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Bettina Oracle talks about Donald Trump!

Sunday, November 22nd, 2020

So much time spent on such a small, mean-spirited human who is turning the world’s attention towards himself. What is going on in the United States is simply the country being exposed for all to see – its history from its beginnings is being highlighted. Those most hurt by the choices made as these United States grew into a super power being held up and given the chance to call for the destruction of the United States or its spirit being renewed into what it could have been from its beginnings.

At the same time what is happening is its last chance for atonement. It is time to say “God forgive” and do what’s necessary to become the country you could have been generations ago.

Now, however, Donald Trump has a serious mission in what he is doing with the United States presidential election. He has been given the chance to atone for the misdeeds of those who went before in his family or to be destroyed for eternity.

So much conjecture, on earth, going on about what Donald Trump is really doing when it is simple and should not be using all of the energy it has used. The media is leading this charge and it needs to take a look at its goals and make some serious changes. Research and report the truth – not the facts turned into ways to extend and gain money and power. That is just as evil as what Donald Trump and those around him are doing.

Donald Trump is doing his best to help a friend. A friend who means everything to him and is responsible for Donald Trump having become President of the United States. That “friend” is Vladimir Putin of Russia. They have common goals and needs for power, control and mostly money. Putin is one of Donald Trump’s mentors – someone he would dearly love to imitate.

The shock Donald Trump felt when it became clear he had lost the election was, at first, unfathomable to him. He knew his friend was going to “fix” the election the same way he did in 2016, but these results said something different. Had he offended?

Having absolute trust in his friends power and need to have Trump in his orbit as President of the United States with all the plans they made for the future, Donald Trump knew something was wrong. He also knew this was his chance to show “Vlad” his loyalty and who he really respected and to whom he would give his life.

The world is conjecturing that this is now about Trump trying to protect his family and others. No – this is about being the bridge across which Vladimir Putin can cross or rest until he is able to move along with the plans they made for the future.

For Donald Trump, he could not “concede” this election until he heard from Vladimir that everything was fine and he would return as President from 2021 through 2024. Even if this was a real loss, he still could not concede or make other decisions about moving forward until he heard from his love – Putin.

Vladimir, however, has not been able to produce for Trump because Vladimir himself is in trouble in Russia and. in addition, having some physical problems, things have not gone as smoothly as he had hoped.

Putin was distracted from concentrating on Trump and the U. S. Election. It was a very bad time for his to have his concentration weakened because those in the U. S. who have that power threw a curve ball by making such a push on “Mail-in ballots.” Mail-in ballots can’t be hacked and the plans made to throw in the number of votes in the places needed was not possible. With Vladimir Putin in a position of weakness from physical and other problems Trump was almost, but not quite, on his own.

Trump disappeared from view because he needed to be immediately available in case messages came telling him what to do to salvage his presidency. In the meantime, he would do what he could to pull his own weight and show Vladimir how great he is as someone who can be relied upon for the jobs ahead. If he was not president then he needed to go about the process of tearing down a country – even one as large and old as the United States – so he and others could flourish.

So far, Vladimir will probably have to retire soon because health and other issues are about to surface and retirement is the best route for him to take.

That leaves Donald Trump on his own without someone else taking care of him for the first time in his life. This is really his last test. Either he will come through and use his God given talents for good or he will show the world and the universe that he is really thoroughly evil and has other directions in which he must go. That would be tragic for Trump.

The United States has its own “proofs” to make and we shall see how well that goes.

Slavery of Africans; genocide of American Indians; using the Chinese to build the railroads in the United States in a form of slavery; sex trafficking of the children of immigrants and so much more.

How will you ever cope to fulfill your promise America. Especially when the first thing you have to do is to stop calling yourselves and feeling as though you are the best country and people in the world. That by itself is evil – can’t you see? Won’t you change?

If not, there will be another Donald Trump in your lives in the not too distant future and that will your end time.


Thursday, November 12th, 2020

We need to make this an article, but what else is there to say!

We remember when there were articles about Senators taking money from the NRA for their political campaigns. Could that be why they are now so quiet about this Trump ‘Coup d’Etat’ thing? And why they are so quiet about so many other things they were elected to address? Isn’t it time for them to check themselves to see just how naked they are – in imitation of this Emperor and those who went before him, in whose path he is now walking?….President Andrew Johnson…..President Andrew Jackson….Adolph Hitler….Mussolini…..Stalin…..and back to Rome and further?

One of the attorney generals in the U. S. has just about stripped the NRA of its power and money in these United States and it has to either fold or work hard to re-grow. It seemed to be clear when that happened that the NRA was a channel through which Russia (and probably other fascist states) funneled money to intervene in the U. S. elections. However, today, with this Trump thing we have totally pushed that part of the story out the window.

It is very sad to see the United States going through such trauma. However, think for a few moments of the trauma experienced for hundreds of years by American Indians, Africans, Chinese, Latinas, Jews, LBGTQ peoples and more because of the kind of bigotry that has been rammed down the throat of the U. S. and the world by the likes of Donald Trump.

Why has that bigotry been so strong and lasted so long? If you can count you can see the strongest reason being the 72,000,000 millions of people who voted for Donald Trump. Keepers of the flame of slavery, bigotry, greed, hatred and so much more.

If you are bigoted and want a fascist government in place to ram your extreme prejudices into and throughout society so you can feel that you and your country are “better than”, Donald Trump must have seemed like a glass of spring water for someone dying of thirst.

He pulled no punches. Donald Trump showed all during his run in the primary and throughout his presidential campaign and when he came down the escalator to accept the nomination of his party for president of the United States. No one could hide from the ugly racism, the putrid sexism his hatred of Mexicans when he announced how the Mexicans were rapists and more. That should have sent those in attendance running and screaming out of that place. But they applauded. Given that, we understand that a very large segment of the United States population is about as bigoted as they come. Some try to hide their prejudices behind an elegant demeanor, an intelligent mind, an ivy league education, their surface devotion to the sacredness of their definition of motherhood and more, but when they pulled that lever or scratched in that circle voting for Donald Trump they exposed themselves to God and everybody .

What is amazing to us is the two sided nature of human beings. The president of Mexico is one of the few international leaders who has not come out to congratulate Joe Biden and to welcome him into the international community as a partner. What is that all about? Did he not hear? Did he not know? Is he trying to be neutral and in the end will go with the winner?

The United States will recover from the trauma of Donald J. Trump’s Coup d’Etat, but will the handful of us who are not prejudiced – who are not bigots – who have not seen the United States as a “better than all the rest” country – how are we going to survive?

If you had any doubts – any questions – any hesitations that you were judging “the Don” harshly? Your questions have been answered. If you want something, some kind of measuring device, with which to judge those you elected to govern take a look at those standing with “the Don” and then take a look at those working hard to try to help this United States move to a democracy, a better – healthier – happier place.

The Emperor has no clothes and the patches over the eyes of the Emperor’s subjects which have been in place doing a job of not allowing his followers to recognize his nakedness, have been removed. Do they create and put on new blinders so they don’t have to deal with a government structured and run according to good and true ethics? According to justice for all? According to kindness, understanding and helping those who need help? Or do we continue to accept this Emperor and continue to play the game of “better than” because it is easy, taking money from those in need and giving it to the wealthy along with all the other games we have been playing for generations.

The Emperor truly has no clothes and his naked body is the ugliest thing we have seen in generations. He is a negative walking living stereotype from his hair to his ballet dancer hands to his walk to his daytime diapers. Do we applaud as he passes by or do we let him know we see him as he is and it is time for him to get dressed and join the rest of society!

How we cook rice!

Tuesday, November 10th, 2020

Potatoes seem to be the accompaniment to all dishes. Very seldom do we find rice at a friends’ homes; restaurants; other places to eat.

We found what we believe to be an extraordinary way to cook rice – some say it prevents cancer. We don’t know that, but we will put it out there for you anyway.

Using Jasmine Rice, put a bit of butter in the pan in which you are going to cook the rice. Add one cup of rice and let it cook in the butter a few minutes – stirring all the time.

Using a “Magic Bullet” or some other device which turns food like tomatoes into liquid – put two tomatoes into this or a blender or etc. and let it turn the tomatoes into a liquid. Add this to the rice which is cooking in butter. Two tomatoes cut into four pieces are perfect for one cup of rice. Add a cup of water, a bit of salt to taste and let this mixture cook until it becomes rice as you know it. I have reached the point of never cooking rice without reaching for a tomato to add to the rice.

You could also add seasonings. We have tried a bit of thyme – excellent. A little bit of oregano – even better. A teaspoon or so of turmeric – now that’s health. Whatever you like and it will add tremendously to the rice. This is not fried rice, this is regular ordinary rice cooked a step beyond just rice and water.

You might want to be careful that the rice you choose is always “organically grown.”

As a side dish this can’t be beat. You will soon give up your potato addiction for something else.

Girl, that could be you!

Monday, November 9th, 2020

Marceline, don’t just read this and cast it aside, I am writing it and sending it to you for Bettina Network’s Blog. Someone should write your biography. As I saw Kamala Harris I thought about you and had to sit down with my pen before I got involved in something else and this moment would not come again.

We need a Truth and Reconciliation moment as all of this will only accelerate. It is a time during which much history will be forgotten or re-written to satisfy those who want to keep society as it is, but will effect change – for the moment.

When I saw Kamala Harris on that stage, I thought of Marceline Donaldson. I know, I know, you like to write, talk and think about others, but it is time you reflected on your life.

My first thought was that the two of you look enough alike that you could be mother and daughter. And then I realized that was a racist thought because what you have in common physically is your hair and color. Otherwise, you are very different and to realize your hair commonalities one had to know you way back when – before you turned gray.

We have been friends long enough for me to know your first analysis of Kamala Harris would be her clothes style – not southern, not new england, not mid-western, but very decidedly California.

Your second thought was probably to think – she didn’t take ballet lessons and all the rest as a child to force herself into that ‘constrained southern lady’ thing. I say thank goodness. Don’t remember what you would say because you were usually all over the map about that.

I thought immediately of the Truth and Reconciliation Task Force because when I first saw Kamala Harris come onto that stage I started crying and couldn’t stop. I knew I was not alone because I was sure you were doing the same thing. I remembered all the many times this white woman cried with you, for you, and for myself. We will probably be crying for months at the least little things because much of what we experienced has been pent up for decades. It will take more than this for the dam to break, but hopefully, shortly, enough will happen for all of those pushed down feelings that we all have, to erupt.

My pain does not begin to be the huge pains you carry, because I didn’t put myself out the way you did – and probably still do. I want to put out in public just a few because what individual women have gone through just to exist and move ahead in this world needs to be aired. I hope others follow this example and will send you their stories. That kind of pain needs to be shared because those who caused it go around without a thought as to what they did and what they are doing to other human beings just because those others are women. And I mean women and men have caused enormous pain and agony to each other.

The memory I won’t ever forget = can’t forget was being in your brokerage office – Dain, Kalman & Quail, inc. – trying to become one of your clients. You had just become the first African American stock broker in Minnesota. I believe you were the first in the country, even though several African American men have been knocking themselves out to prove otherwise. Don’t know if you knew that, but they approached me trying to get my cooperation. A book or something like it is being written to wipe you out of history.

In that stock brokerage/financial investment office, that day I began to realize the enormity of the problems you were facing and would face and the almost insurmountable obstacles that are thrown in all of our paths on a daily basis. Just to keep us in our place – “less than”. And you as a black woman have had to face unbelievable times. Well “almost black woman” – (howls of laughter from me – a sort of private joke).

Into the office, while I was waiting to see you, came a group of black men. They demanded to see the president and were apparently known by a couple people in the office. They were ushered right into the presidents office. I didn’t know them, but as talk went around me I understood they were the heads of the local offices of a few national civil rights organizations and one was there – brought by the others – to be your replacement. They were in the office that day to demand that you be fired and this black man be hired in your place because of the incredible, horribleness of your having been hired over a black man in the first place.

They expressed their indignation at your being a stock broker and what an insult that was to Black men all over. They wanted you fired and they brought along with them one of the Babington-Johnson brothers as someone who should have been hired instead of you. The fact that you walked into the office and applied for the job, backed by Lillian Anthony as your reference and a few other black and white brothers and sisters meant nothing to them. The fact that the Babington-Johnson brother hadn’t thought about applying for such a job and wasn’t doing that now, but was going along with this kind of awfulness meant nothing to them.

One was head of the Minneapolis Urban Coalition – on which you were a member of the board. We went to a few board meetings together. Another was head of the Mpls Urban League. One was a “gad fly” who worked for one of the large companies – a utility company, I think – whose demeanor I never liked. Never did learn who the others were.

While I sat and waited for you – thank goodness you were no place near to hear all of this – I got to hear the meeting and it was a list of grievances and outrageous insults and put downs of black men with this one topping the list.

I hadn’t thought of that before. I had always thought of black men as allies in this fight for women’s rights. That day changed all of that.

When they left the office, I did too. I couldn’t face anyone after that so I went home. I was so upset it took days for me to settle down. I left that office a strong feminist, although that was not who I was when I went there looking for you. I had been to a luncheon panel discussion on investment at a local hotel – don’t remember which one – an investment luncheon which you organized and led and I was high on women now being equal after that brief time. I should have known better, but I was quite young and ‘unexposed’ never having been in a civil rights fight or organization before that.

Those black men demanding you be fired and a black man hired in your stead did something to me from which I have never recovered. Before witnessing that meeting I was quite shy about calling myself a feminist. After, I have been a proud feminist to this day. And as such a supporter of Kamala Harris for as long as I can participate in this society’s politics.

I hope others follow this example and let the Dam break with the flood of stories of what women – white, black, brown, yellow, red, etc. – have experienced in this life so men could assume the mantle of “superiority over” women and not have to work hard for their “better than” identity. And I hope all women realize it is not only white men who have this “better than” need and whose egos can be bruised quickly by a woman exerting the fact that she is their “equal.” To break the stereotype of women as always held up and respected “on a pedestal”, “motherhood uber alles”, our job being to take care of the home and family while men go out to work, etc. And lets not even begin to go into the stereotype of black women.

Haven’t used your “better than” quotes, but I will do so now extensively. Maybe a little late to the party, but my memories are going to flood out to whoever, wherever I can share them. Unfortunately, they are the memories of an observer rather than of someone who participated in change, but maybe today I can correct that before I leave this earth.

We are happy to announce and introduce the Newly Elected President of the United States – Joseph Robinette Biden

Saturday, November 7th, 2020

It is with great jubilation that the Bettina Network Blog, inc announces the results of the 2020 Presidential Election.

Joseph Robinette Biden has won the election and will become president on January 20, 2020. Senator Kamala Harris will become vice-president in an election which will be studied, analyzed, dissected and more for generations.

President Trump stayed true to one of his idols – President Andrew Jackson – the entire time of his presidency of these United States. He has done quite a bit for this country bringing its racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry to the fore causing President-elect Biden to have to keep this at the top of his agenda over the next four years and beyond.

It is now time for those who tried and are still trying to start a civil war in this country to go back underground and stay there until a vehicle can be built to take them to another planet.

The United States went into apoplectic fits after Barack Obama was elected president and many worked hard to bring about basic changes after President Obama’s presidency so that would never happen again. What they actually did was to re-enforce for many the superiority of President Obama’s tenure – African American, over President Trump’s tenure – German American. One prominent American said “if we had only known we could have been electing many different minorities over the years and America would be the country she has pretended to be from the beginning.”

With President Obama’s presidency starting in 2008 – young people born in about 2000 have a look at race very different from others born in this country and, indeed, others around the country. It was an elegant, efficient, substantial presidency which while not perfect is the kind of representation most of those in America want from their government. Those same young people born about 2000 have lived to see what the presidency is like when a white American – from a German family who immigrated to these United States starting with President Trump’s grandfather, has wrought.

They were able to see that one does not have need to have a perfect family to be elected president. President Trump comes from an immigrant family who came to these United States and started building a fortune, which I am told that first generation of immigrant did using prostitutes – and from that beginning the hotel interests of the Trump family had its beginnings. The hotel which started it all was alleged to be a bordello, but the money was green and Trump’s father continued in that vein by making a substantial fortune in partnership with a family reputed to be a part of the Italian Mafia.

Coming to adulthood, the young people born during that 2000 – a little before and a little after – are now making up the citizenship which will elect the next presidents of these United States and having as their example the contrast between Barack Obama – African American and Donald Trump – German American, racism in these United States will probably take a tumble downhill for quite some time.

Unfortunately, the current president – Donald J. Trump – will not be at the inauguration to congratulate the new president. He will have left to start his new life in Turkey.

Expectations were that Trump would go to Russia after his tenure as president because of his alleged service as a foreign agent for that country while he served as U. S. President under the Russian President Putin. However Putin is retiring and himself making plans to move on.

With a Trump Hotel in Turkey and his rumored presidential election strategy sessions with President Erdogan of Turkey having gone on for many months, a friendship has evolved which will create a major business alliance between Turkey, Erdogan and Trump.

There were hopes in the Trump family that a Trump Tower Moscow would come out of Donald Trump’s presidency, but that presidency has been such a horrendous mess that will not now happen.

Our congratulations to President-elect Biden and we commiserate with President Trump as he leaves office to start another venture.

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