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Love and Sex – A reader adds comments

Saturday, September 8th, 2018

Thank you for that blog.  It struck me for some time that we are being led by a group of white men who seem to have sex on their minds and we suffer the consequences because love is required of leaders.

What does it mean that our president – Donald J. Trump – has been accused multiple times of sexually abusing and assaulting more than a dozen women and his reputation goes far beyond that if you go back many years.  That kind of appetite generally will also turn to greed, jealousy, and many other emotions that destroy and will not build up and Trump is showing that he is into destruction of this society as quickly and completely as possible.  This is not new for him because he showed us that in the way he ran and built his Trump Organization.  Why?  Because it will give him worldly goods beyond his imaginings and will give him power over many who want the same thing.

Is he about building up an American Oligarchy the way Russia has an Oligarchy?

As far back as the 1980’s it was clear that Trump was beholden to the Russia and Eastern European mafia.  Take a look and it certainly looks as though his billions were created by those relationships.  And, just think of what he can now acquire as he opens the doors to this country’s treasury and assets to those with whom he was financially related from the ’80’s until today.

Everyone is saying he is beholden to Putin and Russia?  He is actually beholden to the Russian Mafia and is an asset of the Russian and Eastern European mafia’s.  Apparently he didn’t meet Putin until all of this running for the presidency occurred and the Russian mafia did what?  Loaned him to Putin to achieve Putin’s goals?

What a difference it makes to have someone as president who is into love instead of sex.  I don’t like to make comparisons, but when I saw John McCain’s family during his funeral remembrances I don’t think I have seen, in one family, such a coming together of the world’s people.  It was beautiful.  I wish we had more of that.  It was family trying to live a life of love rather than controlled by sex and all such an emphasis entails.

Apparently, McCain tried to bring along those with whom he worked.  His relationship with Lindsey Graham shows that.  He brought along Lindsey Graham and now Graham has resorted to who he was before his close friendship with McCain.  The need for power, recognition, importance can lead to such ugliness.  That is so very sad.  I remember Graham before McCain and he was a flake – racist – sexist – and I could throw in a few more negatives, but if you are that old you should also remember the news coverage of where Lindsey Graham was coming from during those days.  And then he changed and became someone we all began to respect.  That has stopped now that McCain is dead.  He has reversed course and has once again become the man he was back then.  He looks as though he has been working hard to become Attorney General and it also looks as though Trump has promised him the spot to get Graham to be one of his supporters who Trump can bounce around for whatever he needs.  That is so sad!

As I read your article on Love and Sex – how different this world would be if we had that movement towards love.  If we could see each other in that light instead of in the light of sex – which is where we move immediately.  Try to be friends with someone because you have much in common, it could be a great friendship, but the outside world would see it in terms of sex.  We have not been able to rise above how we describe the animals.  Tell someone you love them and it immediately takes on a component of sexual attraction.  What is wrong with us that we have not developed beyond such a place?

The world of love is so superior to the world of sex that it is unimaginable how we are able to maintain ourselves on the lower level of sex and not be able to rise above it when there is this incredible place we could be.  All of our religions tout love.  However, most also have these warnings and judgments against sex except how they define it and how we have tried over the generations to legislate sex – such a waste.  I had not thought before reading your article that this need to reduce love to sex and then control sex had to do with inheritance and who owns and inherits what.  Power – greed – corruption all come into play as we have ruined many lives with our nonsense.

If we could somehow get out of the muck and mess to which we consign ourselves and see another way of living what a great world this would be.  People like Donald Trump would have to re-work their ethics and themselves because they would be odd person out and never in a position to become dog-catcher let alone anything else.

Games like this op-ed thing would not be played – there would be no need.  Who wrote that op-ed piece?  Either Donald Trump or Treasury Secretary Mnuchin, who saw it as a way to raise himself up above his peers and position himself to be able to rise when he got out of the Trump Administration.  He has given himself an excuse and a cover for his being there in the first place.  After Gary Cohn left, he had to do something – and so we have this op-ed.  He won’t admit to it, but he will quietly circulate it when he is ready to be employed elsewhere to shore himself up to a higher place and overcome the negativity he has acquired as a part of Donald Trump’s cabinet.  I could be wrong – but in this guessing game that is my choice.


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