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Another American Tragedy

Thursday, February 15th, 2018

Brought to you by a White Nationalist President and his administration.  An American Nazi and his followers.  Donald Trump and those who brown nose and bow and scrape to his out of control ego.  This is not a time to try to suck up to such a person – now is the time to step up and be the responsible adults which this United States requires to be able to move ahead and to begin to examine, analyze and stop these shootings.

In the process of taking office instead of working with his administration and others to identify and begin to set up responsible responses and ways to contain and stop these shootings, our United States President came into office closing the borders of these United States to Muslims.  Carrying on as though the Muslims are the terrorists who are killing our young people, when in fact they are being killing, maimed and injured by their own kind.  By students from their own schools.

The people doing the shootings are not Muslims, they have been very right wing white American students who were hurt seriously by the dynamics of whatever happened to them in their schools.  The largest such tragedy – the Oklahoma bombing was done by a white, conservative, very right wing person looking for revenge against harms he and his helpers saw themselves experiencing by the United States Government.  They were white – not Muslim, but Christians.  And on and on it goes with the school shootings with the perpetrators being white Christian American students who needed help before they reached the point of shooting their own and didn’t receive it.  We were and are too wrapped up in our racism, our sexism, our classism, our trying to be better than with our children trying to live with and into the kind of expectations that many of them can no longer handle.

The head of Homeland Security – Four Star General John Kelly  – when he was appointed to that job – did not turn his attention to that problem, instead he worked on and immediately declared the United States a place where Muslims were not welcome.  In addition Four Star General John Kelly and his then Chief of Staff at Homeland Security who is now its head placed their time, efforts and resources to seeking out brown and black people, arresting them, throwing them out of the country when they were law abiding, taking care of their families, educating themselves and their families and doing much that is positive to move this country forward – and in return the U. S. President, the Head of Homeland Security and his successor wasted resources moving in a direction which did nothing to mitigate or begin to put in place deterrents to these school shootings where our young people are being killed and at the mercy of their own peers.

We have a group of people who have opened the door to Russia and invited them in – they call themselves the NRA.  One thing the Russians did was to infiltrate the National Rifle Association and during the past year the NRA its contributions and dues have doubled the size and resources of the NRA thanks to our Russian infiltrators. In Florida, where this last shooting happened, it is unbelievably easy to get guns.  Guns they can “open carry”.  The door was opened wide, apparently with the help of this group of Russians who worked with the NRA to maintain this gun openness and ease of getting guns.  To help Americans or to make it possible for crime families to have easy access to guns and to carrying them openly; for those trying to infiltrate and cause trouble in this country amongst its citizens and an array of others looking to be hurtful to themselves and to others with guns they wouldn’t be able to use if we were less a Wild West kind of country and more of a civilized place to live.

in Florida as well as other states, the NRA works to maintain an openness and ability for anyone to get and carry weapons.  How come?  Not simple shot guns, but rifles and other automatic weapons which can do major destruction to United States citizens.   Along with our White Nationalist President; our Presidents White Nationalist followers, they have worked to be able to secure guns at their discretion with as little interference and as little red tape as possible so guns and their use would not be blocked on any level in this country.  And who is suffering most from these laws and lack of oversight – our children.

As a result, we now have another shooting with some 17 young people dead and another dozen in the hospital from this extended American Carnage.  The kind of American Carnage that the current United States President has ignored and has cultivated by his ignoring it and moving to make this country white.  The price the rest of us are paying for that kind of governance is the lost of some very lovely, very bright, very young Americans who will not be here to graduate, marry, have children and contribute their talents and lives to helping to move the rest of us forward.

It is time for Donald Trump to go.  It is past the time for Four Star General John Kelly to go.  It is time for the National Rifle Association to be controlled and stopped from running rampant with guns and other violence in this country where our young people, who are unhappy and have experienced some kind of oppression which led them to these shootings be handicapped from having such free access to guns and be given generously the kind of support needed so they will be able to express themselves in some way other than going for guns.

Now is the time to stop the National Rifle Association.  Now is the time to call for and achieve extreme gun control.  Now is the time to protect our children from the wantonness of a White Nationalist Administration financed and resourced and pushed ahead by Russia, among others,  whose interest it is to show the world an out of control United States of America.

So far, Donald Trump has done an admirable job of following the dictates of his handlers from Russia and bowing and scraping to Russian President Putin and his boys.  Putin, a man whose assets are said to be more than 70 billion dollars.  It is not possible for a government worker, even president, to have acquired that much in assets over his tenure without going under the table and finding many assets to accumulate.  And now he can double that by pushing President Trump to continue to make a fool of himself for Russia and the dictates of Vladimir Putin along with others.

This American Tragedy taking place in Florida today with so many young school children killed and so many hundreds of others traumatized for life has to be the last and that will not happen as long as Trump is president.  His interest has not been in working to prevent such occurrences.  His interests have been in his White Nationalism – his American Nazi government he is establishing in these United States – which calls for him to move out the blacks and browns – whatever the cost.  With that kind of emphasis he  has not done one thing to begin to prevent such shootings and he never will because he has a very different agenda.

The American Nazi’s must go and a responsible American government must take its place.

The Republican Party has shown itself to be a Criminal Enterprise.  Such a Criminal Enterprise is not able to do the right thing so it is up to the rest of us to take control here and begin to examine, plan and put programs in place to stop such terror infecting our schools – such oppression which the young people who took to the guns and to the street – such pain which we are all experiencing.  So the rest of us must begin the process of jailing, removing, controlling this Criminal Enterprise called the RNC and its leader Donald J. Trump along with Michael Pence, Paul Ryan and others who are a part of this travesty and who bear the responsibility for this Florida School Shooting before we have to face yet another such shooting and killing of our beautiful young children.


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