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Wild Caught Salmon dip/spread

Sunday, October 10th, 2021

A great taste. You can use either freshly caught salmon or canned wild pink salmon. We keep a couple cans for unexpected guests. You always have a great dish/spread to serve.

Using the canned salmon:

Empty any liquid in the can

empty the salmon into a bowl for mixing

add organic mayonnaise, honey mustard, salt to taste, turmeric, dill weed and mix thoroughly.

Serve either in individual salad plates if it is to be a part of a meal


serve on a platter in a half-sphere on a bed of lettuce with wonderful organic cracker around the plate.


serve on a platter as above, but put the crackers on another plate

This takes less than five minutes to produce and tastes wonderful


of course

everything should be organic – the taste changes if it is not.

To make with freshly caught salmon – vary the amounts of ingredients by how much salmon you are using – follow the procedure above.

To make a half-sphere – use a bowl about the size you think you need – put the salmon spread in the bowl – press it down and then upturn the bowl so the flat side of the salmon comes out onto the lettuce plate. It is probably easier, however, to shape the salmon once you turn it out onto the lettuce plate.

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