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WHO IS Q – as in QANON? What are “Q”s other accomplishments!

Wednesday, February 10th, 2021

The United States and hence the world are being torn apart by one man’s craziness (or should we say one man’s evil)!

It is as if satan has arrived and started to work through a few and is now successfully pulling in their friends, family, organizations, life.

Let us not keep you in suspense. Q is Donald John Trump!

His claim to such evil fame is not limited to Q – so let us trace a bit of conspiracy theory – which is Trump’s stock in trade and that which has moved him into the position he now occupies and into those positions he once occupied.

Why has he been so successful on this kind of evil level? Probably because he has a very keen sense of how to manipulate the negative emotions of human beings. He knows how to use evil to gain his goals and to draw them around him to do his bidding even when they know better.

Early in life, he had and still has many gifts and graces. Every once in awhile you can see the goodness of what could have been for him had he used those gifts and graces for good instead of using them for ill. For whatever reason, he has chosen to use those gifts and hone those gifts on the blades of satan.

To become president, Donald John Trump used bigotry. He saw how effective bigotry is in the attempt to control humans for one’s own aggrandizement. He saw and felt how close one comes to the deity cultivating feelings of being “better than”. He saw how to manipulate the laws in the United States which pertain to bigotry and how people react in the passing and breaking of those laws. He saw that those who used the evil side of the human spirit became extremely wealthy and wielded much power and these were the people he wanted to copy.

As a very young adult Trump was involved in his father’s business and together they made sure blacks were not allowed to rent the apartment buildings they built and owned, in spite of the fact that they used and misled the government. It was during the time in this country when blacks and whites were going to different apartment complexes and applying for an apartment. First the African American went to apply at the Trump owned buildings and behind him/her came a White American after the blacks were turned down because there was no room in the Inn. When the White Americans were able to get apartments – down came the law suits and up came the legal experience Donald Trump has drawn on most of his adult life. The fertile ground from which has sprung QANON and Donald Trump’s takeover of “Q”.

Sometimes a few of his followers have slipped and attributed to Trump the moniker of “messiah”. We have become outraged at such a thought instead of being quiet to let those followers say more about why they applied such a term to Trump.

Trump walked his life’s path with “friends” from whom he learned to instinctively manipulate people at the level of their identity. He learned how strong the identity of “better than” was with even the nicest people, held in highest regard by this society. He saw the evil that “better than” wrought and the power it generated for those using that identity with others and he adopted it. A “messiah” who lifts those around him to the level of “better than” and promises them such largesse and such a life if and when they deal with those “less than.”

He walked alongside Roy Cohn – a Jew. He saw first hand the conflict Cohn had about being a Jew and at the same time seeming to hate Jews. He saw Joe McCarthy and watched Bobby Kennedy who sat right next to McCarthy as his right hand man and he saw how the Kennedy’s moved and used the filth McCarthy was spewing for his political benefit and McCarthy’s ability to use that filth to control others. He watched as the Kennedy’s moved, without taking along the tar thrown at them and others which did not stick to any of them from their involvement with McCarthy. He watched as they moved from the power achieved by being McCarthy’s First Lieutenant to sharing that power throughout the family to become President, Attorney General, Senator of these United States. A family of legend in these United States whose beginnings in the McCarthy power movement rolled off them as if they were made of teflon.

Trump saw and for a time was a part of the Gay Community and saw that community through the eyes of Roy Cohn.

So many influences we could go on for pages, but the above, known to all of us should give you an idea as to Donald Trump’s development and the forces and influences which dictated the direction in which his life would go.

His strongest influence was the Nazi German influence, probably because that is the group from which his family descends. A connection Trump maintained – keeping “Mein Kampf” on his bedside table and imbibing all that it put out.

Fast forward to recent times and we see all of those influences coming to fruition in the political world of these United States when the “birther lie” came along. Whether Trump originated that lie or not, he saw it as a way to achieve the money and power he craved and he jumped into the fray and brought the ‘birther lie’ much further than it would have gone without his work.

That ‘birther lie’ is what brought Trump to the United States presidency.

During his campaign and just before it started, Trump needed something stronger than the “birther lie’ to give him the power, pomp, money that he wanted so into his life comes QANON – a group that could become incredibly powerful and the kind of cult which developed around other things. This one Trump felt he could grow to be the institutional structure out of which he would rule the world.

While others were talking about Trump being lazy, not taking care of business, not working hard as he should as president of these United States.

That is both a lie and the truth. Fascist dictators and would-be fascist dictators have one trait in common – laziness. The whole idea is to have everything and be able to tell others what, how, when to do.

Within QANON, Trump could have not just one lie – like the havoc he wrought with the “birther lie”, but a structure into which he could put many lies and build all of that to the point of world control. He could do what Hitler tried and failed to do. Hitler used some conspiracy structures to gain power, but not enough nor widespread enough to gain the world control he wanted and needed. Trump would not make that mistake.

Within QANON there began to be carved out the “messiah”. The “messiah”, of course was “Q”.

The strength of QANON and Q comes from that side of human nature which needs to come together as a community, but in the world of “Q” the identity of those who are adherents to “Q” is strengthened by the fact that QANON “members”, adherents, disciples, shamans are all considered to be “better than” blacks, latina’s, gays, muslims – those considered to be “minorities” – less than.

This time the world would be better for the arrival of “Q” because there would be no concentration camps. The same thing would be achieved by killing these minority groups in any way possible – even one at a time – because there would soon be enough people in QANON doing these individual or small group killings in so many places that they would be untraceable to the original group and to “Q” himself and yet there would quickly be tens of thousands of such minorities killed with their numbers reduced to where slavery and other forms of “less than human” would be where minorities, needed for the work the “majority’ should not have to do, would be placed and kept.

Take a look at the “accomplishments” of Trump and his administration. It has been all about creating “identity”. Putting people who would do the will of “Q” into substantial places. Not because of the qualifications that the outside world considers before putting people in specific jobs, but those “Q” needs to do the work he has decided was needed to create the world according to “Q” and the inner circle of “QANON.” Many people considered to be “minorities” by “Q” have been killed – into the many thousands.

The latest example of such killings comes about when you look at the killings that took place recently on “death row” in the federal penitentiary. Those slated for execution, but who were on death row for years and some for decades were all killed in short order by “Q” and they were who? – minorities, you say?

Take a look at the gradually escalating police killings and the infiltration of the police departments by white nationalists, white supremacists, neo-nazi’s and all the rest. This started long before Trump, but it accelerated created under his presidency as more of those in the QANON group infiltrates the ranks of the law enforcement in this country the more minorities would and have been killed with the killers facing no punishment of any kind.

This recent they ‘stole the election lie’ which Trump started perpetrating months ago even before the election happened, is another such instance which allowed for the beginnings of what the QANON followers thought was going to be a way for wholesale killings and publicly done – the killings to come that the “noose” hung on Capitol Building grounds symbolized and so much more.

The Charlottesville re-enactment of Krystallnacht with many coming down a small mountain with their tiki torches lit chanting “Jews will not replace us” is another example of calling into the QANON group those who could hear the message and understand where this was all going.

The recent taking over of the Republican Party is not something new. It was started quite a long time ago to change a group that was the support of the abolition of slavery and the attempt of the United States to move towards equality. The Democratic Party, doing all those days past was the movement to keep apartheid in this country with those who espoused it in political control.

A parallel would be the retribution which was aimed and thrown at Haiti which is today suffering from its successful revolution which attempted to liberate Haiti from colonial control. They are still paying the price for that action. And so the Republican Party is being targeted to pay the price for its past support of African Americans.

At one point in the deep south, the head of the Louisiana Republican Party was a black man. That was before the institutional structure which supported and maintained African Americans and other none Northern European-ancestry groups as inferior and to be kept from participation in the political as well as all other groups in the U. S. Society started to weaken.

QANON has been cultivated as the power needed to bring Donald Trump into position as the fascist, Hitler type leader that is needed to make sure the majority of people in these United States, especially the voting majority and those who are heads of businesses, never flips from majority Northern European-ancestry types to those today considered “minorities” – African Americans, Latina’s, Asians, etc. with Northern European-ancestry types as one of instead of what they have been – “better than” and served by.

We have never explored what bigotry does to the human spirit. To see a bit of what happens and which should be studied minutely, take a look at those in the Republican Party today who do not move depending upon right and wrong, but who move depending upon what “Q” wants them to do. Their identity has gradually moved from a mostly white Republican Party to being a part of the cult of QANON with Donald Trump as “Q”.

To be “better than” is more addictive than alcohol or any kind of drugs which addict the body, mind and spirit. It takes away your ability to reason on a human level where you understand we all are of one race. It makes you follow the directives of the person and group that keeps you pumped full of the “better than” identity. It keeps others asking “what’s wrong with them” – when a little thought would tell them because if they really went into “what’s wrong with them” they would have to delve into the extremely painful place that exposes their adoption into their identity of being “better than” – which in these United States is simply camouflaged because we all have been raised to incorporate the “better than” and “less than” spirit into our being.

So now “Q” has become totally entrenched in our society. What happens now? The birther lie was also fully entrenched. We have done nothing about that lie and so it has given birth to other lies much more dangerous than that from which it has sprung.

Many who knew better took some solace in the fact that they could keep their bigotry covered because others were carrying the torch and going out in public to maintain the “better than”/”less than” lie.

So now dear God – what happens next? Are we capable of living in a world where we are equal to? Can we even write and talk about all of the institutional structures that need changing to keep such evil out of our lives and the lives of our children and grandchildren.

Mostly, we take down one institutional structure only to put up others which do the same job only in a more genteel and hidden way.

So, where do we turn? How do we reach your mind and heart to be able to cleanse our own? Will those who bring about basic change always have to pay the heavy prices we have required of them to discourage others from following in their path? Will this ever change or is this how we must live until death!

Romney – Pelosi – Trump

Friday, February 7th, 2020

by: Marceline Donaldson

The experience of having seen and heard Mitt Romney lay out in all its rawness, his reasons for voting to convict Donald Trump was amazing, confirming and an experience I shall never forgot and one for which I give thanks.

In doing so, Romney gave all of us a pattern for how our particular religious practice, our faith, our politics could go together.

We live in a country founded on the separation of religion and politics. In spite of that, we have the religious right demanding that their religious beliefs be the foundation which creates the policies on which this country continues to exist. How do we reconcile all of this? How can you live without your religion when it claims to be all consuming and the basis on which you live, breathe and from which comes all of your life decisions and function in a country which attempts to keep religion and politics separate!

Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi have given us one way to walk being able to live our religion with dignity, respect and honesty and function in these United States. In addition, Mitt Romney has opened the door for the acceptance in these United States of all religious beliefs. Who would have thought that would be done by a Mormon. A fairly “new” religion and one still being pushed aside; its believers and belief system ridiculed; and its adherents not often accepted by the rest of the country.

My study of theology over the years gave me an image of Donald Trump and his religious belief system which is clear, unequivocal and straight out of scripture. You have, no doubt, read what other writers in this publication have written as they outlined this belief system and tracked Trump’s walk through it with some clarity and quotes from Scripture.

There is a story in the Christian bible which is incredibly parallel to the walk Donald Trump is taking through his life. It apparently started when he was a young man and has become stronger over the years as he has walked this path with all of its trappings to get to his current post. That is the story of Satan tempting Jesus on the mountain top and offering Jesus all the beauty and power of this world if he will bow down and worship Satan. Jesus refuses and we move on from there.

Looking at Trump’s life you get a clear picture of what would have happened if Jesus had accepted Satan’s offer. Trump is only one of many men who have come along and said – “Let me replace Jesus, I will bow down and worship you Satan and I will do your bidding throughout eternity. Give me the power Jesus rejected.” We have seen and read about the life these men led and their “achievements” along with the power they sought after, grabbed for and finally had to relinquish at the end.

Yesterday, when I was at a very low point, sitting aimlessly in front of the television, there was Mitt Romney saying- my God and my faith are the center of my life and from that comes the decisions by which I live. Those are not his exact words, but that is the meaning of his preface as to why he was voting to convict Donald Trump.

After that short speech by Romney came another one on television by Donald Trump, who said “I do not believe in anything this Jesus – the Christ – person has said, nor do I nor will I live my life making decision that go along with His Gospel – how ridiculous. I will make decisions that go along with my belief and my dedication to the worship of Satan which I have cultivated throughout my life. Given that, I will retaliate in the worst way possible against all of those who did not, do not, will not do my bidding. I will attempt to destroy their quality of life and where possible the very lives of those who do not do my bidding. I will get others to “take them out”. They are horrible people. They are people who have blocked my ability to do Satan’s will and live the life Satan has required of me so I will have absolute power on this earth.

Those are not Trump’s exact words, but they are the meaning of what he said. He clearly abrogated the very core of what it means to be a Christian, to follow, to live into and to attempt to walk the path Jesus – the Christ – laid out for all Christians. He very clearly, loudly and in some detail said to everyone at that National Prayer Breakfast that he was not a follower of Jesus – the Christ; he did not believe in Holy Scripture; he would not live his life following the dictates of what – up to that point – he had called his religion. This weak and out-of-date belief system entraps those tending towards the same power grab that is sending many politicians into the arms of Trump and so into the arms of Satan. Christianity is not going to ‘entrap’ Satan – a few thousand years of experience shows that. It is also not going to entrap Trump he is now far beyond its grasp.

Trump has been able to move many others off the path of Christianity and helped them find the path Satan carved out for him and for those who would follow him. At the same time, in another setting, I watched Trump, still on television, bringing before the cameras, commending and raising up for all of watching, many of those he has been able to corrupt. Or rather, he gave us another lesson on how to recognize and bring into your ‘group’ those already corrupt to combine together to do Trump’s bidding. One such person received a sustained standing ovation when his name was called. The whole scene made you want to vomit.

Those are the people I was struggling trying to understand before this extravaganza happened. It was as though God said – turn on your television I am going to show you the answer to your prayers and relieve your consternation over what is happening in your world. And on came Trump and Company celebrating their “victory”.

God didn’t actually sit next to me and say that. This is my interpretation of what I heard and learned from the unveilings of the past few days.

Donald Trump has, in the past, walked up to the line of destroying Christ for many, but in his talk at the Prayer Breakfast he crossed it and was very clear that he is not Christian, never has been and finds Jesus and his teachings the extreme opposite of who he is and what he is about. That makes me wonder about the White Evangelical Christians who almost rabidly support Trump and all he is about. Donald Trump has been very clear about his belief system, how he lives his life, what he is going to do moving into the future and what he expects from his supporters.

It does not take much to realize what he is planning for those who don’t get in line, join the “team” and follow him.

It was amazing to me that all of this was revealed so quickly and in the context of a National Prayer Breakfast. I heard in my head a little ditty which many repeat – “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me three times – wow, am I that morally corrupt?:”

So many people have told me over the years – when someone tells you who they are; what they believe; where they are going; and how they are going to treat you if you don’t behave in a certain way- believe them and make your decisions in life including that knowing instead of a hope and a wish that they were otherwise, were going to magically learn lessons which would allow them to be otherwise and better than they seem.

Thank you Senator Romney! I too try live my life by my faith in God and my belief in God’s promises. Lots of people I know live the same way. I just happen to be Episcopalian. My friends, who live the same way, are a gathering of people from Catholic, Baptist, Hindu, Muslim, and many more denominations/religious belief systems. I saw when you were Governor of Massachusetts that out of your belief system came the health care system that we now enjoy in Massachusetts and beyond. Out of the lives of many of my friends have come some amazing achievements – not grand and glorious which the world celebrates, but quiet and necessary and with large contributions to the lives of those around them.

Thank you Nancy Pelosi! As an African American/New Orleans Creole woman my life has been a continuum of one oppression received from this society after another. Not one day passes that I do not have to deal with racism or sexism or a combination of the two. And when those hits come I also have to deal with the denial of that experience by the rest of the world, even at times from my own family. And I know and have seen I am not alone in those experiences – many are forced by others to go through those horrors for reasons they don’t even seem to know or want to know, but which they put out there and demand that many go through so they can keep their identity as ‘better than’ whether that identity has served them for good or for ill.

In the process, I have learned to keep on keeping on and maybe help someone else to do the same. Trying to help someone climb over a particularly large stone they were having a difficult time getting over or getting around. Watching you on a national scale has been one a truly wonderful gift. May you continue and move from great to true greatness as you do your job on a daily basis.

My experience has been – there is nothing in this world stronger than prayer. The miracles I have seen coming from people joining their prayers together have been earth changing. May you continue to find strength in your faith to do what you needs to be done, standing in your own light, without need for the approval of those around you.

Satan is still looking for those to do his bidding who will fall down and worship him. Donald Trump needs to look at the example of those who did just that and how the end of their lives came exposing their evil and sin to the world as they went out in a blaze of horror, filth, agony and huge regrets never able to see the beauty which comes from the love of God and from those around seeing who they really are and caring for them in spite of their failings.

Trump is clear, that is not his way. He showed that for all to see when he walked away from a mentor who spent much of himself and his resources and fortune helping to educate and move Trump to the place he now holds – even moving him and his business from Queens to New York without which help none of what Trump has done would have been possible. When Roy Cohn became ill and in need at the end of his life, the person to whom he had given much and who very greedily accepted everything given to him assuming he could always go back for more and did while giving nothing back in return walked away from him, turned his back on this ‘friend’ and attended his funeral only briefly standing in the back for just a minute before beating a quick retreat out of there.

Throughout life you have to make life affirming, life changing or life destroying choices at many points. I hope the choices which those reading this make will be for good, for love, for kindness, for caring, to help relieve the suffering of others, realizing the humanity -the fragility – the tendency to fall and fail we all share and experience at different times of life is what joins us together.



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Bettina Members talk Trump!

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

Ed. Note: It seems to be all Trump all the time. A disgusting use of resources. It also seems that those who were looking for ways to maintain their White Privilege and White Nationalism and just plain bigotry over many areas have been able to do so with the foul backing of this man who calls himself President of these United States.

We received much, from Bettina Network Lifestyle Community Members, about the State of the Union address many times yesterday starting in the morning and becoming a tsunami by the time it was over. Mostly, people are becoming unanimous in their call for Trump’s removal because he was never legitimately elected in the first place and that call is beginning to be heard. When foreign governments interfere with an election – in some ways that won’t be known for decades – it is time to stop being “nice”; stop trying to preserve the un-preservable and time to speak truth. That has not happened and clearly is not going to happen.

We are including here a few responses which represent the main complaints we received.

Bettina Member #1 – It is amazing to hear the lies being told by the President of the United States on television and during the State of the Union. Starting with “his” promotion of Charles McGee to Brigadier General. https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2019/december/19/tuskegee-airman-mcgee-to-be-promoted-to-brigadier-general

This was an honorary promotion backed by others, not Donald Trump, although at this State of the Union speech he did take credit. What was needed was for President Trump, who was not responsible for this promotion, to add his own touch by making sure that Charles McGee received the difference in salary and pension benefits that he would have received had this honor happened decades earlier.

As a part of the Tuskegee Airmen, Brigadier General McGee went through much trauma during his early adulthood, his time in the armed services and pushing ahead with a life of service. He deserves at least that salary and those pension benefits even though it comes years later.

What I also need to say in this publication I will take from the Facebook posting that Marceline Donaldson put out last night during Trump’s speech. You all need to read that posting.

What was the Trump family doing during the time of Charles McGee’s epic struggle to help this country succeed in its struggle happening at the time with the other Tuskegee Airmen trying to do their duty to this country? Trumps were building apartments in Queens, New York and refusing to rent those apartments to African Americans. It was so bad, the United States government stepped in to force them to stop that racist practice.

How did the Trump family do this? They blocked, obfuscated, obstructed the Courts and refused to produce what was normally expected to be produced in Court. They disrespected all of us by disrespecting the Court System under which they lived. They generally acted the way Trump acted recently obstructing Congress, demanding the right to continue their unlawful practice without any penalties for having violated the law. It is a behavior model Donald Trump has followed in all the many ways he has violated the rights of citizens, immigrants, businesses and anyone and/or any group he felt the need to rip off for what he perceived to be to his benefit and today he has even hired the lawyers who worked for him to rip off students through Trump University to defend him in this impeachment action and they complied, using the same tactics. Rip off students, rip off U. S. citizens, rip off whoever. A Trump family theme song. Now about to be practiced again as his son-in-law works with others to set up the rip off of Palestinians.

To TELL THE TRUTH is not something Donald Trump does. To TAKE CREDIT FOR WHAT OTHERS HAVE DONE is something Donald Trump does regularly and does not give credit to those who actually did that for what he claims credit.


Bettina Member #2 It is amazing how much Donald Trump needs to attempt to put down Barack Obama and use that attempt at trashing Obama to build himself up and to take credit for work done by Obama. It has been one of the consistencies of Trump’s presidency. Whenever I hear him – once again – putting down Obama I know he is trying to cover up what he has done that is not great and is trying to take credit for someone else’s work, assuming his base will follow along – after all their reward is to remain being “better than.” in this case, he attempted throughout his talk to take credit for the current state of the economy of the United States. We will pay, over years. for what Donald Trump is doing today attempting to become an Oligarch.

Trump claimed in this State of the Union speech that he took over an economy which was failing and a mess and he moved in, took it over and produced a great and successful and the best economy ever seen on the face of the earth. What Trump took over was an economy that Obama turned around from moving into a depression under George Bush into an economy which is now in its 10th year of moving ahead. The economy is moving ahead in spite of the many ways Trump has tried to sink this economy, but it was too strong for him to accomplish the last wish in Putin’s Christmas stocking left for Santa Trump Claus.

It is also time for the media and others to recognize what Barack Obama accomplished and to give him credit for the work of his administration and stop sucking up to Trump, who is not going to favor you with any interviews that mean anything to your career over the long run. That will sink your career because it shows your inability to analyze and report what is most important seeing the lines, strings, things that lead to others things which need to be reported on accurately not in ways that CYA so you can continue sucking up to Trump for what you think is the protection of your future.

Trump’s racism is so strong he assumes the citizens of this country and those around the world will believe him when he trashes Obama. Amazingly, some of them do believe him, not because what Trump is saying is true, but because their racism needs the relief of someone trashing a fantastic human being who is also African American. Extreme bigotry works that way. It is why so many African communities after Reconstruction were trashed and people massacred with so many laws passed to attempt to keep the lid on the possibility that African Americans stolen from other countries would always be subjected to their needs and their control

This is why Andrew Jackson could push forward with his Trail of Tears. It is why Donald Trump can now claim to be President of the United States and he knows he holds his office because of the need people have, like those who created and now are members of the KKK, the White Nationalists, the neo-Nazi’s, etc. They cannot live with the reality that they are equal to and not greater than those who are not the same color, the same sex, the same everything. Most times, those trying to lift themselves up on the backs of others are society’s failures who manage through manipulation and other such means to achieve. How could anyone believe an African American could achieve what Barack Obama achieved by being a decent, truthful, God loving man? Many can believe such, but not those with the extreme bigotry of a Donald Trump and his followers. Obama was not perfect, but his failings were the failings of a human being who believed in what he was doing and accomplishing and not in creating a smoke screen on which he could project things he wanted people to believe he excelled in and did while actually being furiously failing in life and destroying everything he touched – as is the case with Donald Trump.

Lets put Trump’s criticisms and claims into perspective and put out there the reasons he dumps on so many people.


Bettina Member #3 I am so tired of hearing how divided we are as a country – never before have we been so divided against each other. And then the story goes into the many ways this is shown.


We are not so divided in this new era of one person against another. One House of Congress against another. We are pretty much where we have always been, if anything we are less divided than we have been in the past and we are in a position to be able to resolve some age old separations which were killing of human beings and deprived many of their rights under the Constitution in this country.

Why? How?

We have appeared to be together, but we have been a country of White Supremacy over all. When we seemed to be less divided we were more successfully divided against those we wanted to keep down – those less than.

We have had a Congress of all white, all male representatives. We have had businesses of all white, all male representatives and they worked together behind closed doors on how to rip off the rest of us – and they did that very successfully.

Well, today, we are not more divided, we are more representative. We have at least one half of Congress with representatives from many different groups working together to make sure we are all represented and to keep in check people like the racists, sexists, total bigots on everything from religion to sexual orientation to culture to language .

In every corner of this country there are people challenging others on their need to be “better than” and their push to keep white northern european males superior in every way. There are also those who are trying to make sure any advances made are being done by that one group and being served by so called “minorities.”

That has changed because those minorities will very soon be the majority and people like Donald Trump are manipulating and attempting to become extremely wealthy by ripping off even those they claim to partner with to maintain that superiority. They will even destroy the planet in the process.

That is not new. We have a planet on the verge of destruction because that white, male, northern european group has gained its advantage, its wealth, its clout by promoting themselves, their businesses, their lifestyle in ways that have hurt us all and demanded and still demands the birthright to be able to continue to do such. That is certainly the message of Trump to his followers – they will back him and he will maintain the Supremacy they are accustomed to even if they don’t gain materially or in any way benefit therefrom – other than in the maintenance of their identity as superior.

To root that out of society is an impossibly difficult task. It is one that has currently taken over the look of extreme division because the minorities have gained some power, a little money and have maintained the values, the morality, the spiritual beliefs with which they were raised and with those things they intend to make sure the places where they live and work remain under an ethical system which recognizes the equality of us all. That is very divisive and will be until the group that was the “majority” group gives up and decides to back down and take the lesser place of equality.

Instead of walking into that sunset, we are hearing public complaints and warnings about how “divisive” some folks are; how divided we are and how horrible that is and will be for the government and society in which we live. So many warnings are now coming out to help scare us all and attempt to force us to back off. Those warnings are coming from those who claim to be on “our side”. Who want to see this new world come into being just not with such divisiveness. Lets keep the status quo for a time until we can work out the problems and then lets move forward together.

That was the old argument – now in new clothes – which paraded around the King Movement, the Malcolm X movement, the NOW movement, the feminists of all kinds organizing to change society from a “better than” to an “equal to” society, in the LGBTQ Society – ‘lets opt to work for marriage equality and those things that are culturally accepted and makes us like everybody else.

That is why we are still having to fight so hard. The evil in us comes out and we cannot stand to see such goodness about to break through into this world. ‘What will I do if I am expected to be equal?’

During the Black Civil Rights Movement it was said the only way to solve the problem of racism is for Whites to give up White Privilege. In todays world Whites who have done just that have been singled out by the media and others and the attempt to destroy them has been unrelenting. Somehow, a White woman giving up her “white superiority” is a super huge threat.

We have attempted to make life a living hell for the few who came out publicly with such a declaration .

A White Male who comes out and claims he is not going to take it anymore announces he is running for President under the name Donald Trump. He is going to move to make sure equality does not come about. He is going to run for president because he sees and feels the fear in others as they look at such a possibility. He is going to become super wealthy with his friends by fighting against such and he will become the greatest man who ever lived. He was so insistent on his way of living he has now taken to comparing himself to Jesus and he has followers who are beginning to promote such beliefs.

He has corrupted the Republican Party and it has become a cult, following him down this road. He has combined with those like minded people who want to accomplish their ascendency over others for power and control. He is training his children to do the same thing and they have learned well at his knee.

He has been so successful that today he is working, successfully, to bring in the teachings and work of Joseph McCarthy accusing folks of Socialism and now moving to accusations of Communism which are the charges McCarthy made which totally disrupted these United States. He won’t move directly into the way McCarthy moved, but he does understand the pattern and will make a few cuts to make it fit his ways.

where will it end. Will the equal people succeed? Will the fascists come back and take over pushing us back brutally with killings and violence and their Concentration Camps to get things back to normal?

Our current president is pulling for the return of the fascists with him being the chief. He certainly has the ability to lie, cheat and steal to make it happen and worth his while.

Stay tuned. Hope you are on the right side.


Before You Acquit Donald Trump!

Monday, February 3rd, 2020

Bettina Network Oracle speaks:

Ed Note: We have called in the Bettina Network Oracle because much needs to be revealed which is not now showing and we thought it was important to be able to put out whatever the oracle had to say – good, bad or indifferent.

“It is amazing that you have to call me in to say what is obvious. If humans in the United States will only get to know their history they will be able to see immediately the background for anything that happens in the U. S.

What is going on with this impeachment and all the other related things?

If you go over a review of your United States history you will see it is about time for a movement to come along, once again, to force the politics, business, legal, social sides of the United States to remain stringently White, Male, Northern European. Things are beginning to get out of hand, if you are one of those who sees his or her identity beginning to disappear into an identity of equality.

Such a movement that we are now seeing, which put Donald Trump and his family and friends in office was necessary for those who have benefitted from an identity which holds them above everyone else and keeps them preferred for those positions and other things on top of the society with basically the jobs and lifestyles to support that superior lifestyle going to those considered “lesser people”.

Such times have arrived and it has been brutal. Hopefully, this will be different, but it does not look hopeful.

To understand today take a look at what happened after the Civil War and after Reconstruction. Those who were accustomed to turning human beings into slaves and put in place an institutional structure which defined themselves as much better than others were horrified at the fact that Reconstruction was moving fast to make every citizen of the United States equal to every other citizen. The outrage of those who lost the war and some of those in the north who quietly approved of what the confederate people were doing began to make itself felt in massacres, lynchings of those who attempted to vote and were not white and male and those who were in the upper classes. The horribleness of what happened to those who thought they were equal to and moved to make that a part of the structure of society was horrendous.

Your Michael Bloomberg gave a talk recently which went back to recapture the history of the massacre in Tulsa Oklahoma when a small city of Blacks which worked hard and smart and was called the “Black Wall Street” was destroyed. Whites who could not stand seeing Blacks even survive went into that city and killed men, women, children and burned the homes and businesses in the city to the ground until there was nothing left except the remains of the carnage from the Whites who were unable to live with themselves if they were not “on top”, “better than”, reducing Blacks to nothingness and poverty through their own actions and blamed the Blacks for the situation they were in.

If you are having a difficult time understanding those who are defending Donald Trump and those working with him to bring about something very similar – think on those and other such happenings which are not captured in our history books unless you take the time to search long and hard to find such happenings.

Joseph McCarthy, a United States Senator came along several decades after the carnage in Tulsa and caused huge misplacements of the same kind, but he did it using the governmental processes. It was not the physical massacre, but he did an excellent job He called hearings and set up circumstances under which he and his followers and helpers could destroy anyone by calling them “Communists”. Many lives were destroyed in that process. It was not the kind of physical massacre that happened in Tulsa, but it was a massacre nonetheless.

Your present president knows about that because he had experience on the side of those doing that damage. He learned the craft he is now practicing at the feet of Joseph McCarthy and Roy Cohn during the days of those hearings and he has been looking for a way to bring that kind of ugliness back into the society so he will have more complete control over these United States. He started recently to bring McCarthyism back as he turned to accuse your Bernie Sanders of being a “Soviet- style Communist.” You will hear more of the same from him as he tries to bring others under that banner and see that they receive the kind of abuse that will bring them down and him up. Add his immigration killings and so much more and you will have a more complete picture of his lack of a soul.

Songs were written because of the viciousness of many trying to keep one group of people down. “Strange Fruit” – which you can hear on this blog with the story of its writing, came about because of the hundreds of Africans who were hung from trees ( which is the “Strange Fruit) because they dared to vote.

There are many more such happenings. Just search history and you will be overwhelmed at the evil it contains.

Andrew Jackson, Donald Trump’s favorite president, was censured for his actions which could be compared to Trump’s. He also was the president under whom the Trail of Tears happened during which thousands of Native Americans were destroyed. They were forced to walk from the Southeast to the middle of the country so Whites could live where their homes had been for generations. They walked with nothing – no food, no clothes, no place to sleep, and on and on it goes. This done by Donald Trump’s favorite president. How have you missed all of this? Or is it of no consequent to you?

I could go on for pages to make this a book instead of an article and there would be other such happenings still not included. When Trump embraced Andrew Jackson as his favorite president he was giving a message to the world. Some heard him loud and clear and knew from that point on how to deal with him and what to expect. Others, who did not have the ability to understand the connection still don’t get why Jacksons portrait is in the Oval Office and other such connections. The Trail of Tears was a time of killings and more which could parallel what has been started with the immigration and the way children and others are being treated. Did you realize death has come to some of the children put in “cold boxes” if they were sick and other such incredibly inhumane things?

And now, today, we are experiencing the beginnings of yet another one. Donald Trump is the evil who has come along to do what his mentors did and those in Reconstruction times did, and the KKK did with their lynchings and what so many others have done.

In past times, you came to me asking about what was happening with the immigrants and others things beginning to surface looking very much like the beginnings of Hitlers Germany. Didn’t that mean anything to anyone? What I said in answer to your questions has now come about. What good is it to give you this information if you ignore it and go ahead doing what will not be effective?

Don’t be so foolish as to be a part of the evil beginning to rain down on your United States. This is only the beginning. It is a gathering storm which will tear the world apart for one man’s power needs.

When there are as many leaders as you now have in your U. S. Senate who are willing to compromise their very soul for status, money, power and more, hope is a small flickering candle being buffeted in the winds blowing all around it and that candle will not be lit for long. When it goes out – so has hope.

Be very careful, you are playing with your eternity. Even small actions now count.

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