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Mushrooms for breakfast!

Sunday, January 29th, 2023

We discovered this great combination of food and spices which made an outstanding breakfast /brunch/dinner dish.

Everything, of course, is organic! That is crucial!

One large organic onion, sliced thin and put into a skillet with butter and grapeseed oil.

We would say into a skillet with butter, but we are becoming less conservative in our old age and using more varieties of oils.

Let the onion cook slowly in the oils while you slice organic button mushrooms – actually you could add any kind of mushrooms or a selection of several kinds.

Let these two (onion and mushrooms) cook in the oils with the onion for a few minutes. You don’t want to brown the onions just cook them to deliciousness.

Add organic cream cheese – we used about four ounces. The amount you use depends upon whether you are using one or more onions, etc. given the number of people you want to serve or the leftover amount you want to reserve for another meal.

Let the organic cream cheese meld with the rest of the ingredients in the skillet – preferably a cast iron skillet. As they melt into everything else add milk to make it a more liquid dish and add salt, thyme, tabasco sauce to begin the finishing process. After adding milk (organic) the dish will become thick in a few minutes which is the consistency you want to spoon over open organic English Muffin.

As the dish cooks and becomes this wonderfully smelling concoction, add very sharp organic cheddar cheese cut into small pieces so they can melt easily and quickly.

Serve over toasted organic English Muffins.

a bit of heaven in a skillet.

Who the X%#&XD^ do you think you are!!!!

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2022

Everytime we read about what is happening with the shootings, destructive behavior against other human beings, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc., those are the words that come to mind.

Much of this is done in the name of Christianity! That is the most amazing of all!

BETTER THAN! is who you think you are to be able to walk into a nightclub, school, home, church, temple, synagogue and start shooting, killing, destroying everything. AND WHAT DO YOU ACHIEVE?

When Moses came down from the Mount with his tablets of God’s commandments – one of the first was THOU SHALT NOT KILL!!

So again, lets ask the question – who do you think you are and what happens to you after!

Maybe the law will get you and to jail you go. However, what strikes us is that it isn’t the law you need to fear. When you have broken such a strong commandment – our theology and religion teaches – to the hottest parts of hell you go.

We do’t believe there is any religion which would accept such killings. We have to say religion because clearly there are many societies which accept killings if they are done in the name of the ascendancy of that society.

Most societies also have television and the largest number of programs on television are about killings. (What a tutoring tool!) The killer is always caught and put in jail, but nevertheless the storyline is about one human being killing another or several others. That is not the only story lines on television and in the movies – others are about how someone did something which made them rise against others – higher than – and what their lives are like now! Or how much better their homes are, etc. The arrogance pervading television is almost unbearable.

We keep thinking, “this has to stop,” “this has to change,” “we have to very soon recognize our shared humanity.” But nothing – silence – loud gun shots – screams from those being stabbed to death and more. And, in many places we mete out a punishment to the killers which reflects exactly what they did – and then we kill them as they have killed others.

White people are killing! Black, brown, red, orange, yellow, purple, pink, chartreuse people are killing. And to what end? Those who kill will either suffer on earth for their sins or they will experience eternal hell fires and whatever else we claim through our various theologies that hell looks like, feels like, is like!

And we continue letting our need to feel better than; our arrogance to think that we are better than; our desperation at our own faults and lives because we can’t get it straight without those better than feelings and off we go!

Dear God – bless this mess! Help us to move way above everything and look back to see clearly with a stark unembellished reality who we really are. Help us to accept and move beyond those ugly times when we move to that “better than” place because we can’t do anything else and feel good about ourselves. They say you created us and everything in this universe. Tell us all clearly and loudly why you left such character flaws in all of us that we can’t stand to be “equal to” and instead when those “equal to” feelings approach we will do any and everything possible to move above them to that “better than” place where we feel – well – better than in that place we have dubbed normal, human and the way things should be. In Jesus’ name – ahhh, you were writing so well, actually it is in Mohammed’s name – nahhhh, all of you are the same – in Krishna’s name. Oh my God can’t we say or do anything without all of this following us around? (Shhh – you forgot a few, I won’t tell)! AMEN!

A “Forever” Pot of Chicken Soup!

Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

To start your Chicken Soup you will need:

One whole organic chicken – one or two onions (to your taste) – one green pepper, one red pepper (organic, of course) – 4 stalks of organic celery – a taste of garlic (one or two bulbs) – and several organic carrots.

Put 1/2 stick of organic butter in a very large pot.

Chop all of the vegetables above and fry them in the butter – lightly! While the veggies are cooking in the butter add thyme, oregano, salt, pepper to taste

When the vegetables have softened add the chicken and fill the pot almost to the top with water.

Put the top on the pot and let it simmer for a couple hours.

Before serving, put spaghetti in the pot (uncooked) and let the spaghetti soften and become an awesome addition to this Chicken Soup.

You can put this into the refrigerator and serve the next day – adjusting the seasonings as you go – or you can serve it as soon as it is ready.

The next time you want to serve what is left over, add something – (for example), organic ground beef to which you have added an egg, salt, pepper, thyme, oregano, maybe organic bread crumbs to turn the beef into meatballs also adding whatever other spices you enjoy with chicken and beef – add a vegetable of some kind like broccoli, or green peas, or french style green beans. Add water almost to the top of the pot each time you add new ingredients and let this simmer again for at least an hour. Add a different kind of noodles this time, instead of spaghetti and put them into the pot uncooked.

Each time you reheat the chicken soup it becomes something else and if you are careful with your seasonings, it will never turn up empty and you will always have an excellent soup to serve on a moments notice. Well, maybe not a moment – more like 15 to 30 minutes – which is how long it will take to heat this soup.

You will eventually wind up with the most delicious Creole Gumbo you have ever eaten as you reach the point of adding lobster, crab, shrimp, etc. etc. and possibly rice once the noodles and other such ingredients have been eaten.

Not all these ingredients at once, however, only two or three ingredients each time you reheat this “soup.” And when you “reheat it” it is best to simmer it for an hour or more to incorporate everything into the best taste and consistency always filling the pot almost to the top with water before you move on with the reheating process. If you would like a bowl of soup without adding more ingredients and simmering for hours, take the amount you want to serve and reheat it in another pot – putting your “soup pot” back into the refrigerator for another day.

Harvard Square becoming a Caricature of Wellesley, MA?

Tuesday, October 25th, 2022

What was a settled, beautifully designed area has apparently lost its way and is now reeling in what looks like a drunken stupor of too much money; too little design sense; no historical thoughts, no room at all for the being true to the educational reasons which brought it into being – etc. etc. etc..

Is it trying to “upgrade”? “Upscale”? We don’t know what to call it that is happening to the “Square”, but what we do know is that we won’t call it “elegant”, “historically apprised”, “settled beauty”. It looks like it is becoming the home for the very nouveau-nouveau-riche; for the design challenged class; for the territory where there is more money than anyone knows how to use for the benefit of all and so it is squandered on monstrosities like 4 Willard Street. (We won’t even try to comment on what is happening within the intensely commercial areas of Harvard Square. There aren’t enough painkillers in the universe to spread around to subdue what you feel when you realize a quietly elegant part of harvard square is going and will probably continue to sink into the abyss of too much money, too little aesthetic/design sense………………….

We went for a walk to see some of our favorite places in Harvard Square and to look again at some of our favorite houses. We regret the walk. We are now stuck with the images in our minds of this unbelievable change that has happened to 4 Willard Street. It was an elegant house on a side street which reflected a similarly designed house on Brattle Street. The two houses were wonderful reflections of one another and you could see both as you walked along the sidewalk. One on a large lot and the other on a much smaller one, but both reflecting a similar architectural point of view.

4 Willard Street was sold about one to two years ago for approximately $4,000,000.00. Quite reasonable at the time for its location, size, etc. etc. It is back on the market today for approximately $9,900,000.00. That price more than doubles the sales price and the reasoning, we assume, to justify such a major leap in price is the work which has been done to the house to bring it out of its slumber into the sharp, ugly, almost Levittown light of its current incarnation. A monument to the “New Towns” of the 1950’s – but, of course, on a much grander scale. Look at what you are leaving as your legacy to future generations, Harvard Square. Who is in charge of maintaining the historicity of the area? They should be fired immediately.

We don’t know who is guarding the history of Harvard Square, but we do wonder if money changed hands for such an outrageously obscene, sharply and permanently ugly redesign of what was once an elegant house. “Caricature” is too weak a word to describe this.

There are people homeless on the street who could use the money being spent on such obscenities. There is affordable housing which needs to be addressed so many more don’t wind up on the streets. To waste money on such a really awful ‘renovation’ is on the door step of architectural criminality.

Wonder who is going to buy this house? We could speculate on their background; education; world exposure; etc., but why bother. Someone will gloriously revel in their new home, its location and all that surrounds it. Will they then try to “upscale” and “upgrade” more in this neighborhood to match their design sense!!!! (or lack thereof)????

Buy, bye Historical Harvard Square. We feel blessed to have been able to see you at a time before this obscene expenditure of money destroyed all that you were about.

Racism and Sexism in the Real Estate Market!

Friday, September 30th, 2022

This is a topic very few want to touch. Having had several horrendous experiences with many real estate brokers and companies we decided to jump into the middle of the ocean and swim to shore, exposing and pointing out the dangers and great things along the way.

The biggest problem in this industry is “redlining” and the extreme lengths folks working in the industry will go to deny that such exists. We are here to tell you redlining is alive and well and making sure the neighborhoods in these United States do not integrate. Not just along the lines of racism, but other forms of bigotry also exist. Even discrimination against women who are alone raising their children are kept out of some neighborhoods which do not want their children “contaminated.

This is the basis on which much of the other forms of bigotry are maintained. Most of us don’t realize how many times we were told the neighborhood we wanted didn’t have anything great for sale at the moment, but look at what we have here……..

Schools were extremely difficult to integrate and still are because the real estate market maintains the “racial integrity” of the areas in which it operates – which is the entire country.

There is a new twist we are discovering. Some people are beginning to claim the way to deal with this is to have black-owned real estate companies; latinx-owned real estate companies, etc.

When you look into that, a few have been established and the result is they work in black neighborhoods and keep them black or latinx neighborhoods and keep them latinx, etc.

This, unfortunately also has to do with selling as well as buying a house. As a minority, the price you receive for selling your house is quite a bit different and lower than the exact same house or a very similar house would receive in white neighborhoods or in white neighborhoods if you are a minority.

If as an African American you managed to buy a house in a white neighborhood and then years later try to sell at the same price your white neighbors would get for the house if they were selling – that will not happen. The house stands unsold for years until the owners finally decide to reduce the price to much below what non-minorities would receive for the same kind and quality of house.

It is the way America works and there does not seem to be change on the horizon.

We recently had a horrific experience working with the Donaldson/Bennetts as they put their house on the market. They went through several realtors and the experience was the same with each – except the last was unbelievably bad and showed in spades the extreme racism.

In their first attempt they put the house on the market for $4.7 million. Talking to appraisers, that was considered too low, but they wanted to move south and so decided to take the lesser amount to be able to sell faster.

Very few people came to the open house and only one potential buyer showed up after the open house. That was with the first broker, who did everything by the book to attempt to sell the house.

They changed brokers and raised the price to $5.5 million and their experience was identical. They changed again with another identical experience. Meanwhile, houses selling for more and appraising at the same price as their home appraised were selling almost immediately. Some of these houses were in neighborhoods considered not as “desirable”, some were smaller, etc.

By the time they reached the third broker, they decided the house needed a “make over” and they set about doing just that. Nothing changed!

Yet another broker with an open house poorly attended with only one broker showing up with a client in tow for months after the open house. Developers, however, were very interested at a very low price and were going to tear apart and put back together again this historical house which didn’t need tearing apart. Electrical systems were up to date as was everything else. The ‘historical’ part went by the wayside with nothing but verbalized consideration. The house needed an exterior paint job and very little else.

And then comes the realtor team which acted out racism such as we have not seen in quite a long time.

The problem with that was the fact that this well known national brokerage firm has a Black/Jewish owner. However, we learned years ago that whites are not the only group that practices bigotry in this country.

The Donaldson/Bennett’s expected this to be a wonderful experience. Instead it was the experience from hell.

The real estate team set up an open house which was moderately successful and as the Donaldson/Bennett’s watched from across the street because they were not allowed into the house while the open house was going on – people came and went and were allowed to go all over this $5.8 million dollar house, full of antiques, all by themselves. One person came walking down the street carrying a protest sign which he was forced to park outside the house and went in to start an upheaval. At that point, the Donaldson-Bennett’s left their perch across the street and went into their house to stop all hell from breaking loose and sure enough that is what was about to happen.

After that open house the Donaldson/Bennett’s discovered the real estate brokers intended to have such an open house every weekend until the house was sold. That did not make the Donaldson/Bennett’s happy, but they decided to go along with the program assuming the realtors knew better than they did because they were more experienced, etc.

The next week-end the signs went up and once again the open-house started. Watching from across the street the Donaldson/Bennett’s saw people walk into the house with no one at the front door – which was wide open – and go up the stairs with none of the realtors even aware that someone had entered. They saw people come out looking rather strange, but didn’t put two and two together until the open house was over and they went home to reclaim their property. They discovered many beautiful antique pieces they collected over decades were missing. The realtors denied that such happened. Claimed they didn’t let anyone in unattended, etc.

Before reaching the open house, the program with this real estate company was one that loaned you money to do what needed to be done and you paid them back when the house was sold and closed. This, the Donaldson/Bennet’s thought was a fantastic program. That meant to the Donaldson/Bennett’s that they would touch up those places that needed it and they would hire people to help where needed. After all, Ms. Donaldson had a three year education at the University of Minnesota’s School of Architecture under Ralph Rapson and had studied design in other places well and had helped restore houses along the way because of her interest in historical preservation. That is not what happened.

While the Donaldson/Bennett’s started with painting the house they were still remembering the realtor – African American – from the same company who they spoke to about selling their house before they met these other realtors – white – and they were shook by what he presented. He would have the house painted; he talked to the people he wanted to paint the house; they arrived and looked around and came in with a bid of $30,000.00. Shook from that experience the Donaldson/Bennett’s hired their own painter who charged $12,000 for the same job. Years earlier, the Donaldson/Bennett’s had been having the house painted one side at a time after they had new first quality cedar siding put on each side which was then painted. Re-painting a house with new siding and only one layer of paint should have been a breeze, instead it was claimed to be a very big $30,000 job.

The Donaldson/Bennett’s went ahead with other jobs for which they hired the contractors, having learned their lesson and being wary of what could happen in these circumstances. However, they discovered there were even worse road blocks ahead.

The ‘realtor in charge’ of a ‘team’ had her ‘team’ show up without the Donaldson/Bennett’s hiring them, without the Donaldson/Bennett’s knowing what they charged, etc. and they started to ‘clean’ the house. They did not wash the walls – they did not clean the windows, the Donaldson/Bennett’s paid someone else to do that – and the next thing that happened the Donaldson/Bennett’s saw them outside doing landscaping when they had specifically said no landscaping should be done.

The net result was nothing short of disastrous. The cost was $2,800 to “clean” a house which was basically already clean. Outside the branches of a tree were cut because the realtor wanted them cut and instructed her crew to do just that after the Donaldson/Bennett’s said please do not touch the tree nor any other landscaping. What they did was to change a beautiful hidden garden of which the Donaldson/Bennett’s were proud and had spent decades cultivating and which no one knew existed behind the driveway because the trees blocked your view of what was behind it into a very public open and ugly place. The tree branches were half sawed through and left. There were old twigs from someplace left in the driveway and leaves were blown out of the “hidden garden,” which was no longer hidden, into the driveway and left in piles for the Donaldson/Bennett’s to pick up.

The Donaldson/Bennett’s have not had lights on the outside on their front porch since this disaster because this crew, working for the ‘team leader” took the porch lights down with no electricians license and cleaned them. At first, the Donaldson/Bennett’s were delighted that this job went well until they discovered after a very brief time of working, the lights stopped working and haven’t been able to be used since. The “team leader” ignored the problem her cleaning crew had caused.

The realtor who hired and managed this crew had them clean the stove in the kitchen. A beautiful commercial stove which worked beautifully for years. They cleaned this cast iron plus other materials stove on which you do not put rough cleansers and the stove didn’t work after they finished. The pilot light in the oven did not turn on as well as pilots on top of the stove and they ruined the finish on parts of the stove in the process. It cost the Donaldson/Bennett’s over $1,000 to bring the stove back to where it was before it was touched by this realtor and her crew.

Everyone who came to the house exclaimed over the beautiful wood floors which the Donaldson/Bennett’s spent a lot of time and money caring for over the decades. The floors were beautiful. Not anymore. Every other day someone from this crew arrived with a wet mop and very harsh chemicalized cleaners and for reasons no one understood, mopped the wood floors with water and chemicals until they were discolored and very ugly. This after the Donaldson/Bennett’s told them not to touch the wood floors with water. Apparently, they took their marching orders from the “team leader” and ignored everything the Donaldson/Bennett’s asked them to do or not to do. The realtor saw this and ignored what she had wrought.

We could go on for pages because so much was done wrong. However, you get this part of the message.

This same realtor has done other houses which turned out quite lovely. The owners of those houses were white. The Donaldson/Bennett’s are black. Quite a difference. It shows in the results.

The bottom line here is only one person looked through the house the one year this realtor held the house under hostage. That person made an offer – the only offer received – and it was for $2 million dollars under the asking price – even below the price appraised by the city. The people who made the offer were people who received much of their income from trying to “upgrade” inner city blacks. That made quite a statement to us as to what is wrong with this country and how it handles its attempts to move away from what years of slavery and white racism has wrought.

The city of Cambridge is full of instances of bigotry in the real estate industry and there is no sign of any change. When one does not admit ones problems there is no one to begin to solve them.

The schools will stay segregated and the private schools will thrive as parents strive to keep their children out of the path of “those others.”

Cambridge Rindge and Latin had the reputation of being extremely segregated. There was pilot school where one gained entrance through a lottery. Amazingly that lottery produced the children of professors, doctors, lawyers who attended CRLS “winning the lottery” on a consistent basis with the laws that governed the Pilot School quite different from those in other parts of CRLS.

At the CRLS graduation we attended it was a shocker to see the classes come in. House A started the procession and the color of the students was very white. As other classes – House B through, the color of the children shocked because the students in the last class of the alphabet were quite brown compared to the others.

What causes that? Try looking at who lives in which communities and what they expect from their children’s school to keep them in public schools and not pulling them out of the public schools and putting them into the many private schools in the Cambridge area.

O, My! We can hear the screams and objections from several cities away!

Your comments will be appreciated.

The New Farming Methods – Grits

Friday, August 12th, 2022

by: Marceline Donaldson

Being from New Orleans, one of my joys growing up was to have grits for breakfast.

When my eyes opened enough to speak I called downstairs to say – “grits momma, grits.”

In those days, my favorite breakfast was “drits and liba.” However, unbeknownst to be as to why – for years after I left home I couldn’t stand to eat liver. My grandmother made grits with chicken livers for breakfast when I insisted and it is only today that I have begun to be able to again eat that combination. Don’t know why, it just happened.

We don’t have liver very often, however, because grits in the Greater Boston food stores is practically non-existent, especially if you eat only organic foods. You can sometimes find grits, but it is guaranteed to be the ugly white mushy kind and it is usually labeled “polenta.”.

Looking for the grits of my youth, I came across The Congaree Milling Company in Columbia, South Carolina. Their grits is made with whole kernel organic corn and it is exceptional.

When I discovered them I also discovered the farming communities around the country, which are taking growing foods which are nutritionally excellent, with the taste still intact, which have not been poisoned by the sprays and are not near tasteless because they are grown in depleted soil.

What is special about these farming communities is the way they interact with and help one another. One grows the food; another will have uses for the food tied to a restaurant; or they produce foods for sale which are not overly processed and bland combining basic ingredients together in new ways. All organic – all grown in very rich soil – all making delicious meals and contributing to long-lived and healthy people.

I am still, however, working on that chicken liver. Although some mornings when she didn’t feel flush with money it was beef liver and occasionally calves liver. Can’t cook it the way my grandmother did – and since I didn’t pay attention to the cooking but only to the eating, with my grandmother dead for many years I have no way to recover that breakfast.

The hangover I have from her upbringing is waking up at 3:30 to 4am in the mornings needing that cup of coffee one can only get in New Orleans. I was up at that hour because she woke with the birds and went to bed with the birds and would bring me a cup of warm milk and while sitting on the side of the bed would deliberately pour a little coffee into the milk so we shared a cup of coffee (however mine was ‘sort of” coffee), but I still I became addicted even without the caffeine.

With grits there are all kinds of combinations. Grits and sausages is one substitute. Grits and shrimp is also good. A concoction I discovered needing a quick meal and not having the energy to do substantial cooking follows: (it has no name)

Put one cup of Congaree Coarse Yellow Grits into a sauce pan to which you add two cups organic milk, salt to taste and butter to taste. Let this cook, stirring occasionally until it has that consistency like nothing else.

To accompany the grits:

Put butter in a sauce pan to melt; add mushrooms; crab meat; turmeric; thyme; tabasco sauce; soy sauce; and cook for a few minutes. To this add a packet of organic cream cheese and stir until the cream cheese melts. Add three well beaten eggs and stir to incorporate the eggs. Add milk to get the taste and consistency you like best. The Cream Cheese will thicken this dish and the milk will help thin it out to the consistency you like best. The milk and eggs will mitigate the strong taste from the seasonings. We like that strong taste, however, many are accustomed to a more bland concoction.

The above on one side of the plate with grits on the other makes a fantastic breakfast.

If your budget is tight you might find “imitation crab meat (the kind cut into squares and add that instead of the real crab meat.) The cost difference is dramatic. $30.00 for the crab meat and $3.99 for the imitation. Unlike grits, you can find the imitation crab meat in just about every grocery store in a plastic bag screaming with its colors as to what the bag contains.

Served with your homemade biscuits you have a breakfast to keep you going for days.

To find The Congaree Milling Company – 1629 Bluff Road – Columbia, South Carolina 29201 –

orders via email to – sales@TheCongareeMillingCompany.com

questions at – info@The Congaree Milling Company.com

Their produce is certified organic by Clemson University

What is the Abortion fight really about? Why has it surfaced now?

Monday, July 25th, 2022

We are living in a very racist/sexist society which is changing from majority white northern european male in charge of everything; better than everybody; all accolades go to them and etc.

That is changing and the society is becoming more “diverse”. There are women and minorities coming along who don’t take kindly to living in a society which oppresses them and they are beginning to have the tools and opportunities to change this way of organizing society. They see another vision and have started to work towards it.

When Harvard University – that trend setting lifestyle of a place – is apologizing and beginning to make amends for having used human beings as slaves to build its institution you know basic change is happening.

Society itself is changing its makeup to the point where it will soon be majority-minority. In other words there will be more folks we now class as “minority” than there will be white northern european “upper class” males.

We elect Barack Obama and the United States goes crazy. We still are out there melting down showing where we really are by making sure Obama does not have influence after his presidency. We elected Donald Trump to make a statement and to keep this society from turning “black.”

Women are beginning to show their mettle. You see women in many areas which were just male not too many years ago. What you also see is that in many of these areas the women are “outshining” the men. That means women will be out there taking over more top jobs; making inroads into places they were excluded from and took upon themselves the burden of self-exclusion and blocking other women who did not see being feminine as thew goal, but being feminist as a better way to go.

The political and other efforts in this society today are to keep that from happening. Roe v Wade is the one in front of us today deflecting us from the job we need to do and we are allowing that to happen. Our signs read as though Roe v Wade is about babies being aborted when it is really about bringing back the extreme oppression of women.

We took a big step in that direction when we appointed the current Supreme Court with decades before that happened somehow ignoring and moving on to things other than codifying Roe v Wade into our laws. Those who participated in that major move are just as guilty as today’s Supreme Court in making sure women are and will remain for generations seriously oppressed at the beck and call of the ‘master.’

Todays Supreme Court is ready to roll back everything which grants equality to the wrong groups of people. Roe v Wade was responsible for a good deal of the movement we have seen in women today, which is why.the big discussion and fight today is over Roe v Wade. When that fight has been won, where to go next – Brown v Board of Education? You can see the groundwork for reversing Brown being put in place today with several states putting in place very racist educational agendas. The fight against those agendas will produce the ground on which this Supreme Court will very casually overturn Brown v Board of Education.

We need to fight for what is right and put the reasons out front. We are not doing that with Roe V Wade. We are talking about the “lives of babies not yet born”; we are talking about “murdering the unborn; we are talking about that kind of thing when that is really not the issue. Keeping women barefoot, bare breast and pregnant has been a joke for many decades. That is what the fight is about to overturn and wipe away any possibility of women having abortions. Life and death is not the issue in Roe v Wads; the unborn child is the least of our concern.. Keeping women oppressed is what it is all about. Especially when you look at and hear those who want to make sure there are NO exclusions – not rape, not incest, not anything. That is the only way to block women from continuing on the road they are now traveling. Throw blocks and rocks on that road and the biggest block of all is “no access to abortion for anyone.”

Now – lets move on to overturning Brown v Board of Education. I think that will happen – if we continue on this road – in about 2024.

Are you a member of — Bettina’s Lifestyle Community? _ _ _

Sunday, May 29th, 2022

Bettina Lifestyle Community is many things. One is a private selection of wonderful homes where members can choose to stay when they are traveling.

The homes in this collection vary dramatically from one another. Some are exquisitely beautiful, some are works of art, historical, interesting, primitive, farms, businesses where you can learn and participate in what they do and they are located in the best places. The owners or those living in the homes, as hosts to those visiting, are interesting, learned in many areas, artists, musicians, intellectual leaders and more. We do not have homes that are unoccupied or unhosted where you find the key under the mat. Bettina Homes in this collection are only open to members of the Bettina Lifestyle Community.

We invite you to join Bettina Lifestyle Community so you are able to travel with us. If you made reservations and stayed in one of our homes previously, you are already a member. Otherwise the cost to join is $25.00 and an application for membership follows:

______________________ _______________________________

Name (first) Name (last)


Address – (City, State, Country, Zip Code)

________________________ ______________________________

Telephone emai


Method of payment – credit card/ check/bank transfer

Bettina Network, inc.

P. O. Box 380585

Cambridge, MA. 02238

617 497 9166 or 800-347-9166

email: bettinanetwork@comcast.net

Someone will respond to you if your membership is accepted.

Your card will not be charged unless your membership application is accepted.

Uvalde Texas Massacre

Friday, May 27th, 2022

Just like you we are trying to wrap our heads, hearts and understanding around what happened. How could anyone slaughter young children in such a cold blooded way. How could anyone slaughter……

Interesting is the fact that the massacre at the TOPS Market in Buffalo had headlines screaming about African Americans shot…… In UVALDE, where most of the young students and teachers who were shot were Latinx, the silence on that fact is deafening.

We are becoming a country which Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany would recognize and understand immediately. Instead of individual concentration camps in different areas where Jews and those who objected to their treatment were kept and where they were killed, the entire United States of America has become a concentration camp.

Not that long ago, Jews were killed. Not long after that there were the Mother Emanuel Church killings. Not long after that there was the George Floyd killing and many others who did not get the news media coverage that his killing received. And then there was the TOPS killing of African Americans and now the killing of so many Latinx and other children.

No, we have not forgotten the killings of white children which preceded all of this. We just wonder if those were not the examples which the White Supremacists took to heart and saw the possibilities to do what has happened over these past years. After all, where and who paid for those killings? What changed in this society because of them – to stop or at least mitigate the killings? No price to pay, the slaughter becomes unbearable to most of us and something to celebrate to others. Those who celebrate grow over time and the rest of us pay a very high price./

We are not dealing with this level of carnage at all. and we don’t see any signs that we will begin to deal with this. We are, however, dealing with what allows it, encourages it and sets the stage for all of what is happening in the killing fields.

As you move ahead in business what you discover is the lack of ethics and integrity which faces you on every level and at every turn. You discover how bigotry has infected the institutional structure of this country and you see this group of people who feel as though they have the right to be “better than” and anything that even hints at destroying that right gets run over. As it gets run over, those who are not on the front line with the White Supremacists are contributing to the success of their movement by the constant all powerful denials which come whenever you try to raise up and talk about the racism, sexism, and all the other -isms allowed and encouraged. That denial is the ground out of which these weeds grow.

Most encouraging are the steps being taken by institutions to bring about change. You can see in their efforts, however, that they realize real change will only come when the structures which were created by slavery, the genocide of American Indians and the destruction of several generations of immigrants who have a very hard time until some are recognized as “real Americans’ – if they came from Northern European countries – and others just struggle.

The National Rifle Association – which is doing much to generate this carnage seems to have its leadership and membership deep into the muck with Russia and Putin. Looking at the timing of some of these massacres, it goes along with something happening from that part of the world to distract from the media covering what Russia is doing. This time, it totally distracted the media away from the war against Ukraine which Russia is now fighting with the same level of ethics that this war in the United States, totally and furiously causing unbelievable evil, is being fought against its “minorities.”

To stop this, truth telling is desperately needed. Not excuse making, not denials, not ignoring of the signs of trouble around the corner, not encouraging young people who are already problematic to do some of what has happened, not passing the buck.

Those doing wrong know who they are. Those making excuses so they can collect millions of dollars for their political campaigns know why they are. Those encouraging the young men who caused this massacre instead of helping them know who they are.

We are a country with a lot of evil in its history and it needs to be seriously and truthfully addressed and changed.

When, O God, will we see ourselves as we are and not as we project ourselves to be -hiding behind images. Help us to have the courage to step out on our convictions and to uphold your truth, your way, your love. The cost to continue getting mired in all of this sin is very high. Clear our eyes so we can see with accuracy the joy, the happiness, the greatness of goodness.


Great Dessert – Quick, Easy, Elegant!

Friday, May 27th, 2022

taken from a dessert served by Wendell Wallace

*When we get a wonderful photographer, these types of articles will be shown with pictures. Until then, your imagination or your actual trying of the recipe will have to suffice.

Bake or buy large cookies

Heat them in the oven until just warmed

Top with ice cream to complement the kind of cookies you are using. Several scoops to look great.


What could be simpler. The surprise of those eating this dessert was palpable because the warm cookies added just the right and unexpected touch.

Your feedback?

What Started the horribleness of the attack on Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett, which almost took his life, has been found!

Saturday, May 21st, 2022

Several years ago, Rev. Bennett and his wife tried to help a woman who was recently homeless and together with her brother they were able to get housing and a different kind of life for this person.

Marceline and Rev. Bennett would pick her up on Saturdays and take her to lunch. They shopped the estate sales and tried to make sure she was just fine. She was very unhappy with her then current housing and the people around her so they helped her find new housing, where she lives currently.

She became involved in far right wing politics – with which the people who carried out this life shattering action against the Donaldson/Bennett’s were also involved.

Ms. Nora Al WetAid, who was head of Protective Services swore out the affidavit which was used to have the police pick up Rev. Bennett first claiming a Section 12 against him – the one that allows the police to pick up and put into a psych unit of a hospital someone who has had too much to drink, or is on drugs or in other ways is a public threat. The hospital immediately released him because it clearly was a very questionable action by the state agency.

However, he was picked up again the next day with the claim that he had to be removed from his home because his wife was medically abusive of him. Since they had seen doctors that year several times and he was just out of a different hospital; this action seems to have been done by a rival hospital trying to set up a psych unit; and more. This time he was kept for five week for no medical reason in a locked ward and not released until Marceline put the story on MGH’s Facebook Page. All of a sudden Dr. Bennett’s family was told to come and get him. MGH, however, collected $125,000 which they should not have invoiced, let alone collected from Dr. Bennett’s insurance after both Dr. Bennett and Marceline sent a statement to the hospital refusing them the right to charge him, especially since he was kept by the hospital against his will and after having made several attempts to leave.

Our question has been about the woman from Protective Services’ Saudi connections, given the strong stance the Donaldson/Bennett’s have taken writing about Donald Trump and company. We are still doing that research and it is still ongoing until we get answers to many questions. We are moving in that direction because the affidavit is so full of untruths and the woman who is at the center of this is known by the state agency to do things like this – we think the Nora Al WetAids of the world took advantage of the fact that she is mentally unstable, regularly sees a psychiatrist, and has had serious problems with schizophrenia for decades. Knowing that, to use such a person to start the process of what was started against Rev. Bennett and Marceline speaks volumes to us about what this is really about.

The affidavit sworn to by Ms. Nora Al-Wetaid is not true; was not investigated before it was written, sworn to and used by the attorney for the state agency, who knew or should have known the document he presented to the Court to start this horribleness was purgery.

Many people are now talking to Rev. Bennett and Marceline about their very similar problems. What is common to all and was also common to what happened to Rev. Bennett and Marceline is the very secretive nature of the origination of what happened to them and what subsequently became an ongoing nightmare.

Clearly, there are reasons those very beginnings have been hidden. It allows what follows to happen with the people targeted not having the ability to properly respond because the facts of how it all began are hidden from them. – and, unfortunately, also from their attorneys.

Peoples lives and assets have been taken under such circumstances – in violation of much including the Court process and procedures, because of the way Guardianship laws are being abused with what we see as the ultimate goal of removing a person whose politics we don’t like, destroying the qualify of their lives and possibly life itself, and helping oneself to their assets. We also see the racist side to this which is the elimination of generational wealth of minorities, including Jews and women.

Now that the Donaldson/Bennetts know how this all got started it is up to them what next steps they will take. This clearly had a goal of relieving them of their assets and putting those assets and probably the people themselves under Guardianship. It is amazing that this happens in a country which values freedom and individual rights.

It is time for this to change.

Nazi-Its 1930’s Definition! Nazi-Its Russian/Putin definition in 2022

Thursday, April 7th, 2022

It is truly amazing how loose this world has become with the truth. It is particularly notable since the appearance on the political scene of Donald Trump. Truth to him and his followers has no meaning and whatever is said, defined, discussed is whatever and however they can twist truth to their advantage.

Vladimir Putin has the same syndrome, as evidenced by his announcement at the beginning of the war he started against Ukraine.

Nazi in the 1930’s and beyond – until the 2020’s was defined as “a member of a German fascist party controlling Germany from 1933 to 1945. A harshly domineering, dictatorial or intolerant person.” The history that is associated with the term, traditionally used, is one of genocide against Jews and those supporting them.

Random killings of Jews by this German fascist party is known by just about everyone on planet earth. Nazism has a history of having killed, without cause, over 6 million Jews, viciously, after depriving them of food, shelter, etc. – by burning them alive – putting them into gas chambers by the hundreds and so much more. I could go on and on, but it would only be reiterating history known by all.

Today, Vladimir Putin has given a very different definition of Nazi – anti-Nazification – and more centered around the German model.

He claims he went into Ukraine to remove the Nazi leader and replace him with his own chosen leader. He also claimed the war he started was for the anti-Nazification of Ukraine.

He can’t be talking about the traditional definition of “Nazi” because what Putin actually did was to go into Ukraine to attempt to remove its duly elected Jewish president. He continued in his quest by going ahead and attempting to exterminate the Ukrainians because they voted to install this Jew as their president.

The result is an attempted extermination of an entire country in retribution for having elected a Jew as its president. That can be seen from the extreme anger, the viciousness, the attempt to destroy the country leaving nothing behind. Transporting Ukrainians to hold those Ukrainian citizens in “pens” in Russia; killing those in Ukraine at random, including in ways we can recognize that were used to kill Jews in Germany during the reign of Adolph Hitler and to do that killing as viciously as possible. He has ordered the holding of Ukrainian citizens in Ukraine under the most inhumane circumstances possible. It is totally reminiscent of what happened in Germany in the 1930’s and beyond. And – by the way – isn’t Selensky the only Jew to head a country in this world? – except maybe in Israel? Certainly, the United States has never been accused of having a Jewish president.

Vladimir Putin totally recalls and forces the rest of the world to recall this incredible atrocity, from the 1930’s through the 1940’s that he is recreating on a daily basis. He is walking in the footsteps of Adolph Hitler and burning people alive; starving them; knowing they are dying of thirst with no access to water or liquids of any kind; cutting off any and all humane assistance to the people he is so treating. Putin, by his own admission to the press in Russia and other places apparently intends to continue doing this same thing for as long as necessary until he has removed the “Nazi” president of Ukraine and replaced him with one who will, no doubt, make this current president of Ukraine look like a saint by comparison.

Putin sees it to his advantage to call a spade a shovel. The rest of the world clearly sees that he has redefined the term Nazi for his Russian citizens and whoever else comes under his sway. Nazi in 2022 has had its ugly meaning cleansed by Vladimir Putin. Clearly, the “Nazi” president of Ukraine has shown himself to be a “Mensch”. He is totally capable of leading at this moment in history and doing so in the most humane way possible – given the circumstances created for this world by Putin.

The world stood by in the 1930’s and did not move against Germany until totally forced. Many Jews and those who objected to the slaughter happening in the 1930’s were viciously killed while those who could have stopped the carnage talked and talked and did some things to bring it to an end, but mostly they talked and talked while Adolph Hitler killed and destroyed and burned people alive and killed as many children as possible so there would not be a next generation of Jews.

Are we seeing the same thing happening today?

It is curious to us that in spite of the clear parallel to what happened in Germany, the national press is not calling what Putin is doing for what it is. They talk about the reasons he gave for going into Ukraine and almost gloat over the fact that his attempt and expectation for success in a few days failed. There is no talk about the extreme bigotry against Jews which has motivated Putin and continues to do so.

One only has to remember how Jews fled Russia – in the not so distant past. Wasn’t that during Putin’s time? They went to Israel and other countries by the thousands because of the oppression and extreme actions being taken in Russia against the Jews. i have yet to hear that history mentioned and connected to what is going on today. Is that because most people alive today are too young to have experienced that or read about it in the news at the time and know very little about history on their own?

A “Nazi” in 2022 is the president of Ukraine. Putin’s anti-Nazification is against the Ukrainian citizens who put this “Nazi” in as president of their country. In reality, these Ukrainians and their president are defending themselves and their country and the rest of the area and consequently the world against the horrible viciousness and blood thirsty Russians trying to kill them, their children, their culture, their language, their everything so they can be replaced by non-Jews who will move in from Russia, claim Ukraine as a “cleansed” country and society which has few to no Jews and probably no to few other minorities. The vision of Hitler’s Germany is clearly the vision of Putin’s Russia. Because Putin has redefined the term Nazi in 2022 does not connect that term in any way to Nazi and Nazism as defined in 1933 through 1945. This is a new day!

It is no accident that the far Right-wing in the United States which have raised the flag of extreme racism and is fighting for a White-supremist country has connected itself to Russia, which is also a White-Nationalist country fighting for the same thing.

That far right-wing group in the United States and the parallel group around the world claims to be “christian”. Their christian theology is followed religiously and almost unconsciously and has at its core value christian relativity – orthodox christianity relativity. It has been in their belief system since the days of slavery and before. It is the definition of morality in the faith system of Nazi Germany and as outlined in Communism. It is the belief in morality as relative. The belief that there is no absolute right and wrong – that depends on the circumstances. Putin’s definition of christian morality and his orthodox belief system is clearly relative and he is putting that relativity into practice with his marketing and public relations people spreading the doctrine far and wide. Relative truth and relative morality is what is core to the far-right wing Americans who proclaim their christianity and hold it to justify whatever they do. In their belief system their is no such thing as truth – morality is relative. There is no absolute right and wrong. It all depends on the circumstances.

The relativity of the definition of faith, truth, ethics, morality these are what the believer holds up to themselves to justify their actions. What they hold up to others is their religious belief system and they go out and proselytize to attempt to convert as many people as possible to their belief system and to the fact that it will change abruptly depending upon the needs of their power, greed, self-image of superiority – all of the trappings to support their belief in themselves as “better than.” The only rock-solid impenetrable, permanent non-relative part of this relative belief system. This is what makes its core and what keeps them going. This is the face of evil and it is clearly strong in the world today. As strong as it was during the time of Hitler and Nazism.

An Exceptional Shrimp Salad Recipe

Wednesday, April 6th, 2022

by: Marceline Donaldson

First I have to give credit where it is due.

I discovered a shrimp salad that I loved at Whole Foods in Fresh Pond in Massachusetts.

I went to the store several times to buy “my salad”, but sometimes the buffet area where it was sold for $9.99/pound would be empty. The same salad would be available at the deli counter with someone helping me behind the counter, but the cost was $17.99/pound so I decided I should develop my own – based on the tastes from that salad so I could have it whenever my taste demanded.

A Bettina Original

All ingredients should be organic. The shrimp should be “wild caught”. Freshly caught shrimp is preferable, but if you can’t find that, frozen shrimp will do if the shrimp are “as out of the water” – which means with shell on and have not been tampered with in any way as folks try to make using shrimp “easier” for you. It takes nothing to slit and devein shrimp. Lets take the “lazy” out of cooking and go for a great resulting dish.

You will need –

salt (himalayan preferred): Cayenne Pepper or if you prefer a bit of a vinegary taste, you can substitute Tabasco Sauce: Shoyu sauce :Yogurt and Mayonnaise (equal amounts) :Parsley – finely chopped :Onions – 2 kinds add to the taste: Olives – and, of course, shrimp.

Boil the shrimp in a pot of water with the shells on.*** Shrimp turn pink after only a couple minutes so be careful not to overcook them, they will turn tough. Take them out of the water, leaving the water in the pot. Remove the shrimp shells and any veins and put the shells back into the pot in which the shrimp were boiled. Simmer the shrimp water with shells for at least 1/2 hour.

Pour this water into a large jar after you remove the shells. You can drain this water, but you don’t have to. We do too much to make our food as “clean and clear” as possible thus removing great taste and nutrition throwing it down the drain. This gives you shrimp stock for other dishes down the road. It is amazing how many uses you can find for all kinds of stock if you have it on hand. The increase in taste of these dishes and the increase in nutritional value is worth the effort.

Mix all the above ingredients together and put them in the refrigerator overnight. It is important that you give this salad 24 hours for the different ingredients to meld together. The taste changes dramatically.

***We boil shrimp a couple different ways. Both very good, depending upon your taste – or part of the country in which you developed your taste. You can put a goodly amount of crab boil in the water when you boil the shrimp or you can use Old Bay. Both give the shrimp a little “oomph”.

Will Smith and Chris Rock – Ethics

Tuesday, April 5th, 2022

by: Marceline Donaldson

There is and has been a great upheaval about the punch to the face Will Smith delivered to Chris Rock.

Most of the opinions, expressed very publicly, show how deeply entrenched sexism is in this society.

The wrong starts with Will Smith with calls tp “lock him up” from the police; take him down, in one way or another, from everyone else.

What is missing is a clear statement of the wrong that happened. Mostly, that “wrong” violent action is blamed on Will Smith. Let us be clear and truthful without our history of bigotry intervening. This was started not by Will Smith, but by Chris Rock. He is an example of that in which comedians trade – the insults slung at women on a constant basis. The insult is followed by laughter, which re-enforces the sentiment and makes an ugly joke out of most women. Once upon a time this was very prevalent amongst comedians who traded on vicious “jokes” and what were supposed to be “funny” characterizations of African Americans. It is still true whenever there is a group some insecure person wants to take down – like Chris Rock and his attack on Jada Pinkett.

The violence on stage was started by Chris Rock with his vicious joke aimed at Jada Pinkett. The fact that she was sitting in front of him amongst an audience of her peers and could be hurt and diminished and oppressed by this public and ugly joke about her hair is something that the audience reacted to with great hilarity. Will Smith, after a moment spent enjoying this boost to his male ego came to his senses and went to defend his wife.

Chris Rock’s joke was far more deleterious than Will Smith’s punch. Rock will recover quickly and go on to accolades about how “elegantly” he acted in spite of Smith’s crudeness. The real story is that we live in a sexist society in which it is just fine to make crude jokes about women. We have been trained by generations of vicious, oppressive jokes denigrating women that this is “fun”, he meant no harm, don’t you have a sense of humor? The women at whom the jokes are aimed walk away more oppressed, more put down, more discouraged than they were before the joke.

The violence done to women by Chris Rock needs to be held up and dealt with. He is, after all, the one who started this violence. His violence was against women. Will Smith limited his violence to Chris Rock. The comedians who make money and gain fame by doing such are too numerous to mention, but you hear them all the time. The audience’s reaction is always one of hilarious laughter and the woman has been diminished in the sight of her friends and former admirers. She has been “tamed” and now knows a little better, her place.

If punishment is going to come it needs to start with Chris Rock before it moves on to Will Smith. Men are outraged at what happened and have engaged in much talk about Will Smith’s violence – which even his close friends refuse to condone. None of those close friends have commented at all on the violence done to Jada Pinkett by Chris Rock. The rush to punish Will Smith, while raising up Chris Rock because he reacted “like a man” – he was a “mensch” – “how could he keep his composure under such circumstances. All of this belies the extreme bigotry with which we live.

When are we going to see clearly the horribleness of bigotry in this society and how deeply entrenched it is and continues to be? It is time for those who perform on the backs of others to be called to task and with this I am calling Chris Rock to be a better person and apologize for what he did to Will Smith; to call for Will Smith’s punishment to be put on him also because he deserves it; and to make amends to Jada Pinkett for the sexism he sprayed all over her and over women in general, especially over those who suffer from alopecia in a society which judges a woman by her hair.

A Statement by Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022

I am reiterating what happened to my family over the past several years because it has done great damage to us and because we are being contacted by several people going through the same thing. The major actors aligned against us were the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and many attorneys; the Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services Agency; Massachusetts General Hospital; Mount Auburn Hospital and more.

This group collectively abused the Cambridge Police; attempted to denigrate me; slander my wife; sexually abused me; violated Massachusetts Laws against giving people anti-psychotics against their will; over-medicated me when there was no reason for the medications; and a lot more.

I suffered because of their actions and decisions taken in violation of the Health Care Proxy I asked a well respected local Cambridge attorney draw up for me in 2019, months before this happened in 2020. That Health Care Proxy was negated by the Court in a hearing of which I was not noticed, knew nothing about and in which I was described as indigent, destitute and so much more. I had the 2019 Health Care Proxy drawn up by the attorney because I was made aware of one I did not have drawn up with a Proxy I did not want to make those kind of decisions on my behalf. I wanted my wife of 38 years to make those kind of health decisions on my behalf.

Negating the Health Care Proxy which was properly created and executed happened as an after thought which Attorney O’Sullivan had at the end of the Court Hearing of which I received no notice. Judge Langlois said no to Attorney O’Sullivans request that I not be notified of the hearing. Five minutes later, during that same Court hearing, the Court ignored its own comments and acquiesced to negating my Health Care Proxy – properly executed with my wishes. The Judge ordered it replaced with no reason, without my having been noticed of the hearing and with no reasons given by Attorney O’Sullivan for his request I believe, this HCP was put in place against the one I had created and signed because it was better suited to achieve the goals of the state, which they have made known in how they have treated me and others. As time went on it became clear they were trying to take over my assets putting them under “guardianship” controlled by Attorney O’Sullivan and the state agency.

What we see through this is their need to destroy any African American they deem a threat to the unbelievable racism which exists in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. It is a way to intimidate minorities and they have done an exceptional job. People are calling us with cases which make what happened to me look mild. In spite of that the people calling are terrified of speaking out about their experiences with the same institutional structure which almost destroyed me; which did destroy the business my wife and I worked over 30 years to build and so much more.

Let me remind you of what happened to Prof Gates at Harvard University. There is a Bettina Network Blog documenting some of that with copy of a picture of Prof. Gates in handcuffs on his own porch.

As I calculate the time frame in which they happened, it totally paralleled the time he was moving into the space of creating the incredible documentaries he has since produced about African American genealogies and other topics. Prof. Gates was picked up by the police on what they claimed was a criminal charge of breaking and entering. The problem with that – he was unlocking the door to his own home. Interesting in this case, Prof Gates was not actually taken to the police station under arrest. The incident went on long enough for the pictures of him on his own porch in handcuffs to make the newspapers and then he was released with no charges filed. Wasn’t that an attempt to shame, embarrass etc. an African American on his way up?

That has now changed. Instead of criminal charges, the state and related agencies and people resort to mental illness charges and claims that your family medically abused you. To pick you up on criminal charges, as they attempted to do with Prof. Gates, you need witnesses, incidents, proof. I was picked up by the police twice. The Court papers they used to do that were quite spurious.

The first time the police came to my home to force me out and into the psych ward of a local hospital, a section 12 was filed. When the police arrived at my home they had no Court papers to back up their claim that they had the legal right to take me by force, if necessary, and had been given the right by the Court to carry me out and whatever damage done to the property in the process would not be their responsibility. The police arrived with eight white policemen, five EMT people and two ambulances. One ambulance in front of my door, the second with its motor running half-way down the street double parked..

The Section 12 was sworn out by a psychiatrist who added to the form that she did not know me, had never met me, had never examined me, yet she was filing this mental health charge against me. What better charge to file against an Episcopal priest to ruin his chances to continue with any work he was doing and to destroy the confidence in him of the people with whom he was working? These are the charges now being promulgated against minorities. African Americans, Jews, Latinx and more. And, we believe they are becoming more widespread.

After being forced into MGH by the police we were there only hours until I was sent home with no reason for having been picked up in the first place. No mental health problems were found. Most of the hours we spent in the hospital were spent waiting for a psychiatrist to be available to examine me. It was an unbelievable time.

One day after I was sent home by MGH because they had no reason to keep me attorney O’Sullivan went to Probate Court with the description of this indigent, destitute, and more. The out of control man with “mental charges” which supposedly met the criteria of swearing out the Section 12 there started the “Guardianship” attempts. Attorney O’Sullivan went back to Court, without my having been notified of the hearing and swore out papers to have me picked up again. This time claiming my wife was medically abusive to me and I was alone in the house with her not able to have access to any medications, proper clothing, etc. The fact that my wife was not medically abusive to me and my adult children and their spouses were in the house with us was irrelevant. The fact that so many lies were told was also irrelevant. Lies told by this attorney and the state agency were overlooked. The woman head of the Protective Services purgered herself claiming I signed the Health Care Proxy I had created in 2019 when I was just out of surgery and did not know what I was doing and this was in March, 2020. That was only one of the many lies told in her sworn statement to the court. The Health Care Proxy she was describing was drawn up by Massachusetts General Hospital the day before she arrived for her “interview”.

With this second action this would mean the state or other institutions or groups would take over and dispose of, in any way they decided, the assets of this minority – the man they claimed was destitute.

What has this been about? We believe and in our researched have discovered proof that this is a part of actions today being taken against minorities to rid them of intergenerational wealth – as much and as completely as possible. This would make it difficult for their children, grandchildren and whoever else they decide to leave their accumulated wealth to unable to use those assets to help them achieve to the highest level possible using assets/wealth left to them by their ancestors and making it necessary for them to have to make it on their own.

There is nothing wrong with making it on your own. There is something very wrong when your parents, having sacrificed much in their lives so you can have a better life and then from those sacrifices the children, grandchildren and others in the family receive nothing because the state, attorneys, individual groups created for such purposes and more are set up to take all of that away from you.

Racism in Massachusetts and particularly in the Greater Boston/Cambridge area has been vile and wide spread for decades. It is institutionally structured into the area and has been unchallenged by many and defended and kept in place by many more.

If an African American or other minority seems to be moving too far in a direction our rulers don’t like or approve they are swatted down and treated in such a way as to attempt to bring shame onto the person. We believe that is what happened to me and my family. We also believe that is what happened to Prof. Gates and many more who have contacted us with incidents they heretofore kept quiet about because of the shame they felt after they were so viciously treated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, amongst others.

The initial Court action against me was done under cover. It was done undercover so the Court genesis of this would not be showing with people confused as to exactly what was happening. We came to that conclusion after reading several briefs filed by others, realizing what they had in common was no understanding of what caused all of the problems they were experiencing and why the Courts, the state Agency and others were so involved. They could not discover what happened to cause all the mess.

Judge Langlois was the judge who presided over that initial hearing. He appointed an attorney to represent me in a hearing at which I was not noticed. It was also a hearing he said could not be held without notice to me. After that comment, Judge Langlois went on and appointed an attorney without my knowledge or consent. Attorney Cheri Myette was appointed. We did not hear from Attorney Myette at all. No calls, no notes, no copies of papers filed with the Probate Court – nothing. That covered the initial hearing of which I received no notice and right after that hearing Attorney Myette filed papers making claims about which I knew nothing and which were not true. How many people have suffered because of such actions? I did not know about nor receive the papers she filed and even though she claimed I was swearing to what she put in those papers, I did not and had no idea what was happening.

We are writing this and publicizing what happened because we are finding more people who have experienced the same thing and clearly under the same circumstances.

A hearing was held without notice to me. The judge Langlois said Robert Bennett would have to be notified of the hearing and he then went ahead within 5 minutes of his comments in that same hearing to make the ruling requested. I was not notified and without my knowledge or consent Judge Langlois appointed an attorney to represent me. From that point on I was treated as a person with no rights of any kind. Whatever served the goal of those doing this is and who would benefit financially from this is what happened within the Probate Court System and without.

In that same hearing I was declared “indigent”, I was characterized as “old”, “destitute” and “incapacitated.” the Court was told I could not appear at hearings because my health would not allow it and asked the Court’s indulgence to hear all of this without me present. That was not true. I was able to appear in Court, but they probably would not have liked anything I had to say so best to keep me out. The judge accepted and agreed that I did not have to appear and Attorney Myette gave no objections. She didn’t know if I was well, sick, mobile, etc. She played her role. It was unbelievable as we recovered the history of what happened.

The judge did not appoint a particular attorney to represent me that was left to Attorney O’Sullivan to do. Normally in cases where the defendant is claimed to be indigent, he or she is represented by an attorney selected by CSPS and it is the next attorney on the list to be called. That did not happen. Attorney O’Sullivan appointed an attorney who had been involved in other such cases with the same result. In my case, as seems to have been her usual method of operating, I never met her, never talked to her, knew nothing about her and yet she claimed – in papers filed with the Court – that I swore to things she put into those papers without telling the Court I could not swear to anything because I knew nothing about what she was writing and submitting to the Court and that, in fact, I knew nothing about her.

As a result of this abuse of the Court system – of me – of my wife and more I was picked up by the police and shoved into Massachusetts General Hospital where I was kept in a locked ward with guards and police with guns guarding the doors. I was kept, against my will in a very small part of a hospital room for two people. My section of the room had curtains drawn around me at all times; hospital equipment stored -which was not relevant to me – at the head and side of my bed and the space was only large enough for a hospital bed and a chair. When put side by side the chair touched the wall on one side, the hospital bed on the other with no room in between them and the curtain touched my bed. I was forced to take anti-psychotic pills against my will and not told what they were or why I had to take some 10 to 12 pills a day. Besides the anti-psychotic pills I was also forced to take hallucinatory drugs and more. The reason seems to have been to put a diagnosis of “incapacitated” on my hospital record so I could be forced into a nursing home with the state taking over the assets they claimed I did not have. they also kept me on many pills to keep me still since I was not allowed out of my bed. If I moved I was on an “alarm blanket”. The alarm would run and a nurse would appear to insist I go back onto the blanket and not move. For 5 weeks that is how I was kept. How I lived through all of this is amazing to me and everyone else.

How do I now know what I was being forced to take without my consent or my knowledge of what they were demanding I take – I know that because they sent a bag of the pills home with me when I was finally let go out of the hospital and I was told as was my family that if I didn’t take the pills sent home with me I would be forcibly picked up again put back into the hospital. The pills in the bag included the above all with my name on them and MGH’s name.

The pills made me sick everytime I was forced to take them. My family called constantly to the doctor involved – Dr. Kehlman – and the hospital because they were not going to give me pills that made me sick on a daily basis. After a couple days of this back and forth the threat was dropped. We fired the doctor at the first moment we could and hired someone who was actually into fulfilling her doctor’s oath – especially the part about “do no harm.”

Months before any of this happened I asked an attorney – a substantial, well thought of attorney with an excellent reputation in this area to draw up a Health Proxy because I wanted my wife as my Health Proxy and he did that. This happened in 2019. Attorney O’Sullivan, in a hearing about which I was not notified, was not represented by an attorney, asked the Court to negate that Health Proxy and establish one I specifically did not want as he knew or should have known from Dr. Kehlmann – amongst others – who very specifically knew that. In spite of that and the supposed sacredness of Health Proxy’s what was clear from what happened to me is that your health proxy – along with other such supposedly sacred legal documents – can be negated, eliminated, changed according to the needs of those opposing you in Court without your knowledge and/or consent. That can happen even though those documents are not supposed to be allowed to be treated in such a cavalier manner.

Attorney Cheri Myette’s role seems to have been to block my being able to have the attorney of my choice represent me. We hired an attorney who was not allowed to replace Ms. Myette. That way, whatever the state wanted it could get because it controlled the attorneys. As we have talked to others experiencing similar problems, that has been repeated many times.

As to the charge that my wife medically abuse me? It was the state that did that bit of abuse. That was the first time I have ever been in a hospital. I did not want a doctor since that is not how I live my life. I do not take medicines and do not want to. Under extreme circumstances, if given a choice and my Health Proxy and myself agrees that is a very different circumstance. That is not what happened. The state of Massachusetts took over and medically abused me and attempted to destroy my family. We had a business we worked hard to develop over some 30 plus years. What the state did was to destroy that business and our livelihood which we now have to attempt to rebuild and at our ages that will be quite difficult. We hope it is still possible.

The amount of money this has cost us amounts to about $300,000.00 and of that Massachusetts General Hospital pocketed some $125,000.00 from working with the state to incarcerate me in their hospital. It was never for medical reasons. They were “protecting” me from a wife who I love and who loves me and with whom I have had a 39 year marriage I would not trade for anything. What they were working from was the model of a negative black image – my wife was characterized as a typical negative black woman and I was the negative black male image. A marriage between two African Americans could not be anything but awful and so the Court went along with that characterization. The racism throughout all of this reeked and was all over everything with people almost rejoicing that they could feel relieved to be able to view us in the light we were being portrayed by the state.

The initial Court papers were demanding that I be shoved into Mount Auburn Hospital where this was more known that it was at MGH. However, MGH got into the spirit of this quickly. When I said they were not to charge my health insurance for this, I was ignored and they made the charges anyway. When I saw what they charged, it became clear where this was headed and why.

We are going to attempt to put out all of the stories as people contact us. Some we won’t be able to put out because our current experience is that the people involved are too afraid of the police and the courts and they don’t have the amounts of money needed to hire private attorneys to protect them from this kind of rape. In other words, the intimidation against them worked.

If you have experienced any of the above, please feel free to contact us. Bettina Network Foundation, inc. has taken this on as one of its projects to attempt to help protect others from going through what I was subjected to by MGH and the state of Massachusetts. We believe what happened amounts to a criminal conspiracy operating within the state.

Disinformation – What is it? What role does it play? Why use it?

Saturday, February 26th, 2022

Disinformation is the creator of institutional racism, institutional sexism, institutionalized bigotry of all kinds. It is the main tool humans use to create their societies, their governments, their families, their lives.

Shakespeare used disinformation to promote anti-semitism and it was such a powerful use of disinformation we accept it as normal, right, gospel even unto today..

Politicians use disinformation to win their contests and having been successful at it, they continue to use disinformation as the major tool in their tool box to run the government they have won through such evil.

Disinformation created the negative black stereotype to which many pledge allegiance.

Disinformation is what we have used for hundreds of years to oppress women and keep them as tools and the unacknowledged slaves of this world.

Disinformation is the god of our world and the one to which we really give obedience and in whom we trust all of our assets, our lives, our everything. It is and has been used to invalidate God and put in God’s place the creative creature we need to rule – to prove our point – to gain the ascendancy – to maintain the fiction that one person is “better than” another. We have successfully created and follow a god created, through the use of disinformation, in the image of man – white man.

Why use it?

Because we are lazy. Because we are power hungry? Because we value money above all else and this is one way, the most effective way to achieve all of those things.

The disinformation we have created, even in telling the story of our history, is so strong it negated Christianity and distorted its history into the one needed to rule the world.

It takes courage to be truthful.

The one thing we are loathe to accept and acknowledge is our human weakness – our sins – our lies. How to go on living without that acceptance? Through disinformation.

Kill a human being and then go to Court with lots of expensive attorneys to attempt to prove that you did no such thing. The way the attorneys do that is through disinformation.

Fire a human being from work whose firing comes down from the top corporate suite because that person is violating the stereotypes we live by. How to do it? Through disinformation – through lies, innuendos and more.

Maintain separate and closed neighborhoods by race, ethnicity and more – HOW? Through disinformation.

Look at what is happening in the world today! What has caused it? How was it done? How has it gotten this far? Through the use of disinformation.

Where are the people who are going to come out and tell the truth about Putin and what he is doing?

Where are the people who are going to come out and tell the truth about Donald Trump and what he is and has been doing?

What would they lose if they did this? – Money, power, reputation, what they see as their future and where they want to be and go in this world.

Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple. Who amongst us has the courage to tell the truth about our banking institutions? Who has the courage to call out those spreading the disinformation that the rest of us have bought into?

Why is it so difficult to call out those spreading disinformation with current and accurate information?

Why is it so difficult to simply tell the truth?

The empires we build on disinformation are very small yet that smallness builds empires.

Will we and the societies in which we live ever be free of disinformation?

If we could all come together at one point in time and agree to destroy disinformation and never use it – maybe we might have a chance. Isn’t that why institutions like the United Nations, the Church, the Synagogue, the Temples came into being? And isn’t that also why they are all failing? We have not been able to give up the incredibly addictive drug of disinformation

One of the saddest figures I have seen is the man who took his gun and went to the pizza parlor to shoot it up because of the disinformation he believed which was told to him to stop one political candidate from winning the presidency of the United States in favor of the one who encouraged, paid for and helped spread the kind of disinformation which that pathetic guy trying to rescue young people from the pedophiles in the basement of that pizza parlor when the pizza parlor did not even have a basement. All done through disinformation.

Disinformation is the way Donald Trump has chosen to use as the means of living his life gaining money and therefore power and control. The truth does not exist in his life and surroundings.

Trump became the enemy when he teamed up with Vladimir Putin. Disinformation reigns supreme in their worlds.

Disinformation goes from those at the top all the way down to the very smallest of human beings. We all rely on being able to use disinformation – the creator and maintainer of institutional racism and all the other -isms.

Isn’t it time we stop disinformation – call it out for what it is and pledge to live our lives in truth? Elect our officials based on the truth of who they are and what they are about – earn our living based on the truth of our work and more?

Is it possible for human beings to even live in truth? Is that why disinformation has so taken over our world and is that which we are trying to spread around the universe so when we are able to access the universe at our desire we will feel at home?

God forgive.


Friday, February 25th, 2022

Donald Trump has been responsible for a lot of evil and ugly which has crept and is still creeping into this world.

Fueled by dreams of a Trump-Moscow hotel complex, Trump had his minions and himself traveling to Russia begging with their hat in their hands because Putin was holding out a ‘bait and switch’ offer they could not refuse. They did not see the switch coming.

We remember Trump’s public response, as he chose, on the world stage, between Putin and the USA. Trump made this choice after a talk with Putin alone when Trump was the newly minted president of the United States. We believe a part of that public and private meeting has caused this attack on Ukraine by Putin.

Some of the white men in Russia, led by their own greed and reach for power, showed us how they have given their lives over to evil for a very parse return. These were recently on television and showed clearly their choice of subservience to evil instead of dedicating their lives to good. They will die soon without the ability to take one dime with them. They sacrificed their lives for pure unadulterated evil instead of for what could have been working towards a better, more just, more equitable society. May God forgive! The story of Judas and his 30 pieces of silver is alive to be told in this generation.

We think what is happening in Ukraine and what could possibly happen in other parts of the world soon, is Putin carrying out Hitler’s vision of the world with himself – Putin – in charge as the great god and emperor.

Hitler was effective for a very short period of time and over a very limited geographical area. We think Putin sees himself as the perfection of Hitler’s dream and able to carry it out world wide, without making Hitler’s mistakes. That becomes clearer as Putin projects himself and his goals onto others. Calling others Nazi’s and calling for the de-Nazification of leaders he opposes.

This is what happens when a human being, living in a society with other human beings has accumulated over $200 billions of dollars as his own personal wealth. Boundaries are gone and the only restraints left for him are the set of ethics by which he has lived his life. As more material wealth is accumulated, larger parts of whatever good and caring ethics remained are ditched.

Clearly, as we have watched Putin over the years, his ethics are in the toilet. That is now clearly showing and will become even clearer as time goes on.

No one has ever explained why Trump had that strange, shocked look on his face when he came out of the meeting with Putin and announced to the world that he was going to put his future in the pot with Putin’s. Trump had been elected by the American people, with the help of Putin who changed, added, subtracted, but basically had Trump’s back and added what Trump needed to become elected president. Trump’s ethics have, since that time on, paralleled Putin’s. Whatever the cost to his reputation no longer mattered – he was now one of the Putin Puppets Sowing Evil.

We think what Trump learned in that meeting was the future according to Putin. That future was taking over the world; denigrating and destroying the wealth and the world of minorities, making them subservient to white northern european males and taking over the countries of the world in ways which have perfected that path walked by Hitler -and – with Trump’s help, the United States was already being primed to meet this fate.

The January 6th insurrection was its opening public salvo. We believe this was planned for sometime prior to January 6th and was that on which Putin built his dreams of the future. The Charlottesville re-enactment of Hitler’s “Crystal Nacht” and so much more

When Trump lost the election and even with massive aid he could not recoup except to get himself more and more into the weeds facing jail and worse, Putin – we believe – decided to go it alone without that feather in his cap and so he is starting with Ukraine and moving from there to the rest of the world. He has waited long enough to see how Trump would fare. Clearly, both Trump and Putin can see that Trump is not the one to lay the United States at the feet of Putin.

We wondered why Ukraine was so prominent in the campaign for U. S. president and why it was so necessary for Ukraine to come out against Biden. We now know.

Putin’s dream of world dominance includes a world where the White Nationalism in Russia is built upon and put down in the rest of the world, reviving it in Germany, and with Trump’s, help pushing it forward in the United States.

How one man could collect some $200 billion dollars in assets is obscene. How much must others have suffered for him to be able to do such a thing.

It is time for all of us to look at wealth accumulation, raising serious questions and putting down limits so someone going down that path does not have viable options in this life.

Robert and I had an experience which opened our eyes to what is happening in this world with wealth accumulation in ways we could not have imagined nor dreamt. The attempt at taking over Robert’s life and destroying the end of his life was simply to get control of and spend any assets he might have. What became clearer in that not only were Robert’s assets at stake, but they also were going after my assets to take them for their own use. That was especially clear towards the end of the campaign waged against us when the last Court hearing scheduled was supposed to be to declare Robert “incapacitated” and his wife guilty of Medical Abuse against her husband with the State of Massachusetts claiming he had no one else to take care of him and in that hearing was to be made a ward of the state – under the guardianship laws – with the state agencies having control of everything we owned, had worked for over a lifetime, etc.

I had already been told to find a small room someplace because I would not be left penniless, they were not that mean, but I would also not be able to live an extravagant life. A small room would be paid for so I could continue on. I will never forget that conversaton.

The charge against me of “medical abuse” supposedly against Robert was totally without merit, especially when you look at the record and you see Robert had been to a doctor twice in the week before they started this campaign against us, before they made those charges and before “they” sent the police to force Robert into a police ward at MGH for no reason with the doors to the ward locked and guarded by armed guards and police with guns.

Given what happened and the way it was legally handled, it is past the time for Probate Court in Massachusetts to go through a complete evaluation and overhaul.

Whenever anything even close to that happens in the world we feel a kinship to the people so attacked.

That Court hearing was cancelled because at that point it was clear this was a criminal conspiracy against us and not real. I wondered what would have happened if we had not spent so many years in civil rights activities and did not have that small ability to navigate this kind of world of evil. It is amazing how many people step back to wait to see if you are going to still be their friend – depending on the outcome of what is happening to you.

If you look back at our history you will see Bettina Network Blog wrote and circulated some tough and honest blogs about Donald Trump, his history and more.

As we look back, we see these things happen to us and others when “they” can pick you up somehow and take control.

What happened to us? Robert fell down the back stairs in our home when the front stairs were being stained, new carpet applied. I took Robert to the hospital after the fall and there we were “picked up” by those waiting for such instances. Others have experienced such falls and worse without what followed with us involving forced incarcerations and more.

Mostly, the people who experience this kind of thing are Jews, Blacks and other minorities. The record is replete with such and it is also replete with the huge amounts of money siphoned off from such families in this process. That kind of thing now even has a name – “The destruction of generational wealth.” The goal is to limit how far the next generation of minorities can go without the gift of the life work of their family. Take away their ancestor’s wealth and distribute it to white male northern european types.

We fought them successfully – but not so successfully when you think we were stripped of some $200,000.00 in assets which went directly to Massachusetts General Hospital where many games had been played to make sure such a pay day was in the offing.

And how did Robert get out of MGH? I put the story out on their Facebook Page and two days later came the order from the top to “get that man out of this hospital.”

This is a small example. This is, however, what leads to the billionaires who have neither worked for nor should have the kind of wealth they have accumulated.

Putin is an extreme example, but he is an example of what happens when such ‘over the top” wealth falls into the hands of one man. That kind of money is also over the top power and with that kind of accumulation he can call the shots which have caused the death and destruction of hundreds over just the past few years.

Take a closer look at Putin. Take a closer look at those with the hundreds of billions of dollars at their disposal. They do call the shots in this world and this world is not the better for it. The rest of us suffer because of their dominance, their abuse of power and their use of money that has been stolen. It is not just African slavery of the past several hundreds of years we need to be talking about, it is what African slavery has evolved into that we all need to be concerned about and involved in making sure this world stops the evil which has had it in its thrall.

Pecans – Brings back memories of home!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2022

Based on a recipe given to us by Ms. Jeannette McInis! May she live long and prosper.

This is a great dish – especially for keeping to eat when company comes or when that sugar need strikes and you don’t want those sweets with harmful stuff.

Many stores sell raw pecans in two cup packages. Those are perfect. If not, wherever in whatever quantities you can get your pecans works.

Needless to say, but we will repeat it anyway -all ingredients should be organic. We realize it is difficult to get organic pecans, but once you have searched you will find a source and be able to go back there many times.

2 cups pecans

1/2 cup organic sugars (mixed is preferable.) You can find organic Turbinado Sugar; organic coconut palm sugar and more. Except don’t bother with brown sugar – organic or not. That is simply white sugar with the molasses from the end stages mixed back into the sugar. Best to have sugars which are the least processed.

Cayenne pepper to taste – We have tried from 1/2 tsp to 1 1/2 tsp. Both were great!

3/4 tsp himalayan salt.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

In a medium-sized bowl, stir together the sugar, salt and pepper. Add 4 tsp water stirring until dry ingredients dissolve.

Add pecans

Stir until pecans are coated.

Be careful that you don’t have too much liquid. We tried water and milk. Both were great. The first time we tried this we added too much water and the result was pecans in a thick, caramelized mess. When we finally caught on to the need for minimizing the liquids we produced pecans coated beautifully with just the right amount of sugary stuff to make the pecans stiff.

Spread the pecans on a baking sheet – evenly so one does not touch another.

Bake 10 to 12 minutes until pecans are crusty and wonderful. Another caution. Do not bake too long or you will get burns pecans.

Once out of the oven and cooled, remove pecans from the baking sheet and store them in a glass jar.


P. S. You can go crazy with this recipe by adding all kind of spices and herbs to the mix. Cinnamon and nutmeg are some traditional ones for holidays. But try turmeric – and so many more – what are your favorites!! Use them!

My mother always had a bottle of tabasco sauce in her pocket book so I tried that instead of cayenne pepper and it was astoundingly good.

Bettina Network Foundation, inc. announces the addition of a project which is sorely needed in this world!

Sunday, February 13th, 2022

                                                        Much has been made of the push to pass the Voting Rights Bill.  We think a larger push needs to be made over real estate and over how venture capitalists have used their money and other resources to infect this society with extreme racism.

The issue in voting rights centers around redistricting.  This is the work which many take on to make sure their group has the edge over another group in voting before anyone shows up to vote.         

If we work to remove the core – the root – the life of White Nationalism, maybe we can take away the sustenance of the extreme bigotry we are facing which is today and has always infected the right of many Americans to vote. 

We need to look at this in two parts: Real Estate and Venture Capitalists. Those are the two parts which make up this project:

Real Estate – Part One of the Project.

We are asking real estate companies to sign a pledge that they will make their listings known to all. Today, listings are known in particular stratified segregated communities consisting of whites or blacks or browns, or etc.

When one looks at this society let us look at white neighborhoods . They was created as the structure in which we all live because such areas lead to white schools – white churches white friendship groups – white social clubs, substantial futures and opportunities for white children living in these neighborhoods.  

They are the living arrangements in these United States where an investment in real estate – even your private home – would today be worth 100 to 500% more than what you invested.  Those are, of course, white-Americanized -Northern-European neighborhoods where everything is kept under tight control. Banks have redlined; racism prevails; neighbors make it difficult to impossible for non-whites to live in those neighborhoods and so much more. Real estate brokers help to institutionalize this living arrangement as they pay attention to some, ignore others, choose which leads to follow and which to ignore.

In other neighborhoods we may see some appreciation in value, but not of the magnitude described above.  A modest increase.  

And then there are the African American neighborhoods where your home may only be worth a fraction of what you paid even when other homes, sometimes within a few blocks of your home or other real estate, are sky rocketing.    Mostly, however, in the minority neighborhoods the value of homes goes down from when you first purchased.

Going along with that,  schools are guaranteed, in the white northern european neighborhoods, to provide the children of those living in those neighborhoods with a very good education in beautiful buildings equipped with as much as can be put into those buildings.  Even in 2022 you will not receive mortgages to purchase homes in these Americanized-Northern-European neighborhoods. If you do slip through there are ways this society uses to make sure such people are moved out of those neighborhoods and generally in some very crude ways.

As a society, we have spent blood, sweat, tears and tons of money to maintain this structure and it is way past the time to dismantle it.  

We passed a voting rights bill decades ago, which today has been almost completely dismantled needing another such effort.  If your effort is spent working at the core of the problem  your time and resources will result in positive results beneficial to the entire society – including those trying to make sure it remains white and your results will be much longer lasting.

There are neighborhoods in these United States where an investment in real estate – even your private home – would today be worth 100 to 500% more than what you invested.  Those are, of course, white-Northern-European neighborhoods which patrol their neighborhoods making sure only those like them are allowed to purchase homes.

In other neighborhoods we may see some appreciation in value, but not of the magnitude described above.  A modest increase.  And then there are the African American neighborhoods where your home may only be worth a fraction of what you paid even when other homes, sometimes within a few blocks of your home or other real estate, are sky rocketing.   

As a society, we have spent blood, sweat, tears and tons of money to maintain this structure and it is way past the time to dismantle it.   One reason we have spent so much of ourselves maintaining this structure, one important reason, is power and control. When where a person lives is institutionalized to bring about political control and to dictate part of their ability to earn a substantial living and denigrate others living in lesser neighborhoods – that is the ultimate.

We passed a voting rights bill decades ago, which today has been almost completely dismantled needing another such effort.  If your effort is spent at the core of the problem  your time and resources will result in positive results more beneficial to the entire society – including those trying to make sure it remains white and your results will be much longer lasting.

 We are further asking real estate companies to advertise more broadly. Media is ghettoized so their outlets will have to step out and step up to the challenge of making sure their real estate listings are seen across the entire spectrum of race, creed, color, culture, religious, sexual preference and so much more.

This will put realtors on the front line of change. That is as it should be since their ancestors – those who went before – were on that front line making sure neighborhoods were strictly segregated. The advantage the realtors will have will come from their businesses appreciating dramatically and they benefitting personally and through their businesses.

We are asking the media to step up and step out. Different media outlets cater to very different groups of people.  We are asking the media to become adept at making their real estate listings known across the board.  Initially, that might be a problem.  Lack of know-how will make the first steps fraught with distress, upheaval and more.  Why continue?  Over time that will be an advantage to bring in more commissions to the realtors as their results will be judged by new criteria. And to bring in more income across the board to the media.

We are asking civil rights groups to add a real estate component to what they do.

Once upon a time civil rights groups worked in real estate areas. They brought suit against particular real estate owners for not selling nor renting to minorities. That has either disappeared or taken a back seat to other priorities and we can see the results as equality in voting has taken a dive and redistricting is coming up with no thought except that it will create and maintain separatism to produce the political power and control needed.

We will support those who take on living in neighborhoods which just might be hostile to them so the people making that move are supported.  We will support whites, blacks, latinx, asians, whoever needs that support.

Our research has shown some unbelievably imaginative and evil structures in place to maintain the racial, cultural, religious, etc. separation of people in these United States. We have uncovered several people who have been fired when they moved into the wrong neighborhood. It took a bit to discover that because no one thinks their firing has come from their choice of housing. We have seen people whose jobs were capped and downward pressure put on them so they have to move into ‘lesser’ neighborhoods.

We will develop programs to get this going to make sure we are able to break down the tall thick walls created from our need to be better than which separates us and makes us see the faults in others without seeing the part we played in creating those fault lines.

We do not want to make us one people, but to make sure we are well represented in many communities which  have been closed for generations.

We will be in touch with banks and other lending institutions to make sure they get the message and the “redlining”  and other forms of discrimination stops.  Financial Institutions have been very imaginative in how they attempt to tear down someone to force them out of a particular neighborhood. Our president, Marceline Donaldson, experienced heavy racism from her bank when one of the many things they did was to refuse to send her monthly statements of her account for over two years, in spite of many phone calls to the bank. The answer was always – “when you send us a new address we will restart your statements.” Her statements were not restarted until she went to the Banking Commission and then it still took time. These kinds of institutional racist activities are today alive and well, living in most American cities growing fat on the support such receives.  Which bank? Chase Bank in Boston, MA.

Those working within banks and other institutions are quite imaginative about how they go about such bigoted behavior. It is what they bring into the bank when they are hired from how they were raised, schooled, learned at their particular religious institutions and so much more. It becomes lethal when the bank accepts and defends such behavior. That is when it becomes institutional racism.

We will support the institutions which want to see all of this change and we will publicize and in many other ways make sure the institutions which continue to support the separation of people into pens based on color, race, religions etc. feel the ire of those trying to bring our lives together in more positive ways.

To make clear – We are not trying to bring about a society in which we are all the same.  We are trying to highlight and bring together actual “diversity” in our living locations, our living styles, our different cultures and religions so we can live better lives than we have been able to in the past.  

We and our ancestors – no matter who – have paid high prices to maintain this exclusivity based on color, race, religion, sexual orientation, culture and so much more.

It is time to acknowledge the roots of such and to pull up those roots replacing them with much better. Not only do we do this where we live, but we also do it where we eat, what we eat, where we worship, the names and trappings of the God we worship or the fact that we don’t believe in any God. Ever stood at the door of an elegant restaurant with a reservation watching others come in and be seated without reservations while you still stood? In elegant, northern, supposedly none bigoted locations?

The second part of this will be dealing with the bigotry in the billionaire/millionaire classes. We will especially look at those who are funding the bigotry we are seeing grow hugely. We will be looking at the Venture Capitalists and such groups who have used their assets to change this society into one which is becoming a more fascist – racist – sexist society, which they control and in some instances where they are attempting to create new facets to this society where their control-over is substantial .

We will be especially looking at this group to attempt to help rectify and return to others what they have stolen as these Venture Capitalists elbowed each other to steal the ideas and hard work of entrepreneurs developing great ideas into the billionaire business categories. These entrepreneurs were stopped because the Venture Capitalist groups wanted to fund the businesses, but not the people who developed them so the VC group resorted to theft. This kind of theft has been going on in these United States – with no stopping them – for decades. The numbers of people negatively affected are in the thousands. We have been researching and have discovered the beginnings of many such stolen businesses which today are into the top financial categories and which had their beginnings in the minority/female communities.

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Hopeful for the future

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Beauty is in the upkeep!

Thursday, January 6th, 2022

In this society, beauty is in what you spend and use to keep yourself looking “acceptable.” Lots of money spent and you can theoretically look “gorgeous,” especially if you spend some of that money with plastic surgeons, beauty spas, etc.

We are here to tell you that is not necessary to produce a “natural beauty” – which is bringing your looks to their highest possible state.

We have many beauty secrets which we receive from many of you and will share them as time goes by.

Today we share two –

  1. ALOE VERA GEL! Look at the ingredients in many of the cosmetics you buy and major amongst them will be Aloe Vera. It comes in a gel or whole leaf. We tried both and have been getting much advice from someone who has used this for years. Sometimes we prefer the gel, sometimes the whole leaf, it will have to be your choice.

The result from this incredible plant is amazing and, of course, when you purchase it, don’t buy anything other than “organically grown.”


As we tried it, two ways stand out – first thing in the morning upon arising or the last thing at night before going to bed or actually anytime you have a few minutes and can leave the aloe vera on your skin for at least 1/2 hour. We suggested the morning and night possibilities because we like to leave it on for hours. That may be unnecessary, but it satisfies us emotionally thinking something fantastic is happening over the hours we have on the aloe vera.

When ready to move on, rinse your face with warm water by cupping your hands together and splashing the water on your face at least 10 times. Pat your face dry and pour a bit of the gel into your cupped hands massaging it all over your face. Don’t forget your neck, which can begin to look rather scandalous as you age, if you don’t take care.

Massage the gel or whole leaf for a minute or two into your skin and then just walk away – let it dry.

We leave it on during the morning until ready to get dressed for the day and then we take a shower which takes off the aloe vera.

Once your face is dry you can apply —–

2) vitamin A – We like to use this by clipping a vitamin A capsule which is 25,000 units and rub that into your skin. When I use the vitamin A it takes two to three capsules to cover my face. I particularly rub it lightly around my eyes and believe I can see better after a week of such treatments. If you are not going out immediately, let the vitamin A stay on your skin. When ready to go out and face the public, rinse your face with cupped hands filled with warm water, but don’t splash all of the vitamin A off.

To keep from having an “oily” look as you run errands, have lunch or whatever your schedule, pour a bit of organic dry milk into your cupped hands and rub this over your face. Once rubbed in, wipe off the access with a towel and you are set for the day. Something good happens to my skin when I use that threesome.

To freshen up, simply splash water on your face. The way that freshens your look is amazing. The way it freshens your spirits – especially if you have taken a bathroom break after a meeting – is fabulous.

As you use the aloe, over time, you begin to look even better. Don’t expect great results overnight. Using organic products which are ‘real’ produces a gradual bringing back your natural beauty. I found that after about two weeks I saw stunning results. Although I did look fresh and elegant after only one application.

We described this for your face. It can also be used for your entire body as a once a month treatment after bathing.

If you can afford to have a professional massage using the aloe and vitamin A – even better.

Let us know your results – bettinanetwork@comcast.net

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