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The American Tax Cut

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

by:  Marceline Donaldson

If ever I have seen a group of people who should not be in government, it was those folks standing on the steps of the Capital – built by slaves – awaiting the arrival of their “leader”.

It was like a Greek play!

Along comes four White MEN!

My first thought was that the earth was going to open in front of them and – oops! – there they go!

but that didn’t happen.  They arrived in front of all those people who gave them such an ovation you would have thought they did something great.  But then we traditionally also applaud and give awe to evil!

I’ve never felt more justified in something I did; some action I have taken then at that moment when I thought back and realized I left the Republican Party, I was not one of them.  Today, I don’t understand why I stayed so long.  Trying to get people to change – to recognize where they were going.  I no longer had to hold up to them constantly their incredible history and from whence they had come.  That was futile and energy I spent doing that could have been better placed.  I put behind me the black man who headed the Republican Party in Louisiana – that is history and he would have changed parties along with me, if he were still alive. I wondered, if when Strom Thurmond changed parties to become a Republican this was his vision?  No – couldn’t have been because his reality was two families, one black and one white with his black wife having produced a black child with whom he had a relationship and who he educated.  However, with this display he, Nixon, Regan and all those others who helped bring us to this moment must be in great pain as this result from their life on earth turns up the heat they are experiencing in hell!

The applause was bad enough, but what came after was like watching a satire deserving of Saturday Night fame.

I watched White Men make total fun of their leader as they took the microphone, one after the other, and started out with such exaggerated, extravagant praise.  I wondered how they were able to deliver their acolades without falling down laughing right on the steps.  From watching them they were clearly poking the bear and enjoying their “secret joke” at his expense.  And ‘the bear’ probably was totally unaware of where they were really coming from.

When one called Trump the best president who ever existed as head of these United States I knew, without a doubt, that this was a group of people making fun of their leader.  My eyes widened and it became especially the height of satire when a woman took the microphone to do the same thing.  I wondered if she had ever been sexually assaulted!  And was she now holding up on a pedestal one of her assaulters in front of whom she was still fearful!  But her eyes danced so she must be one of the satirists.

such an incredible few minutes.

Like watching a bad movie!  But this was real life and these were real people!  These are people others elected to be their ‘leaders’.  Hope that changes.  We really need to take a closer look at those for whom we cast our votes.  We need to take our votes more seriously because those elected can and have done much damage.  We need to look pass the manipulations, the lies, the greed, – and yes, the word we don’t think applies to politicians – the evil created when we elect people who lie, cheat, steal, obfuscate. and do whatever to benefit personally from the post to which they are elected.  These folks are SAD!  Tragic!  Self-absorbed!  Turned into themselves to work for their own destruction! etc. etc. etc.

No wonder so many in this society are on drugs.  One probably has to be to take this.  Now where did I put my doctor prescribed pills…………….



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