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Trump’s American Oligarchs and Giuliani

Friday, April 27th, 2018

It has been amazing to see how Trump has gone about destroying America and bringing it down to size so Putin could benefit and control the world.  Who will manage to gain world control first – Putin or Bezos?  Very different play books; lifestyles, goals and objectives.

First: Giuliani.

Why was he brought in?  What is his goal? What are his marching orders?

One can only hope he has more care and concern for the United States than he does for Trump.  Sometimes, however, that has not been so clear.  His morality and values have been showing for quite some time and they don’t look as though he wears a “white hat”.

We think Giuliani’s two week deadline is dead serious.  Not that Mueller’s investigation will be wrapped up by that time – this coming Thursday – but it didn’t sound to us as though those two weeks were about Mueller finishing his investigation.  He can’t be allowed to do that because Trump isn’t coming out looking good.  In fact, Trump is looking like crap with morals and values that make Giuliani’s look like Jesus’.

What has been clear to us is that by this coming Thursday, Giuliani will be present at Trump’s side as he fires Mueller.  Hasn’t Giuliani surfaced to be present at the ‘execution’ – so to speak.  To help pick up the pieces and be one of Trump’s people helping so Trump won’t be alone as he manages the fallout from that act.  And, possibly so Giuliani comes out ‘top dog’ in a way he could never be otherwise.

If you have any doubts, listen to the Fox interview with ‘President’ Trump and what most call the ‘rant’, but which actually sounds as though it is something coming from someone who can’t control the power he thinks will soon be in his hands.

Second: Putin’s Americanized Playbook!

Now that Trump has done his best to cause as much disruption in the American Government as possible, especially by putting into government people who are diametrically opposed to the cabinet position to which they have been appointed to wreck all of those areas with upheaval causing distractions as a bonus, the next step – so thinks Putin, Trump and company – should be a breeze.

All of the upheaval Trump has put down – after having given himself a mental out, if things take a turn in the wrong direction – now makes it easier to establish American Oligarch’s in the Putin/Russian style.

When the Soviet Union became Russia there was a lot of publicly owned utilities, monopolies and more such huge structures hanging out waiting for the next step.  That next step  was to ‘privatize’ – Russian style – all or most of those structures making a handful of Russians unimaginably wealthy.  They then built a human shield around Putin so his taking over would be complete – the creation of the ‘super wealthy’ class – the Russian Oligarchs.

That Russian playbook, we think, has been translated American style and that is what Trump is following.  How?  Privatize as much of America as possible and put the largest structures, now publicly owned into the hands of the select few who would be the American counterparts to the Russian Oligarchs by having them form the human shield around Trump.  We’ve seen the attempt and plan to privatize the armed forces, – the VA, eliminate the Education Dept, kill the Energy Dept. and on and on it goes.

That is being played out with the Veterans Affairs structure.  The number 7, 8 or 9, if it were on the largest 100 corporations in America, being privatized would be a very large step on the way to achieving that goal.

Trump, having fired the head of the VA when he took office was an early step.  It has been complicated by the American spirit which tends to be generationally republic on its way to a democracy.   That is a very different mind set than was in Russia when Putin took it over.  A mindset we don’t believe Putin or Trump could begin to understand.

Having fired McDonald – who had been head of Proctor and Gamble – probably, we think, because he was not into privatization of the VA of which Obama set him up to head, finding someone else who would be open to do the Russian Oligarch thing in America has not been an easy task. That could not be someone with experience. It would ideally be  someone with not even the beginnings of experience on that level.  Someone who could be manipulated without knowing it; who was willing to go ahead with the privatization plan or at the very least who would not know the privatization plan was in play,  moving ahead under his inability to watch over such a large organization.  Someone whose ego would carry him away as head of such prestige who wouldn’t really care what was happening on his watch as long as it didn’t affect him.  Someone like Pruitt at the EPA – so busy lining his own pockets he could care less what was happening and the best way to distract from what he is doing is to cause upheavals and take resources to deal with his mess.

Now what!  How does the playbook continue in play with Trump losing it because he is actually, experience wise, in the position Ronnie Jackson was in when he was elected president.  That is quite a parallel.  Trump had about an equivalent amount of experience when he took over the American government as president and Putin was clearly aware of that fact.

What was really wrong with Hillary Clinton, as far as this Russian plan was concerned?  She was totally experienced and ready to be a totally functioning president.  It would not be possible to put over on her the kinds of things Putin and Company have put over on Trump.  Some say Putin favored Trump because of his dislike of Hillary.  We think that is ridiculous given what is at stake.  Likes and dislikes don’t come into play when one is shooting for the high stakes in this game.

Trump has probably worn out his welcome with Russia and Putin, so now what!  Clearly, his usefulness has come to an end.  So have his dreams of Trump Tower Moscow.  The “privatization” of huge public companies is going no place so the creation of the equivalent in America to Russian Oligarchs has come to an end.  Do they have an alternative game plan to bring in in case of failure of this one?

The part of the playbook we were most amazed at was the willingness of Putin and Trump to throw as many “mafia” types into top positions in the United States as needed hoping enough would stick to get the game way down the road to success.  Failures would just be dropped into the sewer.  The penalty the failures would receive would be their name, reputation and future smashed.

Trumps’ problem and what slowed him down to a stop even though he tried very hard was not being able to get rid of the media with his calls of “Fake News” and other such tactics so what was happening would not be noticed.  The United States media is roughly akin to the Putin concept of how to take down America – throw as many “news hounds” as possible against the wall.  Some will stick and climb to the top, others will fall by the way side, but there will be no end to those begging to be thrown against the wall even if it means serious injury to health, life, wealth and family.  And so the U. S. media, in the end, will help the U. S. citizenry win the game they don’t even know they are playing and don’t have a clue it is being played against them.


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