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Thursday, August 1st, 2019

From: Bettina Network Oracle

There is a Trojan Horse amongst those running in the Democratic Primary.

Tulsi Gabbard needs to be closely watched and what she says taken with a grain of salt because she probably has talking points given to her by the Donald. Points he has charged her to get into the debate? Her target is Kamala Harris. Trump can attack Elizabeth Warren with impunity, but he is not able to go against Kamala Harris so he has put in Tulsi Gabbard to do his dirty work. Watch and you will see her comments, word choice and more. They are very Trumpian. Her comments, word choice and structure are too close not to have been developed through some collaboration with Donald Trump.


From: A Bettina Network Lifestyle Community Member

What is it Trump and those he nominates to his administration have in common? Take John Hyten, for example. One of the latest Donald Trump nominations.

Donald Trump is a person who has some 20 plus credible charges of sexual assault, sexual abuse, rape and more against him by women who are very credible when you take a look at who they are – including a rape of a 13 year old who sued Donald Trump in Court, but withdrew the suit when she and her family received death threats.

John Hyten – like most Trump nominees, has a very credible accusation of sexual assault against him which Trump, his friends, supporters, Senators and others are claiming will not be considered as they decide whether to vote his nomination up or down. Who votes for John Hyten needs to be remembered by all of us.

Remember Al Franken and these same Republicans as they commented about and called for his resignation when one of their own called Franken out on what looked like sexual abuse? Republicans immediately called for his resignation and even Trump’s comments were negative towards him. He was not accused of anything nearly as gross as that for which Trump’s recent nominee, John Hyten, has been accused.

When you look at the people Trump has nominated to serve in his government, most have such charges against them and in spite of that, they are confirmed. So we have a cabinet and government in which a huge number of those serving are sexual predators (Let’s not even begin to mention those with conflicts of interest and accusations of wrong doing much worse) – just like the man who has illegitimately claimed the presidency.

It is an unbelievable set of circumstances when you see the people supporting Donald Trump having the same problem. Senator Martha McSally – Republican Senator, appointed to her post by Donald Trump – has claimed the woman making the charge against John Hyten is not being truthful. That in spite of the fact that Senator McSally made her own claim of rape and expected that to be taken seriously. She calls herself “a military sexual assault survivor”. And when she is confronted with others who had similar experiences she psychically sexually assaults them – apparently if they are Democrats with the possibility of blocking one of Trump’s nominees she coldly backs Trump and whatever he is doing. What’s good for the goose is not good for the gander in Senator McSally’s life.

Senator McSally has been quoted as saying “We’ve come a long way to stop military sexual assault but we have a long way to go.” Apparently, speaking out against others who have been sexually assaulted in the military and claiming she does not believe their story is one way Senator McSally gives her statements the wring of truth. With someone like McSally fighting military sexual assault it will never end. Shame is not something Republicans for Trump experience – no matter how low they have stooped. Empathy and compassion are totally missing from Martha McSally, who is very much like those who support Donald Trump.


From: A member

Why GOP Senators are quiet and will not step out for any reason no matter how foul the situation and no matter the fact that they have something to contribute to the truth of many of these situations around Donald Trump and could stop him from his viciousness and the vile environment he has created around himself and is spreading across the world.

All one has to do is look at the way Elijah Cummins has been treated by Donald Trump to understand why Republican Senators are so quiet and why people like Lindsey Graham have become so close to Donald Trump, doing his bidding no matter how low they have to stoop to accomplish his wants.

Moral courage is not common amongst Republican Senators nor is it common amongst many these days. God bless those who stand by their ethics and moral values and live them out in their daily lives.


From: A Member

Children in a Trump administration.

The United States is a dangerous place to be for children.

The pedophiles have been picking up white children. Those who supply the pedophiles have been making white children available to these corrupt souls. Today, however, it becomes clear that white children and children of color are at risk here – which group of children will be in demand this week depends upon the time and what is happening and how the scheme has been laid out for the pedophiles with money to pay.

All one has to do is look at the huge number of Trump friends and supporters who are involved in the sex trafficking of children and look at what is happening at the southern United States border. Jeffrey Epstein, from what I’ve read, has apparently become wealthy through this process.

Trump has created a heaven for such people who sex trafficked in children. One side affect of Trump’s immigration policy is to create a pool of very young children, of young teenage children, of male and female children all ripe for the pickings of sex traffickers. Children who don’t have to be accounted for because the records have been “lost”, “misplaced”, never created in the first place and more as to reasons why children and their parents cannot be reunited. Children who can easily be pushed into a sex traffickers net without being missed; who have been put in and kept in hopeless, horrible situations and environments which make them more open to such things, especially when given no choice. The only people looking for many of these children are their powerless parents and those people of color have no way to push to find their children – a sex traffickers dream. Is this southern immigration strategy what Trump has created for his friends with such proclivities?

If Jeffrey Epstein could become one of the super wealthy in this society by braving the possible jail and other traps he could set off while doing his pedophilia thing, just imagine how wealthy Donald Trump can become with this scheme on the southern border of the United States to make vulnerable children available to whoever for whatever in whatever numbers are needed for their sexual fantasies to be fulfilled.


How much can the collective soul of this world bear? We shall soon discover in sharp and unbelievable actions and happenings. Amen!



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