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It is time to resign

Sunday, August 4th, 2019

or to be thrown out !!!!!!!

Three shootings, spaced across the country in one week, coming immediately after Treasonous Trump had an extremely racist and white nationalist and Nazi tinged rally during which he called for his base to support him and show themselves with action, is a message we cannot ignore.

Treasonous Trump, Moscow Mitch and Cute Nancy – it is time to wrap it up and leave.

The El Paso, Texas shooting in Walmart is a clear historical re-enactment which includes Charlottesville, where the supporters of Treasonous Trump brought back to life, Krystallnacht – the Nazi theatre, complete with torches and winding down a ‘sort of’ mountain to make sure the message was sent. If we didn’t believe Donald Trump was at the head of a Nazi-type regime, that should have cleared up any doubt. If we didn’t believe how he prepared for this, even as far back as his first marriage during which he kept “Mein Kampf” on his night stand and read from it every night (according to the testimony in his divorce from the woman who slept with him for years and had three children by him.)

The shouting by those who participated in that re-enacted Nazi theatre was clearly “Jews will not replace us.” And what do we read from the notes left for us by the white male neo-Nazi white nationalist who shot and killed at least 20 people and injured some 26 more during his rampage in El Paso, Texas? – Among other things his concern about being ‘replaced.’

How much do we have to go through before we come together to take action against what Treasonous Trump, Moscow Mitch and Cute Nancy have in store for us?

Power and money motivates Treasonous Trump and Moscow Mitch and clearly it also motivates Cute Nancy. To impeach Treasonous Trump would not bring the power and glory to Cute Nancy that beating him soundly at the polls would bring – so she is willing to risk his not being brought to justice because of her glorified thoughts about her own ability to pull this off. Her flawed reasons are seen by others, but she is totally blind to them – blinded by the power and money shining on the opposite road. Either way, with Treasonous Trump as president or without him Cute Nancy still benefits and moves ahead in her job.

Moscow Mitch is clearly building an empire with his wife and doing it in the muck and slim of treason along with Trump. A patriot is not a word which even begins to describe Moscow Mitch. Someone who puts himself and his power and money needs above all is where Moscow Mitch has always been and continues to be. I read in this blog some time ago the question asked as to how Moscow Mitch knew Treasonous Trump would be the next president, however, illegitimately. From everything showing, the country wanted Hillary Clinton as its next president. Moscow Mitch knew otherwise and he showed that knowing by the way he worked to keep President Barack Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court from even getting a hearing. He certainly was not stonewalling that nomination so Hillary Clinton could choose the next Supreme Court justice. We see the actions happening all around us, but we don’t walk those action to their most logical conclusion. We prefer to keep on our blinders so we can keep from acting to save these United States of America. We think that by so doing we will come out of this just fine. We won’t! Germany thought the same and look at that history and how much was paid so most could live their quiet lives of desperation as they always had – without taking action which could upheaval or jeopardize what they had and where they were going.

So in the long run aren’t we all after the same thing? Power and money? Only the degree to which we act and the size of the reward we have decided is ours, if we work hard, keep silence differs. – Go along to get along is that what separates us? Big sin or little sin?

They all need to go. And NOW!


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