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Saturday, May 18th, 2019

by Marceline Donaldson

The ethics of winning has taken precedent over the Constitution of the United States, what it offers and why. The ethics of winning is ruling the Democratic Party and it is time for that to stop. Excuses are being made instead of the relevant people showing courage. Tomorrow is way too late. Our democracy is already half-way down the tube.

If the way to remove a corrupt president was to wait until the next election to vote him out of office, there would be no need for impeachment. That is how Nancy Pelosi and others are acting – lets wait and in the 2020 election “he” and “they” will be voted out and we will have our country back. Right! Folks promoting that need to sit down, shut up and let those who can lead take over. This takes courage, forthrightness, honesty – not gamesmanship to attempt to best the gamesmanship which has brought us to this place. Think about what happens if you, Ms. Pelosi, have led your people into a losing election. Foreign interference is clearly ready and able to turn the election over to Donald Trump for a second term. They had too many goodies from him in this first term not to make sure he survives to continue playing Santa Claus to them, leaving all those goodies under the Christmas Tree.

The ethics of winning says it is more important to attempt to use what the president is doing and has done, – no matter how corrupt; no matter the damage being done to the United States government; no matter what; to claim that letting him stay in office and hope you win the next election in 2020 and that will show him. In reality that is the route and road on which to walk to insure that this republic ceases to exist and the ‘king for life’ emerges.

That kind of thinking usually backfires and leaves everyone disgusted and the “entitled corruptor” in charge.

We wrote about Mitch McConnell many months ago and asked why did he hold those judgeships open, especially the Supreme Court vacancy, until Obama was out of office and the next president would take the reins. That clearly, in McConnell’s opinion, was not going to be Hillary Clinton, in spite of the fact that this is what was showing – everything he and the rest of us saw said Hillary would win the election by a substantial margin. But O’Connell had eyes and ears where we could not see nor hear. He would not do such a thing, unless he knew things we didn’t know about who was going to win in 2016, because that might result in a far more liberal nominee to the U. S. Supreme Court than the one Barack Obama was proposing. We will ask again – what did McConnell know and when did he know it? Many should be asking that question and should have been asking it months ago.

With all of the current information coming down which is implicating someone or someones from Congress as being implicit and active in Trump’s Obstruction and other crimes it clearly seems to be pointing to McConnell as the one working with the Russians to get Trump elected.

Nancy Pelosi, however, is another story. She needs to sit this one out, move aside and let someone else take over her position because her thinking is not clear and is deep into the ethics of winning. She is very risk averse and would rather experience little risk and live in an autocratic state with Trump in charge, rather than acting out of the kind of ethics she should have to preserve this republic. She is leading us right into the whirlwind calling it a small spring storm for which we don’t even need an umbrella.

Something is not right with Pelosi and whatever it is isn’t showing on top of the table at this moment so others can see, but clearly, that not rightness has to do with Donald Trump. Is she the one who is standing between Trump and impeachment? And if so why? It certainly looks as though she is protecting him and he knows it, almost as if they have some kind of agreement that she will block impeachment for him.

Impeach or violate and ignore what the framers of the Constitution created for us to have available when someone like Trump comes along as president. When the United States is fighting the United States president: When a foreign power has intervened and practically is sitting at the desk of the president telling him what to do: When this president is corrupt and has a goal of turning the United States into what has happened to Turkey – with their Parliament, or Congress, so weakened President Erdogan becomes president for life and does exactly what he wants to do with no one intervening except the visitations of his fascist leader friends to help him guide the United States Government: then it is time to call for those making this possible, by their call to inaction and more, to resign. And that includes you, Ms. Pelosi.

The framers of the Constitution of the United States set up the possibility of impeachment for a reason. When Nancy Pelosi takes it on herself to negate that and plays instead with the ethics of winning deciding to wait for the next election because it seems “safe” and she either does not want to ‘risk’ impeachment or she is being held back by forces which should not be involved with her at all then it is time to sit Ms. Pelosi on the sideline until others with courage, insight, truth and no game playing take over.

Pelosi and McConnell have something in common. They see supporting Trump – either passively or actively – to be to their personal advantage.

McConnell supporting Trump above the board for all to see what he is doing without letting anyone know about his probable connections to the Russian conspiracy and Pelosi supporting Trump under the table for reasons we can’t now see or know but which will soon be unveiled – that is a horrific place in which to put this United States Government. That is not why they were elected.

Trump, during all of this, is still calling out “Fake News”. That is understandable. He was on the television show “The Apprentice” for years and that was all about Fake News/made-up events. His experience with the media has been all around Fake News. That has certainly been his relationship to reporters and others as he tried to manipulate the news with false information when he was moving his business and other interests along. Sometimes he was successful getting his “Fake News” reported on as regular news so when he comes into contact with “Real News” and reporters researching and investigating real news he doesn’t know what to do, how to act, what that is all about, because that is an area with which he has no experience. Lies, distortions, play acting and more is what he knows about the media because that is how he interacted with them. He was not in control of the media, but he did his share of manipulation of the news and putting out lies as facts. So he calls out Fake News as Real News and Real News as Fake News. What a screwed up world we are currently inhabiting.

With Trump’s appearance on “The Apprentice” for so many years – his interaction with the public is very closely akin to Bill Cosby’s who appeared as this wonderful, upperclass African American husband and father who did all the right things. It took decades for anyone to take seriously the allegations of sexual assault against Cosby because his “TV Image” always intervened and made it well nigh impossible for anyone to believe Dr. Huckstable could do the things of which Bill Cosby was accused.

Donald Trump, posing as this TV business person and always coming out ahead with books written by others under his name portraying him as a great deal maker, we now have to sort out the difference between his real self and his TV persona. Many have had a problem with that and are still trying to see him as he really is.

And the rest of us? We are in a state of shock to see how fast all of this is moving with extreme sexism against women once again showing up and the beginnings of an attempt to reverse Brown v Board of Education to bring us back to the 1950’s when White Male Supremacy ruled everything and everybody and many now see that in danger – the White Male becoming equal to the rest of us has created a kind of hysterical fit in this society which we are all having a horrible time watching and experiencing.

It is time to stop this horror movie now playing on movie and television screens all over the world and get back to reality. It is time to clean-up this earth from all of the ugly, corrupt, vileness which has been dug up and spread around like an over-full cow pond smelling, corrupting children, making a grand mess as we live under the leadership of a criminal enterprise headed by a mafia “Don” with the people who should be calling and starting the impeachment process doing everything they can do to let time pass so they can make good on their promise not to impeach.

Oh, for some truth telling in the middle of all these lies. That truth telling which can stop the obstruction we are being forced to experience and which can only be had during an impeachment process needs to start soonest. Investigations are nice and do something – impeachment gets the job done and every Senator on record for where they stood at this crucial time in this United States. The kind of lying, cursing, oppressing, destroying going on today will last a very long time and we will pay for all of this with our freedom.

Turkey just had a vote. The president lost the vote in Istanbul. The president negated that vote and declared it would be done over – and everyone knew it would be done over until he liked the results. Is that a precursor for where donald Trump hopes to be leading the U. S.?



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