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SCES now trying for Guardianship over Rev. Dr. Bennett

Wednesday, April 29th, 2020

They don’t want financial oversight, but they do want to be able to “spend down funds” to pay for Rev. Dr. Bennett’s care. Where do these people come from? They also want the Court to give them the right to give Dr. Bennett anti-psychotic medicine. Doctors have given up their rights to prescribe to the Court? Or is this what happens when there is no diagnosis and the lawyers and others want to medicate patients. Their arrogance is overwhelming to come out of the blue to take over your life when they are incompetent, lie extensively, and so much more. How does one move to ask that an attorney be disbarred and others be removed and the organization be investigated with its management totally replaced or the organization disbanded with some other way of doing what it was supposed to do, but found too many personal conflicts?

 This was sent to the TRIAL COURT OF MASSACHUSETTS          

Why are we making this public? Because we have found too many “secrets” and “under the table dealings” and “Court hearings with only one side knowing of the hearing in spite of a law saying otherwise” and hearing “there are exceptions” – hearing one side of a request where a person’s freedom is at stake should not qualify as an exception. We have also discovered that Health Care Proxy’s are not worth the paper on which they are written. They are invalidated and another put in its place if the persons involved are not as malleable as they should be to rip offs of assets over which people are drooling. Sounds harsh? Yes, we are angry at having to spend our lives and assets on Court actions that come out of the blue and never should have been filed or even listened to with any seriousness by the Court. Is this an example of the Trumpian effect on the Court’s. We didn’t vote for him – nor would we vote for anyone even closely resembling Donald Trump. 

What follows is the response to a motion filed for Guardianship over Robert Bennett filed on behalf of Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services by Attorney James O’Sullivan whose firm represents such Elder Services groups across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

How did they get this far? Through lies, deceptions, manipulation of the Court and more.

Their request is that Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett’s guardianship be placed under the Jewish Center for Family and Children and he be sent by them to a Hebrew Nursing Home – who is this Dr. Bennett? A retired Episcopal priest.  Dr. Bennett does not need nor want any guardianship over him. These people pushed into his life from out of the blue to take it over – why is this “indigent man” being so oppressed, put under such pressure, taken forcibly out of his home for no reason, etc. etc.? You answer that question about this African American who, though being “indigent” as these people claim, lives in the Brattle Street area of Harvard Square and no, he does not live on the street as homeless although they are trying very hard to make that possible.

_______The answer to the motion which has been filed with the Trial Court of Massachusetts follows: Any lawyers interested, please let us know


On information and belief these petitions are a part of a criminal conspiracy against Robert Bennett and his family and need to be tried in a different Court.

In response to this particular motion: 
Their #3 says: “Robert Bennett is an incapacitated person in that Robert Bennett suffers from profound deficits resulting from severe traumatic brain injury.  He has poor concentration and memory and extremely poor insight and judgment about his current and most basic needs and is at great risk of falling and additional brain injury.”

 Our response to their #3.  Robert Bennett is not an incapacitated person.  Attorney Sullivan, Ms. Nora Al-Wetaid, Ms. Angela Clary, unamed MGH medical personnel, Somerville-Cambridge Elder Services, inc. and unnamed others participated in an orchestrated attempt to put Robert Bennett in the condition Attorney O’Sullivan claims is Robert Bennett’s current condition.  They were unsuccessful in their attempt because of the response of Robert Bennett’s family and because of Robert Bennett’s genes and lifestyle before this began.

Robert Bennett survived the attempts to destroy his health and his wealth  by the above named people partially because of his genes, his diet, his care of his health over the decades and more.

He is today a person who walks a mile a day; knows who he is and where he is; has friends who know his current condition and are ready to testify to such to this and any other Court; cares for himself; has health indicators taken over the past two weeks i.e. blood pressure, oxygen levels, temperature and more within the normal range; lives in a house which has three floors and Robert Bennett is up and down those three floors many times a day without any indication of risk of falling, etc.  He also attends to his own most basic needs and still is able to help others as he has done his entire life.

He reads, has good concentration, insight and judgment as can be testified to by several witnesses who have seen him, interact with him,  work with him in his business as they have for decades and have seen him currently as well as over the years.

Robert Bennett is in that position and condition in spite of the way Attorney O’Sullivan and others have attempted to destroy him, his health and his wealth for several months, including in the filing of such Court actions distorting reality and making claims which are bogus and meant to mislead and which in addition have lied to this Court to gain their end.  They have been doing this from the beginnings of their first filings in this matter starting March 2nd or 3rd, 2020.

4.  Their filing continues “The appointment of a temporary guardian is necessary or desirable as a means of providing continuing care and supervision of Robert Bennett.”

Our response to their #4. Robert Bennett does not need a temporary guardian, in spite of the attempts by Attorney O’Sullivan and the above people to put him in such a condition by involuntary and forced incarceration in Mass General Hospital more than once on the same psychiatric claim.    

The first “section 12” which Attorney O’Sullivan filed on behalf of Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services which formally began this criminal conspiracy against Robert Bennett to rob him of his freedom, with his right to vote taken away from him in spite of his request to be allowed to vote on March 3rd.  His ability to do so by this incarceration took that right away.  

This was an attempt to declare him psychotic – among other claims – none of which held up on this first forced incarceration and time spent in Mass General Hospital from March 3rd about 10:30am until being discharged by MGH on March 4th at 3:30am with “vital signs normal and no medicines prescribed”.

                                    That first forced incarceration under a section 12 which was signed, as required, by a psychologist, who also said she had never met Robert Bennett, never examined Robert Bennett, never been to Robert Bennett’s house and yet she signed for this African American man to be picked up and forced out of his home to be forcibly incarcerated at MGH against his will and the will of his family. 

Attorney O’Suollivan’s intent can be seen by the fact that eight white policemen, accompanied by five or six EMT people with two ambulances on the street outside Dr. Bennett’s home, with a hospital gurney on the sidewalk surrounded by police and EMT’s waiting for Dr. Bennett to be brought out and forced into the gurney was beyond overkill unless you were orchestrating a racist trope. 

Robert Bennett, who was quite capable of walking, talking, being aware of his life and surroundings was not allowed to go to MGH any way other than being forcibly laid on the gurney, put in an ambulance and brought to MGH tied down on such gurney.   

It was a circus and show for the neighborhood and those within range of Robert Bennett’s home to such an extent people were running from the Charles River to Robert Bennett’s home to watch what was happening.  It was demeaning, disgraceful, degrading, humiliating, shameful, undignified, belittling, contemptuous, debasing, decrying and denigrative. which Attorney O’Sullivan along with the others involved caused knowingly in what has unfolded as an extensive criminal conspiracy to deprive Robert Bennett of his freedom and lock him into a hospital, which they apparently expected to deteriorate his condition to that described by Attorney O’Sullivan in this and other motions.  It was also a criminal conspiracy meant to forcibly remove Robert Bennett from his home and neighborhood.  It was a racist trope even Hollywood would not believe happened in 2020. 

5.  Their filing continues:  “Robert Bennett’s needs cannot be met by less restrictive means, including the use of appropriate and reasonably available technological assistance.” 

After the first forced incarceration under a section 12 was dismissed by MGH with Robert Bennett being discharged in less than 24 hours after he was forcibly detained and forced into the hospital by all of the police called to carry out this “section 12” – Attorney O’Sullivan and those participating in this conspiracy had Robert Bennett, an African American citizen of these United States, a graduate of Harvard University Graduate School of Arts with a doctorate in his field, having established a substantial career including even to the day of his first forced incarceration into MGH.

This action removed him from his home without cause by abusing the police, the Court, debasing the intended and correct use of “section 12” and more to affect the criminal conspiracy that is still being attempted.  This motion by Attorney O’Sullivan on behalf of those who are a part of this criminal conspiracy is not about the appointment of a temporary guardian, but is `a part of carrying out of that conspiracy.

The conspiracy being mentioned and outlined in Ms. Al-Wetaid’s first affidavit to which she swore under pains and penalties of perjury, which she and James O’Sullivan used to push their way into Dr. Bennett’s family by recruiting people to join, telling them not the truth of the situation, but a version which would allow them to participate easing their conscience as they moved extensively against this African American man and his family. 

6.  Their filing continues:  “Immediate and substantial harm to the health, safety or welfare of Robert Bennett will likely result prior to the return date, and it appears that no other suitable person has authority to act in the circumstances.” 

This is another one of Attorney O’Sullivan’s misleadings of the Court with descriptions to the Court to justify his requests which are not rooted in fact, but in the story telling needed to continue and move along the criminal conspiracy to deprive Dr. Bennett of his freedom, his wealth, his health, separate him from his wife, and life through being incarcerated against his will while his health and wealth and life do actually disappear.

 Dr. Bennett’s life actually being threatened by this request that he be incarcerated in a nursing home, with others making decisions over him and his life in an environment which is producing many dead and/or infected by the coronavirus which has a rate of such deaths and infections in nursing homes substantially above that in the overall society.

Robert Bennett is living at home and has been for several weeks and is thriving from having been removed from MGH after his family, friends and acquaintances moved to bring what was happening in MGH to the attention of those higher up at MGH.

Robert Bennett has lived and continues to live with his family, has a large group of friends with whom he and his wife interact on a regular basis.  They are correct in saying “there is no other suitable person having authority to act in the circumstances” if they mean no other person capable of piercing that family circle to continue their attempts to destroy Robert Bennett’s health and wealth as they have attempted to do.

The people around Robert Bennett are concerned about protecting him from the likes of those engaged in this criminal conspiracy to keep them from further harming Robert Bennett – who has lost five weeks of his life and much more incarcerated in MGH confined to a space seven feet by nine feet having no access to a window to even be able to look outside let alone to be outside having the window in the two bed room cut off from him via a curtain.  

In addition, having been kept in bed during that time with alarms under him in the bed and going from the bed to a chair which was alarmed also so nurses could move quickly to make sure Robert Bennett was not allowed out of bed, it is clear what that kind of incarceration would do to an 87 year old human being who is accustomed to being up and about, taking care of himself, walking on a daily basis, jogging on occasion and bicycle riding on other occasions – there is no one in Robert Bennett’s circle of family and friends who would act in such a way to continue the destruction of Robert Bennett started by Attorney O’Sullivan and his group of conspirators.  

It is clear what Attorney O’Sullivan, who with Ms. Nora Al-Wetaid caused that incarceration under those circumstances expected their and the actions of others in their conspiratorial group to produce.

The intent was clearly to destroy the health of Dr. Bennett during that time in MGH.  But for having very good genes and having lived a life free of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, with no hint of mental problems of any kind Robert Bennett may not have survived such treatment or if he did, that survival would be the kind of life Attorney O’Sullivan has prepared for Robert Bennett to move him out of his home and neighborhood into one more “appropriate” for this African American man.

7.  Their filing continues: “Robert Bennett needs to be immediately placed in a nursing facility in order to protect his health, safety and welfare.”

Attorney O’Sullivan and those in this group of conspirators threatened Robert Bennett’s family – especially his wife – with all the things they would do to them if they didn’t do what they were told.  They were threatened with Attorney O’Sullivan sending Robert Bennett to an “Hebrew nursing home” with his guardianship under a Jewish Center for family and children if the family did not follow his orders. – This they considered a substantial threat to a retired Episcopal priest and his family.

Most people will recognize that as a very bigoted trope which goes along with the eight white policemen forcing an African American man out of his home in a very white only neighborhood where the institutions, including the banks had a policy of ‘red-lining’ to maintain the whiteness of the neighborhood.

With the advent of our current politicians, it is now possible to attempt to remove those like Robert Bennett and return this society to what it was in the 1950’s on behalf of – on information and belief – those recently moving into that neighborhood who were surprised to find their neighbors on the corner to be African American.  This particular trope, Jews over Blacks,  is and has been commonly used to “divide and conquer”.

To immediately place Robert Bennett in a nursing facility would not protect his health, safety and welfare, especially in this time of coronavirus.  Instead it would be an almost sure death sentence given the conditions and what is happening in most nursing homes around the country.  In East Boston, the elderly have been “locked in” as they have been in most parts of Massachusetts insuring that Robert Bennett would once again be cut off from his family and friends as he was in MGH.

During the time Robert Bennett was incarcerated in MGH he was not allowed to have any visitors, he was not allowed telephone calls from anyone except a couple who were certified “safe” and most likely a part of this conspiracy and his wife was not allowed to visit except for three times during his five week stay and then only for 1/2 hour each time and only with a Security Guard and Policeman present.  She was threatened many times by the Security Guards one of whom threatened to physically throw her out of MGH if she didn’t leave immediately when she arrived to spend the supposedly allowed 1/2 hour with Robert Bennett, her husband of 36 years.   Everyone who knows them will testify to the fact that it was and is a loving, caring relationship where they take care of each other as they have done during that entire period of time.

8.  Their filing says:  “The name and address of any agent designated under a health care proxy is as follows: uncertain at this time.”

Using the health care proxy is one important way Attorney O’Sullivan and his group have controlled Robert Bennett and the lack of care he has received.

There is a Health Care Proxy which should be operational.  Robert Bennett had a Health Care Proxy drawn up by probate attorney Don McInnis and it was signed by Robert Bennett on November 18, 2019.  Attorney O’Sullivan and all others know this to be true and have done everything they could do to cloud this issue because Robert Bennett’s wife is who Robert Bennett named as his health care proxy.

On information and belief Attorney O’Sullivan and those involved in his group lied to the Court about Robert Bennett’s Health Care Proxy because it was to their advantage and to the intent of the criminal conspiracy to cloud and discredit Robert Bennett’s wife as much as possible and they declared – especially in the signed affidavit of Ms. Nora Al-Wetaid –  that Robert Bennett was not conscious of what he was doing when he signed the Health Care Proxy which Attorney O’Sullivan asked the Court in March 4th or 5th to invalidate and put in its place a Health Care Proxy which Robert Bennett himself had invalidated and which caused Robert Bennett to ask Attorney McInnis to prepare a Health Care Proxy for Robert Bennett to sign.

Attorney O’Sullivan completely misled the Court during his March 4th or 5th request to this Court for a “Protective Order” which he used to keep Robert Bennett incarcerated in MGH along with a “section 12” all of which became the central part around which this criminal conspiracy evolved.  The section 12 was never lifted because it was never addressed by the MGH people.   Robert Bennett was forced to take pills which he did not want and did not know what they were for or what they were.

There were five to ten pills per day given to Dr. Bennett – which he was forced to take none of which were prescribed and all were ‘over the counter’ medicines.   A couple were psychotropic drugs which caused Dr. Bennett to hallucinate while in the hospital which was of major concern to Dr. Bennett and a couple others were so difficult for him when they were sent home with him to continue this regime of non-prescribed over the counter drugs which he did not want nor need it was horrendous to watch how painful it was for him to take a couple of the over the counter pills because of his negative reaction to them.  Robert Bennett was only let out of the hospital if his family agreed to continue giving him these pills and would accept the visit of six or more home health people from the Blissful Agency, who were to continue giving Dr. Bennett these drugs.   
Dr. Bennett’s family were not allowed to choose the health care agency they would want to work with, they were told only the Blissful Agency was acceptable.

Both Robert Bennett and his wife were very concerned with all of the people who would be going and coming in and out of their home with the threat of bringing the virus with each person entering or leaving the house, especially considering their age.  They were told that this was the only way Dr. Bennett would be allowed to go to his home.  If they did not accept that, he would be sent immediately to a nursing home since he had to leave the hospital no matter what. MGH social workers assured them they would not catch the coronavirus in spite of having so many different people going back and forth in their home.  It was a horrendous time for everyone in the family knowing that it was very possible either one or both could very well come down with the coronavirus under the circumstances thrust upon them by MGH.

He was sent home to his wife with the Protective Order still overhanging them with the refusal to remove it by Attorney O’Sullivan who – on information and belief – intended to use it against them at some point in the near future.  MGH Social Workers asked Robert Bennett’s son to come to Boston to spend a week to pick up Dr. Bennett from the hospital to bring him home and to stay with the family for the rest of the week.  After that, they were told, they could go home and things would be fine.

They asked Dr. Bennett’s son to choose – stay home and shelter in place as he and his wife had been doing and turn his back on his father, or risk getting the coronavirus and go to Cambridge to get his father out of MGH.

The agreement was that Dr. Bennett would be sent home and would not be harassed by those who had done the harassing in the past, however, two days after Dr. Bennett was released from the hospital, Attorney O’Sullivan served this motion to have Dr. Bennett placed under guardianship by the Jewish Center for Family and Children and suggested that he would then be sent by them to a Hebrew Nursing Home along with other motions and threats made by Attorney O’Sullivan which he is in the process of carrying out because neither Robert Bennett or his wife would, once again, apply for Mass Health at Attorney O’Sullivans’ demand that they do so.

In spite of spending much time protecting her husband and making sure he was healthy and safe, Attorney O’Sullivan and Ms. Nora Al-Wetaid both accused Robert Bennett’s wife of all kinds of negative things including asking the Court to invalidate the Health Care Proxy which probate attorney Don McInnis created for Robert Bennett at Dr. Bennett’s  request along with invalidating the Health Care Proxy which MGH created for Robert Bennett because MGH discovered that Health Care Proxy had a one character typographical error.  

The person at MGH who handles their Health Care Proxies discovered this discrepancy and created another Health Care Proxy for Robert Bennett changing that one character.  She spent about 45 minutes talking to Dr. Bennett alone in his room at MGH to make sure he understood the Health Care Proxy and what he was signing.   

This is the Health Care Proxy that Attorney O’Sullivan misrepresented to the Court as being a change in the person who was the health care proxy and representing to the Court his claim that Robert Bennett was not mentally able to know what he was signing when he signed the Health Care Proxy created by MGH with the one character change maintaining the same health care proxy he had when he entered the hospital.  That person continued as the health care proxy in the one created by MGH and that person is Robert Bennett’s wife, who these forces are trying mightily to move aside because one of their strongest moves has been to separate Robert Bennett from his wife re-creating Dr. Bennett’s wife as some horrible, irresponsible with other negative adjectives being added constantly to the way she is characterized and described by Attorney O’Sullivan and this group forming the criminal conspiracy.

It is clear how Attorney O’Sullivan has attempted to manipulate and lie to this Court as he ends his motion.

He says in “e.” – ” waive the appearance of Robert Bennett: and…”

To waive the appearance of Robert Bennett would not allow the Court to see a man who is healthy, competent, understanding of everything around him and responding as one would expect such a person in complete control of himself, his life, his mind would respond.  Without the appearance of Robert  Bennett that would continue the way Attorney O’Sullivan has brought this motion and others like them forward and succeeded in attaining his goal at the expense of Robert Bennett and his family, friends, acquaintances, business and business associates.

This is how Attorney O’Sullivan manipulated this Court into hearing a motion request for a “Protective Order” against Robert Bennett’s wife, among others, without proof, and how he was able to ask for that hearing to be without his giving notice to Robert Bennett of the hearing being able to manipulate the Court in the most obscene ways.  He started that manipulation of the Court by not telling the Court that MGH had just 24 hours earlier lifted the “section 12”  Attorney O’Sullivan filed against Dr. Bennett as being without cause and without medicines prescribed and with  Dr. Bennett’s vitals normal.  

The same “section 12” Attorney Sullivan was now filing against Dr. Bennett just 24 hours after the exact same charge was lifted with the addition of a Protective Order and the addition of Ms. Nora Al-wetaid talking in her affidavit and amongst people at MGH about conspiring to keep Dr. Bennett in MGH as long as possible.  They thought it was for his health – in fact, it was to have Dr. Bennett’s health, when he would finally be let out of MGH, match the “incapacitated” state Attorney O’Sullivan needed to match the guardianship motion amongst others he was going to file when that time came.

Sorrowfully, in the process of all of this we have heard that this kind of use of a “section 12”, which has other names in other parts of the country, are being used against African Americans to incarcerate them in the hospital – with their insurance companies paying the bill – with that being for no good reason except to incarcerate African Americans  who have committed no crimes and to relieve them of substantial amounts of their assets, their dignity, their respect and to destroy the life and reputation they created before this happened and  before releasing them. 

This Protective Order was impounded and neither Robert Bennett nor his wife knew about it or what was in it for weeks. 

In (d)  Attorney O’Sullivan asks that “health insurance benefits for Robert Bennett, including MassHealth be applied for”.

 This is another way Attorney O’Sullivan has threatened Robert Bennett’s wife and family constantly.  In his original filing, Attorney O’Sullivan identified Robert Bennett as “indigent”.  On information and belief this was done to allow the Court to go along with other requests which furthered the criminal conspiracy Attorney O’Sullivan and the group which did this criminal conspiracy.

The people involved had been to Robert Bennett’s home under disguise, and knew Robert Bennett was clearly not “indigent”.  In spite of that and in spite of knowing otherwise Attorney O’Sullivan misled the Court into thinking that Dr. Bennett was “indigent” and that came around again in his demands to the family, to which they did not acquiesce that they apply for Mass Health for Robert Bennett.  

This request generated threats to the family from unidentified persons – and allowed Attorney O’Sullivan to hide from the Court the fact that Dr. Bennett and his family have substantial insurance coverage which is more than adequate for his and their needs through the Episcopal Church Pension Fund which more than adequately takes care of its retired Episcopal priests – of which Dr. Bennett is one.  Attorney O’Sullivan and his group could never explain why Mass Health was necessary to be applied for when Robert Bennett and his family did not qualify for Mass Health and very much resented being asked to take advantage of something set up for those who needed such when they did not.

As this criminal conspiracy moved along Robert Bennett and his family were contacted by people who experienced a very similar process by Attorney O’Sullivan including the demand that they apply for Mass Health when they did not qualify.  They notified Dr. Bennett because they wanted him to know the reason for the demand that they apply for MassHealth was because the application provides a road map to the assets of the person who applied and did not qualify and that Mass health liens on those assets left them destitute.  All of the people who notified Robert Bennett and his family of such were destitute because their assets were taken – one was put out of the nursing home onto the street and his family, who had been denigrated and described as monsters in Court actions in the most negative way by Attorney O’Sullivan and those he represented to get the end result they achieved – their families were the ones who were there to take them off the street and back into the family which the person didn’t want to leave in the first place.

Their assets were never recovered for reasons we have not investigated, but the appropriate law enforcement agencies could investigate.  The families, at the moment, are terrified with one family group having left the state and will not cross the state line because of their fear after what happened to them through Attorney O’Sullivan’s representation of Elder and Protective Services Groups – which he and his firm apparently represent across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

By hiding and obscuring from the Court the fact that a section 12 was brought and lifted and Robert Bennett discharged by MGH without medicines prescribed and normal vitals, this allowed Attorney O’Sullivan along with an affidavit sworn under penalties of perjury by Ms. Nora Al-Wetaid which contained many untruths, to obtain a Protective Order from this Court which started this action and allowed Attorney O’Sullivan and the Protective Services people to promote the criminal conspiracy they put in place with the filing of the first “section 12” and was deemed quite successful with the filing of a second identical “section 12” along with a Protective Order gained from this Court through misrepresentations, lies, charges against Robert Bennett’s wife – which claims were needed to gain the power over Robert Bennett and to move aside Robert Bennett’s wife including the abuse charge  which had no proof and which should have been brought against Robert Bennett’s Primary Care Physician.

Attorney O’Sullivan and Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services has no reason to be involved with Robert Bennett and/or his life and family but for the  forming of the criminal conspiracy against Robert Bennett and his family to their detriment and to the advantaging of themselves at Robert Bennett’s expense.  They have taken that initial filing and turned it into major legal work and expense for Robert Bennett’s family.

We ask the Court for relief from all of this including for expenses which have been accumulated by Robert Bennett’s family because of this illegal intrusion into their lives by Attorney James O’Sullivan along with Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services.  We also ask for punitive damages because of this motion being added to all the rest in an unrelieved time of stress, anxiety, the draining of their resources when the coronavirus fears have stopped their business and other such negativities this family has lived through.

We also ask that any and all motions filed by Attorney O’Sullivan be negated and this entire time period reviewed by the relevant law enforcement officials to clear Dr. Bennett and his family from having to spend enormous time, money, effort and emotion because of this intrusion into their family by the above people.

We also ask that the Health Care Proxy – the one created for Dr. Bennett naming his wife as his health care proxy be re-established per Dr. Bennett’s wishes both then, and when MGH recreated the Health Care Proxy and now and that the Protective Order obtained from this Court by Attorney O’Sullivan be negated.

Respectfully submitted

The Family and Friends of Robert A. Bennett 

by his wife of 37 years _s/s Marceline Donaldson_

We have many letters, affidavits, and other proofs to submit to this Court including the vitals of Dr. Bennett over the latest two week period;  observations of Dr. Bennett as he goes around Cambridge taking care of his business by those working in the Cambridge Harvard Square Post Office who see him on a near daily basis and have for the past several years; a neurologist who knows the family and their commitment to Robert Bennett and has tried to follow Dr. Bennett medically  through his time at MGH; neighbors and friends who know and have spoken with and seen Dr. Bennett over the past several months and who know he is not and has never been incapacitated nor at risk of falling.

We are not sure how to submit these to the Court and would appreciate some guidance about this – not being attorneys we have tried to follow the form as closely as possible, but hope the Court will look mainly at the content and seriousness of this filing, especially as to how it will affect others coming behind Dr. Bennett experiencing similar atrocities along with those who went before and are suffering from their experience of elder abuse at the hands of those who are supposed to be protecting the elderly from such abuse.

In addition, we have an outline of the affidavit of Ms. Nora Al-Wetaid with proof of the lies she has told and responses to the other papers sent to various people by Attorney O’Sullivan.

Because it takes time to contact and receive information back from the many people we know are involved, it will take time to put this together.  It could be more efficiently and more acceptable to the Court if done by law enforcement people which we request be involved.

We have not received much of the information and motions sent around the Bennett family and friends by Attorney O’Sullivan so we ask the Court’s forbearance as we try to respond to this unbelievable case.  We did not expect to be involved in such and resent being involved, but we will respond as completely and truthfully and with as much kindness of spirit as we can conjure. 

Perjury #5 – Insurance Fraud – Medical Malpractice – Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2020

Robert Bennett’s Primary Care Physician is Dr. Kehlmann with the Washington Sq. Group in Brookline, MA. He was recommended by Maliça Aronowitz because he is her Primary Care Physician.

He has seen Robert Bennett once. He met Robert Bennett’s wife once and that was for Robert Bennett’s visit to his office where he talked to Robert Bennett not at all, but talked about him to Maliça Aronowitz. Ms. Donaldson was totally ignored during the visit so these are people Dr. Kehlmann barely knows.

Ms. Donaldson called Dr. Kehlmann mid-February to ask about an appointment for Dr. Bennett to see Dr. Kehlmann. She did not talk to Dr. Kehlman because he was very busy and could not take the telephone. She explained her husband had fallen and she wanted to make sure he was alright. The person who answered the telephone put her on hold for quite a long period of time and came back to say – sorry, Dr. Kehlmann would see Dr. Bennett when he returned. He was not taking any more appointments because he was going on a short vacation and would see Dr. Bennett when he returned.

Ms. Donaldson asked about a referral to a neurologist because she had just discovered that should have happened during their visit to Dr. Kehlmann in November after Dr. Bennett’s first fall because of eye surgery. They went to Beth Israel where the people in residence found four small dots on Dr. Bennett’s CT Scan. They could not tell if those were new or old or even if they were caused by blood so Dr. Bennett should see a neurologist before their next visit to Dr. Kehlmann so there would be a CT Scan showing if those four dots were still the same or if they had been leaking liquids into the brain cavity.

The answer to Ms. Donaldson’s request for Dr. Bennett to be referred to a neurologist especially since Dr. Kehlmann could not see him for a bit of time – after again being put on hold for a substantial period of time – was that Dr. Kehlmann did not know any neurologists to which to refer them.

Dr. Bennett had an appointment a few days later with Dr. Green, a podiatrist. That appointment was supposedly cancelled by Dr. Green’s office. When Ms. Donaldson called his office to ask for another appointment very soon because Dr. Bennett’s feet needed to be cared for she was told Dr. Green did not cancel the appointment it was cancelled by Ms. Donaldson’s daughter. Dr. Green made the appointment for the same day and time since that cancelled time slot was still open.

In Dr. Green’s office, Ms. Donaldson asked Dr. Green if he would recommend and/or refer them to a neurologist. Dr. Green said that was Dr. Kehlmann’s job and she should ask him. Ms. Donaldson said she had already done that and Dr. Kehlmann said he didn’t know any neurologists to whom to refer them. We are sure Dr. Green will remember that. They were also with another person for that visit who does remember the exchange.


Back to Ms. Nora Al-Wetaid’s affidavit:

15 (c) “PSD did ultimately reach PCP who is familiar with Mr. Bennett and his wife.”

Our investigated response: PCP – Dr. Kehlmann is totally unfamiliar with Mr. Bennett and has spoken less than a dozen words to Dr. Bennett’s wife . These are two people he treated very shabbily. He has seen them once and we don’t think he would be able to identify either Dr. Bennett’s wife or Dr. Bennett if someone didn’t first tell him who they were.

From our investigation, Dr. Kehlman knows them from one visit of about 20 minutes or less, during which time Ms. Donaldson gave the nurse practitioner in Dr. Kehlmann’s presence the Health Care Proxy created by Mr. Don McInnis – the probate attorney – who rectified the problem Dr. Bennett had with the Health Care Proxy which was used when Dr. Bennett went to Beth Israel Hospital. That was a Health Care Proxy about which Dr. Bennett knew nothing, didn’t sign, did not have the person he wanted as his Health Care Proxy, but named someone else.

From Ms. Al-Wetaid’s affidavit it seems clear that Dr. Kehlmann is very difficult to reach.

16) “On Tuesday March 3rd several steps were taken to address immediate safety concerns.”

Our investigated response: On March 3rd, at about 10:30am, eight policemen and five or six EMT’s arrived at the Donaldson home demanding to take Dr. Bennett to Mount Auburn Hospital. They had no Court documents, but showed Ms. Donaldson a cell phone with the supposed Court document on the screen. Ms. Donaldson said no one was going anyplace without their seeing a Court Document. After some time, one of the police produced a Court Document and they took Dr. Bennett out of the house. He was dressed and he and Ms. Donaldson were about to go out, instead he went with the police, walked down the stairs, the police refused to allow him to go to the hospital in Ms. Donaldson’s car or to walk to the ambulance. He was put on a hospital gurney which had been sitting on the sidewalk with police and EMT’s around it, a couple policemen on the porch with others surging out of the house surrounding Dr. Bennett. People were running from the Charles River to see what was happening because it was quite a public show the way the police handled the entire situation. In fact, this entire show could be a movie shown in a KKK movie house and the people there would be more than satisfied. The racist tropes follow all throughout what happens with Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson. Clearly, with everything else, racism is alive and well and taking center stage.

Ms Donaldson insisted he be taken to Mass General instead of Mount Auburn Hospital since he was recently released from Mass General after brain surgery. The police agreed and took Dr. Bennett to Mass General Hospital under a “section 12”.

We have subsequently discovered that “sectioning” is the way many black men are being picked up off the street, in their homes, etc. and incarcerated in the hospital. No crimes committed, no medical need, no psychiatric problems of any kind. They are incarcerated for a month and sometimes more while things go on with their home, family and assets to their detriment. Ms. Donaldson received a telephone call from a friend from high school who called because he read the first Bettina Network Blog about Dr. Bennett and wanted Ms. Donaldson to know he had just experienced the same thing. The police picked him up, no one was home and he was not allowed to leave a note or anything else and it took him four weeks to get to a telephone to call his son. His son went through legal and other means to get him out of the hospital. It was so similar that to us it was a scary look into the future of how this society intends to deal with minorities who they cannot touch or incarcerate in other ways. All of the black men who contacted us who had been through similar problems ended up with their assets gone, their families destroyed and they had to fight their way out of a nursing home, which was apparently the way their assets were taken. We are seeing the same pattern surrounding Dr. Bennett and a pattern which includes turning his wife into a very negative influence who has to be either removed permanently or so discredited the same affect is achieved.

In Dr. Bennett’s case, attorney James O’Sullivan moved in such ugly court actions that truth left the room and did not return. It was say and do what was needed to get the desired result whether real, truthful or not.

16) (a) “Protective Services Psychiatirst Dr. Rebecca Warner was consulted about case.”

16 (b) “Dr. Warner contacted PCP’s office and spoke about concerns. PCP agreed that this is high-risk situation and that Dr. Bennett needed to return to hospital. PCP felt that Mass General was best facility since they last treated Dr. Bennett.”

16 (c) PSW Clary continued attempts to reach medical providers at MGH to discuss situation and that their discharge plan was unsuccessful.

Our Investigated response: This was also amazing to us since neither Ms. Clary nor any of the others running around talking to whoever, violating Dr. Bennett’s privacy had any reason to be involved in this at all. They simply inserted themselves and have caused huge problems for everyone, especially Dr. Bennett, who was not allowed to recover from his surgery, but was made the object of a falsified investigation which was carried on in a very outlandish way for reasons that totally escape us. We have never seen anything this hysterical nor a drama performed which would be worthy of the KKK in the 1930’s (to quote Ms. Donaldson). It amounts to a take over of another person’s life and family for no reason other than to satisfy the programming requirements of Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services? And to justify Dr. Kehlmann’s neglect of a patient which could have caused serious damage if Dr. Pilgrim had not stepped in.

16 (d) Ms. Al-Wetaid once again introduces comments from a “neurosurgeon” who she does not identify by name. This is the second time she has done this so we have no way to investigate what she is putting out as “fact”.

16 (i) “Neurosurgeon was concerned that Mr. Bennett was not in rehab at this time, was not taking medications.”

Our investigated response: Ms. Al-Wetaid apparently neglected to tell the neurosurgeon why Dr. Bennett was not in rehab. The rehab to which Dr. Bennett was sent was quarantined because of patients with the flu. The patients with the flu were not separated from the rest of the patients. The rehab institution had experienced the same kind of quarantine just months before and – according to the receptionist – only a couple of patients caught the flu from that experience so we didn’t have to worry.

Given what is all over the news today that was a good decision on the part of Dr. Bennett and his wife. Ms. Al-Wetaid goes on to say Dr. Bennett was not taking medications. Which is amazing since Ms. Al-Wetaid did not know this. Neither did she nor anyone associated with Ms. Al-Wetaid know anything about whether or not Dr. Bennett had medications and did not know if he was taking medications.

We assume she means the 10 to 12 bottles of pills Dr. Bennett was sent home with after his five week forced stay in Mass General Hospital. None of which were prescribed by any doctor and were all over-the-counter pills. That is a part of the pattern Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary expect to be put down with anyone who goes to the hospital no matter how short or long their stay and if medicines are not prescribed – and from our check – even if medicines are prescribed, many over-the-counter bottles are added to just about every person who goes through the Elder and Protective Services route winds up with many non-prescription pills to take.

16 (d) ii – “Neurosurgeon was surprised to hear that Mr. Bennett had been able to sign a new HCP given that he was alert and oriented to self and place and sometimes only to self on the day he signed the new HCP form.”

Our investigated response: That was amazing to us since this unidentified Neurosurgeon was passing judgment on another Mass General Hospital’s Employee whose job it is to oversee such and who appears in Court and otherwise checks on the HCP’s which come into Mass General. It was also amazing to us since the Health Care Proxy who was Dr. Bennett’s choice when he entered Mass General Hospital had not been changed. The only change made in this new HCP was to correct a typo made on the original HCP because the Mass General person who takes care of such thought it was a small error, but one that was better corrected before Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett left the hospital. She thought they would be safer under that circumstance since there were people running all over the hospital in every corner looking for everything they could find about Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson.

16 (d) iii “Neurosurgeon remarked that Mr. Bennett was “vulnerable” and did require medical follow-up post surgery and nothing has been scheduled yet and Mr. Bennett is without a primary care physician based on wife’s report.”

Our investigated report: We do not understand this neurosurgeons remarks since Ms. Donaldson did not report that Dr. Bennett was without a primary care physician. She did let the doctors at MGH know she was unhappy with his current Primary Care Physician because of the way she had to circumvent everything traditionally done through the PCP to get Dr. Bennett treated for his fall in a timely fashion since the current PCP specifically put off seeing Dr. Bennett until the PCP’s return from his vacation.

16 (d) iv “Neurosurgeon remarked that Dr. Bennett does require his blood pressure medications and that with high blood pressure he was at increased risk of brain bleed and further traumatic brain injury.”

Our investigated response. At this point in time, Dr. Bennett had already been removed to Mass General Hospital after the filing of a section 12 so this investigation with all of these comments are confusing. They seem to be in this place because of the need to shore up a very weak story which needs the embellishing it is current receiving via Ms. Al-Wetaid.

16 (d) v “Neurosurgeon expressed concern about Mr. Bennett’s ability to advocate for his own medical needs, understand his case requirements or signing of a new health care proxy form.”

Our investigated response: All of these comments seem to have the same reason for being. They are needed to shore up the case Ms. Al-Wetaid is creating so she and Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services can justify the fact that they have already taken over Dr. Bennett by declaring he is a psychiatric, drug, or alcoholic risks to the community and has already had him picked up by the police. None of this seems to have been mentioned to anyone Ms. Al-Wetaid is talking to. This is also happening the day after Dr. Bennett left the rehab for good cause. The neurosurgeon also does not seem to know that the only difference between the old HCP and the new one Dr. Bennett signed was a typo of one letter from the old corrected in the new one.

16 (e) “After speaking to Primary Care Physician, reviewing Protective Services record and information obtained from neurosurgeon, PS Psychiatrist Dr. Rebecca Warner assisted in facilitating section 12 to get Mr. Bennett back to the hospital due to significant safety concerns.

Our Investigated response: This date is March 4th, 2020. Dr. Bennett was picked up by police with a form signed by a psychologist who had never seen, nor examined, nor had any knowledge of Dr. Bennett except what was told to the psychologist by Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary. That totally violates what the section 12 is supposed to be about and is supposed to do.

When this form was signed, Dr. Bennett had been discharged from Mass General Hospital after having been picked up on a section 12 and forced into the hospital against his will. Mass General Hospital discharged him because they found he should not have been so picked up; there were no medicines prescribed; and his vital signs were normal including his blood pressure.

16 (e) “After speaking to Primary Care Physician, reviewing Protective Services record and information obtained from neurosurgeon (the one unnamed) PS psychiatrist Dr. Rebecca Warner assisted in facilitating section 12 to get Mr. Bennett back to the hospital due to significant safety concerns.”

Our investigated response. Dr. Bennett had already been discharged from Mass General Hospital at 3:30am on March 4th with no safety concerns at all and as we stated above no medicines prescribed, normal vital signs and comments that he should not have been picked up in the first place. There was nothing in section 12 justifying what happened to Dr. Bennett.

16 (f) “Mr. Bennett was transported to Mass General on this date.”

Our investigated response: There is no date specified in 16 (f) because this was apparently created to attach with a Protective Order both of which were playing games with the Court by leaving out significant information which probably would have made a huge difference in the Court’s decision.

For example, if the Court knew:

Dr. Bennett had been picked up on a section 12 on March 3rd and discharged on March 4th at a 3:30am —- and—-

that this action, prepared and filed by Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services with Attorney James O’Sullivan as their attorney – was doing the same thing again for the second time within 24-48 hours —-and—

if the Court knew Dr. Bennett had been discharged from Mass General hospital at 3:30am on March 4th with no reason for him having been picked up on March 3rd —-and—-

that this was being prepared on March 4th after Dr. Bennett had been released from the first Section 12 this same group prepared and filed for Dr. Bennett to be picked up on March 3rd

That they were preparing to do again what had already been done which resulted in a ‘lifting of the section 12’ with a result that said “no medicines prescribed”. A section 12 that was filed with the psychiatrist never having met, nor seen, nor examined Dr. Bennett as the section 12 calls for;

And if the Court had been told that the real reason for a new HCP being put in place was to simply correct a typo instead of a characterization of the “new” HCP as containing “new” information and especially the claim that this “new” HCP changed the Proxy.

If the Court had been told that Ms. Al-Wetaid’s claim that Dr. Bennett was not aware enough to know what was going on was not true and that proven from a statement which would have been filed by the Mass General Hospital employee who created this “new” HCP?.

Ms. Al-Wetaid and apparently also Attorney James O’Sullivan kept from the Court the fact that the HCP under question had been signed November 18, 2019 instead of the claim Ms. Al-Wetaid made for the Court that something altogether new had been signed after Dr. Bennett’s surgery;

If the Court had known that the HCP was the same one on the HCP when Dr. Bennett entered the hospital as it was on the day they claim all of this “new” stuff happened when they claimed Dr. Bennett could not understand what he was signing and witnesses would have submitted statements saying exactly the opposite – that Dr. Bennett knew exactly what he was signing and had a lot to say about not wanting Ms. Aronowitz as his HCP – would the Court result have then forced on Dr. Bennett and validated an HCP which Dr. Bennett did not want – had not signed – with a Proxy he did not want? Do we have the kind of Court that would have sanctioned that?

It is the law that the other side should be given notice for such hearings to keep this kind of camouflage, lies and deception from happening with the people involved going through horrendous, vicious and totally unnecessary suffering as Dr. Bennett and his family have experienced from such actions – allowed to happen because only one side knew of the hearing and only one side was allowed to present evidence that they conjured up and shaped to fit the result they wanted.

In addition, from the papers prepared on March 4th to incarcerate Dr. Bennett in the hospital those were served for the transport of Dr. Bennett to Mass General Hospital on March 6th after 6pm when Dr. Bennett and his wife were just sitting down to a candlelight dinner with his son and daughter who had just arrived to spend the weekend with him.

A distinction between the original papers signed and the March 4th papers signed is the destination. The March 3rd papers had Mount Auburn Hospital as its destination for Dr. Bennett – the March 4th papers had Mass General Hospital as its destination for Dr. Bennett.


16 (g) ” PSW and PSD both reached out to MGH treatment team from last hospitalization and requested their advocacy to ensure Mr. Bennett was not discharged. All agreed to assist and help Emergency Department team better understand the situation and background.”


Our investigated response: This absolutely stunned us. This is a conspiracy to rob Dr. Bennett of his rights as a citizen; to incarcerate him in MGH indefinitely even after MGH had already determined the reasons he was now being sent back by Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services; Dr. Kehlman – the PCP; Attorney James O’Sullivan and unnamed employees of MGH was not valid and they had already discharged him less than 48 hours ago – this was now a “team” whose goal was to keep Dr. Bennett in MGH incarcerated with no ability to get up and walk out and no reason medical or otherwise for him to have been picked up by the police either March 3rd or March 6th. The timing of the March 6th incarceration being a Friday evening after 6pm added to the imprisonment which was being planned to destroy Dr. Bennett.

We do not find “destroy” too strong a word, because what we are seeing from people who have contacted us, this has happened in the past to others. The pattern and practices here is to incarcerate the person in the hospital for one month or more; to have a law suit ready upon the person’s discharge to continue the incarceration in a nursing home with their guardianship transferred to a corporation or other institution friendly to the incarcerators or those imprisoning people for nefarious motives; to have the institution filing for the guardianship to move the person to a nursing home where their health and wealth are stolen. To make the claim of ‘incapacitated’ whether the person is ‘incapacitated’ or not and ignoring of the fact that the person’s family does not want this to happen and have been there for their family member. The family is removed and/or their assets stripped in the process of trying to get their beloved family member out of the claws and clutches of this greed. When that person’s assets are gone, if the person is not dead, then they are discharged from the nursing home onto the street – either penniless or dependent upon the care and generosity of family who were moved aside so this stripping of a person of their health and wealth could happen.

16 (h) “PS Psychiatrist was contacted by Mass General ED informing her that the ED social worker was consulting with their general counsel regarding the validity of the HCP form signed Friday 2/28”

Our investigated response: We don’t know what to make of 16 (h). Ms. Al-Wetaid has a way of twisting things instead of saying outright what needs to be said. The attorney for Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services – Mr. James O’Sullivan – went to Court, received from the Court the right to have a hearing without anyone from Dr. Bennett’s side of this knowing anything about the hearing and when in Court misrepresented quite a bit to the Court to be able to get the Protective Order which kept Dr. Bennett in Mass General for five weeks not for medical reasons, but for this horribleness which no one should experience.

One of the things in that Protective Order was the invalidation of the HCP which Mass General created because of the typo in the HCP created on November 18, 2019. Ms. Al-Wetaid had Mr. O’Sullivan put in the place of that invalidated HCP one which Dr. Bennett had not signed, knew nothing about and had a Proxy Dr. Bennett had been vocal that he did not want. Because that was a Court action there was not much the general counsel for Mass General could do about what Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services brought to them as a ‘fait accompli.’

Mass General Hospital’s general counsel had a couple choices – violate the patients wishes as expressed to Mass General personnel who handled HCP’s; violate the HCP which the Mass General personnel corrected with one typo correction; or violate the Court Order. I don’t think it took them long to make a choice as to which they would follow.

16 (i) “PSD spoke with ED social worker as well.”

16 (i) i “PSD expressed concerns Protective Services has, highlighting all of those mentioned above and that we feel that if Mr. Bennett returns home, he would be at high-risk given wife’s long history of not making appropriate medical decisions.”

Our Investigated response: That is a highly charged statement and we think it would be considered perjury since Protective Services knew Dr. Bennett was in Mass General originally brought there by his wife after the refusal of his Primary Care Physician to see him after a fall – yet PSD and PSW were working extensively with the PCP who they saw as a positive, influential person concerned about Dr. Bennett in spite of his history with Dr. Bennett. the Protective Services knew Dr. Bennett’s entire life was one in which he had as little medical services as possible so being the Proxy it would be incumbent upon the wife to respect Dr. Bennett’s life long choices.

In addition, while Ms. Al-Wetaid claims Dr. Bennett would be at high risk at home “given wife’s long history of not making appropriate medical decisions” – Ms. Al-Wetaid does not give one example of those inappropriate medical decisions.

Both Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett are in very good health and have been all of their lives. Neither has been in the hospital for anything and both have all of their faculties. With Dr. Bennett being 87 years old and recovered from the horrible way he was treated throughout all of this and Ms. Donaldson being 82 years old with both working full time 6 days a week I don’t understand the concern Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary have. We should think they would be looking to learn from Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson the secrets to their healthy living. These statements, more than the others show the fake and falseness of what Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary claim as their reason for attempting to take over the lives of people like Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett who have expressed many times they wanted nothing to do with them or their medical remedies. Both Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson have the right to make that decision and neither and none of the pseudo medical groups have the right to do what Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary have done in the name of their “concern.”

The medical decisions made for Dr. Bennett which went seriously wrong were made and forced on him by his step-daughter who thought she was doing the right thing, but with which Ms. Donaldson disagreed and which turned out to be disastrous for Dr. Bennett.

Dr. Bennett’s step-daughter painted a picture for Dr. Bennett – a consummate reader – that he would be able to see almost, but not quite perfectly if he had his cataracts removed. What was not considered by the step-daughter and not explained to Dr. Bennett either by Ms. Aronowitz or the eye doctor who did the surgery was the fact that at 86 the cataract surgery probably would not work. He would not be able to see any better after than before the removal of the cataract. The eye doctor should have said that to Dr. Bennett and Ms. Aronowitz, but he did not. We found that through a lot of very thorough research.

The eye surgery to remove a cataract resulted in a fall. That was the first time Dr. Bennett fell and in spite of the fact that the reason was the eye surgery we discovered Protective and Elder Services tried very hard to make it seem as though Dr. Bennett fell constantly. One woman on White 10 told us Dr. Bennett fell after every couple steps because he had lost his ability to walk without help.

That amazed us because when we checked that was not true and Dr. Bennett today walks about a mile a day to keep his strength, balance and ability to function as keen as possible, especially after the disastrous keeping him in bed constantly for five weeks that happened at Mass General Hospital. To put alarms under an 87 year old man to make sure he stays in bed for that long a period of time should be a criminal offense.

The cataract surgery was a total failure and Dr. Bennett saw less after than before. The corneal transplant which Ms. Donaldson tried to stop, but the step-daughter of Dr. Bennett pushed him to have, turned out to be more disastrous than the cataract surgery since Dr. Bennett’s peripheral vision was destroyed in the process and he did not acquire an improved ability to see.

The choice of Dr. Bennett’s PCP – Dr. Kehlmann – was made by his step daughter who pushed that through also and the PCP is the one who created a mess when Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett tried to have the PCP take a look at him after a second fall which came from the corneal transplant surgery and Dr. Kehlmann would not and did not refer Dr. Bennett to anyone else in his Washington Square Group of medical doctors, because he was getting ready to go on vacation and did not have the time. If Ms. Donaldson had not continued to call friends looking for a referral to a neurologist because of that last fall and if a friend had not referred her to Dr. Pilgrim who advised Ms. Donaldson to take Dr. Bennett by ambulance to Mass General, which she did, who knows what the result would have been.

The difference between Dr. Pilgrim and Dr. Kehlmann – Dr. Pilgrim who was not Dr. Bennett’s PCP or neurologist and who was in the middle of a family crisis still took the time to respond to Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett with very good advice. Dr. Kehlmann blew them off because his priority was his vacation.

And who did the PCP and Attorney O’Sullivan have re-validated as Dr. Bennett’s Proxy, but the step daughter who caused all of the confusion and upset in the middle of all this and who both Dr. Kehlmann and on information and belief so did Attorney O’Sullivan know caused these problems, but because of the ability to manipulate the step-daughter and not knowing or being able to manipulate Ms. Donaldson, their choice was to choose a lesser result for Dr. Bennett’s life and health which apparently is a better result for the two of them.

They both also knew Dr. Bennett had not signed the HCP and did not know anything about it. They knew this before asking the Court to revalidate Dr. Bennett’s health care proxy naming Ms. Aronowitz as the proxy. They both also knew the HCP created by probate attorney Mr. Don McInnis for Dr. Bennett was created on November 18, 2019 and there was no last minute change or substitution or anything of the kind in the Mass General HCP which was created because of a typo which needed to be corrected. All of the Protective Services people also knew of the above, but went along with getting a Court order without telling any of the above to the judge. Ms. Al-Wetaid is very careful to insure that none of this slips into her affidavit.

That about parallels the way the Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services people operate. As we go through this investigation, we have never encountered such abusive people in life and these are the people who are working to protect the elderly from abuse.

More to follow under Perjury #6


Perjury #4 – Insurance Fraud – Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

This is the continuation of a comparison of Ms. Al-Wetaid’s affidavit which was used by Attorney O’Sullivan to get a Protective Order charging Ms. Donaldson of abusing her husband; changing the Health Care Proxy for Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett and more. That affidavit formed the basis from which all that has come after. Attorney O’Sullivan knows and has not changed his Method of operating – which says to us this is what he wants and the truth he needs to be following as an attorney is irrelevant.

Ms. Clary and Ms. Al-Wetaid show how they view truth by their statements – with Ms. Al-Wetaid under oath while also quoting Ms. Clary – who we assume would have challenged statements made in her name if she considered them false.

14) – of Ms. Al-Wetaid’s affidavit

Their entire thing – from (a)through (i) is sheer fairy tale, made up to bolster her story and push forward this action against Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson. Please note the racial stereotypes in all of this because in the end it comes down to extreme racism and sexism. We have heard from many people and we can tell those who are African American because their stories so parallel one another.


Ms. Al-Wetaid – “Mr. Bennett’s wife welcomes us into the home and met with us”

Our investigated response – True as far as it goes. They represented themselves as “friends” concerned about Dr. Bennett – heard he was home and they came to see how they could help.


Ms. Al-Wetaid – “Mr. Bennett was on second floor and attempted to come down flight of stairs before wife was able to stop him’ wife recognizes that stairs are unsafe for him.”

Our investigated response – Not true and this second floor thing is truly confused saying to us it was clearly made up. Mr. Bennett was on the second floor, did not attempt to come down the flight of stairs and his wife did not attempt to stop him. Dr. Bennett was sitting in his bed/sitting room having ice cream. Dr. Bennett had just left Sherrill House and was enjoying being home when Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary arrived as “friends” to welcome him home.

Into this (b) Ms. Al-Wetaid slips in the comment ‘stairs are unsafe for him.’ Since Dr. Bennett fell twice – both times related to eye surgery we would think Ms. Al-Wetaid would related this to being eye surgery, for which he was too old to have undergone was not safe for him. Especially since Dr. Bennett had gone up and down the stairs many times before and after Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary arrived.


“Mr. Bennett joined us in conversation in his bedroom sitting area along with his wife.”

Our investigated response – Dr. Bennett did not join them. He left the room shortly after they arrived in the room and spent the rest of the time reading in another bedroom. When we asked – Dr. Bennett took an instant dislike to both Ms. Al -Wetaid and Ms. Clary because “I sensed they were not about what they claimed. They reeked of dishonesty and I just wasn’t feeling charitable to ignore that.”


The statement is true, but not in the context in which Ms. Al-Wetaid puts it. There was no discussion with Ms. Donaldson about taking her husband out of the rehab. There was no discussion about Dr. Bennett except the beginning discussion which was about how happy everyone was that he was home and safe.


Ms. Al-Wetaid – “Wife did demonstrate understanding of high-risk if Ms. Bennett were to fall again.”

Our investigated response – We didn’t know what to do with this since it is a statement hanging out there with no examples, no proof, no nothing to support it. It seemed more support of Ms. Al-Wetaids story line than anything real.


Ms. Al-Wetaid – During the conversation PSW and PSD attempted to explore plans for follow-up medical care, including PCP appointments, alternate rehab placement, visiting nurse and home care referrals.”

Our investigated response – There was no such conversation with two people who represented themselves as “friends” and did not identify themselves as PSW and PSD.


Ms. Al-Wetaid – “Wife explained that she had fired Mr. Bennett’s Primary Care Physician and wanted to find a new one.”

Our investigated réponse – No such conversation happened. We understand Ms. Donaldson is unhappy with Dr. Bennett’s Primary Care Physician, however, she said nothing about that to either woman. This conversation happened the day Dr. Bennett returned home from surgery and an unhappy day at Sherrill House.


Ms. Al-Wetaid -“PSW and PSDd attempted to engage in discussion about Mr. Bennett’s health issues. Wife reported that Mr. Bennett has no health issues and has no prescribed medications.

i. We found out that he is in fact prescribed two blood pressure medications, a blood thinner and an anti-seizure medication.

ii. Mr. Bennett is diagnosed with dementia, hypertension, subdural hematoma, evidence of at least four head injuries, history of stroke, history of falls.”

Our investigated response – We don’t know how to respond to this. Again, there was no discussion of Dr. Bennett, his health or anything beyond the weather and that level of conversation. This seems to us more of setting the scene for what was to follow rather than anything real. We are especially concerned to know where all of that information came from – most looks as though it was created in fairy tale fashion. We know for a fact that anti-seizure medication would not have been prescribed – unless the doctor/surgeon who prescribed it was totally incompetent. We know that from our research on such. Anti-Seizure medication after a surgery such as Dr. Bennett had would not be prescribed for home use. It would have been used for seven days – during which Dr. Bennett was in the hospital and it would probably have been given to him during that time, but not sent home as a prescription for him to have following that surgery.

At this point – we realized this conversation as reported by Ms. Al-Wetaid is very dangerous. It goes way over the top to make sure Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett would be seriously destroyed for whatever reason Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary needed that to happen and they were setting up a very serious case to a do just that. We know the information above about Dr. Bennett’s medical history would not have been found where one would have found such information because at least one part of it was seriously made-up. We would say it is outright lying and/or guessing given Ms. Al-Wetaids and Ms. Clary’s medical knowledge to achieve their end goal.


Ms. Al-Wetaid – “When asked about how she planned to follow-up on his medical care and any follow-up appointments, wife had no concrete plans and did not have interest in visiting nurse or home care services.

Our investigated response – Again, this conversation is being created as they go along – or is the way they deal with an investigation – all of this cited after the fact to meet their internal needs as “Protective Services” employees. This is destructive of life, freedom, recovery from surgery and many other possible medical situations. This is an example of those hired by an agency about preventing elder abuse and caring for the elderly being actually people engaging in elder abuse, making sure they have control of the elderly because their program has goals to be met and this is how they go about meeting their program needs. It is a horrendous situation and will not end well.”


Ms. Al-Wetaid – “Following the home visit and being concerned with Mr. Bennett not taking prescribed medications, not receiving any follow-up care, no visiting nurses and no plan for medical care, PSD contacted PCP and the rehab that Mr. Bennett was discharged from.”

Our investigated response – What strikes us as really amazing is that Ms. Al-Wetaid is so into her fairy story she does not realize she is blaming lots of what Mr. Bennett does not have is not doing nor receiving on Monday. From our information, Dr. Bennett left Sherrill House rehab on Monday afternoon shortly before Ms. Clary and Ms. Al-Wetaid arrived at their home disguised as “friends” saying nothing about their professional jobs nor affiliations.

Ms. Al-Wetaid gives this indictment of so much she claims was not done when this was just a couple hours after Dr. Bennett returned home.

15a through b

Ms. Al-Wetaid – 15 a)” PSD attempted to reach PCP Dr. Kehlman and left message.

15 b) i “RN informed PSD that Mr. Bennett was in rehab less than 15 hours and never had an assessment completed so she could not speak to his specific care needs.”

Our investigated response – Dr. Bennett was in rehab at Sherrill House from about 2pm through about 1pm the next day. That is slightly short of 24 hours.

There was no assessment completed because there was no assessment begun. Sherrill House staff and personnel told Dr. Bennett and his wife when he arrived that he should stay in bed and not even go to the bathroom on his own. If he needed to go to the bathroom he should pull the nurse’s bell and the nurse would come to help him go to the bathroom. That was the rehab program for the day.”

15 b) ii Ms. Al-Wetaid – “RN noted that MGH discharge paperwork indicated that Mr. Bennett did need assistance with transfers as least and further assessment was needed.”

Our investigated response – It is amazing to us how open one’s medical records are. There was nothing giving Ms. Al=-Wetaid nor anyone else access to Dr. Bennett’s medical records. Ms. Al-Wetaid quotes freely from what she claims is Dr. Bennett’s medical records to which she has not been given permission to access. In addition, the RN at Sherrill House had no right to share anything with Ms. Al-Wetaid nor anyone else. Since there had been no assessment even begun at Sherrill House we do not see how they could say anything other than “assessment was needed.”

15 b) iii Ms. Al-Wetaid – “RN provided medication list which included hypertension meds, a blood thinner and anti-seizure medication among others.”

Our investigated response – We have already responses to the anti-seizure medication and we seriously doubt Sherrill House would have provided that as one of the medicines prescribed for Dr. Bennett. We could be wrong, but we will not comment further on those private medical records to which we have not had access.

15 b) Ms. Al-Wetaid – “Mr. Bennett was not discharged with medications and PSD and PSW discovered that wife has not picked any prescriptions as of March 3, 2020.”

Our investigated response – That makes no sense to us so we don’t know what to do with it. We can only respond looking at what happened during Dr. Bennett’s recent discharges from MGH from his five week incarcerated stay in that institution.

Dr. Bennett was sent home with at least 12 bottles of medicines to be taken on a daily – some twice daily schedule. None were prescribed medicines, some made him visibly ill when he took them because they were too strong going down his system. We realized he had been forced to take all of those medications while at MGH during his five weeks of incarceration. Some were meant to depress him – apparently to make it easier for Dr. Bennett to stay in bed those five weeks.

When Dr. Bennett’s son called the doctor at MGH, after his return home, because all were appalled at so many “over the counter” pills, it was acknowledged the medicines were not “prescribed” but they thought he might need them and if he didn’t they should stop giving them to him. A couple were psychotropic drugs which caused small hallucinations which Dr. Bennett had during his stay at MGH taking those pills. When those pills were stopped so did the confusion Dr. Bennett experienced during those five weeks.

Apparently, Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary feel those”not prescribed medicines” are required and were appalled that Dr. Bennett, whose choice is to take as few pills and other kinds of medicines as possible and whose choice that has been all of his life, was to be ignored in favor of maintaining an elderly gentleman on as many “medicines” as possible whether they were needed or prescribed or not.

We don’t know how to respond to the March 3, 2020 comment because that made no sense to anyone. March 3, 2020 was the day Ms. Clary and Ms. Al-Wetaid had Dr. Bennett picked up by the 8 policemen at about 10:30am on a section 12 for which there was no reason, no background, no medical sign-off, no nothing except to produce a form given to the police to pick him up breaking down the door and invading the entire house until his was found and carrying him off whether he wanted to go or not.

On March 4, 2020 MGH discharged Dr. Bennett from this section 12 with a discharge form which said “no medicines prescribed.” Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary ignore that and have put their own judgment that there should have been and apparently have delivered that as their affidavit swearing to the fact that what they are saying in the truth. Clearly, it is not.

Upon his first discharge from the section 12 filed by Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services – his discharge papers say – “no medicines prescribed”. It goes on to say all Dr. Bennett’s vitals were “within the normal range.” That does not fit the story line for Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary so they have changed it to fit one they prefer.

16) Ms. Al-Wetaid – “On Tuesday March 3rd several steps were taken to address immediate safety concerns.”

Our investigated response – Those steps were apparently to create a drama like those seen in the south in the 1920’s around an African American man who ‘overstepped his boundaries’ in this society. Living in the wrong neighborhood; having earned and received degrees from the wrong universities; belonging to the wrong organizations, etc.

16 a) Ms. Al-Wetaid – “Protective Services Psychiatrist Dr. Rebecca Warner was consulted about the case.”

Our Investigated Response – Dr. Warner is affiliated with one hospital Cambridge Health Alliance which has a geriatric rating of 39.1/100.

To give you an idea as to what that means – Johns Hopkins Hospital has a geriatric rating of 100.0/100

16 b) Ms. Al-Wetaid – “Dr. Warner contacted PCP’s office and spoke about concerns. PCP agreed that this is high-risk situation and that E needed to return to hospital. PCP felt Mass General was best facility since they last treated Mr. Bennett.”

16 c) Ms. Al-Wetaid “PSW Clary continued attempts to reach medical providers at MGH to discuss situation and that their discharge plan was unsuccessful.”

Our investigated response – On March 3rd Dr. Bennett was less than one day away from having been discharged from Sherrill House and two days away from having been discharged from MGH. What is amazing to us is the fact that Sherrill House was quarantined because of the flu; that they didn’t know what kind in this coronavirus era; that the patients who had the flu were not segregated from the rest of their patients – meant nothing to Ms. Clary and Ms. Al-Wetaid. They were focused on this “investigation” and getting Dr. Bennett under their control as quickly as possible for reasons which could have killed Dr. Bennett.

16 d) Ms. Al-Wetaid – PSW Clary did reach neurosurgeon who worked on Ms. Bennett’s care team during his weeklong stay at MGH.”

Our investigated response – Ms. Al-Wetaid does not identify this neurosurgeon so it is hard to respond and hard to know if Ms. Al-Wetaid’s comments and Ms. Clary’s exchanges are true because we have no way to check this out.

16 d) i – Ms. Al-Wetaid – ” Neurosurgeon was concerned that Mr. Bennett was not in rehab at this time, was not taking medications.”

Our investigated response – This is of grave concern to us because at this point in time on March 3, 2020 Dr. Bennett had already been picked up by 8 white policeman in a 1930’s KKK style action with people running from the Charles River towards his house to see what all the drama was about. At this point in time Ms. Al-Wetaid is calling around to MGH neurosurgeons telling them, Dr. Bennett was not in rehab and not taking medications. She neglected to tell them Dr. Bennett was actually in MGH and there had been no medicines prescribed. The investigation Ms. Al-Wetaid is doing is what should have been done before she and Ms. Clary had the order signed to pick up Dr. Bennett in the extremely racist way he was picked up and in a way to do as much damage to the work the neurosurgeon Ms. Al-Wetaid was talking to had done – if she was indeed talking to a neurosurgeon who was a part of the team that operated on Dr. Bennett or – as this looks – is a part of the created story to justify what Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary wanted to do and were now putting some justification to what they already decided and had already done.

16 d) ii Ms. Al-Wetaid – “Neurosurgeon was surprised to hear that Mr. Bennett had been able to sign a new HCP given that he was alert and oriented to self and place and sometimes only to self on the day he signed the new HCP form.”

Our investigated response – Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary had apparently already decided to change Dr. Bennett’s HCP to one over whom they apparently had some control. This question would not have been answered in such a way if this were actually a neurosurgeon on Dr. Bennett’s team because the “new” HCP was created by MGH. He would have been questioning the professionals at MGH whose job it was to deal with such HCP’s. Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary also have dropped the first part of the HCP story by not telling people the HCP had been signed by Dr. Bennett November 18, 2019; that this was not a new HCP but the one who was Dr. Bennett’s HCP when he entered MGH; that the only change was the typo by the probate attorney who drew up the HCP in whic a date was November 18, 2018 when all the other dates were November 18, 2019. What is also not said is that the new HCP was Mass General’s suggestion because they thought the HCP should be clear without that typo and in spite of knowing Dr. Bennett signed this form November 18, 2019 the Mass General professionals who handle HCP’s spent about 45 minutes talking with Dr. Bennett to know for themselves what were his wishes and Dr. Bennett verified the fact that he wanted his wife as his HCP.

Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary and Attorney O’Sullivan all knew about this HCP and all hid it from the Court when they went to Court with ms. Al-Wetaids purgered affidavit to incarcerate Dr. Bennett in MGH twice.

They had Dr. Bennett incarcerated on March 3rd – from which he was discharged by MGH on March 4th for no reason to keep him and they went to court on March 5th on the same charge – another section 12 – to have Dr. Bennett incarcerated again on the same section 12 from which he had been discharged on March 4th. They very carefully hid that fact from the Court so they could get their Protective Order to do the damage they intended and indeed, actually did to Dr. Bennett over the next five weeks.

Perjury – Insurance Fraud – Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett (cont’d)

Sunday, April 19th, 2020

This investigation has been amazing to us. We’ve looked into many things and each one more astounding than the next. It is especially egregious from our point of view because this is about your health – yours and mine. It is about turning the health care in this country into a police state. The only way you can have someone in this country picked up and incarcerated for an indefinite period of time who is not accused of a crime.

What is also very clear – the health care system in this country is seriously broken, seriously racist and so much more. It seems to be riddled with people who have discovered how to rip-off dollars with one scheme or another; others who are careless with medicine, their patients and so much more; and no one seems to know about all of this nor do many care, until they come face to face with this unbelievable way of functioning. Basically, it is – right or wrong – this medical system is right. That is the governing standard.

At the beginning of this, of course, is the primary care physician. You are supposed to have one and that person accesses the system for you and your needs.

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett has a primary care physician he has been trying to change for months with no success.


Well first, who! His primary care physician is Dr. Kehlman with the Washington Square Group. He is someone Dr. Bennett has met exactly once and that was when he went for a check up after his overnight at Beth Israel Hospital because of a fall which turned out to be not serious.

Although it was considered not serious, there was one CT Scan which showed four dots which needed to be watched and checked. Beth Israel suggested that Dr. Bennett have a CT Scan by a neurologist in six weeks to make sure those four dots were as harmless as they looked and had not started to allow blood into the cavity between the brain and the outer skull.

When Dr. Bennett went to Dr. Kehlman for a six week check up after his trip to the hospital, that did not happen. Dr. Kehlman checked him by taking his vitals and had him walk up and down the hallway to make sure his balance was fine – and it was. No need for a neurologist to do an additional check. Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson took Dr. Kehlman’s word that an additional check by a neurologist and a CT Scan were not necessary and went home.

Well, not exactly. Months later when his wife called Dr. Kehlman because of the second fall Dr. Bennett took after eye surgery – this time a corneal transplant which cut his peripheral vision – the PCP’s office told his wife the PCP was busy and could not talk to her: No, he did not know a neurologist to refer Dr. Bennett to: and the PCP was busy getting ready to go on a ‘brief’ vacation’ and would not be able to see Dr. Bennett until he returned.

Dr. Bennett had an appointment with Dr. Green, a podiatrist just days later. The appointment was cancelled by Ms. Donaldson’s daughter, but Ms. Donaldson called to remake the appointment and was able to get the same time slot. She asked Dr. Green for a referral to a neurologist since they had been looking for one since Dr. Kehlman was too busy to see Dr. Bennett and since Dr. Kehlman’s office said he did not know a neurologist for a referral. Dr. Green said he couldn’t refer a neurologist Dr. Kehlman would do that. They told Dr. Green they had asked Dr. Kehlman’s office for a referral and they didn’t know any. So off they went to talk to others about finding a neurologist. They found Dr. David Pilgrim through a friend. Dr. Pilgrim suggested they go to Mass General Hospital and go by ambulance since that was the best way without going through clinics, etc. That was a tremendous recommendation and referral.

We verified that exchange because it was amazing to us. So much for the PCP. They are looking for another PCP, but can’t get the current one off Dr. Bennett’s medical records. Given that, it is not likely another PCP will be willing to take a look at taking on Dr. Bennett.

We cite that example and exchange because we read the comments attributed to Dr. Kehlman by Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services if they are true, Dr. Kehlman dumped all over Ms. Donaldson. We wondered why and then we discovered this little exchange.

What is most serious as we do this investigation – truth is hard to come by in this field of medicine.

From our last writing I am sure you remember “the shower thing”. Well it happened. Although, at the last minute, Ms. Donaldson backed out. She and Dr. Bennett have showered together for decades. The Occupational Therapist has come along to put a stop to that.

The OT person arrived and she wanted to see Dr. Bennett shower “alone.” Since he didn’t ever do that we were amazed at her request. She insisted however,. She also insisted that he do this in the nude while she watched.

We’ve seen some demeaning things, before, but this one topped the list. A man who should not be under an OT person to begin with because he walks a mile a day – goes back and forth to the post office from his home, which is several blocks – is self-sufficient in every way, but is considered in need of care that people who are “incapacitated” need and so he needed to show this OT person how he showered.

He stripped, as this young woman demanded, but did not remove his jockey shorts. He stepped into the shower stall – a space that is about 4 x 5 feet. It would be very difficult to fall in such a small space, especially if you are quite mobile and balanced before you got into the shower.

Ms. Donaldson was very present because she was not going to let any space within which her husband could be accused of anything.

What none of us expected was for this young woman to grab Dr. Bennett’s jockey underpants and attempt to pull them down. Wish I had a camera for that one. It was a shocker.

She said, she was there to observe him shower and she could not do that with his under pants on.

She then launched into how “unsteady” Dr. Bennett was and how he should not be allowed to shower without a chair in the shower room and even then she was going to have a medical aid come daily to watch him shower so he would be “protected” from falling. She went on to say he should not shower – only wash his face, under his arms, etc. until she was able to get this medical aid in place. The cost for this medical aid would be $60/hour – or any part of the hour used.

We pointed out that Dr. Bennett showered with his wife and what was this aid going to do and why was this necessary. The OT person went on about her clinical credentials and her profession and knowing what she was doing, etc. and Dr. Bennett was warned and the rest of the family was warned they should not allow him to shower until this medical aid showed. up.

Of all the bizarre things we have experienced with these groups – this was the most outstanding. It clearly was not about Dr. Bennett taking a shower. It was clearly about starting another upheaval that could end in the police coming to Dr. Bennett’s house again and forcing him out of his house to some medical institution.

We don’t know about you readers, but we are sick to death with all of this.

It was not the only threats Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson received.

Dr. Bennett’s son made an agreement with Mass General that Dr. Bennett would be allowed to go home if the family agreed to allow in these Home Care People. Only this agency – Blissful Agency – was allowed or considered. They could accept that or Dr. Bennett would be immediately taken to a nursing home. That had been threatened before – either Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett sign up for Mass Health or Dr. Bennett would be taken immediately to a nursing home – and so much more.

Dr. Bennett’s son agreed because everyone was tired and Dr. Bennett had been in the hospital for far too long, especially since he was not there nor brought there for medical reasons. Dr. Bennett’s son picked up Dr. Bennett at the appointed time from the hospital – Monday, April 13, 2020 and at the appointed time.

That agreement was immediately broken by Mass General and its people because registered letter started arriving around the country to all of Dr. Bennett’s family. The letters set up a telephone hearing with the Court to have Dr. Bennett put under the guardianship of the Jewish Center for Family and Children and sent by them preferably to a Hebrew nursing home – this retired Episcopal priest.

That hearing was to happen on Thursday, April 16, 2020.

That hearing was cancelled on Wednesday – the day before it was to happen. Notified of the hearing on Tuesday – cancelled it on Wednesday. Was the hearing real? Or was it being used to threaten the family to get them to do whatever demand was about to be made. – Clearly, it was the latter.

A Constable came to the door of Ms. Donaldson’s house on Wednesday looking for Dr. Bennett. He wanted to know if Dr. Bennett was “incapacitated”? That was a strange question. He was told no, Dr. Bennett was no “incapacitated”. He served papers for a hearing to put Dr. Bennett under the guardianship of the Jewish Agency for family and children. Since Dr. Bennett has family, has adult children, and many other family members who are there for him – in fact, there were five people currently caring for Dr. Bennett – three in the house, two on standby. So why was this being done? What was the point? The upheaval being caused was incredible and we are sure that was a large part of the reason for sending a Constable out with papers to be served.

We are beginning to look closer at who is behind this. It is clear something big is at stake here because of the extreme lengths these folks are going to destroy this family and to take Dr. Bennett out making him “incapacitated”..

It does make sense that if you forced a man out of his home at 87 years old – kept him enclosed in a 7 by 9 foot space in a hospital where he was placed not for medical reasons, but in the area where patients are restrained with many there for non-medical reasons and kept that man in bed for five weeks with an alarm under his bed and under his chair so when he moved the alarm would go off and the nurses and others would know to run to his room and force him back into bed or back sitting on the chair, it is possible his health and the rest of his life would be ruined because any possibility of mobility could have been stripped from Dr. Bennett under those circumstances. Those are the circumstances Dr. Bennett had to deal with for those five weeks at Mass General Hospital. So when the Constable comes the day after he is released from these conditions with papers to legally force him into a nursing home within days it looks like a pattern has been at play here – a pattern which has probably been used against others to destroy their lives. For what reason? Well, one could be – Dr. Bennett has a net worth into seven figures, and a guardianship moves into the management of the assets of the person under guardianship. Could that be the reason?

Fortunately, Dr. Bennett is quite strong, determined and understood that this was about something over which he had no control. He did have control of keeping himself alert, as physically fit as he could under the circumstances and wait until he was rescued. Given his wife and others determination, he knew he would be rescued.

So the people who broke the agreement they made with Dr. Bennett’s son and started harassing the family to an extreme the same day he was released from incarceration in Mass General Hospital must have been extremely disappointed to understand that Dr. Bennett was not “incapacitated.”

You see “incapacitated” in quotes because that is how Dr. Bennett is described in the papers served on the family just two days after he was released from his incarceration.

What was Dr. Bennett’s actual condition? He was in disreputable condition when he was released from Mass General Hospital. His feet were so swollen he came home in his stocking feet because his shoes no longer fit. That changed within a few days of his returning home.

Coming back to normal after being almost destroyed while in Mass General Hospital by the conditions under which he was incarcerated took a lot of work by those who love him.

His strength was coming back quickly as he started walking a mile a day to keep his balance while at the same time doing the exercises the Physical Therapist was generous enough to share with him.

So, Dr. Bennett is far from “incapacitated” – and clearly that is much to the disappointment of those so determined to make him so. He showered, dressed himself and is totally self-sufficient, but the need to destroy him is so great the papers served on his family claimed, without seeing or knowing what conditions he was in, that he was “incapacitated” and could not take care of himself needing complete care in a nursing home.

The threat of that is great for any family because at the same time those papers were being served, the news stories were full of what was happening in nursing homes around the country – people dying by the hundreds; families not able to see their family members because of the quarantine of nursing homes and more.

We are offering a $500 reward for information which leads to uncovering what and who this is about It is no longer possible to believe this is just happening. This is being orchestrated for some reason that escapes us because we don’t have that kind of mindset. If that is not true and many others suffer the same thing happening to Dr. Bennett that is a horrendous story about this health care system.

Dr. Bennett is a part of Bettina Network’s Blog! And the blog has had some very strong writings about Donald Trump! But there is also a lot more out there that could be motivating this. A couple people in Dr. Bennett’s neighborhood have been strong about doing whatever they could to move this African American family out of the neighborhood. We remember what happened years ago when a mixed race kindergarten bought a house on Brattle Street for their school. The neighborhood went crazy and did everything they could to stop that school from moving in. The house they bought was sold to a real estate school, which still operates in that same location today.

Our offer stands. It isn’t much, but we hope you who know what this is about will be moved to do the right thing and let us know what you know about all of this.


Insurance Fraud – Attempted Destruction of a human being – and so much more!

Friday, April 17th, 2020

Each day brings drama such as we have never seen before. We had no idea the Health/Medical field had such incredible things happening.

Keeping up with all that is happening takes a lot of work. We are trying to walk a fine line with what we publish because Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett want to preserve a bit of privacy because a law suit is going to follow all of this, but at the same time, we think the public has a right to know what the medical/health industry is producing and how quickly and totally your rights are being destroyed. It is like living in an extreme fascist country when you deal in this area.

There is so much constant insurance fraud it is difficult to document. We will start with the smallest things we have seen.

When leaving a medical facility Dr. Bennett was offered a walking stick and a walker. He had several of both because the Donaldson/Bennett’s are avid estate sale shoppers and have purchased things they didn’t need at that moment, but they could see a possible use in the future and they had guests who they thought might need such when visiting.

Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson have two walkers – which they keep in the basement in case they are needed. They paid $5 for the two. They also had three walking sticks, not including an exquisite carved African piece. The three regular walking sticks cost them $2.00 each.

From a medical facility they were encouraged to take a walking stick. they declined and said they already had three. The person encouraging them said they should take it anyway because it was “free” and theirs anyway so they should take it.

Turns out that is not quite true. It was “free” to Dr. Bennett because his insurance was paying the bill and the insurance company was charged $12.00 for the walking stick that was represented as being “free”. Same thing with the walker.

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett is now at home. He was discharged from Mass General Hospital on Monday. Dr. Bennett’s son made an agreement with the people at Mass General who were keeping him incarcerated for Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services that if Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson agreed to accept “Home Care Services” then Dr. Bennett would be released on Monday.

The Donaldson/Bennett’s kept their part of the bargain. The Mass General people did not keep theirs. It has been extreme drama since Dr. Bennett has been home beginning with the fact that the Home Care Agency chosen could not be chosen by either Dr. Bennett, his wife, nor anyone else in the family. Mass General’s people would make that choice.

We would call what has and is happening attempted murder, and/or the attempt to destroy an African American male. And as we said before, this is not the only case of such we have found – in Massachusetts and around the country. We would say “attempted murder” because Dr. Bennett would be kept alive, barely, until his insurance ran out and they would have taken all of the Donaldson Bennett assets and then the actual murder or the turning out onto the street of Dr. Bennett would, no doubt, take place. And, this is not just conjecture, we have people calling us constantly now because of the blogs we have written documenting what has been happening to Dr. Bennett. They have seen a commonality with what they are experiencing and they are calling us for help or to just have someone to tell their story to because it all sounds so bizarre it can be difficult to believe that such happens in what is supposed to be a “free country.”

When Dr. Bennett was released from the hospital, his son picked him up and brought him home. It was a shock to see him. He could no longer walk except with the help of a walker and one person on either side holding him up. He looked disheveled and unkempt. He left the hospital and arrived home in socks because his shoes no longer fit. His feet were extremely swollen and the socks almost did not fit they were so tight. Dr. Bennett talked about being in California and later in other parts of the world including conversation about events no one knew what he was talking about.

As everyone gathered around several people committed to being there to be able to take care of Dr. Bennett. His wife took charge and things began to change. The first thing they worked on was helping Dr. Bennett get back his ability to walk on his own.

It took about two days for Dr. Bennett to begin walking on his own. He very quickly reached the point of being able to walk from home to the post office and today he takes a daily one mile walk around Harvard Square. At 87 years old, having been forced to stay in bed some five weeks during all of which his friends and family were not able to visit nor see him nor talk to him via telephone because he was held under some kind of “Security” to keep him “safe” – that was nothing short of a miracle and an answer to prayer. That “Security” allowed all of this to happen because there were no eyes on Dr. Bennett of people who care about him and would have raised red flags if they had known how bad things were for him.

His feet were addressed next and Ms. Donaldson was able to get the swelling down to the point where that Dr. Bennett could wear shoes again. So now he can go for walks with his own shoes on instead of oversized galoshes stuffed with paper and other materials to make them comfortable.

Dr. Bennett, who never took medicine and never wanted to take medicine of any kind, not even aspirin nor tylenol was sent home with some 12 plus bottles of medicine with orders to take them and the intervals necessary. These were the medicines which had been given to Dr. Bennett during his stay in Mass General. There was a twice daily schedule for him to take these medicines. It was painful to see him take a couple of them because they clearly burned Dr. Bennett as they went down and he showed the results of having had to take such and endure the pain as they went down, for so many weeks.

All of those medicines were amazing to us because Dr. Bennett had not been forced into the hospital for medical reasons. Remember? He was “sectioned” by Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services without any psychologist or psychiatrist having examined him. The woman who signed for him to be sectioned had never even met Dr. Bennett. In addition, Dr. Bennett had never overdosed on drugs or alcohol nor did he have public displays which would threaten people in the public nor was he a threat to himself. In fact, Dr. Bennett does not smoke, drink alcohol, does not take drugs and has never had even a hint of mental problems. So it was quite a shocker to discover that a couple of the “medicines” sent home with Dr. Bennett were psychotropic drugs. Therein the light began to dawn and we begin to understand where the flights of fancy Dr. Bennett had about being other places and having a hard time knowing where he was – it became clear to us where those things had come from.

That has all cleared up as the drugs in his system were eliminated and he is himself again. That made all of us breathe a huge sigh of relief when we realized he would be fine, but it also seriously angered us to know how much ugliness had been done to such an incredibly lovely person.

When Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett was in Mass General he was kept in bed for five weeks. That would have destroyed or “incapacitated” many people. Thank God that did not happen to Dr. Bennett. As we went back over what he had been given, we knew from the very brief conversations we had with him over the telephone when he was in the hospital that something was wrong because one day he would sound fine and the next he would be exhausted for no apparent cause. We discovered that he was given drugs that were depressives and a couple of them were sent home with him. Our guess was that this is what one had to do to keep someone in bed for such a long period of time, who was not sick and who had been as active as Dr. Bennett had been.

Because of the agreement Dr. Bennett’s son had to make with Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services just to get Dr. Bennett home, we could not simply stop giving Dr. Bennett the drugs sent home with him from Mass General Hospital. We were forced to continue giving hime those drugs. Dr. Bennett’s son had to negotiate with a doctor that because these were not prescription drugs, none given in the course of some disease, or for any other real medical reason, why did he have to take them and wouldn’t it be possible to stop them because they were not needed and were clearly causing Dr. Bennett physical and psychological problems. The doctor agreed and those drugs were no longer given to Dr. Bennett. Once they cleared out of his system he was back and strong. The bill for those drugs must be horrendous and we would guess into at least a couple hundred dollars.

Today, we are dealing with the Home Care People who come into the house.

That was the hardest of all to accept. A large part of the agreement Dr. Bennett’s son had to make for Dr. Bennett to be able to leave Mass General Hospital was they had to agree to allow Home Care People from Blissful Agency into the house. The Bennett/Donaldsons concern was the possibility of the family coming down with coronavirus because of so many people coming and going. Before Dr. Bennett was released, Ms. Donaldson kept herself inside the house and didn’t let anyone into the house because she knew Dr. Bennett would one day be home and she wanted to make sure the house was as clear as possible of coronavirus because she had sheltered at home and closed the home to others. Now it was open to whoever the Blissful Agency sent and they had no say so over anything.

So far, the nurses they have sent have done exceptional jobs. They take care to have on a mask and gloves. If their clothes have picked up something from the many places they go we had no control of that and that still worries all of us. We could only stand aside and pray hard that Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson would get through this too without coming down with the coronavirus.

There have been a couple exceptional experiences. One is yet to come this Friday at 10am when the “Occupational Therapist” comes back. This is the most amazing and the most negative experience so far, from what we could see. We had some questions about her first visit, but decided to keep an open mind. Dr. Bennett and his family said they did not need an “Occupational Therapist” and there was an appointment for the afternoon and that was supposed to be a “Physical Therapist.” Instead, the Occupational Therapist who the family said was not necessary came anyway and it was not a great experience.

She visited Dr. Bennett’s bathroom and had him sit on the toilet and get up – but he was completely dressed at the time, so maybe that was routine. She also had him get into the shower – fully clothed. The Donaldson/Bennett’s have a walk-in shower so there are no impediments to anyone getting in or out.

The “Occupational Therapist” suggested a stool be put in the shower, which she thought was needed. It was a bit strange because she knew Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson showered together so exactly what a stool in the shower would do was a bit mystifying, but trying to be open and accepting and keeping up the spirit of the agreement the Bennett/Donaldsons did just that.

Last night, however, they received a telephone call from the “Occupational Therapist” who said she would arrive on Friday about 10am and she wanted to see Dr. Bennett take an actual shower and not with his clothes on.

There we had a real problem. Since Dr. Bennett is now completely mobile; goes for walks every day of at least one mile; rides his stationary bicycle daily and has access to two other pieces of exercise equipment in his home on a daily basis with no problems, his ability to get around and do whatever he needs to do is not in question so what was the point of having to see him take a shower – sans clothes – and a walk-in shower at that made no sense.

Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson agreed, but with the proviso that Dr. Bennett take a shower the way he normally would – which is with his wife.

Also amazingly, the “Occupational Therapist” thought that would be fine.

We wondered if we should film this “Home Care Shower Exhibit” because we would probably be able to sell the film to a porn film group and we wondered further what that had to do with home care?

Our next installment will go into detail about the breaking of the agreement Dr. Bennett’s son made with Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services which Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services broke on Tuesday and continue to break daily with the extreme harassment they and Attorney O’Sullivan are bringing down onto the backs of Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson. It is what they have done continually for all of the time they have harassed, injured, attempted to destroy this African American family. This time they are coming around with a scenario to send up a picture of this being Jews and Blacks harassing each other, however, we see the shadows of the real culprits in the background – doing what? – for how much money? The picture becomes uglier exponentially, but clearer as to what is really happening here.


PERJURY #3 and Insurance Fraud – Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

To continue with Ms. Al Wetaid’s affidavit:

Ms. Al-Wetaid says –


(a) “On Friday February 28th, the wife reported to MGH that the health care proxy (HCP) form on record designating Mr. Bennett’s stepdaughter Melissa Aranowitz, signed in 2018, was invalid and that her signature was forged.”

That is not true

Mr. Benett’s stepdaughter’s name is not Melissa Aronowitz, it is Maliça Aronowitz. That reflects the irresponsibility of Ms. Al-Wetaid to the point of not even taking care to know the spelling of the name of the people who she is investigating.

13 (a) Ms. Al-Wetaid claims (On Friday February 28th, the wife reported to MGH that the health care proxy (HCP) form on record designating Mr. Bennett’s stepdaughter Melissa Aranowitz, signed in 2018, was invalid and that her signature was forged.” In fact, Ms. Donaldson gave the Health Care Proxy created for Dr. Bennett by Mr. Donald McInnis on November 18, 2019 a couple days after Dr. Bennett was admitted and they knew surgery was going to happen.

Ms. Aronowitz knew of the Health Care Proxy created by Mr. McInnis. According to Ms. Donaldson she had no thought that Ms. Aronowitz would give the Health Care Proxy which she knew had been superseded by the one Dr. Bennett had created according to his wishes and signed by Dr. Bennett and two witnesses who have known Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson for some 20 to 30 years. It was not on either Dr. Bennett or Ms. Donaldson’s mind that Ms. Aronowitz would have done such.

Several days later, MGH spoke to Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett and informed them that two Health Care Proxies had been given to them and that Ms. Aronowitz had given MGH the Health Care Proxy which was the reason Dr. Bennett had Mr. McInnis create the Health Care Proxy they had given to MGH. The Health Care Proxy Ms. Aronowitz gave to MGH is the one which caused the problems Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett had at Beth Israel Hospital months earlier.

Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett together told the MGH person who handles proxies at MGH the story of the Health Care Proxies and what happened in the past.

The MGH person wanted to talk to Dr. Bennett alone. Ms. Donaldson left the room and Dr. Bennett, in a conversation that lasted about 45 minutes, said who he wanted as his Health Care Proxy and answered whatever other questions the MGH proxy person had.

The MGH person was also concerned because the Health Care Proxy created by Mr. Don McInnis on November 18, 2019, had a typo which was not crucial, but to make sure that the Donaldson/Bennett’s would be ‘safe’ it was better to have a Health Care Proxy which was without such a typo.

The MGH person created a Health Care Proxy to replace the one created by Mr. Don McInnis. Her conversation with Dr. Bennett and the Health Care Proxy created on November 18, 2019 were consistent.

The two people who were witnesses to Dr. Bennett’s signature on November 18, 2019 – Mr. Donald McInnis and Ms. Trudi VanSlyck – have made statements included with this document verifying the fact that the November 18, 2019 Health Care Proxy was indeed witnessed by them on November 18, 2019.

Ms. Al-Wetaid goes to great lengths in 13 (c) to attempt to negate the MGH Health Care Proxy by holding it up as something Dr. Bennett was not capable of understanding nor signing. She appears to have accessed Dr. Bennett’s medical records, without anyone’s permission and claims to quote from that medical record to attempt to disqualify the two Health Care Proxies which were combined – each one appointing the same Health Care Proxy according to Dr. Bennett’s wishes. One she ignores and says nothing about, the second one she quotes medical jargon to attempt to claim that Dr. Bennett did not know what he was signing and that the first Health Care Proxy which was not signed by Dr. Bennett and about which he knew nothing, was actually – according to Ms. Al-Wetaid, , the one that reflected Dr. Bennett’s wishes.

Ms. Al-Wetaid takes great care to not say anything about the fact that there was a Health Care Proxy which preceded the one she is holding up which Dr. Bennett signed in November 18, 2019 when there could be no question about whether or not Dr. Bennett knew what he was signing and that Health Care Proxy reflected his wishes. Ms. Al-Wetaid talks about a “new HCP designating his wife as his representative” as having been signed 13 (c) when Dr. Bennett “knew who he was and occasionally knew where he was.” She claims that this “new” HCP was signed by Dr. Bennett and accepted “Despite..a lack of understanding of his care needs and health issues, he was determined capable of appointing new HCP.”

This was all worded to give anyone reading it the impression that Dr. Bennett’s wife was appointed as a new HCP when Dr. Bennett was not in any condition to understand what he was doing when both Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms Clary knew better. At that point they were acting, not as impartial investigators, but as people selectively picking over facts and putting them together in such as way as to present a case which would support the conclusions they made before their investigation started.

In addition, their investigation started before they had any right of any kind to even begin an investigation of Dr. Bennett and his family totally violating all of their rights under the U. S. Constitution and every other document in these United States which protects the rights of its citizens. They then followed Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson from mid-2019 through today. That is a total violation of any interpretation of their job description and a violation of the right to privacy of Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson and could be interpreted as an attempt to kidnap Dr. Bennett, hold him hostage in a hospital and take whatever assets, information, etc. he might have that they could use. From what we have experienced through this, it is more of a kidnapping than any kind of group concerned about what Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services are supposed to be concerned about.

The investigations that Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary do, where people have contacted us with complaints about their experiences with Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services and a few other such groups around Massachusetts,all seem to have that technique in what they do so the end result is what they want it to be rather than what an honest investigation would produce. From our experience they seem to be more of a mafia group than an investigative caring group.

From 13 (d) Ms. Al-Wetaid goes on to misquote dates citing February 29th as the day Dr. Bennett was discharged from MGH when actually it was March 1st.

From 13 (d) Dr. Bennett was discharged from MGH to Sherrill House for short-term rehabilitation and both he and Ms. Donaldson were looking forward to the experience because of Sherrill House’s historical and current connection to the Episcopal Church and Dr. Bennett’s understanding of Sherrill House and its purposes. Their actual experience with Sherrill House fell short of what they expected.

From 13 (e) Ms. Al-Wet-Aid says that on Sunday March 1st, the wife signed Mr. Bennett out of Sherrill House rehab Against Medical Advice (AMA) after being at the facility for less than 15 hours. Ms. Al-Wetaid does change the number of hours Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett were at Sherrill House. They arrived about 2pm and left the next day about 12:30pm. That is actually about 22 hours.

Neither Dr. Bennett nor Ms. Donaldson wanted to stay at Sherrill House. Some of what they had problems with could be overlooked. Two parts of their objections could not. The first part was the fact that Dr. Bennett arrived via ambulance, as is normal when coming from a hospital, and expected rehab. Instead, he was told to stay in bed for the rest of the day and if he wanted to go to the bathroom he was not to get up and go by himself he was to ring for the nurse. Ms. Donaldson was also told at the same time, that she was not to help Dr. Bennett, she was to wait for the nurse. Dr. Bennett was ready to discover what his program of rehab would be, how soon it would start, etc. Being told to spend the day in bed when he had been able to do more than that in the hospital was not something Dr. Bennett was ready to hear. Ms Donaldson was concerned because when Dr. Bennett rang for the nurse because he needed to go to the bathroom it took some 45 plus minutes for the nurse to come and by that time he had the embarrassment of an accident.

Upon the arrival of Ms. Donaldson on Monday morning to see her husband, she could not because several patients in rehab on his floor had the flu and Sherrill House was under quarantine. When Ms. Donaldson asked what kind of flu, no one knew. When Ms. Donaldson asked if the patients with the flu had been segregated from the other patients at Sherrill House. she was told that was not necessary. With stories of coronavirus circulating Ms. Donaldson was concerned and called Dr. Bennett to talk about the situation. The receptionist told them there was nothing to worry about because Sherrill House had been quarantined just a few months before, patients had the flu and only two rehab patients had caught it.

Given the coronavirus stories beginning to circulate Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson decided he would be better off at home.

13 (f) There was no time for anyone to set up anything because Dr. Bennett left Sherrill house after noon on Monday and the police arrived to pick him up at his home Tuesday morning about 10:30am.

14 (a) Dr. Bennett’s wife did welcome the two women into the house. Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson were having ice cream on the second floor bed/sitting room. Ms Donaldson went downstairs to open the door when the bell rang. She assumed the two women at the door were ‘friends” because that is how they introduced themselves. She invited them upstairs to the sitting room and invited the two women to join Dr. Bennett and herself for dessert. They did join them in the second floor bed/sitting room, but declined dessert.

(b) Dr. Bennett was in the second floor bed/sitting room as was Ms. Donaldson, as was Ms. Clary and as was Ms. Al-Wetaid. Ms. Clary sat on a green chair in the room, Ms. Al-Wetaid sat on the sofa, Ms. Donaldson sat on a desk chair and Dr. Bennett sat on a white suede chair for a few minutes and then left the room because he realized he didn’t know who they were, the conversation was not of interest to Dr. Bennett, he assumed they were friends of his wife’s, excused himself and left the room.

The claim by Ms. Al-Wetaid that “Mr. Bennett was on second floor and attempted to come down flight of stairs before wife was able to stop him; wife recognizes that stairs are unsafe for him.” That is total fiction apparently made up from Ms Al-Wetaids need to create her case. Dr. Bennett was on the second floor as was everybody else. Ms. Clary and Ms. Al-Wetaid went from the front door with Ms. Donaldson to the second floor bed/sitting room. At the end of the visit as Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary were leaving, Ms. Donaldson, Dr. Bennett, Ms. Clary and Ms. Al-Wetaid all came down from the second floor to the first floor landing where Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett said goodbye to them and they left.

14(c) Dr. Bennett did not join in the conversation in his bedroom sitting area along with his wife. Very shortly after Ms. Clary and Ms. Al-Wetaid arrived, Mr. Bennett went to the workroom across the hall and didn’t rejoin the conversation until Ms. Clary and Ms. Al-Wetaid were leaving.

14 (e) Ms. Al Wet-aid says “wife did demonstrate understanding of high-risk if Mr. Bennett were to fall again.” That is not true since there was no conversation about Mr. Bennett falling. It was a conversation which was about nothing memorable and there was definitely no conversation about Dr. Bennett or falling or anything of the kind.

14 (f) Mr. Al-Wetaid says “During the conversation PSW and PSD attempted to explore plans for follow-up medical care, including PCP appointments, alternate rehab placement, visiting nurse and home care referrals.” That is all totally not true. There was no conversation about Dr. Bennett’s medical-care or follw-up medical care or anything of the kind. Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson don’t have such discussions with people they can’t remember who show up unannounced and uninvited. They are polite, thank whoever for coming and make the visit as short as possible. They are always polite and lovely people, but do not engage strangers in such conversations.

14 (g) Ms. Al-Wetaid says “Wife explained that she had fired Mr. Bennett’s Primary Care Physician and wanted to find a new one.” That is not true. Ms. Donaldson did look around for a neurologist before she and Dr. Bennett went to MGH until she heard from Dr. David Pilgrim – chief neurologist at Brigham and Women’s in Jamaica Plain. That search was done by talking to people Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett knew and whose judgment they trusted and who were in a position to suggest a substantial neurologist not to anyone who came along.

The same thing would have been true of a conversation about a new PCP. That would have been done by talking to people they knew, trusted and who would have some exposure to and knowledge about possible PCP’s who were substantial people not to two young women who show up without being invited, who did not identify themselves as to who they really were who introduced themselves as “friends” coming to see Dr. Bennett and happy he was out of the hospital and who were really being intrusive into the lives of Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett for reasons which are and were detrimental to both and from looking at all of this, Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary were doing things meant to be detrimental to both.

In addition, the women surreptitiously came to the Donaldson/Bennett home intending to do them harm under the guise of ‘friends’ dropping by to bring their good wishes to Dr. Bennett.

14 (h) Ms. Al-Wetaid says “PSW and PSD attempted to engage in discussion about Mr. Bennett’s health issues. Wife reported that Mr. Bennett has no health issues and has no prescribed medications.” From what we have uncovered, that is not true. The conversation, according to Ms. Donaldson and the notes in her diary, did not leave the level of comments on the weather. Dr. Bennett did not participate in the conversation having left the room when it started and returning only to say good bye to Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary.

(h) (i.) Ms. Al-Wetaid goes on to say “We found out that he is in fact prescribed two blood pressure medications, a blood thinner and an anti-seizure medication.”

That is a shocker that such a huge lie wold be told by Ms. Al-Wetaid. That “investigation” shows Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary’s inability and refusal and probably without knowledge about how to do their jobs. As we checked, we were particularly struck by the two women’s claims when we asked professional medical people about medications and were told anti-seizure medication would not have been prescribed because that was only given for 7 days after brain surgery and that was done in the hospital while Dr. Bennett was there. To give Dr. Bennett a prescription for an anti-seizure medication, according to the neurologists at MGH and others who work at other places, would have been beyond irresponsible of the doctor giving such a prescription because to give anti-seizure medication for longer than 7 days would have been detrimental to the patient. We double checked the information we received from neurologists at MGH with neurologists in other parts of the United States – one in Chicago, one in Louisiana and one in Boston. They were all in agreement. So clearly, Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary had to make up “facts” to carry their story further and did not bother to check if their “facts” were correct.

Ms. Al-Wetaid goes on to say 14 (h) ii. ” Mr. Bennett is diagnosed with dementia, hypertension, subdural hematoma, evidence of at least four head injuries history of stroke and history of falls.”

That is totally amazing because at that point in time – March 5th the date of this affidavit by Ms. Al-Wetaid, Dr. Bennett’s Health Care Proxy was Ms. Donaldson and she did not give anyone permission to see and publicize his medical records. A concern we have is was this an invasion of privacy and how and why do people like Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary remain in their jobs when they are so careless with information they may have and/or information they make up out of whole cloth and which they make public as the actual truth. They have no doctors names as to who gave them that information; no time frame for the information; no hospital which released such information to Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary who were apparently following the subject of their investigation and publicly sharing any and all information they obtained in the process of this investigation.

Whether true or not, the information they claim as true to Dr. Bennett’s health will be in the public sphere for decades if not longer and all without Dr. Bennett’s permission.

From conversations we have had with neurologists about such things in general the entire group with whom we spoke said the same thing – no responsible neurologist would have given a diagnosis of “dementia” nor some of the other things these two women mention, especially so close to brain surgery to remove liquids from anyone’s brain. The reason they quoted is because what looks like some memory loss could be caused by the fluids on the brain and one would not know a definitive diagnosis until some time after the surgery when the patient recovered. If their memory improved, to have given a diagnosis of dementia would have been a substantial mistake which no neurologist or other kind of physician would have wanted to make.

After the surgery, Dr. Bennett had begun to show signs that this was true since for the couple days he was at home his memory seemed to be intact and in a conversation in MGH as Ms. Donaldson talked to Dr. Bennett’s doctors they had those conversations about how Dr. Bennett was showing some recovery of his memory and they should wait and see what happens as Dr. Bennett recovers.

That possibility was destroyed with the enormous pressure put on Dr. Bennett by the actions of Ms. Al-Wetaid, Ms. Angela Clary and those who helped them carry out this recurring 1930’s Ku Klux Klan style attack on Dr. Bennett.

14 (ii) Again, Ms. Aal-Wetaid either violates Dr. Bennett’s right to privacy by publishing what she claims to be a diagnosis of Dr. Bennett on March 5th when she would not have been given permission to access his medical records and as she gives that she calls as Dr. Bennett’s “diagnosis” she does not give any time frame. When were such diagnosis made? by whom? over what period of time?

14 (i) Ms. Al-Wetaid goes on to talk about a non-existent conversation she supposedly had with “wife” who Ms. Al-Wetaid claims said “had no concrete plans and did not have interest in visiting nurse or home care services.”

PERJURY – Part 2 – Dr. Bennett

Monday, April 13th, 2020

We would like to pick up on this with the “fall” Dr. Bennett had which resulted in his going to Beth Israel Hospital in November.

Dr. Bennett was two days out of eye surgery. He had a moulded plastic eye piece on his eye. He stumbled over a chair and fell. It was not a traumatic fall. From the information we were able to obtain, Dr. Bennett fell from about two feet. That information was available to Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary neither one of which were interested in pursuing that line of investigation. In fact, from our information they did not investigate at all – they looked for gossip, stories, what they could find to fit their preconceived results to build a case to fit their need to take power and control over this family as they have over others.

When Dr. Bennett went to Beth Israel, there was no mention of a “brain bleed”. His medical records will show there was no “brain bleed” and Ms. Al-Wetaid knows or should have known, if she did a proper investigation, that the “brain bleed” she claims happened in November, 2019, in fact, did not happen.

As we checked, at the end of Dr. Bennett’s stay at Beth Israel which was one day and one night this is what we found: their conclusion was that the one time he vomited was that it could have come from his fall, but it could also have come from something he ate. They found nothing which would go one way or the other.

It has been verified that he did not have a “brain bleed”. It has also been verified that Beth Israel did not recommend the transfer to BIDMC hospital in Boston because they found a “brain bleed.” It has been verified that the BIDMC transfer was because they had the equipment necessary to diagnose what happened and if there had been such.

It has also been verified that BIDMC did not recommend transfer to a rehabilitation facility. There was no referral to visiting nurse services (physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing). The fall was minor and is now being used by Ms. Al-Wetaid to attempt to put in place a case to attempt to remove Rev. Dr. Bennett from his home with claims that are much exaggerated, that fit the storyline Ms. Al-Wetaid is trying to promote and which are not true and easily verified as being untrue.

We have also confirmed that this entire thing was started by Ms. Aronowitz and that she has had a very bad relationship with her mother for decades.

Most recently, her mother, Ms. Donaldson, put her property up for sale. All of this comes shortly after her mother took the property off the market because she could not handle the way Ms. Aronowitz and her family went through the house against Ms. Donaldson’s wishes and in spite of her constantly begging Ms. Aronowitz to not destroy the house as they were doing, Ms. Aronowitz and her family went through the Donaldson home – ripped things off the walls leaving holes – re-arranged furniture which Ms. Donaldson asked her not to touch – took pictures off the walls against Ms. Donaldson’s wishes – took beautiful antiques and put them in the basement where lamps and lamp shades and other invaluable pieces were destroyed. At the same time, furniture was given away which Ms. Donaldson was keeping because they were pieces with family history – these Ms. Aronowitz and her family gave away.

This is the background of the person who started this bizarre attack on a very substantial Cambridge family with no history of any of what Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services is now creating as the story line for their attack to take them down and destroy their assets. Apparently, getting ready for those assets to go to others. Our question – Whites?

While this is what started this investigation, it was up to the Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services to make sure there was a reason to start this investigation because there is often the case where one family member will move to totally disrupt their family for many reasons. This should be a strong part of what the investigation goes into, but that is not true with Somerville Cambridge Protective Services. From our investigation they apparently almost never do that if the case is one they want to take into their quasi state agency for reasons we are now investigating.

Somerville Cambridge Protective Services moved ahead, without investigating nor questioning why Malica Aronowitz moved against her African American step-father.

We are investigating why they are moving against a family they knew should not have been investigated by them and they also, on information and belief, discovered that there was a reason for the complaint filed by Ms. Aronowitz which had nothing to do with Dr. Bennett nor his health. It was a convenient time and family happening on which they could build a case and take yet another person out of their family without cause and with the structures they built and placed around that family which was not true, but a creation of the Protective Services workers imagination to make sure they had yet another case – and one with large assets – which could be attacked and taken down.

It is also interesting that many of the people so investigated by the Protective and Elder Services groups who are attacked – and whose assets are destroyed and removed, if not most, are minorities, particularly African Americans.

Attorney O’Sullivan knew, or should have known that and Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary knew that the Health Care Proxy they asked the Court to validate had been not been signed by Dr. Bennett yet they moved ahead in spite of that claiming they were doing what was best for Dr. Bennett. The ethics of anyone who is given the very large responsibility of acting as Health Care Proxy for another individual is very important. The Health Care Proxy was established to insure that a person’s wishes were respected and clearly this is yet another area where Dr. Bennett’s rights have been stripped by Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services without a thought and especially without acting in an ethical and moral way.

We have discovered through our investigation that Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary bonded with Ms. Aronowitz to get her involved and supportive of their need to destroy her family and have taken information she gave them, expanded it to fit their storyline and continue to move purposefully as they did when Dr. Bennett went to Beth Israel Hospital for what was a small problem, but was done for the Bennett/Donaldsons need to make sure Dr. Bennett was fine after a fall that was turned into something it was not by Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services.

From our investigation, this is only one of many such transgressions engaged in by Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary backed by Attorney O’Sullivan.

We have much more of the lies we have found in this case. We have been asked to hold off on publishing the rest because this is going to Court.

As soon as we are able to publish more we will because we feel the public needs to know what is going on in their society which could very well influence their future. You may be young today, but you are aging and will have to deal with people like this as your family ages and as you age.

I am sure Ms. Donaldson had no idea her own daughter would create such a problem for the family.


The Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett Story! What happened? It’s Called PERJURY and that is being used to destroy this democracy/republic!

Sunday, April 12th, 2020

by: Marceline Donaldson

I have been told by everybody to just go along – do whatever you have to do to get your husband back. Don’t fight them, they are too strong. They have done this to lots of people. Just go along or your husband will be put in a nursing home and they have done it to many others.

No thank you!

It is called TELL THE TRUTH! Why? Because these folks will continue on and do the same thing to others. It is necessary to confront such horrors because we are all related to one another – what happens to me today will be at your door tomorrow.

Robert and I have fought too many battles to hide, and let this happen to others.

What is holding Robert? What happened really? Well read on because we just discovered the key and we want you to know what happened and how it happened – the behind the scenes story – and it adds up to PERJURY and that needs to be charged against Ms. Nora Al-Wetaid and Ms. Angela Clary. Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett is not the first person they have attacked in such a vile, vicious, way which makes your hair curl with how easily they are able to achieve their goal of destroying those they can’t control.

This will be published in more than one part because it is long. You have to be interested in keeping the society in which you live free to read this to the end. This is the surest way to terrorize an entire society and that is what is happening – with Elder Protective Services and the people who support them. It is also happening around the state with Children Protective Services where children are being taken out of their homes because of misrepresentations and other such ugly things and the rest of us have been complicit by our ignorance. I know I was one of those people, but will never be again.

Lots of people are making tens of thousands of dollars on this scam. Attorneys, “Care Companies” getting clients through their connection to the ‘professionals’ involved and so many more. An industry has and is growing up besides this kind of oppression. It affects many African Americans and other minorities – but it is also negatively affecting Whites.

That does not include those doing a respectable, solid job, but they appear to be few and far between.

We have received many stories.but have only been able to thoroughly check out a few. Those are enough to make you horrified at what is being done to many in this society. And for the glorification of the few doing the deed. We are going to continue in this area and Bettina Network Foundation, inc. will be involved and so will Bettina Network Blog.

Why the Blog? Because the media refuses to cover this area and they do not use their investigative reporting resources to turn a bright light on all of this – they are intimidated also? Or it isn’t lucrative enough?

These folks make the intimidation we fear from places like Russia look small by comparison because of the number of people involved and the way they cover themselves in righteousness.

“Let justice roll down like a river and righteousness like an ever flowing stream.” Be with me, O God, as this strips the cover back so all can see the pus and filth being covered up. Another way we mistreat one another in this society.”

I recently discovered an affidavit in this case which I had not seen before. I was given a couple pages, but not the whole thing. I gave a response to those couple pages which has never appeared anyplace. God bless private investigators – last night I received the entire affidavit.

We are gathering sworn statements from people to put behind this article to prove, without a doubt, the PERJURY being committed in this affidavit.

Most people’s advice has been – keep quiet. Just get Robert out. Don’t you want your husband home? Robert and I have fought too many battles together I know what he would want and it would not be a cover-up. It is that attitude – do not risk, put your head in the sand – which has allowed this to flourish.

Lets look at this affidavit – signed under the pains and penalties of PERJURY.

And I must apologize, I come from a family of educators, artists and journalists, none inclined to short speech or short articles. This is worth the time you spend reading through it all.

Ms. Nora Al-Wetaid signed an affidavit under the pains and penalties or perjury on March 4, 2020. Ms. Al-Wetaid is Protective Services Director of Somerville Cambridge Elder Services. This group needs to be shut down, investigated and restitution made to people who have been their targets.

If you have been following this you will remember that Robert Bennett was picked up at his home on March 3rd by 8 white policemen and others creating a circus like our neighborhood has never seen. Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services had sworn out a “section 12” My beautiful husband had been “sectioned”. That means he was a threat to society because of psychiatric reasons. A psychiatrist or psychologist or some such person has to sign off for someone to be “sectioned”.

A psychologist did, but to preserve her professional credentials she said on that paper – “I have never met Mr. Bennett, I have never examined him, I have never been in his home.” And yet that was acceptable to “section” this quiet, lovely, unassuming Episcopal priest with a substantial career and reputation in the Episcopal Church which was not standing behind him in this action against him. They have all been notoriously silent. Something that happens across the board when this kind of thing entraps another citizen of this country.

I didn’t know what “being sectioned” meant and it took awhile to understand that was demeaning, disgraceful, destroying of life and freedom and this should never have happened, but we live in a house which has sent out siren calls to those who want to move us out of this neighborhood into the one in which we” belong” – Roxbury, MA. So having such a history it took awhile for us to shake that off and look at the reality of what this is really about.

As an aside, there is another African American man who was put into the hospital in the south. What is his housing background? He lives in all white neighborhood – he is the only African American in that neighborhood. We were raised in the same young peoples group so he has been quite “out there” fighting injustice all of his life. He bought the house of the head of the KKK in his town and moved in. His life showed a very prosperous African American family – and so the day would come when his reputation would be fouled, ruined and his family assets reduced considerably to get him out. The people set up to do this were not successful, but they managed to cause much pain and to destroy assets that this family needed in the process. So while not entirely successful something negative happened.

Same situation. Put in a hospital from which it took four weeks to get him out. The state didn’t have to spend money to keep him incarcerated. – insurance money did the deed. A pattern set across the country. And this happened to Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett in Cambridge, MA. in the shadow of Harvard University. A man with a Harvard doctorate and all of the credentials one must have to live in this neighborhood – but he is African American and so the same day came for him as it did for my friend in he south. Only in Massachusetts it was much worse and the people involved attacking my lovely husband were far more skilled in what they did…….

On March 4, 2020, Massachusetts General Hospital lifted the “section 12 against Dr. Bennett which put him in the hospital on March 3rd and sent him home.

On March 4, 2020 Ms. Norah Al-Wetaid signed, under penalties of perjury charges against Dr. Bennett’s wife which would result in Dr. Bennett being re-arrested by the police on March 6th sectioning him again for the 2nd timeand his incarceration in Mass General Hospital from that day to this and counting. Yes, incarcerated – this fits every part of the definition – except people in state or federal prison get to go outside, exercise and they have rights those incarcerated in this hospital system of things with the Protective Services people have no rights at all. their privacy is constantly invaded; they have no right to go outside for any reason; their friends and family are kept away and so much more. It is roughly equivalent to being incarcerated as a terrorist in a third world country. The area of the hospital is much reduced from the kind of rooms, service, etc. one finds in areas like neurology. Beautiful surroundings. In the one – locked doors, security guards and on downscale from there in the other.

Ms. Al-Wetaid had access to the actual facts, but she apparently chose to make a case and lie and so did Ms. Angela Clary. One of their goals was to make sure Dr. Bennett would be kept by the hospital this time. Another was to supply their ‘friends’ with business – Patient Care Companies; physical therapists, occupational therapists, the traditional people who everyone has to use whether they are needed or not.

On information and belief this is not the first time they have acted so irresponsibly causing harm to the person they are attacking and to that persons family.

Because Dr. Bennett was released from Mass General Hospital after the first section 12 was lifted by the professionals at Mass General Hospital, Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary showed and said their intention was not to have Dr. Bennett examined for possible psychiatric problems of which he had none, but they had, according to their own admissions the intention of giving guardianship over Dr. Bennett to someone of their choosing and committing Dr. Bennett to a nursing home. Unknown to Dr. Bennett and his family, they started on this course months earlier and had been investigating Dr. Bennett and his family without cause, for months, with much gusto and no need. 

Sectioning Dr. Bennett and, in this case, adding a Protective Order, even one full of lies, was the easiest and quickest and surest way to incarcerate Dr. Bennett while they manipulated several ways to keep him in the hospital. If simply sectioning did not work then combine it with other ways and re-section him within 48 hours adding other things to that sectioning.

Their time, over those months, was not being spent doing a substantial investigation because of a real problem. They were looking for ways too use and abuse this family – and as they went along others joined because of the assets that could be gotten if this was successful.

How do we know the investigation was not done carefully? One big tip-off is that Ms. Nora Al-Wetaid didn’t even know the names of the people she was going after. She didn’t even take the time or care to get even that straight.

She filed against Robert Bennett’s wife, who she called “Marceline Davidson” and she is called that all through the papers Ms. Al-Westaid filed. – or were filed for her by the attorney who is mostly always involved in these cases Attorney James O’Sullivan. With no proof and lots of lies, Ms. Donaldson was charged with abusing her husband. She was charged with breaking his rib, splintering a bone in his leg, refusing to allow him to take medicines they claimed were prescribed and which, in fact, were not. that included an anti-seizure medicine which was given to Dr. Bennett after his surgery and which would have caused him harm if it had been continued for the weeks Ms. Al-Wetaid claims was needed.

Ms Al-Wetaid claims Ms. Donaldson knowing Mr. Bennett had prostate cancer did not allow him to get treatment and the list gets longer. That in spite of the fact that there was no evidence presented that Dr. Bennett had prostate cancer. It was a good guess since many men Dr. Bennett’s age would have prostate cancer.

That was presented to and accepted by the Court – against a black woman – with absolutely no proof except the Perjured affidavit of Ms. Al-Wetaid. What kind of upbringing did she have to be able to so immorally take on and attempt to destroy two African Americans who spent their lives working for others.

My husband and I have had a good rfelagtionship for some 36 years. Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary took advantage of the racism in this country which presents a stereotype of a black family as being a mess with much violence within. Using that sterotype Ms. Al-Wetaid came along with the help of Ms. Angela Clary and did everything they could to destroy this family.

They did its with lies, easily disproven lies. Most of the lies were disproven by Dr. Bennett’s medical record, which showed no broken ribs, no splintered bones, no cancer. But that has been ignored and not even begun to be investigated. I didn’t know those were the claims against me until last night.

Robert Bennett’s wife’s name is Marceline Donaldson. No one knows who Marceline Davidson is.

Most of Ms. Al-Wetaids claims in the affidavit along with Ms. Clary’s all show that kind of carelessness.

The attorneys for Ms. Donaldson helped to complicate and extend the life of this horrendous act. They were hired to file an emergency motion to release Dr. Bennett according to the way the section 12 with its relief are written. They did not and at that time the courts were not closed because of the coronavirus. So Dr. Bennett’s time in ‘hospital jail’ was extended, complicated and his and his wife’s assets were flowing out like a fast moving river out of their possession into that of all these others.

Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary threatened Dr. Bennett’s family constantly – the last threat was that if they didn’t fill out the application for Mass Health then guardianship over Dr. Bennett would be given to the Jewish Agency for Family and Children and he would be sent to a Hebrew Nursing Home. – that was supposed to be a horrendous threat to the family of Dr. Bennett – a retired Episcopal priest.

Ms. Al-Wetaid claims in her affidavit that Robert Bennett was reported to the Protective Service Department due to concerns of medical neglect by Mr. Bennett’s wife Marceline “Davidson”.

In spite of the fact that both Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary knew Mr. Bennett had been in Massachusetts General Hospital for brain surgery, the first section 12 they filed moved to have Mr. Bennett sent to Mount Auburn Hospital on a section 12 instead of maintaining any kind of continuity with the hospital from which Mr. Bennett had been discharged. 

They were very well aware of that fact – they interviewed Dr. Bennett at Mass General Hospital without permission from anyone. They just went into his room at Mass General and started this interrogation process when he was not even days out of brain surgery and they quote all of that in this affidavit of Ms. Al-Wetaid. Dr. Bennett was barely conscious as a result of his recent surgery when they recount his answers to questions trying to use that as a reason in their case against him. Dr. Bennet wasn’t in any shape to give his consent to the interview or even to be really aware of what was happening. I was his Healh Care Advocate at the time and certainly did not give permission for that to happen when my husband was in such a fragile state.

They – Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary begin to get into the body of their “case” which they created and used to abuse both Dr. Bennett and his family.

Ms. Al-Wetaid claims in her affidavit that Robert Bennett was reported to the Protective Service Department due to concerns of medical neglect by Mr. Bennett’s wife Marceline “Davidson”.

Neither Ms Al-Wetaid nor Ms. Clary have ever acknowledged that Mr. Bennett is an independent individual who was capable of making his own decisions about who he was and about his medical care. Both have constantly portrayed Dr. Bennett as though he was a small child under the care of adults who had total sway over him and he was unable to make decisions for himself or to go places and to do things on his own, which in actual fact, Dr. Bennett did as a matter of course. That assumption is called ‘racism’ and is common amongst people who see black families as being abused by the black women in the family who are somehow so abusively into power and control everyone in the family fears them. That stereotype shows up often during this entire ordeal. Dr. Bennett is never considered as a fully functioning human being – only as an object that they use for very negative reasons.

They claim that on or about November, 2019 Mr. Bennett fell.  It is true -he did fall because he had eye surgery two days prior and was wearing the moulded eye cover to protect his eye.  While they talk about the fall, they eliminate the reason. Why? That does not fit the case they are creating.

Ms. Al-Wetaid’s affidavit ssys “…the concerns were regarding Ms. Davidson blocking access to care and not appropriately responding to medical needs.”

In other words, Ms. Donaldson would not allow her husband to go to the hospital to have his fall checked. The fact that Dr. Bennett did not want to go to a hospital because he didn’t feel it was necessary is not relevant.

Ms. Al-Wetaid says “Ms. Davidson is reported to have not pursued appropriate medical care for this fall until 24 hours later, when Mr. Bennett began vomiting at a secondary location.” Ms. Al-Wetaid extends the time frame from 12 hours, to 24 hours to make her case.

What both Ms. Al-Wetaid have eliminated is the fact that his wife, Marceline Donaldson, asked Mr. Bennett if he wanted to go to the hospital, see his eye doctor or another doctor.  Mr. Bennett refused and wanted to just carry on with his life as usual without going anyplace for medical treatment.  Mr. Bennett did not think he needed such.  Both have ignored the fact that Mr. Bennett is an independent individual who makes his own decisions and has a relationship of respect with his wife.

What Ms. Al-Wetaid eliminates from her story is the fact that Ms. Donaldson called her daughter, because her daughter had pushed Dr. Bennett into the eye surgery whose results caused the fall, to ask where she should take Dr. Bennett. The daughter said to Needham Beth Israel Deaconess. That was not the closest medical care clinic. Ms. Donaldson wanted to take him to Boston Beth Israel, the daughter insisted it be Needham.

Ms. Al-Wetaid said “The clinic diagnosed Mr. Bennett with a brain bleed and recommended transfer to Beth Israel Deaconness (BIDMC) hospital in Boston., Mr. Bennett was not diagnosed at Needham Beth Israel with a brain bleed. Mr. Bennett was treated very badly at Needham Beth Israel – he was kept waiting over an hour for examination and then received it only after his wife complained to the reception desk and after she asked to speak to who was in charge who kept them waiting so long. Before that the receptionists were very surly to Ms. Donaldson, who was accompanied by Ms. Maria Sensale who saw the kind of treatment Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett received at Needham Beth Israel and the way they were treated in the waiting room, including the long length of time they were kept waiting as others went in before them. The clinic people became more cooperative and interested in examining Dr. Bennett after that confrontation and said they did not have the equipment needed to examine Dr. Bennett and suggested he go to Boston Beth Israel where he was sent by ambulance.

Ms. Al-Wetaid says “The clinic diagnosed Mr. Bennett with a brain bleed and recommended transfer to Beth israel Deaconess (BIDMC) hospital in Boston.”That is not true.  The clinic said it did not have the equipment it needed to diagnose Mr. Bennett and suggested he be taken to Beth israel in Boston where they had the needed equipment.  That is where Ms. Donaldson wanted to take Mr. Bennett in the first place.  Listening to her daughter, that delayed treatment of Mr. Bennett by some three plus hours which was not necessary.

Beth Israel in Boston took a CT Scan and did not say anything about a “brain bleed”.  They said Mr. Bennett showed signs of having fallen in the past, but it looked as though those falls happened quite a few years ago.  Mr. Bennett had four small dots on the CT Scan and they didn’t know if that was from a recent fall or one that happened years ago.  They said to watch it – and have the PCP take a look at that when they went for a follow-up exam.

The following statements made by Ms. Al-Wetaid are not true.

Ms. Al-Wetaid says ” BIDMC had recommended discharge from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility>  The wife refused this and the “elder” – Mr. Bennett – was sent home with referrals for visiting nurse services (physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing) which the wife later refused to allow into the home.”

“Ms. Donaldson knew nothing about Beth Israel Deaconness  recommending Mr. Bennett go to a rehabilitation facility.  There were no referrals given to Ms. Donaldson by anyone at Beth Israel Hospital and Ms. Donaldson did not refuse to allow any physical therapist, occupational therapist or nursing person into the house.  No such person ever came to their home.” 

The doctors and nurses at Beth Israel Deaconness Hospital refused to talk to Ms. Donaldson and she tried many times to find out what was happening with her husband.  It was so traumatic that Ms. Donaldson called Mr. Bennett’s son – Mark Bennett in Washington, D. C. because of the way she was being treated and because of the lack of anyone saying anything to her about what was happening with her husband.  She couldn’t understand what was happening and was concerned for her husbands treatment. Dr. Bennett’s son flew from Washington, D. C. because of Ms. Donaldson’s call and her distress over what was happening with her husband and his father.

It was discovered after several hours that the medical personnel at Beth Israel would not speak to Ms. Donaldson and totally avoided her because Maliça Aronowitz had given them a Health Care Proxy and let them know that she was the one to whom they should speak – not her mother. 

Neither Ms. Donaldson, nor Mr. Bennett knew about any such Health Care Proxy, they saw Ms. Aronowitz give the doctors some papers, but were not told what they were and everyone totally avoided Ms. Donaldson. 
Ms. Donaldson was so distraught about how she was being treated and not being able to find out anything about her husband she asked for the head nurse, the head of the hospital and several other people trying to know what was happening.  All treated her with disdain, as though she was some kind of intruder and most were not even civil to Ms. Donaldson. 

Whatever was given out about Mr. Bennett’s condition was given to Ms. Aronowitz and not to Ms. Donaldson.  Ms. Donaldson was never told anything about anything.  She knew about the four dots on the CT Scan because she was sitting in the room and refused to leave. 

Both Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary knew this – they both knew Ms. Aronowitz had a Health Care Proxy about which Dr. Bennett knew nothing, had not signed and did not want Ms. Aronowitz as his Health Care Proxy. In spite of knowing that from the beginning of their relationship with Ms. Aronowitz, both have kept quiet about that because they were able to manipulate Ms. Aronowitz into doing and saying what they needed her to do and say so their program of abuse and more could move forward.

Ms. Al-Wetaid says that about which she is most concerned because part of her job is to make sure people are forced into a rehab facility with referrals for visiting nurse services – physical therapy, occupational therapy, nursing – it is standard, charged to your insurance company and has some benefits for Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary. Those conditions must be met with everyone or you are subjected to this kind of investigation.

If your family member and your family have other ways to handle rehab, if it is needed, and all the other services that might be needed, that is not allowed. You cannot use your own resources, you cannot pay for this yourself, this must be done according to people like Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary. Everything must be contracted for by people like Ms. al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary and/or others in charge and paid for by your insurance company, preferably Mass Health. Under no circumstances are you allowed to choose those who so work with you. That must not under any circumstances be a company or people of your own choosing, You are not even allowed to choose between different “Care” companies who offer the same services.

7)  Ms. Al-Wetaid goes on to say that ” on February 14, 2020 “the elder” – whose name is Robert Bennett – experienced a fall and  hit his head again and experienced a broken rib as well.  The wife refused to take Mr. Bennett to the hospital despite family’s recommendations.”That is not true and Ms. Al-Wetaid knows that is not true, but she is making those accusations in spite of her knowledge of their falsity.
Mr. Bennett did hit his head, he did not experience a broken rib as well.  Ms. Donaldson did not refuse to take Mr. Bennett to the hospital.

Mr. Bennett did not want to go back to Beth Israel Hospital because it was a very bad experience for him.  The PCP who Maliça Aronowitz recommended and pushed hard to get them to keep as their PCP was quite uninterested in treating Mr. Bennett and most times was unavailable.
Maliça Aronowitz knew nothing about what was happening with either Mr. Bennett or Ms. Donaldson.  She did contact her sisters and described a desperate situation which she normally does trying to get her sisters to turn against their mother.  That has been her style since she was about 15 years old.  

Ms. Al-Wetaid knows Mr. Bennett did not have a broken rib.  Without anyone’s knowledge or consent, Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary have constantly gone through Mr. Bennett’s records at the hospital, by their own admission. .Those records  – pre-March 3rd show clearly that Mr. Bennett did not have a broken rib.  Having taken it on themselves to check, they knew before they wrote the affidavits that their statements were false.

No one knows how they had access to private medical records, but they accessed Mr. Bennett’s records constantly and for months before this February fall happened.  Neither Mr. Bennett nor Ms. Donaldson gave permission for them to do so.

8)  Ms. Al-Wetaid claims that ” Mr. Bennett’s step-daughter “Melissa Aronowitz” – whose name Ms. Al Wet-aid did not bother to spell correctly – had nearly convinced the wife to take Mr. Bennett to the hospital on February 19th, but the wife again did not follow through”.That is false and Ms. Al-Wetaid knew that was false.

Ms. Donaldson spent the month of February talking to doctors trying to find a neurologist.  Ms. Donaldson also talked to Mr. Bennett’s PCP office about a referral to a neurologist, but Dr. Kehlman was busy, could not talk, did not know a neurologist to refer her to and was preparing to leave on a short vacation so he would not have time to do anything about Mr. Bennett until his return from his vacation.

9)  Ms. Al-Wetaid claims “Mr. Bennett reportedly declined physically and cognitively to the point where the wife became concerned and did ultimately take him to the Massachusetts General Hospital on Friday, February 21st, one week after the reported injury.”

Ms. Al-Wetaid did not know when Mr. Bennett fell.  She did not know anything about what happened subsequent to his fall.  What she claims as fact in this #9 is pure fiction made up to fit the narrative she is creating to be able to have this case to work on.

10)  Ms. Al-Wetaid talks about Mr. Bennett as though she has access to his files at Massachusetts General Hospital. In addition she lies about his condition.  The neurologists at Mass General did not diagnose Mr. Bennett with dementia – they very purposefully moved away from such a diagnosis because with the brain surgery they did not know what would happen after the surgery or if Mr. Bennett had some form of memory loss due to the liquids on his brain from which he would recover or if there was some form of dementia.  Ms Al-Wetaid did not find that in Mr. Bennett’s records, to which she should not have had access.  This affidavit was done while Ms. Donaldson was still Mr. Bennett’s Health Care Proxy and neither one gave Ms. Al-Wetaid access to his medical records.

11)  Ms. Clary had no permission to interview Mr. Bennett as a Protective Social Worker.  Ms. Clary apparently claimed to have conducted her “initial visit” with Mr. Bennett at Massachusetts General Hospital.  To do so while Mr. Bennett was just out of surgery, still not quite himself, had spent time with oxygen and not awake yet – one of the first people he sees after his surgery is Ms. Clary trying to make a case to take him away from his family and asking him questions, etc. while not identifying herself and while Mr. Bennett was in no condition to answer questions let alone take in who Ms. Clary was or why she was there.  In addition, Ms. Clary had no permission from anyone to make such an initial visit.  The viciousness of such an action is clear in itself. To arrogate to yourself the necessity of “interviewing” a patient just recently out of receiving oxygen and shortly before that just out from major surgery describes the lack of empathy and more of this group. The inability of Ms. Clary and Ms. Al-Wetaid to have any feelings and understanding for people they are stalking is clear in the way they pushed and pushed a family in the middle of trauma shows who they are and what they are really about.

12)  Ms.Al – Wetaid says – “Protective Services has also been informed that Mr. Bennett was diagnosed with prostate cancer several years ago and the wife was asked to follow-up on this and has yet to do this.

Ms. Al-Wetaid makes a very strong statement, does not identify her source and the statement is false.  Mr. Bennett was not diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Mr. Bennett is an independent individual who can make his own choices.  Several years ago there was no question about Mr. Bennett’s ability to take care of himself and he did.  If Mr. Bennett had prostate cancer he had a car, money and everything he needed to follow up on this cancer.  If he did not follow up on such a diagnosis that was Mr. Bennett’s choice and he has the freedom in these United States to make such a choice without someone like Ms. Al-Wetaid hanging in the shadows looking to pounce on someone she sees as ripe for the kind of elder abuse she and her agency engage in.  That was Mr. Bennett’s choice to be respected by others.  However, neither Mr. Bennett nor Ms. Donaldson knows where this accusation comes from because neither has ever heard anyone say Mr. Bennett has or had prostate cancer.

13)  Whats is glossed over is the fact that a wellness check was requested and  “no concern was noted at that time”.  Ms. Al-Wetaid obfuscates that by claiming “they did not do a medical evaluation, only quickly observed and checked-in.That was Ms. Al-Wetaid harassing Mr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson.  They were asleep and were awakened by a policeman at the door doing a “wellness check”.  That is a stalking process with no reason for the stalking.

This continues and gets worse. The next installment will arrive by the end of the day with more such dichotomies and with many more lies told by Ms. Al-Wetaid and Ms. Clary. Ms. Al-Wetaid signs the affidavit under pains of perjury. She quotes Ms. Clary extensively.

To have such actions taking place in a democratic country is a disgrace. That it has carried on for so long – that privacy issues are ignored – that lies are extensive and made to build a case for reasons only these two women and others in their position understand.

This needs to stop immediately.

When you read the rest – the horror of what is above pales by comparison to what comes next.


the Robert Bennett Story gets worse!

Friday, April 10th, 2020

We received a telephone call today from two Social Workers from Mass General Hospital, who work in the section 12 area of Mass General.

They called to say Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett could be released to his home as of Monday if his family agreed to their terms but this retired Episcopal priest could not be released in time to celebrate Easter with his family because “people do better if they are released on a Monday instead of at the end of the week.”  His religion and religious status would not make a difference.

First – we need to say he was admitted to Mass General on March 3rd not for health reasons but because of a section 12 charge filed against him by Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services. This charge was filed against a man they had not met, had not evaluated, whose home they had not assessed, with no program in place that had been violated. Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services had no contact with Dr. Bennett at all.

He was discharged on March 4th about 3:30am  because there was no reason to keep him and there was no reason even for the charge to have been filed against him.

In spite of that, another section 12 charge was filed against him on March 6th – again not for health reasons, and again by Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective Services.  

He was discharged from that first section 12 just two days prior to the same charge being pressed against him.  He was released because Mass General found no reason to hold him.  He was released with his vitals in the normal range, no medicines prescribed and the question unanswered as to why he was “arrested” to be so incarcerated  because he did not fit any part of the profile of those for whom the section 12 was created.  Especially those who were picked up by the police and forced by the police into the hospital on such a charge.  it was an extremely demeaning, disgraceful, disrespectful and racist action against a well respected, accomplished, highly educated African American man who accomplished much in his life and had never been associated with the drugs, alcohol, psychotic breaks associated with such a charge.  Nor had he ever been considered a threat to society or to himself which is also a part of the section12.

This second time around charge filed against Dr. Bennett on March 6th which Attorney James O’Sullivan had gone to Court to get – was combined with a “Protective Order” to put with the section 12 to make sure Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett would not get out of the hospital, but would be retained in the hospital indefinitely because whoever controlled the Protective Order controlled Dr. Bennett’s freedom and that was clearly what Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services intended and had done in concert with Attorney O’Sullivan.

Before this happened, Dr. Bennett had been in Mass General for brain surgery which was very successful.  His recovery was amazing and witnessed by many people – some of whom have given us sworn statements as to what they observed of Dr. Bennett over the few days he had of freedom from the hospital after the surgery.  Those statements talk about his walking around his neighborhood, talking to friends, laughing and joking with those he passed who knew him and more.

In spite of that, Somerville Cambridge Elder Services went after this family upon his release.  It was elder abuse on steroids.  Somerville Cambridge Elder and Protective services  did not know Dr. Bennett – had not met him – no psychologist from their group examined him – they did not visit his home to do an assessment if they had legitimate concerns – nothing.  They just sent the police (8 white policemen – five or six EMT’s, police cars all over his street, a hospital gurney on the sidewalk flanked by two EMT’s, two ambulances in the middle of the block) all of whom were there to pick up this African American man and forcibly put him in the hospital in the part of the hospital where such out of control people were kept.  If Dr. Bennett objected, the police claimed they had the authority to break down his front door; go through the house to search for him wherever that took them and whatever damage they did in the process would not be their fault nor responsibility; and if he objected and refused they were to carry him out.  That produced quite a bit of theatre in the neighborhood – people were running from the river to see what was happening, neighbors came out of their homes, people passing by stopped to see what this was all about and the police pushed into Dr. Bennett’s home and swarmed all over the house.  Dr. Bennett was sitting in his dining room through all of this. 

That kind of authority was given to the police over a man about a section 12 on March 6th – a man who had been taken to Mass General on a section 12 on March 3rd and released on March 4th because there was no reason to keep him.  In other words the filing and forcing of a man from his home into the hospital was done on what we believe was a trumped up charge to attempt to gain control over the man and his assets.

The attempt at his assets is clear when you see he was described to the Court under oath as being “indigent” – which he is not.  And then you see Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services attempting to force his family to get Mass Health whether they qualified for it or not with Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services using that instead of any other insurance the family may have.  

The history of the relationship between the Elder Services Group and Mass Health is highly suspicious and needs to be investigated.  Is it a means for those who need such to have Health Insurance coverage subsidized by the state and/or does it have a secondary use as a means to identify and strip away the assets of some of those forced to use Mass Health even though they don’t qualify for and don’t need Mass health because they are adequately covered in other ways?  With  those who do not qualify not being given a choice, but are forced to apply for and use Mass Health.

It was also clear that this African American man was being attacked by Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services with the backing of Mass General because of his race – African American.  It would not have happened if Dr. Bennett was white, especially this would not have happened to anyone in that Brattle Street neighborhood of Harvard Square where Dr. Bennett lives – when he is not being hauled out of his house by the police.

He has been kept at Mass General under the section 12 and a Protective Order for some 5 weeks now.  He has been kept in bed or in the chair next to the bed.  In an area 7 feet by 9 feet – no friends allowed to visit – no telephone calls put through – no family allowed to see him.  Dr. Bennett’s space in that room for 2 1/2 of the five weeks and counting that he has been in Mass General – was about 1/4th of the room.  Three days before his proposed release – Dr. Bennett was moved to the more spacious side of the room with wall to wall windows. That side of the room had been empty for days prior to that and no movement was made to move Dr. Bennett to the next bed releasing him from his 7 by 9 foot “cell”.

His wife could only see him 1/2 hour per day and then only with a Security Guard in the room.  In actual fact, she was able to see him only three times in two and one half weeks.  After that no one could visit because the hospital was closed to visitors because of the coronavirus.  We have documented in other places the incredibly demeaning and disrespectful way she was treated which included a Security Guard threatening to physically throw her out of the hospital.

Five weeks later, Mass General is ready to discharge Dr. Bennett “sort of”. No one has ever said to any member of the family nor to anyone else we contacted why Dr. Bennett had been kept so incarcerated for five plus weeks.

Among the terms of his release, the “Protective Order” under which he was being kept would have to stay.  That order accused his wife of abuse.  The Social Workers, in the conversation with his wife said “we know you and Robert are devoted to one another so we know no harm will come to him.   But the order accusing her of abuse stays.”  They also said both ” they and Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services knew Dr. Bennett’s wife did not and had not abused him.”  We have also seen letters from the lawyers saying the same thing.  The ‘Protective Order”, however, claims something very different.

The “Protective Order” is one in which Attorney O”Sullivan asked the Court to invalidate Dr. Bennett’s then current Health Care Proxy which was created by Mass General Hospital naming his wife as his Health Care Proxy.  That was created by Mass General after an investigation of Dr. Bennett’s Health Care Proxies by the person at Mass General who creates such proxies.

The Court went along with Attorney O’Sullivan in a hearing during which only one side was represented because the other side was not given notice.  That hearing was one which would determine whether Robert Bennett would remain free or be “incarcerated” in the hospital or some other place. The fact that such a hearing even took place without notice of such being given to Dr. Bennett was a gross violation of Dr. Bennett’s rights, especially since he was able to say clearly what he wanted or did not want.  We wonder how many other people are and have been in that same position and is this how Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services, along with other such groups and their attorneys function. That “Protective Order” invalidated what was then the legal Health Care Proxy and put in its place one which had previously been invalidated because it was not signed by Dr. Bennett; was not signed by him  because he did not know of its existence; Dr. Bennett additionally did not want the person named in the “forged” Health Care Proxy as his Proxy.  

When Dr. Bennett discovered such a Proxy existed he hired a probate attorney to make sure his wishes were definitely expressed and that the Health Care Proxy was properly signed and witnessed by two people who have known Dr. Bennett and his family for a few decades.

Unfortunately that Proxy had a typo in the last date – which in most places reflected the November 18, 2019 date on which it was created and signed, but in that one place – after Dr. Bennett’s signature and before the signature of the witnesses was November 18, 2018.

That was the reason Mass General stepped in to replace that with the one they created and they stepped in because they realized there was a conflict with two Health Care Proxies naming two different people as Dr. Bennett’s proxy and after talking to Dr. Bennett for a considerable time they also understood that Dr. Bennett had not known of the existence of the first Proxy and had not signed it although it showed a signature claiming to be Dr. Bennett’s.

There were other things in the Protective Order which were and are clearly not true.  We cannot speak to the total of what is in the Protective Order because it was impounded and not available.  We can only wonder why!

Mass General has now said it will send Dr. Bennett home on Monday April 14th, but that Protective Order must stand along with its forged Health Care Proxy, which they know is forged, have known its history since Dr. Bennett was discharged from Mass General Hospital on March 1st and they know there is a Heatlh Care Proxy created properly by Mass General and is in Dr. Bennett’s best interest.

There had been an ongoing demand that Dr. Bennett would not be released from Mass General until his family filed an application for Mass Health.  That delayed Dr. Bennett’s release for quite some time.The demand was that if Dr. Bennett’s family did not fill out and accept Mass Health, Dr Bennett would not be released.  Mass Health was the insurance Somerville Cambridge Protective Services was demanding be used.  Even though they knew Dr. Bennett had other insurance which was more then adequate, to Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services that was not going to happen and Dr. Bennett would not be released unless his wife filled out the Mass Health application and that insurance be used.
Problem with that was Dr. Bennett did not qualify for Mass Health and already had more than adequate insurance with two insurance companies.  No one could tell either Dr. Bennett nor his family as to why Mass Health needed to be added as a third insurance company.  After conferring with people who knew about such things, Dr. Bennett’s family discovered they would be on the edge of insurance fraud depending upon how these insurances policies would be used. 

From information and belief we have found that is a standard with Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services.  They demand that their clients file an application for Mass Health and they were the ones making the demand that Dr. Bennett file for such in spite of the fact that they had checked and found he had adequate insurance without this extra policy.  In spite of that Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services blocked Dr. Bennett’s release from Mass General because of this “glitch” and refused to allow him to be discharged from the hospital until that was done.  We know that because we have seen the correspondence concerning such.

When Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services went to Court to get the Protective Order and the section 12 to keep Dr. Bennett in the hospital they claimed under oath that Dr. Bennett was “indigent”.  We wondered at the time why that was done, especially since Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services knew better.

We wondered if this demand for Mass Health was being done to save face, until several people contacted us after we started circulating the Bettina Network Blog with articles about what was happening with Dr. Bennett.

People who contacted us had been through horrendous times with the same people. The demand that they have Mass Health was made and they acquiesced because they would do anything to get their family member home.  Because of that when they were out from under the elder abuse they experienced under Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services and other such groups in the Commonwealth with the legal representation of Attorney James O’Sullivan, they discovered all of their property and possessions were gone.  

There is something in Mass Health which demands that you give them permission to put liens against your property and they then move against you to enforce and collect on those liens and that left several people homeless and broke.  For some, the threat of being so moved against led them to just give up their property and other assets.  Other insurance policies – including the ones Dr. Bennett had – do not charge to you what Mass Health pays to the health providers and we think that is the case if you have Mass Health and it is given to you in spite of the fact that you do not qualify.  If we are correct, that is why liens are filed on peoples’ property and why Mass Health and/or others are able to force the collection of such liens.  If we are correct, then it becomes even clearer why the attack on Dr. Bennett and his family happened.  All one has to so is to look at the home they own.

We wondered who then profited?   The people contacting us didn’t know because they were not skilled in the law nor in the knowledge of how to follow up or attempt to prevent such and so they are a part of the quiet group who have suffered at the hands of Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services, among other such groups.  One person who so contacted us was under the Boston group.  He also lost everything – left the state – and will not put his foot across the Massachusetts State line.  His story makes Dr. Bennett’s look small by comparison.  

A second demand of the social workers at Mass General was that Dr. Bennett’s family accept the “program” they put in place as a condition for Dr. Bennett’s return home.

When Dr. Bennett was forced into the hospital by the police, he was in very good physical, mental and emotional shape, so they did not understand why an extensive program was  now going to be put in place for his return home five/six weeks after having been in a medical/health institution which is supposed to be about improving your health.  

None of Dr. Bennetts friends, family or associates had been able to see him over those five weeks so no one was able to tell just what kind of condition he was in.  Only over this past week has his family been able to talk to him over the telephone.

The Mass General Social Workers and his “team”  put in place a “Home Care” group of their choosing to go into Dr. Bennett’s home to take care of him for an indeterminate period of time.

Questions Dr. Bennett’s family had about those arrangements were not answered.  They were told this group had been selected by Mass General and therefore were great.  Dr. Bennett’s family was also told that in spite of the fact that they had their own resources for such and wanted to choose the people who would help with any care Dr. Bennett needed. They were told that was not possible.  

Given the fact that when Dr. Bennett was discharged from Mass General and went to the rehab place Mass General recommended he found it was quarantined because of the flu. – Mass General’s track record with Dr. Bennett and his family was not great.  But then this is an African American family so maybe the institutions choices are neither scrutinized nor made the way they would be for others.

We wanted to know why so many “home care” people were being put in place to go in and out of his home daily especially since his wife had kept to herself in their home, not allowed anyone in to make sure the home would be as safe as possible for Dr. Bennett’s return home, given the coronavirus threat.   This new group being pushed on Dr. Bennett’s family seemed to be an opening of the door to the virus and inviting it and its relatives in to stay awhile and do its best damage to Dr. Bennett and his family.

When everyone else is being told to “shelter in place” to not go in and out of each others homes, etc. to be safe from this virus – why was this in and out of his home by several people on a daily basis being forced on Dr. Bennett’s family?  Especially some six weeks down the road from his surgery from which he clearly had made a remarkable recovery in the days right after he left the hospital and before his incarceration at Mass General Hospital claiming two section 12’s in one week.

The answer was – they take the same precautions people working in Mass General take daily before going in and out of the hospital.

We checked on the company and this is what we found –

          1.  That is not true

          2.  Their reviews include the following –

Gail Hermann Shea reviewed Blissful Homecare — 1 star

March 11, 2017 · Awful..buyer beware…finding urine soaked loved ones is a horror. 

Mike Blanchard reviewed Blissful Homecare — 1 star

January 29, 2017 · The worst visiting nurse company I ever had!! Some of them can not follow simple instructions. If you want to end up, in my opinion, in a worse medical condition then you started off with, then go ahead and use them. You might be sorry you did.. 
Medicare’s rating is 2 1/2 stars out of a possible 5

Our largest concern is, given this enormous “Home Care” situation about to be set up in Dr. Bennett’s home – in the home of a man who was walking, talking, joking, enjoying life before he was forced against his will into Mass General Hospital,  why Robert Bennett was now, apparently,  being sent home in much worse shape than he was in when he was forced into Mass General twice – once discharged positively with no reason as to why he should have been forced in and the second time kept for five weeks in a small 7 x 9 foot area with no window, surrounded by a curtain which kept him from even seeing the sun let alone being in the sun for even five minutes.  He was walking, jogging, enjoying the company of friends after his surgery and before he was forced into Mass General.  Now they claim he has to be on a bed with an alarm if he gets up; an alarm on his chair for the same reason and they claim he has a difficult time walking – especially  without support and many more such deficiencies.

We don’t know if that is his actual condition, or if this is what seems to be the normal route taken by Protective and Elder Services.  This group seems to demand a lot of “home care” for those they work with, without the patient or family’s permission.  We wonder if that is why no one has been able to see Dr. Bennett to be able to evaluate his condition.  

One of the people who contacted us told us his story of the Elder Services group putting a lot of “home care” in place for him – most of which he did not need – claiming he could not make decisions for himself and with that excuse they totally ruined his life and destroyed his assets which he had worked a lifetime to put together.  He was not wealthy by any means, but he said he was a pauper when all of that was over and he was never in such a state that he could not make his own decisions and he was able to get around on his own in spite of them trying to keep him still, not moving.  He knew if he went along with that his life was over so when no one was looking he made sure to exercise, walk and try to keep his strength up. 

Dr. Bennett’s family consulted with a neurologist who they asked to evaluate Dr. Bennett.  The chief neurologist  was only able to do so by reading the record because he was not able to actually physically see Dr. Bennett to compare the record with his actual condition.  Dr. Bennett’s current Health Care Proxy – while she did not say no to this Chief Neurologist being able to examine Dr. Bennett for his family, she obfuscated to the point where it became impossible except by accessing the records to do so and that with difficulty.

When his wife asked that the Protective Order be removed and the Mass General created Health Care Proxy be re-established she was told no that would not happen.  

When she asked why now was he being allowed back into his home when the abuse charge against her still stood.   The Social Workers said that would not be removed, but everybody  knew she had not abused her husband and everyone knew how devoted they were to each other, but the Protective Order with its abuse charge would still stand.

Also, she was told that if the agency which Medicare rates at 2 1/2 stars complains about Robert Bennett’s wife, he would be removed back to the hospital.

P. S.  This is an African American family!

P. P. S.  When Dr. Bennett was discharged from Mass General after his brain surgery he was discharged to a rehab place which was under quarantine for the flu.  Would that have been done if Dr. Bennett were not African American?  And when one enters the rehab to which Dr. Bennett was sent – without saying anything about the kind of job it does – one notices the color changes from white at Mass General to black at the rehab place to which it was suggested Dr. Bennett spend a bit of time.  One also wonders why Dr. Bennett’s wife’s suggestion of Spaulding Rehabilitation Center in Charlestown as a rehab center for Dr. Bennett was immediately turned down as a possibility for Dr. Bennett by the Mass General people who said where he should go.

Dr. Bennett made the choice to accept Mass Geenral’s suggestion of rehab not because of any physical reasons or physical incapacity he felt because his first choice was to go home after his ordeal, but he accepted their suggestion because of spiritual reasons.

The threat from Mass General to force Dr. Bennett’s family to accept their terms is that Dr. Bennett would be discharged to a nursing home instead if the family did not accept this suggestion.  This was about the fifth threat of sending Dr. Bennett to a nursing home if the family did not do something Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services along with the Section 12 part of Mass General Hospital was trying to force on this family.  Their threats continued on to giving  guardianship over him to different agencies.  The last such threat made by Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services and the Section 12 personnel making up Dr. Bennett’s “team” to Dr. Bennett’s family was that guardianship over Dr. Bennett would be given to the Jewish Agency for Family and Children if they and Dr. Bennett did not accept this release under their terms and he would then be sent to a Hebrew Nursing Home –  Dr. Bennett, a retired Episcopal priest who is strongly wedded to his denomination.  

 Given what is happening with the many people dying from coronavirus in nursing homes – with the virus spreading fast amongst nursing homes around the country including the Greater Boston area that is a potent threat.  

Countered against the threat of several people coming in and out of Dr. Bennett’s family daily bringing the threat of the coronavirus to Dr. Bennett, Ffrom what Dr. Bennett’s family has heard as they checked out this company that is also a very potent threat.  That put up against a much safer, more caring, more concerned and more capable home in which Dr. Bennett has lived for 36 years safely with his wife until his current Health Care Proxy involved herself in his health care – is an amazing set of choices – especially given the order in which those three choices stand.

His family cannot choose who they prefer to provide whatever care Dr. Bennett needs – that has to be chosen by those making such choices under the Mass General Hospital banner supplemented by or led by Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services.  This includes those responsible for the forged Health Care Proxy and that includes the person who forged his health Care Proxy so she could be in the position of his Health Care Proxy.  

This is one reason why the dichotomy in the numbers of African Americans with the coronavirus and this is why such disparities will continue.  Every right possessed by Americans with their health care and guaranteed by the Constitution – including Dr. Bennett’s right to vote –  have been denied to Dr. Bennett and his family – with the attitude that those doing the denying have the right and the power over them to do so.  

It is also assumed that the manipulation of the Court and the lies told to the Court to obtain this outcome was right and just and why would Dr. Bennett and his family expect anything any different.

When Dr. Bennett went to Mass General, we and his family felt Mass General was fantastic and we said so to everybody.

Our experience with this is beginning to make a change in that evaluation.

Especially since we noticed the section 12 is really the back door at Mass General and the color changes quickly as you get into that area.  For example, there are almost no African American nor other minority nurses in other parts of the hospital.  A majority of the nurses in that part of the hospital are minority nurses – mostly African Americans along with a majority of African Americans with Caribbean accents as aides in that part of the hospital.  Is there a reason minority nurses qualify to work in the section 12 part of the hospital and not, for example, in neurology? 

We want to be very clear about this – Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett’s family wants him home desperately.  They do not, however, want him home only to have the structure in place – as it is now – which will simplify and accelerate the process for him to be picked up once again by the police and brought back to the hospital and this is clearly what this is about.  They would like Dr. Bennett to be released, as he should have been weeks ago – and actually, he should immediately be released because he should never have been so incarcerated to begin with.  

The racism within all of this is screaming!

A Summary of what happened to Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett!

Friday, April 10th, 2020

        Events Leading to the Involuntary Holding of Reverend Dr. Robert Bennett

  Reverend Dr. Robert Bennett is an 86-year-old retired Episcopal priest. In 2019, Upon the insistence of his stepdaughter Malica Aronowitz, he had cataract surgery. The surgery was not successful. Thereafter, his ophthalmologist recommended corneal transplant surgery. Robert was not in favor of the surgery. Upon the insistence of his stepdaughter, Malica Aronowitz, the surgery was scheduled and performed. The surgery did not vastly improve his sight. He did not possess peripheral vision. A couple days after the surgery, while wearing the molded plastic eye-covering, Robert fell. Concerned, his wife Marceline inquired if he were all right. He said that he felt fine and did not want to seek medical help.

 The next morning after the fall, Robert began to complain of nausea. The nausea settled. He and his wife, Marceline Bennett ate breakfast and attended an estate sale. While at the estate sale, Robert vomited in the hallway of the facility. Marceline called her daughter Malica Aronowitz who told them to go the nearest hospital, Beth Israel in Needham, Massachusetts.

 Accompanied by his wife and a friend, Maria Sensale, Robert arrived at the hospital with a presumed head injury. They were forced to endure a considerable wait time. Finally, they were told that the hospital did not have the proper equipment and Robert should be transported by ambulance to Beth Israel of Boston. Marceline and Maria drove in a separate automobile to the hospital.

 Tests were performed including a CT Scan. Marceline could not get the results of the test from any nurse or attendant.  Finally, two doctors entered the room but addressed all comments to Marceline’s daughter, Malica. Malica gave the doctors papers of some sort. Upon requesting to speak to the doctors, Marceline was told that they were busy and had to leave. Robert was required to remain in the hospital for further testing.

 Meanwhile, Marceline discovered that her daughter, Malica, had given the doctors a Health Care Proxy declaring herself as the person making health decisions for Robert. Marceline or Robert were unaware of the existence of this Health Care Proxy. Don McInnis, a probate lawyer and neighbor of twenty years was contacted. According to Robert’s wishes, Attorney McInnis drafted a new Health Care Proxy designating, Marceline Donaldson, Robert’s wife as his Health Care Proxy. The Proxy was witnessed by Ms. Trudy Van Slyck, a friend of twenty to thirty years. Because the Proxy that Malica Aronowitz was of an earlier date, Attorney McInnis advised that it was invalidated with the creation of the new Health Care Proxy.

 As a follow-up to his hospital visit, Robert’s Primary Care Physician, Dr. Glenn S. Kehlman, of the Washington Square Group scheduled an office visit. Marceline and Malica accompanied Robert to the office visit. After taking Robert’s vitals and requesting that he walk the hallway, he was declared in good health. Marceline gave a representative in Dr Kehlman’s office a copy of Robert’s new Health Care Proxy. The representative accepted the document.

 A few months later Robert sustained a second fall when forced to use the rear stairs of their home while upgrades were taking place on the front stairs. The rear stairs were not frequently used and unfamiliar to Robert. His lack of peripheral vision limited his maneuvering on the stairs.

 Marceline called Dr. Kehlman’s office and asked to speak to him relative to Robert’s fall. The person with whom she spoke stated that Dr. Kehlman was busy. He was preparing for vacation and would not have time to return her call. She inquired if they could recommend a neurologist that she could secure an appointment for Robert. The representative stated that they did not know any neurologist.

 After contacting friends, one friend Desiree Ivey, Executive Director of Teaching at Shady Hills, recommended Dr. David Pilgrim, Chief Neurologist at Brigham and Women in Jamaica Plain, Mass.

 Meanwhile, Robert had a scheduled appointment with his Podiatrist, Dr. Green. Malica called to say that Dr. Green’s office notified her that Robert’s appointment which occurred every five to six months had been canceled. Because Robert’s nails were in need of cutting, Marceline called Dr. Green’s office to reschedule Robert’s appointment as soon as possible. Dr. Green’s office stated that they had not called to cancel an appointment. Instead, Malica called them to cancel Robert’s appointment. But they stated that the original appointment was still available. Marceline accepted the time slot.

 Marceline received a call from friend, Desiree Ivey. She stated that she had spoken to Dr. Pilgrim. Dr. Pilgrim advised that Marceline call 911 for an ambulance and have Robert taken to Massachusetts General.

 An ambulance was called. Robert was taken to Massachusetts General where he was examined by a neurologist and Marceline was told that he needed brain surgery to drain the fluids from his brain cavity. Marceline further learned that Dr. Kehlman should have recommended Robert to a neurologist as a follow-up to his Beth Israel visit. Perhaps there would have been a difference in his medical condition. Perhaps the hemorrhaging would have been taken care of earlier.

 Robert had surgery. Stints were placed to eliminate the pressure and the fluid. The surgery was successful. And, he recovered and was discharged from Mass. General on or about February 27, 2020.

 During his stay at Massachusetts General, Malica Aronowitz gave the hospital a Health Care Proxy declaring herself as Robert’s Health Care Proxy. However, upon Robert’s admittance, Marceline submitted to Massachusetts General the current and updated Health Care Proxy declaring Marceline Donaldson, Robert’s wife as his Health Care Proxy.

 Upon discharge, Massachusetts General referred Robert to Sherrill House for rehab.  Robert decided to follow their suggestion since Sherrill House was supported by and had a long history with the Episcopal Church. As a retired Episcopal priest, Robert thought that the spiritual connection was a good thing.

 On the day that Robert was admitted to Sherrill House, they waited a considerable amount of time before being cared for by nursing personnel. Upon asking questions at the Nurse’s station, Marceline was told that all nurses were busy. About 10 minutes later, a nurse arrived and instructed Robert that he was to remain in bed. Should he have a need to use the bathroom, he was to ring for help. When the urge to use the bathroom arose, Robert rang the bell. A nurse arrived 45 minutes later. The delinquency in arrival, caused him to experience the humiliation of an accident.

 Upon arrival the next day to visit Robert at Sherrill House, Marceline was told that no visitors were allowed on the second floor because 4 patients had the flu. Marceline called Robert on the telephone. They, Robert and Marceline, decided it was best for Robert to go home.

 Monday evening about 9-9:30 pm, a policeman rang their doorbell in response to a call request   for a “wellness check.” Upon hearing Marceline talking to the policeman, Robert went to the door out of his concern for his wife addressing a policeman alone at that hour of the night. The policeman apologized and said that everything looked fine. He apologized for the intrusion.

 The next morning eight white policemen arrived at the door with five or six EMT personnel, all white. They said that they were there to take Robert to Mount Auburn Hospital. Robert said that he did not want to go to the hospital, he had just been discharged and had no reason to return to a hospital. The policeman stated that Robert had no choice. If he refused, they would physically carry him out of the house.

 The police did not have a hard copy of a court order. The police showed Marceline a cell phone and told her that the order was on the phone and she could not touch the cell phone. After extended conversations, the police forcibly entered the house. Marceline asked that they take Robert to Massachusetts General for continuity of care instead of Mount Auburn Hospital. Robert was placed on a gurney and taken to Massachusetts General.

 Robert was admitted to the hospital on a Section 12 order. An order that is used for incarceration of those who are a threat to themselves or others, drug addicts, alcoholics or persons experiencing a mental or psychotic episode. Robert had none of those. He has never had mental problems, did not drink, did not use drugs nor has ever had a mental or psychotic encounter.

 Being admitted to the hospital on a Section 12 order, he would be subjected to psychiatric examinations. We waited in the examination room for an available psychiatrist. The psychiatrist arrived to examine Robert at 2:30 am Wednesday morning. After examination, the psychiatrist stated that there was no reason for Robert to be there. The Section 12 order was lifted, and he was released for home. Robert and Marceline were given discharge papers.

 On Thursday morning, Robert and Marceline went for a walk around the Charles River. They also walked around Harvard Square.  They met friends and sat by the river for a period of time before returning home.

 On Friday, Robert’s son and daughter arrived to visit with him and spend the weekend. About 6 pm Friday evening, the police arrived again with a Section 12 order and a Protective Order accusing Marceline of abusing her husband. He was to return to Massachusetts General. The Protective Order invalidated the current Health Care Proxy designating Marceline Donaldson, his wife, as Robert’s Proxy. Instead, the Court placed into practice the Health Care Proxy that Malica Aronowitz drafted without his knowledge or signature. Malica Aronowitz engaged Cambridge Elder Services as cohorts in her unauthorized proxy.

 Currently, Robert remains in the hospital under the Section 12 Order. Marceline has not been able to secure his discharge or release.

 For a period, Marceline was allowed to see Robert for a half-hour each day with the presence of a Security Guard. Then, in a two -week period, she was allowed a total of three visitation sessions. Each day upon arrival, Marceline was given various reasons for not granting visitation to see Robert, i.e., the hospital did not have sufficient staff to allow her visit. Most recently, upon arrival, Marceline was told by Security Guard, Robert DuBois that she could not see Robert because Robert had filed a restraining order against her. That statement was not true.  Security Guard DuBois insisted that should Marceline not leave the hospital; he would physically throw her out of the hospital.

Throughout this entire ordeal, Marceline Donaldson Bennett has acted in the best interest of her husband, Reverend Dr. Robert Bennett. At this time, her prime interest is to solicit assistance in the release of her husband so that he, as an 86-year old man, can enjoy a peaceful life. 

“I Am Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired” (Fannie Lou Hamer)

Monday, April 6th, 2020

It may have ended with drinks at the White House, but this is how it started with Skip Gates arrested. A black man was arrested for living in a neighborhood which had been traditionally all white, northern european. So white that seeing a black man do something with the key and lock and then walk into the house, the police were called because everyone knew blacks did not live in that neighborhood so this had to be a break-in. Hey, that policeman looks just like the one who came to incarcerate Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett.


Remember the murder of Mary Jo Frug – April 4, 1991. To make sure you would not miss what it was about – April 4th is the day Martin Luther King was assassinated. Mary Jo Frug was working to change the Courts so they would be more equal rather than so completely sexist as it was in 1991. Some movement has been made since Prof. Krtugs murder, but not much.

Where did all of this with Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett start?

This is a Bettina Network Blog printed at 5 a.m. on March 3, 2020. https://www.bettina-network.com/blog/archives/5503

By 10:30am on March 3, 2020 the Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett had been “arrested” and incarcerated in Mass General Hospital.

The papers which incarcerated Dr. Bennett had him going to Mount Auburn Hospital. His wife demanded he be sent to Mass General instead and the police, seeing no difference, agreed. That may have been a move that has partially saved Dr. Bennett.

The elder abuse then started – big time!

Would Dr. Bennett have been held long term if he had been brought to Mount Auburn Hospital instead of Mass General, where he was discharged less than 24 hours after having been brought in because there was no reason to incarcerate him in the first place?

Having been brought to Mass General Hospital, he was examined by a psychiatrist and dismissed because there was no cause to keep him. No medicines prescribed, his vitals normal as was his blood pressure and that after a horrific experience. If he had been brought to Mount Auburn Hospital as the Somerville Cambridge Elder Services wanted him to be brought would the results have been different and he would have been incarcerated over the long time. is there an agreement with SCES and Mount Auburn hospital which allows SCES and possibly others to incarcerate someone they want incarcerated for a long term?

Have others been sent to Mount Auburn Hospital and been kept under such or similar terms on behalf of Somerville Cambridge Elder Services or other Elder Services where they had something the SCES and/or other such groups wanted to take away from them with no one looking?

Dr. Bennett was ‘arrested’ for being a threat to the public and/or himself because of alcohol, drugs and/or mental-psychotic reasons. That is what the papers said. He was incarcerated under a section 12 – which is what that section 12 is all about. To those who know Dr. Bennett know he does not drink, does not smoke, does not take drugs, has had no mental problems of any kind – that was an amazing charge. It was especially amazing since the psychologist who signed the papers for him to be taken to such a place said “I have never met Robert Bennett; I have never examined Robert Bennett; I have never been to Robert Bennett’s home.” That last part was necessary as a disclaimer because she also said Robert Bennet’s home was ‘unsafe’.

Dr. Bennett was not so ‘arrested’ and sent to the hospital for health reasons. He was recovering from an operation at Mass General and he was doing very well. Walking, talking, recovering his memory, doing things he had not been able to do for a a few months after his trip to Beth Israel Hospital, which was a part of the reason this was happening? So what was the problem?

If you read the blog which was published on March 3rd at 5 a.m. you will begin to see the problem. Bettina Network Blog was calling for a close look at the White Apartheid Health Care Industry. Dr. Bennett is a part of that group and has written for the blog. – Could that be the problem which brought Dr. Bennett under the scrutiny of groups like Somerville Cambridge Elder Services – which offered “free services” to people who had incomes in the six to seven figures. Someone ‘free” to clean their houses. Someone “free” to cook their meals. Someone “free” to walk their dog. All of which turns out to be “free” services paid for by your health insurance, but sold by Somerville Cambridge Elder Services as just plain ‘free’ services. Dr. Bennett and his wife had turned down that offer amazed that they and those in their neighborhood would be using such ‘free services’ when they were much needed by others who could not afford to pay for such services.

The blog we suggested you read or re-read https://www.bettina-network.com/blog/archives/5503 describes that White Apartheid in detail – which survives and thrives in this hospital system – which so far has gone totally unnoticed and uncommented on by others?

People hired at the bottom stay at the bottom and are almost 100% black, brown, asian, other minorities. People hired in the middle have the opportunity to move up to the top. People at the top have enormous incomes, benefits, and huge respect – all white? Except those hired at the top of the ‘mostly minority’ institutions.

Could it be because Rev. Dr. Bennett and his wife were pointing out their experience during this encounter with the health care industry. They were not much interested in being constantly involved with the health care industry so this encounter which started at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston was a shock. A racial, sexist, misogynist shock.

To see all whites from the mid-range up was clear and was the way things were and are accepted and praised will be entrenched after this coronavirus plague ends and things begin to go back to ‘normal.’ That bigotry which goes across all of the health care/medical institutions will be even more entrenched because of the heaps of praise and understanding of the losses to those institutions which will be celebrated and grieved when the coronavirus is over. it is right that this happen, it is not right that the system be maintained that has harmed others so completely for so many generations.

To see people stacked on hospital gurney’s one on top of another in the hallways and being interviewed by nurses with information that should be private and not shared with whoever was standing close, next to the gurney in the hallways with people, sick, on the gurneys half dressed with their private parts exposed because that kind of care was not taken – not only to keep their health information private, but their body parts private. And this view was seen long before the coronavirus was even at its very beginnings.

It was not a great experience at Beth Israel Hospital having to look at a very large white man’s rear end hanging over the side of the gurney – uncovered – nude and more. Embarrassing is an understatement. The nurse and other people attending to him, questioning him, totally oblivious to all the people standing within two feet of this patient in the process of being questioned and treated and ignoring or so accustomed to the nudity they did not see his nude rear end.

The racism at these hospitals was stark. It was most visible because color will tell. Look around a room and color strikes you first. Especially if you are in the most privileged places in hospitals and other health care institutions. The color is white and black, brown, asian, middle eastern in less affluent places.

It is stark when you are in an “Emergency Room” which is not about health emergencies but is about those section 12 emergencies? It is stark to see people tied to their bed because they have been brought into that emergency room against their will and to see your husband brought into that room for what was claimed to be the same reason? To be in that ‘special’ emergency room and see all of the people standing about – all white – in suits, with wires in their ears looking like the president’s security until a patient who was tied down is able to untie himself and he makes a break for the door. Until that point we thought there was somebody very important in the emergency room to have so many “security” people standing around talking into whatever they talk into as they work.

When the patient got untied and made a break for the door and you saw all of the security people go into action chasing him – bringing him back to his gurney – tying him down, tighter this time – you realize this is a different kind of emergency room. It is not one where people with health emergencies come. It is one where people who have had psychotic breaks, who have overdosed on drugs and/or alcohol and have become a threat to society and themselves; to people who have been in this emergency room before and are there now because they are potential suicides and have to be closely watched. This is where your husband was brought because this is the place where the charge against him said he should be brought. And on his second time in two days being brought into such a place you realize the seriousness of those trying to take all of you down when you realize you have been charged with abusing your husband so seriously you are not allowed into that emergency room the second time around.

This is where Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett was brought – General Seminary Masters of Divinity, Harvard Graduate School of Arts PhD in Hebrew Studies, ordained and now retired Episcopal priest who has served the Episcopal Church for decades on many national and other committees, professor at Episcopal Divinity School for some 35 years, working on things like the language used in the services; trying to bring the biblical translations back to their original meanings – without their particular language skewered to fit the sexist society in which they are read so that they are not used to upend and change that society; digging in Israel and finding historical pieces and places; dealing with the racism and sexism of the Episcopal Church itself at a time when that was front and center and blocking any possibility of change, but then changing when you came along to allow one African American male at each Episcopal Seminary (but God help us, no more) – this is where all of that work and dedication and sacrifice has taken you?

Maybe not! Maybe what brought him here were the side classes he taught on racism/sexism in the Church’s Institutional structures that led to this! Maybe it was pointing out the problems of bigotry determining some of the policies and practices and even structure of services in the Church.

A history of challenge which led to an NDA he and his wife had to sign with the Episcopal Church. Is that why Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has ignored someone who was a friend in years gone by when he was rector at the same Church Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett served? Is that why Bishop Alan Gates of the Diocese of Massachusetts has been so quiet and moved away from this? Not the kind of thing you get involved with if you have future ideas of greatness in the Episcopal Church. It is, after all, the establishment whose members benefit from this structured bigotry you have fought.

Is that why the first time the Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett is within reach to be incarcerated within an institution allowing such, that it is done and quickly? Robert Bennett’s time in the hospital was the first time he could be reached. And that certainly happened using his wife’s daughter – someone who identifies herself and her family as white – to bring about these results.

Is that why he was subjected to elder abuse by Somerville Cambridge Elder Services and Attorney James O’Sullivan amongst others who do this for a living along with judges who apparently conspired to make sure there was a legal background no matter how iffy and untrue to maintain Rev. Dr. Bennett in isolated incarceration for a second time. Less than 24 hours after he was cleared and released by Mass General Hospital from a section 12 he was “arrested” again for the exact same thing. This time with a “Protective Order” to make sure he would not be able to get out of the hospital for months – if he is still alive months from now? And they are not able to send him someplace away from everyone where he would not be heard from again?

Is that why the Courts had to weigh in and send Dr. Bennett to the hospital under a section 12 within 2 days of having been released and cleared of any thing which could or was charged under such an incarceration mechanism?

Is that why the Court accepted the Attorney O’Sullivans request that the hearing be one about which Dr. Bennett not be notified? Dr. Bennett’s freedom was at stake, but the Courts allowed such a one-sided hearing to happen. And then the game was over because whatever Attorney O’Sullivan said and asked for was granted because there was no one present or knowing about such a hearing to present the truth. Attorney O’Sullivans half-truths, lies and misrepresentations stood as the gospel.

This has all been used to incarcerate Dr. Bennett for almost five weeks now! Kept in bed, not allowed outside the hospital, no one allowed in to see him, talk to him, etc.

Is that also why Dr. Bennett was declared “indigent” even though he was not and far from it? Was that so the Court could appoint who they wanted as an attorney for Dr. Bennett and so neither Dr. Bennett nor anyone representing him would know what was happening?

And Dr. Bennett’s Court appointed attorney cooperated because she was too busy for some two weeks before she even had time to “see” Dr. Bennett. Was this attorney court appointed to make sure all of this happened to keep Dr. Bennett out of the way and possibly also quiet his wife? Even though she tries constantly Dr. Bennett’s wife has not been able to contact the attorney for Dr. Bennett. Her calls go unreturned.

It is time for everyone in this country to look at the violation of civil rights of those entering the Healthcare system. It is time to look at who is employed under which level of employment. It is time to call the enormous racism which is at the bottom of this Healthcare System and its hospitals for what it is. They are among the most flagrant violators of civil and human rights in this country. And now with coronavirus the heroism of those working within this system will make it nearly impossible to call such institutions to account for their actions. Those actions will continue far into the future before anyone is going to be willing to listen to such and Dr. Bennett, trapped in this system, his health will go downhill and his independence will be lost. How long will he be able to walk on his own being kept in bed for several weeks at a time? How long will he last kept away from his wife of 36 years from whom he was never parted until this hospital action has now kept them separated for almost five weeks now!

How come these illegal ways of being structured institutionally have gone unnoticed for so long? How come people, within this institutional structure have been working for little to no money and even fewer benefits just because they are of a darker color?

How come some entire institutions are either 99% white or 99% other?

How come government money is used massively to underwrite this kind of racism which has not been seen nor possible in other areas of this country?

When Dr. Bennett entered Beth Israel Hospital for one night, Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett wondered where were the African American nurses in this hospital system? Where were the African American doctors? Where were the African American researchers and others in an ‘on their way up” category? How come all “on their way up” were white and clearly from northern european stock. And he wondered, how come those cleaning and doing the menial work were brown, black, asian, middle eastern and others?

Dr. Bennett didn’t see a black nurse until he went to Sherrill House for rehab. And there they were. Looking around when you turn the corner from Huntingon Avenue in Boston into Jamaica Plain the health industry changes. The color of the people changes. Immigrants with thick accents show up, but even there when you look up at the top it is still those from white northern european stock at the top with very few exceptions.

So, Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett will be tied up at Mass General Hospital for quite some time. He was walking around his neighborhood before he was incarcerated on March 3rd. The day before his incarceration he walked one and one-half miles with his wife, his exercise for the day. The second day he did it again. He met friends in the post office on March 5th after an extensive walk around his neighborhood and stopped to laugh and talk with them – in particular in Thursday March 5th he and his wife stopped to talk to Xonabelle Clark from Cambridge and they enjoyed a few minutes of delightful camaraderie in the Harvard Square Post Office. They were observed by a post office employee who knew Dr. Bennett because he saw him come into the post office daily for about the past three years that this post office employee worked at that branch.

And now? His family has no idea as to his condition. They only know that he is kept in a 7 foot by 9 foot space with a curtain pulled closed between him and the next bed with a very large picture window accessible by the other bed, but closed off to Dr. Bennett. He has been kept in bed – going from bed to a large chair which is next to his bed. Dr. Bennett has been confined to going from bed to chair for almost five weeks now. Who knows his condition – neither his family nor friends nor others have been able to see him for some two weeks now. His friends could not see him from the time he was forced into the hospital by the police. Friends were told there was no Dr. Bennett at Mass General Hospital. When they called to talk to him via telephone they were told there was no such person at the hospital and the operator then hung up. He was cut off from everyone including his wife. So who knows his condition some five weeks down the road.

Only recently has his wife been able to call him on a regular basis. If Attorney O’Sullivan knew that, we are sure he would immediately move to cut off that communication.

It is time for that to stop and it is time for this country to move to bring about changes in this health care industry.

Their response – we would have more minorities and more African Americans, but we can’t find any qualified.


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