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Insurance Fraud – Attempted Destruction of a human being – and so much more!

Friday, April 17th, 2020

Each day brings drama such as we have never seen before. We had no idea the Health/Medical field had such incredible things happening.

Keeping up with all that is happening takes a lot of work. We are trying to walk a fine line with what we publish because Ms. Donaldson and Dr. Bennett want to preserve a bit of privacy because a law suit is going to follow all of this, but at the same time, we think the public has a right to know what the medical/health industry is producing and how quickly and totally your rights are being destroyed. It is like living in an extreme fascist country when you deal in this area.

There is so much constant insurance fraud it is difficult to document. We will start with the smallest things we have seen.

When leaving a medical facility Dr. Bennett was offered a walking stick and a walker. He had several of both because the Donaldson/Bennett’s are avid estate sale shoppers and have purchased things they didn’t need at that moment, but they could see a possible use in the future and they had guests who they thought might need such when visiting.

Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson have two walkers – which they keep in the basement in case they are needed. They paid $5 for the two. They also had three walking sticks, not including an exquisite carved African piece. The three regular walking sticks cost them $2.00 each.

From a medical facility they were encouraged to take a walking stick. they declined and said they already had three. The person encouraging them said they should take it anyway because it was “free” and theirs anyway so they should take it.

Turns out that is not quite true. It was “free” to Dr. Bennett because his insurance was paying the bill and the insurance company was charged $12.00 for the walking stick that was represented as being “free”. Same thing with the walker.

Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett is now at home. He was discharged from Mass General Hospital on Monday. Dr. Bennett’s son made an agreement with the people at Mass General who were keeping him incarcerated for Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services that if Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson agreed to accept “Home Care Services” then Dr. Bennett would be released on Monday.

The Donaldson/Bennett’s kept their part of the bargain. The Mass General people did not keep theirs. It has been extreme drama since Dr. Bennett has been home beginning with the fact that the Home Care Agency chosen could not be chosen by either Dr. Bennett, his wife, nor anyone else in the family. Mass General’s people would make that choice.

We would call what has and is happening attempted murder, and/or the attempt to destroy an African American male. And as we said before, this is not the only case of such we have found – in Massachusetts and around the country. We would say “attempted murder” because Dr. Bennett would be kept alive, barely, until his insurance ran out and they would have taken all of the Donaldson Bennett assets and then the actual murder or the turning out onto the street of Dr. Bennett would, no doubt, take place. And, this is not just conjecture, we have people calling us constantly now because of the blogs we have written documenting what has been happening to Dr. Bennett. They have seen a commonality with what they are experiencing and they are calling us for help or to just have someone to tell their story to because it all sounds so bizarre it can be difficult to believe that such happens in what is supposed to be a “free country.”

When Dr. Bennett was released from the hospital, his son picked him up and brought him home. It was a shock to see him. He could no longer walk except with the help of a walker and one person on either side holding him up. He looked disheveled and unkempt. He left the hospital and arrived home in socks because his shoes no longer fit. His feet were extremely swollen and the socks almost did not fit they were so tight. Dr. Bennett talked about being in California and later in other parts of the world including conversation about events no one knew what he was talking about.

As everyone gathered around several people committed to being there to be able to take care of Dr. Bennett. His wife took charge and things began to change. The first thing they worked on was helping Dr. Bennett get back his ability to walk on his own.

It took about two days for Dr. Bennett to begin walking on his own. He very quickly reached the point of being able to walk from home to the post office and today he takes a daily one mile walk around Harvard Square. At 87 years old, having been forced to stay in bed some five weeks during all of which his friends and family were not able to visit nor see him nor talk to him via telephone because he was held under some kind of “Security” to keep him “safe” – that was nothing short of a miracle and an answer to prayer. That “Security” allowed all of this to happen because there were no eyes on Dr. Bennett of people who care about him and would have raised red flags if they had known how bad things were for him.

His feet were addressed next and Ms. Donaldson was able to get the swelling down to the point where that Dr. Bennett could wear shoes again. So now he can go for walks with his own shoes on instead of oversized galoshes stuffed with paper and other materials to make them comfortable.

Dr. Bennett, who never took medicine and never wanted to take medicine of any kind, not even aspirin nor tylenol was sent home with some 12 plus bottles of medicine with orders to take them and the intervals necessary. These were the medicines which had been given to Dr. Bennett during his stay in Mass General. There was a twice daily schedule for him to take these medicines. It was painful to see him take a couple of them because they clearly burned Dr. Bennett as they went down and he showed the results of having had to take such and endure the pain as they went down, for so many weeks.

All of those medicines were amazing to us because Dr. Bennett had not been forced into the hospital for medical reasons. Remember? He was “sectioned” by Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services without any psychologist or psychiatrist having examined him. The woman who signed for him to be sectioned had never even met Dr. Bennett. In addition, Dr. Bennett had never overdosed on drugs or alcohol nor did he have public displays which would threaten people in the public nor was he a threat to himself. In fact, Dr. Bennett does not smoke, drink alcohol, does not take drugs and has never had even a hint of mental problems. So it was quite a shocker to discover that a couple of the “medicines” sent home with Dr. Bennett were psychotropic drugs. Therein the light began to dawn and we begin to understand where the flights of fancy Dr. Bennett had about being other places and having a hard time knowing where he was – it became clear to us where those things had come from.

That has all cleared up as the drugs in his system were eliminated and he is himself again. That made all of us breathe a huge sigh of relief when we realized he would be fine, but it also seriously angered us to know how much ugliness had been done to such an incredibly lovely person.

When Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett was in Mass General he was kept in bed for five weeks. That would have destroyed or “incapacitated” many people. Thank God that did not happen to Dr. Bennett. As we went back over what he had been given, we knew from the very brief conversations we had with him over the telephone when he was in the hospital that something was wrong because one day he would sound fine and the next he would be exhausted for no apparent cause. We discovered that he was given drugs that were depressives and a couple of them were sent home with him. Our guess was that this is what one had to do to keep someone in bed for such a long period of time, who was not sick and who had been as active as Dr. Bennett had been.

Because of the agreement Dr. Bennett’s son had to make with Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services just to get Dr. Bennett home, we could not simply stop giving Dr. Bennett the drugs sent home with him from Mass General Hospital. We were forced to continue giving hime those drugs. Dr. Bennett’s son had to negotiate with a doctor that because these were not prescription drugs, none given in the course of some disease, or for any other real medical reason, why did he have to take them and wouldn’t it be possible to stop them because they were not needed and were clearly causing Dr. Bennett physical and psychological problems. The doctor agreed and those drugs were no longer given to Dr. Bennett. Once they cleared out of his system he was back and strong. The bill for those drugs must be horrendous and we would guess into at least a couple hundred dollars.

Today, we are dealing with the Home Care People who come into the house.

That was the hardest of all to accept. A large part of the agreement Dr. Bennett’s son had to make for Dr. Bennett to be able to leave Mass General Hospital was they had to agree to allow Home Care People from Blissful Agency into the house. The Bennett/Donaldsons concern was the possibility of the family coming down with coronavirus because of so many people coming and going. Before Dr. Bennett was released, Ms. Donaldson kept herself inside the house and didn’t let anyone into the house because she knew Dr. Bennett would one day be home and she wanted to make sure the house was as clear as possible of coronavirus because she had sheltered at home and closed the home to others. Now it was open to whoever the Blissful Agency sent and they had no say so over anything.

So far, the nurses they have sent have done exceptional jobs. They take care to have on a mask and gloves. If their clothes have picked up something from the many places they go we had no control of that and that still worries all of us. We could only stand aside and pray hard that Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson would get through this too without coming down with the coronavirus.

There have been a couple exceptional experiences. One is yet to come this Friday at 10am when the “Occupational Therapist” comes back. This is the most amazing and the most negative experience so far, from what we could see. We had some questions about her first visit, but decided to keep an open mind. Dr. Bennett and his family said they did not need an “Occupational Therapist” and there was an appointment for the afternoon and that was supposed to be a “Physical Therapist.” Instead, the Occupational Therapist who the family said was not necessary came anyway and it was not a great experience.

She visited Dr. Bennett’s bathroom and had him sit on the toilet and get up – but he was completely dressed at the time, so maybe that was routine. She also had him get into the shower – fully clothed. The Donaldson/Bennett’s have a walk-in shower so there are no impediments to anyone getting in or out.

The “Occupational Therapist” suggested a stool be put in the shower, which she thought was needed. It was a bit strange because she knew Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson showered together so exactly what a stool in the shower would do was a bit mystifying, but trying to be open and accepting and keeping up the spirit of the agreement the Bennett/Donaldsons did just that.

Last night, however, they received a telephone call from the “Occupational Therapist” who said she would arrive on Friday about 10am and she wanted to see Dr. Bennett take an actual shower and not with his clothes on.

There we had a real problem. Since Dr. Bennett is now completely mobile; goes for walks every day of at least one mile; rides his stationary bicycle daily and has access to two other pieces of exercise equipment in his home on a daily basis with no problems, his ability to get around and do whatever he needs to do is not in question so what was the point of having to see him take a shower – sans clothes – and a walk-in shower at that made no sense.

Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson agreed, but with the proviso that Dr. Bennett take a shower the way he normally would – which is with his wife.

Also amazingly, the “Occupational Therapist” thought that would be fine.

We wondered if we should film this “Home Care Shower Exhibit” because we would probably be able to sell the film to a porn film group and we wondered further what that had to do with home care?

Our next installment will go into detail about the breaking of the agreement Dr. Bennett’s son made with Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services which Somerville Cambridge Protective and Elder Services broke on Tuesday and continue to break daily with the extreme harassment they and Attorney O’Sullivan are bringing down onto the backs of Dr. Bennett and Ms. Donaldson. It is what they have done continually for all of the time they have harassed, injured, attempted to destroy this African American family. This time they are coming around with a scenario to send up a picture of this being Jews and Blacks harassing each other, however, we see the shadows of the real culprits in the background – doing what? – for how much money? The picture becomes uglier exponentially, but clearer as to what is really happening here.


An Open Letter to the Governor of Massachusetts – the Mayor of Cambridge – the Mayor of Somerville, MA

Sunday, March 15th, 2020

by: Marceline Donaldson

It is time for Massachusetts to give up its title of the most racist area in the United States.

Having lived in the Cambridge/Boston area for some 36 years, it is clear that title is well deserved and I was born and raised in the deep south and experienced places like Mississippi and Alabama at the height of their most racist actions.

We – my husband and I – have challenged that over many years and each time it had disastrous results because of the slam back we had to take. What is happening now is the worst of times because it has put my husband in Massachusetts General Hospital in their area for people “Protected” by Court Orders.

I went to visit my husband yesterday (Saturday). A Security Guard was called because I needed to have a Security Guard and Policeman present and then I could only stay for 1/2 hour. So far, I have only been able to see him once. Why? One time I couldn’t see him because the staff on his floor said they were short staffed and did not have a Security Guard or Policeman who could be present. With all that has happened and is happening it is clear the goal is to keep me away from my husband by any means.

What happened this time? A security guard by the name of DuBois arrived, asked for identification, left and returned to tell me I was not allowed to see him at all because he had taken out a restraining order against me. That was amazing because I thought that was clearly not true – or it happened after they gave him drugs. The last time I saw him he was clearly on something and you could tell that by the way he looked and how glassy his eyes were – and my husband is a man who does not drink, does not take drugs.

The Security Guard was vicious – as though this was really personal for him. I asked his name a second time because the first time was before he came back to tell me I was under a restraining order and could not see my husband. He refused to give me his name; said he had already given it to me and he wasn’t going to do it again. I asked for the name of the supervisor who said I was under a restraining order and he said he was not going to give that to me because I didn’t need it and he said more. To say he was vicious is an understatement. He finally gave me his name – for the second time – and told me to leave the hospital immediately.

My husband is in the hospital during this coronavirus pandemic when he needs to be home. What are you going to do if he gets the coronavirus while in the hospital? Deny any responsibility? Do what bureaucrats do?

Somerville Cambridge Elder Services brought charges against us. Against me, claiming I was abusive in some horrible ways. Since we have people in our home most of the time that would be impossible. We have many people ready to talk about the relationship they have seen over 20 to 30 years. And the fact that I am even having to prove that to you and others within the state system is unreal and beyond severe retaliation for challenging the racism, sexism etc in this state – city – county.

On a Tuesday march 3rd they had some 8 policemen – all white – come to my home with the authority to break in, if needed. They took him to MGH to undergo tests under a section 12. Disbelief ran through everyone we know. I stayed with my husband at MGH from about 10-11am on the 3rd until 3:30am the next morning.

Do you know what it is like to be African American with all those police at your door, pushing their way into your house, threatening you and demanding to take away your husband? It is terrifying. You should experience the same thing with African Americans at your door doing the same thing so you know what a part of the citizens of your state, city, county experience on a nearly regular basis. Head in the sand is one way to deal with this.

He was released at about 3:30am the next day after he had been put through unbelievable trauma. Not by MGH – they were doing in that department what they were set up to do. When you are put in that department for political reasons – you experience it in a very different way.

When released, his blood pressure was normal and all of his other numbers were within the normal range – especially for an 87 year old man. He was released with an appointment for another visit; a note at the bottom which said no medicines were being prescribed. Since then I have heard about how he was not getting anti-seizure medicine and more and I was supposed to be the person who was keeping this away from him. The story goes that CVS tried to call me to pick up prescriptions left there by doctors and I refused. That was astounding to me. When we called CVS there were no prescriptions to be picked up and no calls made to me or anyone else to pick up the medicine. MGH told us the anti-seizure medicine was only to be given to him for 7 days after his operation and he was in the hospital for all of that time. So the lies throughout all of this are monstrous and all being told through Somerville Cambridge Elder Services.

We were able to get out into the sun for the rest of the day and the next day. I am glad we enjoyed that brief time because it looks like the last time we could even be together. My husband has not seen sun, been out in the fresh air, taken a walk since then. Why? Because the police came back – this time on Friday evening after the Courts closed for the weekend and it was impossible to reach attorneys, with an order which was more draconian than the first. The police were given the right to break into our home; to do whatever they had to do there to take my husband out; with orders that said even if he objected they should ignore his objections and drag him out anyway and anyhow.

They were taking him back to MGH under the same Section 12 and given the same tests he had been through less than 48 hours before and he had to go over again what he went through on March 3rd-4th. Why would a court order such? To send someone back through terror because the state agency filing the order and signed by the court with no notice to the person involved wanted him under their control?

Our right to challenge this was taken away from us by the court because the court signed the order presented by Somerville Cambridge Elder Services without our even knowing such was happening and that with a state law which says such notice was necessary.

To go through twice in just a few days the same terror is unbelievable. But, the first time didn’t do the job so try again and make sure you lock this man up for the rest of his life? There was even the suggestion that he be sent to a nursing home with Somerville Cambridge taking guardianship or giving it to someone “responsible.”

The man involved and being so attacked is African American. So it is alright for that to happen.

He is not wealthy, but he is also not living in poverty. The Court ruled that he was “indigent” and so the Court needed to appoint an attorney to represent him. An attorney he did not know, did not want, he had his own attorneys, so even the right to choose his own attorney was taken away from him by this court. Why? Is there something else in here that is not known? Let my paranoia fly to ask if this collusion by the court the state agency and the attorney?

What is being done to him and his family is what happened in the deep south at the turn of the century and in the 1930’s and 1940’s when whites went into black areas and cities and massacred the people there because the whites were terrified that their White Supremacy might be taken away or diminished? The African Americans at that time had no defense and what happened to them was subsequently ignored and is only recently resurfacing in the history books. The outrage at such relating that to what is its modern counterpart is the same.

This time the massacre is being done using the Court System and a retired judge called back to sign this order.

Yes, the people involved who the Court System acted against have worked for decades trying to change the racism, sexism and all the other bigotry in this area. Yes, the people involved are living in a neighborhood where African Americans are not welcome – not by the neighbors, but by the institutional structures which run these cities – and they have been clear that they do not want African Americans living where this couple lives.

I could go on, but my husband is being held in jeopardy to his life and health. At 87 years old he has been kept in bed from Friday through the following Friday through Saturday and will probably be kept as long as they can keep him in bed. What does that do to such a person? It limits his life span – it destroys the quality of his life – it takes away from him all of the rights guaranteed by the Constitution – it took away from him his right to vote on Tuesday March 3rd even after he asked about being allowed to vote and that was denied. That is what you – the Mayors of Cambridge and Somervile. the Governor of Massachusetts and others are allowing to happen by doing nothing – putting your head in the sand. Is he being held until he is broken and his health is irretrievably negatively affected?

We have been harrassed for years. Most recently by a new neighbor who moved in and went bonkers when he discovered after spending millions on his house he was living in the middle of a block with African Americans living on the corner. That was very sad, because the neighbor who lived there before he moved in was a dear friend. And just by coincidence he is rumored to be high up at a major health institution.

I want my husband out of the hospital and home. I want my husband detached from the Somerville Cambridge Elder Services. I want Elder Services investigated. They are ruining the lives of African Americans by their actions and need to be closed and investigated with the people responsible for this FIRED. As I look into this I am discovering that this may not be so strange in Massachusetts and certainly not foreign to Somerville Cambridge Elder Services.

And as I look into this I discovered that in spite of our knowing nothing about it, the Somerville Cambridge Elder Services has been attempting to hound us for many many months, possibly years.

It is time for action instead of this foot dragging and ignoring and doing nothing and I hope this does not result in the police coming for me and dragging me off someplace.

My hands are also tied because his health proxy, named by the Court is someone who is not a blood relative. That person appointed by the court in spite of a health proxy form created by massachusetts general hospital creating a health proxy form naming his wife as his health proxy and that after they talked to him to find out his wishes. In addition, there was another health proxy created by an attorney who works in probate and estate matters in which my husband named his wife his health proxy and that was witnessed by people who knew both of us for some 20 to 30 years and are substantial members of the Cambridge community. The Court decided it knew better and negated both of those in favor of one which both of those health proxies negated. The health proxy created by the attorney was done after Robert discovered the health proxy by the person unrelated to him.

What – if anything – are you going to do about this? I would like my husband home immediately if not sooner and my husband has been begging to be allowed to go home since they locked him up in this “protected” area where, in my youth would have been called the “police lock-up” in the hospital.

marceline donaldson – 49 Hawthorn Street – Cambridge MA. 02138 – 617 497 9166

Letters to the governor, mayors, and other political figures would be much appreciated. All of you who know us and have known us for decades know that this is a travesty – tragic and ruining of live – especially the quality of life of two elder people.


Living in Cambridge/Boston While Black! – Part 3

Saturday, March 14th, 2020

This is the third segment on what is happening with Robert and Marceline. It is horrible and the racism is being compounded by the way this is being handled. The agency responsible is Somerville Cambridge Elder Services. They are known to be racist and work beautifully with many in the Harvard Square area (all white) and rumor has it they put blacks in institutions the way they have Robert and drain their insurance and other benefits while labeling them “indigent”. The move they make against blacks in the Cambridge Somerville area always characterizes the black and their families in the most negative stereotypical way possible. Why are they still being allowed to destroy Robert and Marceline and why is there and has there been no investigation over the years – at the very least closing this agency? This has been going on for at least 20 plus years with people around this agency knowing what has been happening.

More to the point what involvement do the Courts have in this situation? They have to be involved – when you think they facilitated this by making a decision without any notice to the other side. Clearly, they look as though they are implicated somehow. And the Cambridge Somerville administrative people who are heads of these agencies, particularly this state agency has done nothing to investigate these goings on and the attorneys who represent these agencies. They have to know what is going on within them.


I saw Robert and Marceline walking together in Harvard Square last Thursday. – March 5th. They are the cutest couple. What amazed me when I heard this, that was a day before Robert was forced into Massachusetts General Hospital. They went into the post office and were talking to an African American woman in the most animated way. It looked as though they were having a great conversation.

I saw them a bit later as I turned onto Memorial Drive. They were sitting on a bench by the river.

Since then and hearing that Robert was put into Mass General by the police and kept there – I thought about the contrast. He was in the sunshine, walking with his wife, enjoying life and maybe that was too much for the people involved in this. Apparently, the next day or the day after he was confined in an institution where he is in bed all the time, under police supervision, no sun, no walks around his neighborhood and his wife kept from seeing him because of the bad influence she would have? Good and bad take on very different meanings in this context.

Values count! These values are that an African American man can’t walk around Harvard Square in pleasant circumstances, talking to friends, sitting on the benches by the river. We have to stop that, other African Americans might find that a great picture of life and come to live in Harvard Squarte themselves and then what would we do – have an integrated neighborhood? That is being stopped in the ugliest way. I know Robert and Marceline have had to fight almost daily the intrusions on their lives living where they do. This fight is beyond despicable.


I saw Robert Bennett and his wife on Thursday, March 5th in Harvard Square in the post office talking to Mrs. Clark. He looked great. I waved as I passed and they all looked as though they were having a lovely conversation. Is that what caused all of this? I can’t believe I really live in a place where this happens. With all the people pouring into New England from places like California, is this how we get housing for them? Since they are mostly white we have to move blacks out of white areas to find room for these white immigrants among their own kind? Even if it means doing this?


by: Marceline Donaldson

I would like to tell you how Robert is doing, but I am not allowed to see him. There has to be a Security Guard and a Policeman present for me to talk to Robert and one time I tried the hospital people turned me down because they were short of personnel and didn’t have a Security Guard and Policeman to be able to allow me to see him and then I am only allowed 30 minutes.

I wanted to keep all of you up to date on what is happening with daily updates, but that won’t be possible. We have hired attorneys and you know what that means. They don’t want to work in full, real time exposure.

We hired Burns and Levinson as attorneys to work with Shippen Page to bring some justice out of this farce.

Things were horrible in the deep south where I grew up, but I experienced nothing like this.

The attorneys don’t want me to put out all the gory details because they have their work to do and prefer to do it without my writing about what they are doing. After it is done I will have the freedom to write about this, but in the meantime you will hear very little from me. I wanted to share the letters we are receiving from all over, but I won’t even be able to do that. Those letter are going to the attorneys.

It is unbelievably painful not to see your husband of 36 years with whom I lived 24/7. We have never been separated this long ever.

When I saw Robert in the hospital my heart broke. Before the police picked him up he was beautiful and vibrant and strong. Now he is almost shriveling as he sat in a large chair with pillows propping him up looking just miserable asking me to take him home. The mean, viciousness which put him there and is keeping him there is beyond my ability to understand.

Most heartening about all of this is the support from so many people who call to let me know they are there if we need anything. What they don’t have is the magical power to get Robert out of confinement enforced by the police. Call it what they want, the establishment has put an African American man under the police in spite of his not having done anything even close to what would have put him under police control. They have also weaponized my family and friends.

I think constantly of what I used to hear as a child. It was, at the time, related to the holocaust – ‘ if they come for me in the morning and you do nothing and they come for my family in the afternoon and you still do nothing, they will come for you in the evening and there will be no one to help you because there will be no one left.”

We have great lawyers with Lisa Cufier with Burns and Levinson and Shippen Page. The cost is going to be exorbitant. One way or another the goal of destroying us and getting rid of African Americans in the Brattle Street-Harvard Square area will have been achieved. We’ve had lots of problems with people doing all kinds of little harassment over our time living in Harvard Square. We overcame that. We cannot overcome this without your help.


For those of you who have asked – the attorneys we hired are:

Lisa Cukier is a firm partner and Executive Committee member. She concentrates her practice on all aspects of estate and trust litigation, fiduciary litigation, probate law, child custody, parentage issues and divorce, planning and litigation for blended families, adoption, guardianship and conservatorship, and elder financial exploitation.

Recognized for her expertise and skill, Lisa is a frequent speaker on the topics of trust and estate litigation, estate planning, and family law, including undue influence and financial exploitation of elders. She is also a regular contributor to various publications, including Boston Spirit Magazine, and a columnist for the Weston Town Crier and Wicked Local Wayland.

Lisa serves as private adjudicator, Special Master, Guardian ad Litem, and mediator. 

You can look at the last Bettina Network Blog and you will see a paragraph telling you something about the other attorney – Shippen Page of Page and Powell attorneys.


Living in Cambridge/Boston, MA while Black.

Thursday, March 12th, 2020

THE SECOND INSTALLMENT OF THE Marceline Donaldson and Robert Bennett story as it is happening.


We have to start this article with our deepest appreciation to Carolyn Tribe who knew what was happening to the Bennett/Donaldsons and spent time finding an attorney who would hang in there with them and get Robert out of Protective Custody. Rev. Dr. Robert Bennett is certainly experiencing first hand what happens to people who wind up in some incredible places and who has not done any of the things which gets most people in those situations.


Shippen Page of Cambridge, MA. is now representing Marceline Donaldson and is one of a team of attorneys we are pulling together. Hopefully, if our current talks go well we will be able to tell you shortly who is representing Robert Bennett. If you would like to contact Attorney Page he can be reached at 174 Lake View Avenue, Cambridge, MA. 02138-2132. His telephone number is 1-617-967 0318. We are sure he would welcome your legal and/or financial help since this looks as though it will be a very long, tough grinding problem to solve and in the end we hope the results will help many who have been treated the way the Donaldson/Bennett’s have but could not fight this very intransigent, unjust and myopic system.

Mr. Page is a part of the law firm of Page and Powell and he has been a practicing attorney since 1979. He is president of the Cambridge Public Library Foundation and serves on the board of Cambridge Homes. He has been a supporter and responsible for the success of many local nonprofits over the past 35 years.

We are, in addition, putting together a team of attorneys because from the very intransigent and ugly way we see this growing it will probably move on to substantial law suits.


Marceline visited Robert yesterday and she came back heartbroken. I can’t imagine how it feels to have lived with someone so long, 24/7 and now have to face this kind of situation. I wonder who the Cambridge/Somerville people think they are?

Mostly, she was appalled to see how glassy Robert’s eyes were. It looked as though he was being given sedatives and/or some other kind of drugs. His lethargy went along with that description. His mind was sharp, however. They had a conversation in which Robert remembered everything they discussed and participated in the discussion with no memory lapses. Trying to claim Robert is mentally unstable is the worst of this, considering he is a Harvard graduate with a doctorate from Harvard’ Graduate School of Arts majoring in Near Eastern studies and having taught for some 35 plus years Hebrew Scripture, Ancient Hebrew and other Semitic languages plus his work in archaeology and the books he has written. Cambridge/Somerville is trying to push all of that under the cover while they carry out this really vicious action against a very substantial African American man. Is this how African American history is changed? Is this how those who contributed and their contributions shove out the window never to be included in anything except a broken dialogue pushing and creating the negative black stereotypes which are strong in the minds and hearts of many in the Cambridge/Boston area?

Think of the amount of public money being spent and the resources being sucked up to push this unjust, unnecessary and really evil thing. It is clearly, among other things – extreme racism. That is not unknown to Cambridge. Check your history and you will find the $10 million of public money Cambridge spent – in damages – because of the way they treated a black woman a few years ago. I think there are also smaller amounts that have also been spent to allow this kind of bigotry to thrive, grow and hurt many. The money being spent on calling out the police to do this dirty work must have been substantial. I seem to remember a Cambridge policeman going to Skip Gates house to ring his doorbell, call him out of his house in a gross and unnecessary attempt to demean, disgrace and embarrass him. That bottle of beer at the White House does not wash out that action – it happened – and clearly was a racist act. From what I know of Marceline, who doesn’t drink any alcohol – there will be no such “beer reconciliation.”


We have had lots of response to our last email trying to keep folks up to date on what is happening. The question everybody asked was – who are the women pushing this – and who started this? The names we have come up with are Angela Clary and Norah Al-Wetaid.

When we can, we will put in this series of articles copy of the unbelievable Protective order – obtained by not giving notice to Robert Bennett so he was not able to respond – does that come from the Court’s racism? Not feeling an African American should be given those rights but should be rushed into the police state quickly before the opportunity passes?

We will also publish the Affidavit ofNorah Al-Wetaid and the Affidavit of Marceline Donaldson responding to the unbelievable number of easily provable lies in what Somerville Cambridge Elder Services promoted.

The City and State Government that funds this group and supposedly exercises some kind of management over them needs to do their job and have a better hold and knowledge about what they are doing. There is something at stake here that the Donaldson/Bennett’s have uncovered and we are beginning to understand what that is. Future articles will lay all of that out in full.

The agency’s affidavits and materials filed with the Court have never known the names of the people they are filing against. If you don’t know who you are legally accusing – one of the first rules should be – your action is questioned and denied. An agency like Somerville/Cambridge Elder Services should at least know the names of people they are making such egregious claims against. They don’t even know that much.

A second rule is that the people managing the agency on a state level needs to know if the people who work for them are accurate and not out there making wild accusations which negatively affects others lives and the quality of their lives. To allow such irresponsible people out making such charges is the height of irresponsibility and the appropriate Commonwealth People need to immediately investigate what this is really about. Robert Bennett’s wife is characterized as Marceline Davidson all throughout their filings. That is not her name. The agency also mis-named others they quote. If the people making such charges are found to be so irresponsible they need to be fired and the agency cleared out of such ways of acting.


We have suggested that the Bennett/Donaldsons be prepared to file major law suits against all offending parties because their Constitutional and all other rights have been trashed as though we are a country in which the police, the Court’s and others can go wild the way they have here, negatively affecting people’s health and lives.

Before the police pushed into the Bennett Donaldson home forcing him to leave home and family, Robert Bennett was doing very well. He took long walks in-between those police ‘arrest’ times; enjoyed the sun and great weather; had good organic food; and so much more. The food he has been exposed to since has been unbelievable and its quality seriously questionable as to whether it would help heal or destroy the health of those eating such.

Since he has been pushed into first the emergency department which works with those who have alcohol, drug and mental problems that would negatively affect the public if they were not pushed into the hospital and then into a section of the hospital for those under “Protection” – which means you cannot visit him because he is not listed as a patient. He has to be hidden from who? His wife who cared for him for over 36 years? Their relationship is well known in the community because they moved in many circles in the Cambridge/Boston areas as well as nationally – and many people in different countries know them and their relationship intimately because of the business they were in before the police, the Courts and others did everything and are continuing to do everything they can to destroy that business.


Letters talking about the Bennett Donaldsons are pouring in – we will print some of them so you understand what we are dealing with here. This is not something to take lightly. When you read about this does it sound familiar? Does it sound like what is going on at the border to immigrants where families are being separated? When you read the articles in Bettina Network’s blog which preceded this you will have some questions about who weaponized people – friends, family of the Bennett Donaldsons against them – for this to happen.


So much has been put into the affidavits which are lies. That is what has me over the top. I read them and was appalled. There is the accusation of Robert Bennett having broken ribs with the implication that it came from his wife. The hospital verified that this was not true – Robert Bennett did not have anything wrong with his ribs.

There is the accusation in the affidavit that Robert Bennett had prostate cancer and his wife refused to get him treatment. That is also not true and Robert Bennett was capable of going to the doctor himself, but did not. This affidavit both makes Robert Bennett’s wife responsible for something which was supposed to have happened years ago and has taken away Robert Bennett’s humanity and ability to lead his life and make his own decisions. Isn’t that where this society goes when they are trying to destroy an African American man? First take away his right and his ability to function on his own and make decisions for himself.

The reason to seek treatment – not to seek treatment – take medicine – not to take medicine – is a decision reserved to each one of us. To do this to someone who does not want the services of Somerville/Cambridge Elder Services is beyond humanity. Are there problems – financial and/or otherwise that Somerville/Cambridge Elder Servicesis having that they need to force people to accept their services or else? That is certainly what this looks like. Since the Bennett Donaldsons thanked Somerville/Cambridge Elder Services for their offer, but no thank you, it is as if they rejected the services of a mafia and they are now paying the price the mafia extracts for refusing such. Where are we? the USA – really? I don’t think so.


There needs to be some laws passed here that monies spent by Somervile/Cambridge Elder Services and all the other Elder Services in other areas of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts need to be replaced by the people who so clearly and so easily spent the agency’s monies and other resources un-necessarily because what was most important to such people was the satisfying first of their bigotry needs to keep themselves as higher than, better than the people they are supposed to be serving. Certainly declaring a person as indigent who is not and who clearly is known not to be indigent shows a very evil kind of bigotry operating within that agency which needs to be stopped..

In addition, the Somerville/Cambridge Elder Services needs to be investigated for other violations which they clearly have committed in this process of acting more like a mafia group than a group responding to the actual needs of those they serve.

They no doubt have helped some people. That does not justify them in their destroying the lives of others. A thorough investigation needs to happen and the agency closed until it is completed. There needs to be a report produced which shows who, what, when and how this agency, which is not carrying out its mandate, but has let the bigotry of its employees get in the way of doing an acceptable job is going to do to change. And such an agency needs to be and do a job which is much than just acceptable. How many people could this agency have helped with the money being spent on this action.


One reference letter written follows to give you an idea as to who the Bennett Donaldsons. We have received many more and will publish several of them so that you know more fully what this is about.

March 10, 2020

“To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Marceline Donaldson and Robert Bennett for twenty years. While serving the Shady Hill School as Executive Director of the school’s Teacher Training Center, Robert and Marceline have been gracious hosts of college students traveling from across the United States to Cambridge, MA. Shady Hill partners with Bettina Network to recruit aspiring teachers for Shady Hill School and graduate students for Boston University and Lesley University. When students or families travel to Cambridge seeking a place to stay, I highly recommend that they stay with Robert and Marceline. Their home is warm and inviting and their kindness knows no bounds. Guests usually reach out to me at the end of their visit and report that their time with Marceline and Robert was the highlight. They have been instrumental in helping these students transition to the area and successfully complete their apprenticeship and master’s degrees in education.

Recently, Robert and Marceline hosted two students from Morehouse College who were visiting Shady Hill School…..Because of Marceline and Robert’s wise counsel, kindness and support, (Name withheld) has decided to apprentice at Shady Hill School, the Epiphany School, and Boston University in the fall of 2020. I have Robert and Marceline to thank for playing a significant role in supporting Shady Hill School’s recruitment efforts and the partnership between Shady Hills and Morehouse College led by President David Thomas, former Associate Dean of Harvard University’s Business School.

Robert is a generous and kind person. I witnessed an expression of love and compassion for his wife, his family and his sister when he co-led the Eucharist for friends and family who honored the memory of his sister as a lovely memorial service several weeks ago. It was moving to witness not only Robert’s compassion but also the ministerial role he played while also celebrating his sister’s life. It is a memory and an experience hat has stayed with me and will stay with me.

My gratitude for Robert and his wife Marceline is deep. I treasure them, trust them and love them.



That is one of many such letters we have received. We will publish several of them so you know who the people are who the Somerville Cambridge Elder Services very clearly tried to destroy – and how they have played with Robert Bennett’s health and life, while claiming to be concerned about him and his health.


My concern is that Robert Bennett needs to be home NOW. Considering the Coronavirus it would be criminal for him to be locked up in MGH instead of being home. I saw him walking to the post office on Thursday (the day before the police ‘picked him up’. He was clearly in a great mood, talked about things we needed to talk about, and his strength was amazing. If he is held in the hospital and they are quarantined because of the coronavirus that should result in some kind of action against the people responsible. Return him home.


You asked? The person who gave Marceline that bible quote which helped her through the day was Lynette Saxe Leveau. The quote – for those who didn’t see the comment on Facebook was ” “No weapon formed against you shall prosper.”


The Bennett Donaldsons are going to need help paying these legal bills. We hope you will help them and let us know if there are other ways you can help.

Black in Cambridge/Boston

Wednesday, March 11th, 2020

a series following what is happening to Rev. Dr. Robert A. Bennett and Marceline Donaldson in the Harvard Square area. Please send this to everyone you know – . They need a lot of help – it is a system stacked against them – Being African American, in business, in the Greater Boston area is unbelievably and they are not the only people to whom this has happened.


by: Marceline Donaldson

My anger is over the top. I am going to pullout every stop to get Robert out of the hospital under a very bogus protective order which was heard without giving notice to both sides.

I will post every thing that happens and I hope you will send these posts to everyone you know.

The latest? I went to Mass General Hospital to see Robert yesterday with my lawyer. We had to wait for Security Guards to come to make sure we didn’t tear the hospital down or whatever was their problem. Two guards appeared to guard the hallways in front of us – two other guards appeared and asked us to step out while they consulted with whoever. We were ushered into a conference room and told we could not see Robert because they were short handed yesterday and did not have the requisite personnel – a policeman and a security guard – to be present during our visit. Who is the “our”? My attorney and myself. My attorney is a well known well respected Cantabridgian and what could an 82 year old woman do to the hospital?

Then we discovered when we received the file from the Court that an attorney had been appointed to represent Robert. Why had the attorney been appointed? Because Robert was declared INDIGENT.

Interestingly, we have the affidavit filed by Somerville Cambridge Elder Services and they talk about two young women who visited our house. After having been in the house to take out a filing calling us INDIGENT is about as racist as life was in the 1930’s for Blacks.

You want to see where these INDIGENT people live? Put in 49 Hawthorn Street Cambridge and there should be pictures of the house valued at about $5 million dollars.

In an earlier filing, the house was considered “unsafe”.

And by the way – it is clear that this is the real issue because the end of those affidavits talk about taking supervision over Robert and his wife – two elderly people who need such supervision.

I think you now can see better what this is about.


Trump – the anti-Christ? Readers Comment

Friday, October 18th, 2019

From a Bettina Network Lifestyle Community Member 1.

Who writes this stuff! I had in mind the same thing, but didn’t have the guts to say out loud what I have been thinking about all of these forces being acted out in this world today. I am incredibly delighted that your people did.

It is worrisome as a Christian – at least that is what I call myself – to have this history of my Christianity backing slavery and all the other evil causes it has backed. Going through school and studying all of this made it even worse because there was no explanation. You were just left with nothing but a violent memory.

I took this to a further stage. Talk is now resurfacing about Gucifer 2.0. Every time I hear the name of this Russian group which worked to elect Donald Trump as president of these United States I think of and my mind automatically substitutes “Lucifer” for Gucifer and Lucifer is what we call Satan. And then I wonder if this is Russia’s sense of the absurd or if someone named this group without a conscious connection between Gucifer and Lucifer. I also can take this further still by remembering that the New York city building Trump’s son-in-laws family owns with its address being 666 (the sign of Lucifer) and which was rumored to be in financial trouble with the possible Saudi’s bailing them out which is the set-up for another genocide with Trump sending U. S. Troops to help the Saudi’s with another genocide, this time of the Yemens.

At any rate, true or not, it explains a lot that happened with Trump’s election. And explains a lot about Trump himself.


From Bettina Network Lifestyle Community Member 2

I have been really disappointed not to have read or heard any comments coming from the Armenian community in support of the Kurds. Having gone through the same thing with the Kurds on the tip of becoming annihilated by Turkey it really gives another look at what happened to the Armenians and into the Turkish National Memory and Character.

The Armenian Genocide has come around again, this time with the Kurds substituting for the Armenians. If anyone wonders what happened. Here it is being acted out again on the world stage.


From Bettina Network Lifestyle Community Member 3

I read and heard so many people warning about what Trump would do if he was impeached. Mostly, they expected him to start World War III. I shoved that off as hysteria or ridiculous, no one in this world is that bad. Well, here we are today and what is the distraction Trump and probably his fascist brother leaders have come up with? A war! An outrageous war with Turkey vs the Kurds plus more nations involved and another genocide.

I am glad you added in the article about the Armenian massacre by the Turks is what generated the term “genocide.” We need to be reminded of our history.


From Bettina Network Lifestyle Community Member 4

The “anti-Christ” is quite appropriate for Trump and his buddies. It looks as though Trump is coming way down and is trying to take the world with him in a fiery storm. To go back to Scripture – doesn’t it say “…the fire next time.”

Thank you for putting that in print in a publication that has put out some substantial stuff. Months ago you wrote about all of this and now it is just coming into print in the mainline media. Keep writing – whether it is by a group, or one, or an occasional article. I have one to send on beauty, but it seems too out of it right now. Do I send my password to make sure my article gets printed?

ED. NOTE: To submit an article for Bettina Network’s Blog – please include your name and the password you receive and which is renewed yearly. That is your ticket to become one of our writers. You can write many articles – detailed scientific articles to cover yourself on being the first to publish – funny stories – serious items of interest – breaking news or news we can break, etc. – your thoughts, concerns, philosophy, religion. Love to have your contributions. Since we are surrounded by theologians we try to go slow on those publications, but we will soon take the restraint off them.


From Bettina Network Lifestyle Community Member 5

This is to Marceline Donaldson – please publish it in Bettina Network’s Blog and make sure she gets a copy. Is she still overworking? That was one workaholic family. They didn’t do much besides work. Hope that is changed. I remember Cookie from school. She practiced her piano for several hours each day, was a reporter for her grandfather’s radio and television show reporting on school news and I think she was about 9 or 10. The things she has been into over her lifetime – it is amazing.

Hi Cookie

Just found this publication and was amazed, but not really surprised. You are following your family footsteps. I remember your grandfather – O. C. W. Taylor – who was a co-founder of the Louisiana Weekly along with CC Dejoie, Sr. and who helped bring the Pittsburgh Courier to New Orleans, among other places. My mother used to tell me “OC” stories and she said the first office of the Pittsburgh Courier was in your home. That must have been exciting although we were both too young to have much memory of that. Printers ink must be in your veins plus dress design (and I remember with hysterical laughter your sculptures) and God knows what else.

What I am reading about here are the things your family was always into. This is what I heard your grandfather had in mind when he and Mr. Dejoie started the “Weekly”. A paper which, when it was founded tries to publish substantial stories and especially editorials to give the “Community” another way to think. We have too much on parties, fashion articles, who had dinner with who – except I have to take that back because I remember your mother and she was the society editor for the Courier and I think also for the Weekly. Keep up the good work. If I can help in any way, let me know. I hope others are thinking the same because this needs good support, which is why I am writing this to you for publication in Bettina Network’s Blog.

Don’t go off on me and put this aside, I am writing it as an article for you to put in Bettina Network’s Lifestyle Community’s publication. My password is enclosed to make sure you have to print this.




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