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Trump – Peter Thiel – Russia – anymore?

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

I read all of your articles.

My response to your latest and all of the others follows:

The largest and I think earliest  investor in Facebook was Peter Thiel. – the Facebook which is in the news for being very much involved with the Russian interference in this last presidential election.  The same Facebook which had those FAKE NEWS articles all over and you know the story.

One of a very small number of people who made large contributions to the Trump campaign – and early on – was Peter Thiel.

The person who organized and used his influence, friendship and business connections to put on that meeting of top IT people in this country right after Trump was inaugurated which showcased Trump – all of the Google, Facebook, etc. top executives together around Trump’s table and also showcased Trump’s children as professionals involved with his governance – was Peter Thiel.

What are Peter Thiel’s Russian connections?

Isn’t Peter Thiel the person most responsible for keeping Blacks and Women, who were working hard to bring about their new ideas, out of the business community as they were scooped – and not accidentally scooped, but had their ideas brazenly stolen –  by other white males with Northern European ancestry who turn up with the ideas, business plans and much more of those same Blacks and Women with the money to bring them to fruition and with a great deal of that money put in place by Peter Thiel and lets not ignore or leave out his friends?

Is there a common thread here?

Especially since the racist and sexist structures of these newly stolen businesses would put this last generation of business entrepreneurs to shame in the way they have totally excluded minorities and women – as customers of these new businesses as well as owners, etc.  except, well, the one or two included to disprove the rule are always included.  This next generation of business entrepreneurs makes the hearts of the KKK, the white supremacists, the Neo-Nazi’s and others palpitate with excitement as they see this helping to make real their hateful world view.


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