took over this world to make themselves ultra rich and me and those like me ultra poor.

Lots of “I’s” in the above paragraph because “I” am the only one who did the hair thing.  Everyone else continued on with their hair dye.

It has taken a few months to get this Henna thing straight, but I am amazed at the results.  Henna, for those of you who don’t know, is an herb which is commonly used in the middle-east and other places for hair, body decorations, etc.

The first time I tried henna nothing happened.  My hair looked nice, but the color didn’t change.  The next time I poured lost of Apple Cider Vinegar into the Henna 1/4 cup – 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar made the color work beautifully.  About six weeks later, as the grey started to peep through I used Henna with the addition of a couple of organic eggs.  The results were even better.  I had an uneven hair color which looked sensational.  The ends of my hair were lighter than the rest and all through were these little bits of light.

The third time I used Henna was with the addition of very strong organic chamomile tea and my hair is now multi colors.  Would not have gone for that on purpose, but this accident is incredibly beautiful.  (Sorry, I have never been known for my modesty).  I totally didn’t know what I was doing, but experiment was on the table.  I was trying to eliminate as much of the red as possible and looking for a yellow gold brown combination.  I didn’t get that, but what I did get I like better.  Accidents can be wonderful.

One of our small group got rid of all eggs, milk, butter unless they were from grass-fed cows and organic.  Yogurt was added – but yogurt from goats.  And then the organic coconut oil used as an all over massage oil.  But someone else used Grapeseed oil as a massage oil – and yet someone else used Avocado oil.  Can’t believe how good we look.

I have become addicted to splashing organic whole plant Aloe Vera on my face first thing in the morning and leaving it on adding liquid Vitamin C and Vitamins A and E during the day.  Sometimes I add vitamin B in different forms when I feel stressed out.  Can’t let old age creep in too quickly – and bless you, it is working.  Don’t think I look old.  I think I look about 50 years old.  And isn’t that the age cosmetic people advertise as “old age”?  When I was actually 50 I wasn’t worried about wrinkling, etc. I was still busy “striving”.  Didn’t think I looked old then and neither would those models advertising how 50 is the new 30.  With our regimen 80 is the new 40 and much cheaper.

A side benefit that we all found is the weight loss from this change to organic everything.  We did not set out to lose weight.  That was far from our thoughts although we all needed to lose quite a bit of weight.  There is now no need to go on special diets – no need to eat special “diet foods” – no need to receive those meals from all over the globe to keep your weight down.  Simply make sure that the meat, milk, vegetables, etc. are all organically grown.  And, dessert fits right in.  Nothing like an apple tart made with apples on top of a custard base to make afternoon tea special and weight loss possible if all the ingredients, especially the flour for the tart crust, is organic whole wheat flour.  the story of what sent me from white non-organic flour to organic whole wheat flour is elsewhere in the Bettina Network Blog.  But, be careful, not all organic whole wheat flour is equal.  Some cheat.  That is one problems with organic everything, you have to be conscious of what you eat, cook and give to others because all organics are not equal, some reach that line and barely squeak pass – and they squeak pass only because there are the billionaires who want more and let their greed cheat us out of good, organically grown food.  Aren’t processed foods that which made millionaires by the tens of thousands and dramatically increased the ranks of both the billionaires and the homeless?

The big secret to weight control that we’ve found is starting the day with a very healthy and substantial breakfast.  As we see more and more people we are beginning to be appalled at what today passes for ‘breakfast’.  A sweet roll out of the worst kind of flour and the most over processed sugar on the globe.  However, some aren’t even made of sugar – the processed food people have discovered that fructose corn syrup is cheaper than sugar and goes further and that is what is now used – could over processed and over refined white sugar one day become a ‘health food’ or a ‘historic food’ from the distant past as this trend continues and we become sicker as a world?  And indeed it is a world wide phenomena as copy cats come into existence picking up and producing all of the worst products for our health, but the most financially lucrative.  Is that what is driving the health crisis we are facing and trying to ignore and deny?

Follow our “Health” and “Health and Beauty” blogs and we believe you will be wealthier, wiser and healthier.  A side affect will be your increase in beauty.  You will be wiser because you have to take control and know what you are eating and putting on your skin. – Following the advice of the marketing/advertising people is not an option.  They have a vested interested and not in your health and beauty.  Those healthy and beautiful looking models have had their pictures air brushed and god knows what else has been done to them.  It is no accident that models are now in their early teen years.  The models of old had to be at least 35 to be considered because clothes and other things didn’t look good on you until you reached that point.  Today you are considered old at 40 and many people look the part.  Ask them their lifestyle habits and you will see why.

Going to bed with the birds and getting up with the birds is not a bad habit to cultivate.

In the beginning of your journey into health and fitness being suspicious of even processed foods which look healthy is also not a bad habit to cultivate.  Learn where your food is grown and by who?  Learn the politics behind the foods you are being offered – which means if a particular food is brought to your awareness many times first look to see if a political reason is behind that promoting!  You will be surprised.

We did not always have so many hospitals nor did we have so many people sick and dying.  That is a modern phenomena!  We did not have children’s hospitals because there were not enough sick children to justify such.  The elderly died – they didn’t waste away with awful diseases – and people lived into old age with old age not being into their 40’s and 50’s but into their 80’s, 90’s and beyond.  How do I know?  I lived a life in which I saw all of that and I have seen the development of this new health industry where we are all sick and being sent on a regular basis to the doctor.  We have just discovered the way we sent women to get x-rays to determine if they have breast cancer has helped to cause some women to develop breast cancer.  Take your life and your health into your own hands and stop being led by those who profit from your bodies.

Just as fear created and grew the insurance industry – fear is feeding and growing the “health industry”.

Take a look at the products you use to clean your house! Lethal – with off gases that could take down an ox!  We don’t even know what other kind of ‘products’ we could use to do a better job and which would keep our home clean and its environment healthy.   We have lost that knowledge because we have cut off our family’s advice – we look to those trying to sell us something for advice.  Or we look to our peers who look to those marketing experts.  We need to get out and share with each other what we know that is real.  That knowledge from past generations has all but disappeared so look for those who still have a bit and try it.

One thing wrong with immigrants – some still have that knowledge and it could kill this killer society’s profits.  Try making friends with those who have recently come from other countries, especially if they’ve come from outlying areas rather than overcrowded cities trying to develop western ways.

And more to come from our little band of beauties.


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Everything talked about in this blog and in any other blog in the Bettina Network, inc. is the opinion of the person who wrote the blog and does not necessarily represent the opinions of Bettina Network, inc. It is the property of Bettina Network, inc. and/or the person who wrote the original blog.Want to join us? Have a home that you want to open to become one of Bettina Network’s Hedge Schools? Call us and lets talk – or email us.

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Health Care – What’s at stake!

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Lessons learned at an estate sale:

It is time to take this health care debate beyond the claim that the Republicans are pushing this health care bill because it is actually a tax cut and was promised to their wealthier constituents.  Or to Trump’s involvement with the claim that he is interested only because he wants to take down everything Obama has ever done.

Put that aside and let’s take a look at what really is at stake.

The Health Industry in America is one of the biggest rip-offs around.  It is the quickest way to level the economic playing field and to force the middle-class American public to continue pushing that ball uphill to the place where the rich get richer and the poor just have a harder battle to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads.

That is a big claim, so let me give you an example of what happens today with health care where it is currently in these United States.

As many of you know,  we manage estate sales.  In the process, we interact with people who are in a change space – their lives are transitioning from one lifestyle to another.  That can be a good or a bad change space.

What about the ones in a bad place?????

How does that happen.

We just did an estate sale for a family where the mother died after a several year bout with Alzheimers.  The family did not institutionalize her, she stayed in her home and the family took turns taking care of her with the help of health care workers.  Every once in a while, but not often there was the trip to the hospital and once a short stay in a nursing home.

Because she lived longer than expected and the insurance ran out to underwrite some of the costs for the health care workers – the family had to sign their mother’s home over to the state to pay for her health care.  The family was forced to sell the home so the lien could be satisfied.  The state collected on the lien they placed on the home when the mother died.  It was not a large, very expensive home, but it is where this woman raised her children.

She was a woman who worked to maintain her home – who paid her mortgage – who thought she was leaving her children a small nest egg to help them through their old age and possible illnesses as they age.  None of that happened because of the cost of health care and the inadequacy of the current state of our health insurance.  She worked hard her entire life and at her death she left the state richer – not her children –  by the confiscation of her home with its mortgage paid in full.  Her health insurance ran out because she lived well into her 90’s.

I thought of those people who died in their 50’s having used very little of their health insurance benefits.  What happened to the reason for insurance – which is to average out those two people so things work out in the end.  Under our current system the state benefitted from both people – the one who died young left the state well off from having died, after having paid into health benefits without use and from the older woman who died after a very long life and a miserable disease to lose her home and its contents and everything else she had to the state.

Apparently, theis does work out, but not for John Q. Public.

The rabidness of the wealthier class and the strong push to get a health care bill passed which doesn’t cover a third of the population looks to me like pure greed.  I couldn’t quite put my finger on why, I just know the look and feel of greed.

This is simply another way to control. oppress, keep poor a society whose people will need to work hard just to keep their heads above water – with endless benefits to the wealthy..

After the experience of that estate sale, I understood more fully what is at stake when we talk about universal health care.  Or even trying to get rid of the little relief people received from the limited coverage of the Affordable Health Care Act.  I didn’t understand when all of that lobbying for the ADA was going on why the strong fight and what was at stake that made so many try so desperately  to make sure the Obama bill failed.

What was tragic about that sale – it is not the only one nor is it one of just a few – nor did it happen because of some unusual circumstances – it is a common occurrence under our present health care system.  And that sale was one of the more civilized way we strip people of their life’s work.  Many are losing everything through bankruptcy because of illnesses and bills that have to be paid to maintain a sick relative or yourself. Those instances are not as civilized as the estate sale.  To work with a family facing bankruptcy and still not able to provide the kind of health care their family member needs is beyond tragic.

I lived through Hillary Clinton’s attempt at dealing with health care when she was First Lady.  She said a lot – most of which was called lying. And she and her husband were shot down as harshly as possible over any and everything.  I wondered then what was at stake – it was clearly huge.

After her effort failed we all got to see why she felt so strongly about health care.  She was not lying.  She was right on target when she predicted that our health care premiums were going to start sky rocketing – and sure enough, monthly health care bills for many of us doubled and tripled very quickly after that.  It there became crystal clear what was so urgent about getting better health care for everyone.

Sometimes, all we need is a little actual experience to understand the dynamics and what is beneath the surface when something like this health care argument is going on.

You, wealthy American, may be fine and what you are doing may seem to be to your financial benefit.   Let me give you a word of caution. Your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren are going to grow up in the society you create.  While this benefits you, it just might give them a horrid life that they will owe to your greed, selfishness and inability to see beyond your own gold-plated nose.

And joining the frey is Bernie Sanders.  The man who put out all kind of horrible images and names for Hillary Clinton.  Some say he laid the ground work and fertilized the land so Trump could reap a great crop.  Whether his actions were intentional or not, the end result was the same.

And so it continues.


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Everything talked about in this blog and in any other blog in the Bettina Network, inc. is the opinion of the person who wrote the blog and does not necessarily represent the opinions of Bettina Network, inc. It is the property of Bettina Network, inc. and/or the person who wrote the original blog.Want to join us? Have a home that you want to open to become one of Bettina Network’s Hedge Schools? Call us and lets talk – or email us.

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How to Look 50 at 80 years old!

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

We took advantage of Bettina Network Hedge Schools and stayed at a house where we wanted to know the wife’s beauty secrets.  We’ve seen her for years and thought she was at most 60 years old.  When we discovered she was actually 79 we almost flipped out so we immediately made reservations and said in the process that we wanted to spend time talking with her about her lifestyle.

We didn’t say we were going to share it and didn’t intend to, but it was so ‘out there’ that we just couldn’t resist.  And, sharing on Bettina’s Blog information about a Bettina family should not be forbidden.

  1.  The first thing we discovered is that she uses no soap and thinks soap is what makes wrinkles.  Well, we asked how do you stay clean?  By showering or soaking in a tub of hot water.  What else do you need?  God created water to wash you clean.  Man created soap to take away your money.  Why would you follow that?  There are side affects to what man makes – and the side affect of soap is wrinkles. Well, with that I knew this was going to be an incredible three days.  What does she use when dirt won’t be washed away by plain water?  Well, organic powdered milk, of course, and to my amazement it works beautifully. – And listen people, I discovered she does have “correct” language and when she says “man” she means “man”.  That is not a sexist ‘men’ being a term which is inclusive of everyone on the planet.  If she didn’t mean “man” she would have said “human” or some other word in that politically correct lexicon of hers.

2.  OK!  Recovering from that we wanted to know more so we rose early – something difficult for us – and discovered she’d been up for hours.  Well, whatever affect that has we just left it alone because no beauty or youthful look is worth getting up at 3:30-4am.  She doesn’t say “youthful looking” by the way.  It is “looking healthy”.  Ageism, you know.

3.  The first thing she does is have a cup of one organic lemon with the juice squeezed into a cup of very warm water and drinks it down like medicine.  I thought that was great and I could modify it a bit with the addition of sugar, but that was forbidden so I tried straight lemon juice.  Not bad, but it takes a lot of getting used to.

4.  Then things got a bit rough.  No smoking – we don’t smoke so that’s alright.  No alcohol of any kind.  Well, what is wrong with alcohol, I protested.  It causes wrinkles, she said.  Well – this is not going to be the walk in the park I anticipated.

5.  I searched the refrigerator and the food cabinets and found only organic foods.  No nothing else –  even the spices and coffees and teas were organic – everything was organic.  Water was in a pitcher with a filter and she apologized because she didn’t know how to get purer water.

This is going to take time – especially since that means also – no prepared foods even if they say organic and no gluten free prepared foods – they are just as bad as everything else.  So as I re-searched the refrigerator – looking at things on a different level, everything was food – real, unprocessed, food “the way it comes from its creator”.

Now that to me was impossible, there must be cheating someplace here,  so I watched closely and they ate only those real foods.  Milk, eggs, butter, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers (which were actually there for beauty reasons rather than food for eating) chicken, beef, lamb – all organic products.  Oh, this is going to be hard.  Her response was – this has to be a lifestyle that you feel is good, right and easy.  Oh, and the bread – organic whole wheat flour and home baked – if they haven’t had time to bake bread, you get fresh out of the oven biscuits.  One day we even had croissants.  Those were several days in the making because she doesn’t have that much time to bake croissants straight through.

I was amazed – this was better eating than I’d done in years and watching a cake being made while breakfast was being prepared was amazing.  The cake took maybe ten minutes total to be prepared to put in the oven.  More time processing – for example – she put sugar (organic turbinado) in the mixer with organic butter and let it beat for what seemed like forever.  She ignored it until she had time to add the rest of the ingredients with a little more beating and then into the prepared pans for baking.  I am going to try this because it is 1-2-3-4 and even I can remember those ingredients.  Even when I can’t remember what is one cup and what is three cups – common sense gets into the mix and I know one cup must be butter because we want butter to be the least of the ingredients and two cups must be sugar because we want medium sweet and three cups must be flour and four must be eggs.

6. Exercise is a part of her day.  But – and this is a big but – I exercise daily, jog, etc. but that is not a part of this exercise regime.  She exercises parts of the body I don’t even think need exercising – your eyes for example (and she wears no glasses at 79 years old), and your toes, and your fingers.  No jogging, she’s never liked that and the incredible exercises I do she thinks is a waste of time and energy.  She suggested I wash the walls, or shampoo the rug or do some gardening outside in the sun without sunscreen.

7.  Make-up doesn’t exist.  Vitamins are the skin care products – vitamin A, E, liquid C and for those aches and pains a good soaking in organic apple cider vinegar switched off with epsom salts.

I could go on because that is the tip of the ice berg.  However, I should say, since I left I understand this is not hard at all.  It takes re-doing your lifestyle and ignoring what the cosmetic and other marketeers have trained us to think is absolute, essential and all the money spent on such is going to result in results.’  I knew that last part wasn’t true – I spend about $200/ month on cosmetics and at 57 I look older than my host family looks spending money only on foods.

Her biggest health purifier comes from the fact that she hasn’t been to a doctor in over 50 years and doesn’t expect to see one any time soon. Right thinking – giving to others – being aware of the messages your body gives out – those are the things important in that Bettina Hedge School.

Totally the reverse of everything I was ever taught.

Thanks for the experience.  It is one I will never forget.

Bettina Hedge Schools rock.  I am not sure where I am going next, but I think living with a classical pianist for a few days while I go to meetings, etc. to give her time to do her thing without me hanging around, sounds like a good deal for both of us.


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Everything talked about in this blog and in any other blog in the Bettina Network, inc. is the opinion of the person who wrote the blog and does not necessarily represent the opinions of Bettina Network, inc. It is the property of Bettina Network, inc. and/or the person who wrote the original blog.Want to join us? Have a home that you want to open to become one of Bettina Network’s Hedge Schools? Call us and lets talk – or email us.

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Mountain Rose Herbs – Recycles 100%

Sunday, March 5th, 2017

To read more about this story try

It is always exciting to find a company we can recommend without hesitation and this is one.  I don’t know any other company which has reached the ability to recycle 100% of their trash – unused items – excess – you name it what you will – this is an awesome achievement.

We try, but have not reached that yet.  We also encourage all of our homes to do the same.  Hopefully, one day, sharing information, we will also be a company that has no trash, garbage, etc. to put out for pickup.  We will either use or give away what we cannot use – 100%.


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Everything talked about in this blog and in any other blog in the Bettina Network, inc. is the opinion of the person who wrote the blog and does not necessarily represent the opinions of Bettina Network, inc. It is the property of Bettina Network, inc. and/or the person who wrote the original blog.

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Ed. Note: Members of the Bettina Network Lifestyle Community can contribute to the Bettina Network Blog whenever they have anything they want to say and be heard by this fantastic group of people. Send your blog to or mail it to us at P. O. Box 380585 Cambridge, MA. 02238 or call us on the telephone at 617-497-9166 to tell us what you want to say and we will write it for you.

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Upkeep of Wood Floors

Saturday, March 4th, 2017

We have talked to several people who use the Walnut Oil on their floors and in response to your question – here is what they do:

Once a week – if you are the absolute-on-top-of-it type – use a soft cotton rag, which has a bit of Walnut Oil on the rag.  You can either pour oil on the rag for this, or you can keep Walnut Oil in a spray bottle and spray a bit on the rag.  This is only a little bit of oil for this job.

A couple people we talked to keep such a rag saturated in Walnut Oil, which they use for upkeep in a number of ways and have a special metal container with a top – in which they keep the rag – like last years’ fruit cake tin.  They use that rag and wipe up the floor so it has all the dust removed and a thin coating of oil on it.  The oil should dry in short order.  They keep such a saturated rag for a month and then toss it.  If they need to wipe fingerprints off furniture within that month, that rag does the job.  Or, if they need to wipe their dining room or other table with a bit of oil, in-between their yearly going over with the 0000 steel wool, they use that rag.

A couple people we talked to will do this once a month because they want to keep up their floors, keep them looking great, but do not worry themselves if a little dust shows.  Our observation – unless you have lots of traffic in and out of the house you only need to do this once a month and then it is a light wipe of the floor.

One person – ostracized after she told this story – uses a cotton mop onto which she sprays a bit of walnut oil in a spray bottle she keeps and then wipes the floor with the mop.  Since most of the people we talked to about this upkeep are – on your knees to do your floors kind of people – there were gasps when she said – others do this with a cotton mop with a bit of oil sprayed on the mop.  Our question was, is there a difference in results?  Of course, everyone thought their way was the best and absolutely the only way to get good results.

In defense of the “on your knees people”, they use that time for exercise while wiping the floor.  There are several exercises that can be done in the process – which most exercise books, or a search online will show you.

Those who do this upkeep once a month are the ones who hang drapes on all of their windows – who close their windows on top of air stops so outside air/dust doesn’t get in and they look constantly for other ways to keep dust from coming into the house including having people visiting leave their shoes at the door.

Hope this answers your question.


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Everything talked about in this blog and in any other blog in the Bettina Network, inc. is the opinion of the person who wrote the blog and does not necessarily represent the opinions of Bettina Network, inc. It is the property of Bettina Network, inc. and/or the person who wrote the original blog.

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Ed. Note: Members of the Bettina Network Lifestyle Community can contribute to the Bettina Network Blog whenever they have anything they want to say and be heard by this fantastic group of people. Send your blog to or mail it to us at P. O. Box 380585 Cambridge, MA. 02238 or call us on the telephone at 617-497-9166 to tell us what you want to say and we will write it for you.

Volunteer with Bettina Network Foundation, inc. to work estate sales; to help move items from one home to another; to contribute your ideas on how we can better use our resources in this effort to relieve and eliminate homelessness and poverty. We also need photographers; designers; and more. However much or little time you have, we are grateful

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Walnut Oil on Wood Floors

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

I have just finished following your instructions and redoing my wood floors.

I am exhausted.  It was an incredible job, but worth every minute because the floors are beautiful.

Having used the OOOO Steel Wool and Spectrum Walnut Oil – tried for the best, no cheap oil on my floors –  and even taking the most expensive oil route it cost less than what I spent on these floors the last time I cleaned and waxed them.

I went over the floor with a damp rag to get off the top dust.  Then, I used the OOOO steel wool, pouring walnut oil on the floor and rubbing it in with the steel wool until all of the dirt and everything else was up.  I then wiped that up with old towels (which I threw away when finished, although my neighbor is trying the same thing and she washed her old towels after using them).  I then poured more Walnut Oil on the floor and wiped it up with a clean towel – and let the floor dry.

My neighbor tried to cut corners and didn’t do this last pouring on of oil and wiping it up with a clean towel so she had a bit of a mess on her hands, because her floor dried sticky and kind of gooey so she had to start over again.  I think that probably had to do with the steel particles from the steel wool still on the floor.

I did not put the furniture and rugs back, but let the floor sit overnight.  The next day, my floor was sort of dry, but still with parts looking wet from the oil so I had to re-wipe the floor with a clean towel.   I did not use more oil, the floor just looked a bit wet and in need of something, so another wiping with a dry, clean towel to help the oil either come up or soak into the floor – and 2 days later the floor is fabulous.  The down side was having to wait two days for the floor to dry – meaning, I could only do one room at a time.  That was fine because the smell from the oil and essential oil of gardenias will be in the house forever as I go from room to room cleaning my floors.  I am exhausted so I won’t try another room for a month or two anyway.

I should note here that my neighbor did it your way by doing a small area of the room at a time.  Which means, when she messed up with the oil and it was sticky she didn’t have her entire room to redo.  She moved the furniture and rugs from only a part of the room and moved the rest of the furniture over while the floor dried.  She was also not exhausted when she finished.  It was just part of her general cleaning – which she does without fail from 10-12 daily five days a week.  I wait for the woman who cleans for me to do all of that work – but she drew the line at kneeling on the floor to do this oiling.

My neighbor is continuing a small part of a room at a time using the same walnut oil to clean and oil her furniture in that part of the room.  I don’t have the methodology and discipline to do that.  I want it all done at once.  But then her house is a lot cleaner than mine.  Don’t know how she does it, but her house is immaculate anytime of the day or night you go over there.  Mine – not so much.  I have to clean before visitors come.  Maybe one day.  And with this new way of cleaning and oiling the floors – I suspect that kind of discipline will come because my biggie was not wanting to touch or be around the normal kind of cleaning stuff that has to be bad for your health.  I was sure they made my family sick with respiratory ailments.  Could be wrong, but the mind works in strange ways.  Even being exhausted after I finished the floor in one room, I was not ‘I’ll never so this again kind of exhausted.’  The smell and feel of the entire house changed with just this one room having its floor oiled and it was exhilarating.

My question – how to I keep these floor looking good?  They look great now, but things do get dusty and dirty over time.  I can’t go through this effort many times a year.  What do you suggest?

Your original suggestion was that this happen once a year.  What do I do in the meantime?


By the way – I love the smell of gardenia’s so I bought essential oil of gardenia and poured a bit into the Walnut Oil bottle when I opened it and my house smells unbelievable.  You were right about the benefit of adding essential oil to the Walnut Oil.  What I especially liked was that even though it took a lot of effort crawling around on hands and knees to do this cleaning because I couldn’t think of any other way to use the OOOO steel wool and even though it took all of the wiping up and around with old towels, the smell and off gases of what I normally used on my floors is not present.  That alone was worth the effort.  I can breathe!

I didn’t look into what was in the cleaners and waxes I used on my floors and couldn’t believe I have been using something with a kerosene base.  Looking around at the stores, most of the products sold – in the cleaning and waxing line are all mostly kerosene based.  This is what I have been exposing my family to all these years.  I knew the smell was foul – I just got used to it and waited for the smells to dissipate.  Now, I don’t want these smells to dissipate, I want to enjoy the gardenia and walnut smell as long as possible.

What I really love is the way my hands looked and felt after I finished.  I didn’t have to wear rubber gloves because Walnut Oil is good for the skin.  I hadn’t thought of that as a side benefit, but I love it.

Another BTW – the woman who cleans for me has been converted.  Her mother spent her adult life cleaning for others and is now in a wheel chair.  They blame the products her mother used and she, unbeknownst to me, was looking around for something else.  After watching me and standing in the room with its new feel and smell, she decided it was better to clean the floor on hands and knees than to use what we had been using – so she has taken over the floor cleaning and oiling job – and thank goodness.  Not having to wear rubber gloves and seeing my wrinkled hands smooth out after this bit of hard work instead of drying out and feeling awful even with the rubber gloves, convinced her.

Anxiously awaiting your response!


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Makeup? – Never

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

I love best those ‘girlie’ breakfast conversations where everything is laid bare.  Free of all the things one does in the mornings to become the person you want to be – a reflection of all those make-up ads which show you women who are unreachable because their pictures have been blown, photo-shopped, with bumps and lumps removed and skin retouched.

Amazingly, this conversation included a stray male.  What he was doing in the middle of this conversation is unfathomable, but there he was, quite excited to be included in what he thought was going to be women revealing their innermost secrets – and to him.  Normally, he would be expected to smile politely and leave as soon as he could get away without being rude.  This guy loved every minute.

Color took center stage.

I thought I understood what part color played in this makeup business, but this breakfast ‘seminar’ changed that understanding completely.

Even though they were staying at a Bettina Network Hedge School, which is notorious for organic everything – no chemicals in the mix – no artificiality in anything – every woman at the table had on makeup.  All store bought and kept in a makeup case carried wherever they travelled.

What they wanted was re-enforcement that their makeup – as they applied it – looked natural and they did not look “made-up.  For me, that was astounding.  Raised in a family where the last thing in the world you wanted to do was apply make-up to your face and wind up looking like Godzilla’s wife full of pasty stuff on top of even more pasty looking stuff and a face where one could not smile without that makeup breaking into lines and cracking, we were very far apart.  I don’t think I have worn lipstick more than two or three times in life and I am now quite old.  So, there we were with stereotypes, but at two ends of the spectrum, very far apart.  As it turns out I was into as much make-up as everyone else at the table, only a different kind and applied at different times.

If you notice these things – as you age, your skin changes.  If you have light brown skin your face becomes a rather dull looking white with eyebrows that turn white, no matter their natural color when you were young, and that whitish dull skin does you no good.  I was very proud of my light brown skin.  I felt I looked healthier than most because of it.  I certainly didn’t have that so-called “white” skin which dried out and became very wrinkly as one aged, nor did I have that darker brown skin which sagged from maintaining its natural oils even as one grew older.  And here I was, about to reveal that my beautiful light brown skin, with its touch of a pinkish/red/orange color was not entirely natural, no matter how it looked.

When you are young, your face is blotchy with break-outs all over and what you long for is that beautiful even-toned unachievable skin that is advertised in almost every cosmetic ad from the beginning of creation.

The women brought their make-up to the table and we examined it all very closely.  Amazingly, even the expensive stuff looked pretty similar to the stuff that came from CVS, Walgreens, and other such places.  Even more amazing was the ingredients – we could not pronounce any of them when ingredients were on the labels.  We could only conjecture what was in those bottles and jars which did not reveal their ingredients.  We didn’t find any ingredients we knew and when we did they were in minuscule amounts.

When these different ingredients were put on your face, we couldn’t detect differences between the stuff that cost a fortune and the stuff that came from the pharmacy stores.  Thy all seemed to give the same look.  The difference in the make-up on the table was the amount of disposable income different women at the table had to be able to spend on cosmetics.  One spent a couple hundred dollars a month and we gasped, in awe.

My ‘cosmetics’ that morning were Grapeseed Oil, AloeVera Gel and Beta Carotene tablets in oil in a capsule – all organic.  I had a lot more, but I wasn’t going to reveal all in one morning and I certainly was not going to reveal anything bringing me close to a couple hundred dollars spent in one month.  If I spent that kind of money on my face I would be super-thin, because I wouldn’t have money left to spend on food.

The first thing that left the table was the stuff used to take make-up off at night.  With all it was supposed to do, my grape seed oil did better.  The next thing out were the ‘astringents’.  My Aloe Vera Gel was better suited, did not have chemicals or preservatives of any kind, although it did need to be kept in the refrigerator and used quickly.  Not only was it a good astringent, but it also tightened into a mask.

The Bettina Beauty treatment for the face is a Bettina Blog written some time long past, but it is still among the Bettina Network Blogs so I won’t go over it here, but it is necessary to do on a two to three times a week basis to keep your face from sagging, crinkling, becoming pasty white and wrinkly and more. This mornings beauty regimen helps, but does need to be supplemented with other organic treatments.

That Bettina Network Beauty regimen makes all the rest possible.

After we put on the Aloe Vera Gel, we had a few minutes conversation about what it does, allowing it to tighten into a mask.  We then rinsed it off with the requisite ten splashes of water and moved on to the Beta Carotene tablets.

I clipped one to put on my face after it was rinsed of its Aloe Vera Gel and there were gasps all around.  I looked like something out of a cowboy and Indian movie and I was clearly the Indian – very red of skin and  oily of face with the Beta Carotene oil going into my hairline – deliberately.

I should say here that my hairline was showing the grey line around my face where the rest of my hair was beautifully colored, but the hairline was growing in and it was a mixed grey and black, but mostly grey.  My eyebrows were also a mixed grey and black, giving me a rather older look, so they took received an extra rubbing into them of the Beta Carotene capsule.

The women couldn’t wait to get to their bathrooms to put on their department store makeup to go out for the day.  I cleared the dining room and was left with my red face, dirty dishes and the one male person at the table.  He helped me with the dishes, but not before he used the beta carotene on his face.  Looking at him, I saw just how ridiculous I looked, but he was confident this was going to solve his problem.  He wanted instructions for the day on how to handle this, but I had none.  I just go about my day.  Rinse my face with ten splashed each rinse whenever I use the bathroom for other purposes.  So he left declaring he would do the same.

The next morning we all appeared at breakfast.  The women without makeup and their makeup on the table, as we agreed to the morning before.  Me and the one male with no makeup bottles or jars in front of us because we didn’t have any to put there.  And who do you think looked stunning?  The two of us did.  By then, the red had been absorbed into the skin and the constant rinses after having gone to the bathroom several times helped remove the excess Beta Carotene color.  Our skin glowed.

No grey around the face from hair growing out and our eye brows were a beautiful mixed color of dark, medium and lighter brownish red.  And you know, the most delicate and dangerous thing you can do when having your hair dyed or dying it yourself, is trying to match your eyebrow color.  That dye will put your eyes out if it goes to the wrong place and will probably also fool with your ability to see even if it is only absorbed a bit through the skin – which has to be absorbed through a bit of your eyelid to make the eyebrows look great.

I looked 20 years younger – with a face that looked slightly flushed, like younger skin looks when you are excited and the rest a beautiful even color.  The whitish grey look was gone and in its place a bronze look which almost approximated a day in the sun.  I looked very sun-tanned and almost as if I was blushing.  He looked the same.

Our one male person had been concerned about his eyebrows and mustache turning grey, but didn’t know what to do about it – and this was a middle to upper level business executive who felt he needed to keep a fairly young appearance to keep his job.

The women were flabbergasted because the only thing we did that morning was to rinse our faces with the ten splashes of warm water.  I followed my splashes of warm water with ten splashes of cold water just to look a bit more flushed – only that didn’t last.  The Beta Carotene created color lasts about two to three days.  On some people it will last a week through many splashed of water.  No soap, however.  We never use soap, ever, at all.

The women left their make-up on the table and used the beta-carotene capsules on their faces.  I don’t know how they faced the day because it takes, generally, putting it on overnight and letting it absorb with a morning rinse before starting out for the day – or – putting it on in the morning and leaving it on all day with several splashes of water rinses throughout the day for the color to become ideal.  It will then last two or three days before you need to reapply the beta carotene, but that didn’t seem to bother anyone.  They thought the results were good enough to make due and get together a new lifestyle routine to accommodate this new make-up regimen.  I would like to have followed their red faces around with a camera as they went about their day, but the dirty dishes were calling.

Whatever they did, the next morning they were all beautiful and ecstatic.  One mentioned the difference in cost between what she used and one capsule of beta-carotene, but I had to remind her that the cost added up to more than that because she did need to do constant upkeep with products like organic Aloe Vera gel, all of the oils we talked about and the Bettina Beauty regimen with Vitamin C, D, etc.  That didn’t matter to her.  Those oils last a couple months and so does the rest of what is needed so she was off to the organic store to supply her make-up case with everything new.

We all wondered how she would get through airport security.  They are accustomed to women’s make-up cases, but not those with oils and organic ingredients which are normally thought of as food. We imagined her being put into detention for days while airport security checked and re-checked her ‘new’ makeup for some new kind of terrorist plot.


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Everything talked about in this blog and in any other blog in the Bettina Network, inc. is the opinion of the person who wrote the blog and does not necessarily represent the opinions of Bettina Network, inc. It is the property of Bettina Network, inc. and/or the person who wrote the original blog.

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Weight Control and Good Health for a Lifetime!

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

Look around – take a walk – go shopping – to the theatre – symphony – sports event and you will see many, many overweight people.

How on earth did this happen!  My mother’s generation didn’t share this overweightness.  Many in my generation have gaining weight and battling that weight gain as a constant.  In my children’s generation they are taller and heavier except those who border on bulimia or some other eating disorder.  What has happened to all of us? Something radical on this earth and in our environment has changed.

Have you noticed that diet food – diet drinks – exercise and body control programs – an entire industry has grown up and is thriving on your willingness to work hard and sweat even harder while that industry earns substantial amounts of money for either the foods they want to sell you to control your weight or their weight control ideas or body manipulations to feed your dream of  looking as though you are 15 years old again!

It is all a smoke screen!  A way to keep you from realizing the pit you have fallen into and can’t get out. The truth that you need to set you free is obscured and in your very distant past generations, mostly obscured from you by the need to maintain and increase the profit of this new “Health and Fitness Industry”.  That may be what it is called by many, but its goals are anything but.

Most of what you need is not in that Health and Fitness Industry, but in the secrets your past generations took to the grave.  The marketing, with which you were raised,  blinded you so thoroughly you didn’t want to hear what your ancestors had to say nor did you want to carry forward their lifestyles.  You particularly looked down on the knowledge and experience they gained from their lifestyles because you found more relevant the marketing and advertising dreamed up by those probably even younger than you are who were/are busy pumping out pipe dreams to maintain their jobs.

They were trained by experts at creating a new culture and a new lifestyle based on your giving them your money and potential possessions and they giving you the way to a miserable life – whether it be long or short – but profitable to their companies.   Is this what you bought and live by today?

Now, however, everyone around you seems to be calling you back to this glorious past where you will find redemption, salvation, a better life than we have today and at the same time those same people, industries and their marketing/advertising is creating a trap for you so you don’t even know what past you are being called to learn from and buy into.  A mythical, glorious past which actually never existed except in the movies and a scattering of novels.  What used to be sold on the ‘silver screen’ is now being sold as a distorted, pumped up on drugs, reality show which you are being told was the great, glorious past to reach back to, recreate and nirvana will arrive.

They hold out the promise of satisfaction, satiety,  for this something inside that is roiling your gut and telling you something is off and very damaged.  They hold out what looks like the cure to this wrong road you’ve taken.  Their message is full of  pretty pictures or accompanying videos so words alone no longer satisfy and those pretty pictures are characterized as the road to Oz.  But the curtain is seldom let down so you can’t see the wizard behind the screen doing all of this manipulating.

Let me lift the curtain for you – just a little.  To strip the curtain away entirely is something you are going to have to do for yourselves.  Unfortunately, it has been turned into a lifelong search and you are very devoid of the mentors who could shorten the search and reward your efforts when you hit a success spot.

Over the past couple generations we have put in place a modern lifestyle which started with our need to work constantly to be able to afford more, even though we were using so many new inventions that cut our work load in half.   We haven’t been able to get off that rodent’s wheel long enough to see if it really was generating the ‘more/better’ it promised.  Most of us are afraid to stop because the bleak future pictured by doing that is something we can’t stand to allow ourselves to imagine.

So let’s take this one thing at a time:

starting with – Our food supply and food habits.  That alone has taken books, videos and endless self-help sessions to describe and to either mislead us or to help us understand what is and what has happened.  The story that starts with once upon a time ends with corporate farms using chemicals and other substances which destroy our bodies a tiny little bit at a time so we can’t identify or point to that as one of the reasons for our current dilemma. The marketing and advertising has us in a constant ongoing argument with each other which both sides lose, because in this great information sharing age, the crucial information is kept locked up and very seldom shared.

Just a couple for instances:

Flour – that which was the staff of life for our forbears and was in many breads and other dishes is something we are warned against today and which has developed around it and trying to take its place – a new industry – gluten free – because so many are now allergic to what sustained life in their past generations.  And gluten-free is a much more lucrative end result of processing than is flour, which is now depicted as the enemy of health in so many characterizations and advertisements.  One little dirty secret = it is substantially more profitable.

How could that be?  Who did this thing?  The one substance which you could practically live off of alone is now claimed as our bodies enemy.  If you are not allergic to it, then certainly you know it makes you fat!

Flour as a profit center is what happened and the machinery went into high gear to figure out how to make ever more money giving even less to the general populations:   Farmers were encouraged to put all kind of chemicals on their wheat and to experiment with new kinds of wheat developed because, thereby,  much more could be grown on a small plot of land and even beyond that – large corporate farms popped up, quietly destroying the farmer.   The substantially increased profit to be made on land growing this ever new kind of wheat was too much for some to pass over and certainly was not to be shared with the non-corporate types.  And so ‘crush them’ was the mantra of the day and it was successful.

Greed called those susceptible, into the flour business, to press as much money out of it as possible giving to the populace whatever smokescreen and story board was necessary to hide the real reasons for that substantial profit increase from something as basic as wheat.  And along came the hiding  and holding back and creating myths for the populace (us).  The wizard was very busy with all of this going on behind the screen.

The best place to start to tell this part of the story is at the end of the processing line – the point at which flour has been robbed of everything that gave us life and all of that replaced with that which takes life and good health away from us.  The large silos in which the “finished” flour was put to be held until it could be packaged harbor many ugly secrets.  Predictably, those silos were infested with bugs and our new kind of logic said bugs needed to be killed with pesticides and that happened.  None of the silos escaped.

There was no way to get the dead bugs out of the silos so let the flour stay until the bugs deteriorated.  No one would ever ask what those black specks were in the bags of flour, if the bags and the marketing were such as to make the flour more convenient to buy and prettier to look at with the mythical story about how much ‘cheaper’ it was.  And the bonus – something light brown or a dark ivory was made very white!  The background color of this ‘revolution’.

There was no way to get the pesticides out of the flour because it just became one with the ground grain.  So the department, in the United States, which kept the public’s food supply safe just issued a proclamation which said there was not enough pesticide in the flour so it wasn’t worth demanding that the pesticides be removed – that would be too costly – nor was there enough to warrant a note on the packaged flour letting the consumer know the product they were buying was tainted.

And so, the flour moved off the shelves into our homes where it wrecked havoc with our health without most of us knowing why we were developing these low levels of something that made us feel not quite up to par;  some of us becoming quite ill with allergies; some of us succumbing to viruses and various bacteria much easier and more frequently than in the past.

….And so another industry sprung up to address that and to take us further down the rabbit hole and those addressing that issue further up the profit margin generator.

Milk – Another one of those ‘basic for life’ foods that we all eat or drink that has added to this horrendous lifestyle we are living.  We have become so accustomed to the problems with milk and other foods, we have simply adjusted and move on.  It is becoming unpatriotic to question.

Many of us are horrified if we have to drink “Whole Milk” – as though this would poison our system.  We have come to believe most assuredly that would put more weight on us and probably fool with our fat/cholesterol count and from that would come hardening of the arteries or high blood pressure or something equally awful.  Some science I remember from a small child doesn’t exist in the public mind anymore – “drink your milk, you need milk fat and milk protein in your system at the same time. ” And that is Whole Milk.  The other kinds of milk simply lowers your health and increases the corporate profit.

But, what if ‘whole’ milk was not the culprit, but the growth hormones fed to the cows producing the milk was at fault.  The growth hormones which apparently move from cow to human and cause our bodies to react by being tricked into believing the one ounce of food we just ate was really four ounces so where we want our cows to become fatter on less so our profits would be more, what really doesn’t matter to those so trapped in that profit center is the fact that they are passing that little tricked-out and chemicalized out food to the rest of us as we get just as fat as the cows and for the same reason.  Doesn’t matter if it is ‘whole’ milk or the other kind with the fat taken out.

What if problems occur because, while the cow needs to be heavier with more pounds per cow on less food per cow to increase profits, humans need to be lighter with fewer pounds per human to be healthier.  So – what to do —

Develop,  to address this problem –  a very large health industry to compensate for the health and wellness problems caused humans by this and other such food developments.  And so it should be and so it is.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

You should get the message by now so do your research and you will be appalled at what you find.  Some have already discovered much of this and adjusted their lifestyle and diets accordingly, but not even close to a majority of us.

Food has been turned into a political topic to maintain its outlandish growth into the nether regions, those where you can legitimately ask if this is really food when it is mostly chemicals and instead of working together for the health of all we are arguing pro and con totally ignoring reality and facts in our arguments – especially the most popular ones.  Listening to the arguments one would think some of us are not human, but our bodies have some other kind of existence.

The real culprit comes into play in our everyday lives and how we have incorporated meals into this growingly outlandish lifestyle.  Out of the food industry has come the processed food industry and the fast food industry – all detrimental to our health.

Once upon a time, meals were a family community event.  Well, that’s gone by the board.  Meals are now a catch when you can thing and mostly made up of the fast foods and/or the processed foods found everywhere.

And in-between those very unsatisfying fast food meals are the fast food and sugar or salt loaded snacks.  Today, however, it is increasingly salt and sugar in the same food product because it was recently found that combining the two makes for a quicker and more substantial addiction.  Hungry between meals?  There are thousands of snacks you can pick up to get from one “meal” to the next – competing for the title of “I can damage this body quicker than you can”.

I could go into other food groups in addition to milk and flour, but you have to do something!  So I will leave that to those interested.

Alternatives?  What did our ancestors do!

Soup:  Was a ‘go to’ dish.  Not the soup one makes with individual ingredients like pumpkin soup or butternut squash soup or, etc.  But the soup, kept on the back of the stove, constantly hot so if anyone was hungry between meals you went for a bowl of soup.  You simply found a soup bowl, ladled out as much as you felt you wanted to eat and enjoyed a very filling, satisfying and nutrient rich ‘snack’ that kept you satiated between meals and did not add extra pounds or lower your immune system making you susceptible to whatever came along.  A side benefit from this ‘family soup pot’ was the fact that if company dropped by unexpectedly you had something very lovely and elegant to serve them and in an instant.  Set the table, ladle out the soup and enjoy your visitors.

Everything was put into that soup.  Vegetables left over – instead of letting them spoil they were cut up and put into the soup.  Meat-turkey-chicken-venison, whatever,  left over from some dish or other or was not being used as quickly in another dish as expected because time to use it had run out – that was added to the soup.  It was constantly adjusted with different spices to make it something really special, very filling and incredibly nutritious to keep you in good health.

Custards and puddings were constantly being made.  Left over rice went to make rice pudding as did bread that was beginning to go stale.  As was ——etc.

Breads were used even when stale.  All one had to do was to pass the bread under the faucet to wet it a bit and then put it in the oven to heat.  The result was bread that tasted as though it was freshly baked and just out of the oven.  Today, we throw away stale bread and rice and other grains instead of reusing them and keeping them in the refrigerator for their next use – that is, those of us who still eat such things.  Or we keep them in the refrigerator, expecting to use them, but once we finally remember them when going through the refrigerator, we find them full of mold.

Cakes were baked from scratch.  They can be baked today and just as quickly as those from the box – tasting far better and with more nutrition.  The boxed cakes give you nothing.  The freshly baked cakes are a dream.  For a recipe – try the 1-2-3-4 cake.  Easy recipe to remember.  With a mixer it takes less than 15 minutes to put together ready for baking.  Make enough for more than one cake – use the stale left overs to make custards more interesting.

So many recipes are available for quick and nutritious foods – made from scratch.  But even our cookbooks have been compromised.  When I see one which says take a can of…… out it goes in the trash.

Looking for the old cookbooks is difficult because they have been so cast aside.  I find mostly the file boxes in which someone has filed recipes they had from grandparents, aunts, uncles, old friends who brought food stuff for the sick and shut in, including the recipe they used to create the dish they brought.  That doesn’t happen so much anymore – can’t when you’ve stopped at a quick food store to pick up something on the fly.

We could go into the cosmetics industry, the environment, and more – but the clouds start to form and those with vested interests become interested in us and we like to travel under the radar.

Life can be really simple because that even goes to how you clean your house and the substances you use with which you clean.  Our mantra is simple – don’t use anything to clean with that you would not eat.  Well, not as a snack, but you get the message.  And don’t put anything on your skin you would not put in your stomach.  It winds up in your bloodstream in seconds.

All of that marketing and advertising on which we have been raised is hard to undo and get out of our minds.  We have given top priority and attention to what which is put out for the purposes of selling a product – the mythical world – rather than anything factual about that product.  And far too often, that which our family and older friends have tried to teach us gets thrown out with the dirty wash water.

Our conditioning is almost complete – except for the cracks in the wall that a few have been trying to widen to let back in the flood of information that has to be kept out if our current – modern – lifestyle is to be kept and built upon.  That lifestyle is a building built on sand.  What you need for yourselves and your family is a building with a strong foundation.  The story of the three pigs comes to mind.  Each built a house on something different and the storms came or was it the fox who huffed and puffed and blew all of the pigs houses down except the one who built on that solid foundation.

The same goes for all of us as we build our lives and try to pass along the lessons we’ve learned to our children.  Hopefully, something happens which gets them to listen.  I’ve given up on that and have written many notes for them to read after I die.  That isn’t a sure thing either – because most of your belongings are given away or thrown away after death so some other way has to be found.  Libraries were one way, but the internet has sounded their death knell – so the search goes on.

In the meantime, I realize this topic needs a book not an article so let me stop here and leave the rest of this up to you.  Hopefully, you will walk the path that puts you in good health and those around you in a wonderfully supportive environment.

The one great discovery I’ve had is that walking that path gets rid of simple things like a cold.  We haven’t had colds in over five years.  They are not normal, as we have come to accept, but an indication that something in your life and in the lives of your family members who come down with colds and other such temporary illnesses has a cause that can be eradicated if you change your lifestyle.

All of these such illnesses were unheard of two generations ago.  The movement to build a huge and lucrative health industry, which depends upon regular outbreaks of bad health, has grown very quickly.  Such outbreaks are necessary for that industry  to grow, expand, and constantly see increased profits. New viruses and other infectious agents have to multiply and get stronger for the health industry to continue on its upward path and we have not disappointed.

It is not an industry that is working to put itself out of business by helping the populace in its move towards better health.  When we notice that hospitals have become profit centers with stock holders and all the other trappings which require regular profits and substantial increases in profit each quarter and year over year, we realize our health is being preyed on directly as is our food supply indirectly.

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