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Bettina Oracle Speaks

Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

Well, for once you did not call me – I am here because you need to think seriously about what is happening in your world before the worst degradation, oppression, horribleness takes you by surprise.

I am here because John McCain, who recently joined us, has something he very urgently wants to say to you and he asked if I would be his “transmitter”.

From McCain:

“I have been watching and listening to what is happening amongst you. My concern is that you are defending my reputation without realizing that the insults hurled my way are not about me. Nothing on earth can hurt or harm me. Even my reputation is now cast in stone. It will stand – the good, the bad and the indifferent.

Instead of trying to defend and protect me, please see and understand what this is really about. Use this example to look carefully and clearly and understand what is in front of you.

To Lindsey Graham: I know you wanted to say something in my defense. I know it was painful for you to keep quiet and I know you think that by keeping quiet to get yourself re-elected you think this is the best way you have to counter the evil in the world and the evil which is now so close to you.

Please don’t! You are jeopardizing your eternity and your life. Live it standing firmly on your own two feet as an independent individual and everything you want will happen. The way you have chosen will only bring you and the rest of the world horrors beyond your imagining.

To the rest of you: Donald Trump isn’t fixated against me. He didn’t make his anti-John McCain comments because so many months after my death he is still spitting out insults against me because of some kind of emotional need. Donald Trump made those anti-John McCain comments because he was testing Lindsey Graham. He needed to make sure Lindsey Graham was loyal to Donald Trump to a fault. He wanted to insure that Lindsey would do whatever he was asked by Donald to do and so Donald put him to the test. If he could viciously insult a dear and old friend of Lindsey’s who could not defend himself in your world so you could see and hear that defense and Lindsey kept quiet and let those insults stand, then Lindsey could be trusted and was now loyal to Donald Trump. That is what those supposed insults were all about. Before Donald Trump used any of his resources to back Lindsey’s re-election, he wanted to make sure Lindsey was in the Donald Trump camp and would do whatever Donald Trump asked Lindsey to do.

Please think clearly as this all unfolds. It has reached the point of your world being engaged in major sin. It has reached that tipping point where all of you will either be engaged in promoting the world the way Donald Trump sees it or you will stand up for the goodness that is in you but you and Lindsey have to find the strength to stand.

Lindsay Graham can break this part of the pattern by finding the strength within himself to stand tall and speak the truth. He knows what those insults were about. This is his moment and his immortal soul will either live or die on this hill.

If you look at this pattern you will see why so many others are keeping quiet. They have had their own period of testing and they wanted what was offered if they pledged their loyalty to Donald Trump. You will see what is being done to them and the heavy load they have been carrying. They, like Lindsey, want the power they have as Congressmen. They, like Lindsey, are trying to justify the price they are paying to maintain themselves. Some believe they are doing this for family and country.

To compromise your eternity for a few more years in Congress is not worth it, Lindsey. You have so much more in front of you if you find the strength to stand tall and tell the world what is happening to you and why. Accept this and your life is over.

I could have caved as a prisoner and gone home to live a quiet life without having gone through the pain and agony of the prison life and violence and personal agony that I suffered. I didn’t realize and didn’t think about what the stands I took would mean to my eternity. I have been able to look back at all of it and put it all in perspective and I had no idea the greatness that would come from the way I chose to live my life. I just did what I thought was right.

May you, Lindsey and all of you have the courage to live your lives choosing the right path and making decisions which will benefit you, your families and the rest of the world – and to you Lindsey, you know exactly what you must do. Don’t let that weakness of yours send you hurtling into a life of sin

Your friend always – who will be standing by your side.”

Congress – Putin – NRA – Compromised?

Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Just a brief note to hope you mention the fact that many of us believe several Congressional people have been compromised by Russia and Putin.

Every-time I hear someone expecting the Republicans to respond to the horrific things happening I wonder what’s wrong with them? It is clear many in Congress have been compromised by Russia – we think, through the NRA.

Didn’t the NRA give Trump some $20 million for his campaign. And hasn’t the NRA contributed multi-millions of dollars to the campaigns of quite a few Congress people? And don’t the Congress people take great care not to alienate the NRA? This nonsense about not wanting to alienate the base needs to be revisited. It looks instead that the Congress people don’t want to alienate the goose that lays the golden egg for them. And what happens when the NRA reveals to those Congress people where their money is actually coming from? The NRA does not seem to have the multi-millions it contributes. That money is coming from someplace – and where would that be? Would the genesis of their funds be Russia? and Putin? looking to compromise as many Congressional people as possible?

Will the day ever come when people serving the public good be those who don’t cower behind their need to keep their position, their income, their extras, their power and will give up their ethics, their character, their beliefs just to maintain? It was time for those working in the immigration area to take their belongings and leave when they realized what they were being asked to do – but many stayed on and helped separate children from their parents and even worked into the wee hours of the morning to move children at 1, 2 and 3am. Why do people give up so much for so little? Why do we cause others so much pain as we simply try to stay on top to continue with the money coming in and the little bits of power we exercise?

To stand in your own truth. To own your values. To live out of your belief system. What a luxury. You may not be the wealthiest of people doing that, but you certainly sleep well and don’t scare easily. How many have given their lives so you might live. You, Congress, will not give up your extravagant lifestyle and bits of power so democracy might live and grow and be strengthened for all of us. So what exactly are you doing in Congress. You should have resigned already.

It doesn’t take much. But it does take commitment – truth – justice – faith – and over everything it takes love. We have moved love out of its God sphere into the sex sphere and there we can be as corrupt as possible. Notice how many of those making these compromises of their core beliefs for money and power are also those being held up today for their sexual abuse, sexual assault, disrespect of women and many others because they so disrespect and abuse themselves.

Thanks for this “blog” space. Keep it up – we are reading.

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