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It is time to resign

Sunday, August 4th, 2019

or to be thrown out !!!!!!!

Three shootings, spaced across the country in one week, coming immediately after Treasonous Trump had an extremely racist and white nationalist and Nazi tinged rally during which he called for his base to support him and show themselves with action, is a message we cannot ignore.

Treasonous Trump, Moscow Mitch and Cute Nancy – it is time to wrap it up and leave.

The El Paso, Texas shooting in Walmart is a clear historical re-enactment which includes Charlottesville, where the supporters of Treasonous Trump brought back to life, Krystallnacht – the Nazi theatre, complete with torches and winding down a ‘sort of’ mountain to make sure the message was sent. If we didn’t believe Donald Trump was at the head of a Nazi-type regime, that should have cleared up any doubt. If we didn’t believe how he prepared for this, even as far back as his first marriage during which he kept “Mein Kampf” on his night stand and read from it every night (according to the testimony in his divorce from the woman who slept with him for years and had three children by him.)

The shouting by those who participated in that re-enacted Nazi theatre was clearly “Jews will not replace us.” And what do we read from the notes left for us by the white male neo-Nazi white nationalist who shot and killed at least 20 people and injured some 26 more during his rampage in El Paso, Texas? – Among other things his concern about being ‘replaced.’

How much do we have to go through before we come together to take action against what Treasonous Trump, Moscow Mitch and Cute Nancy have in store for us?

Power and money motivates Treasonous Trump and Moscow Mitch and clearly it also motivates Cute Nancy. To impeach Treasonous Trump would not bring the power and glory to Cute Nancy that beating him soundly at the polls would bring – so she is willing to risk his not being brought to justice because of her glorified thoughts about her own ability to pull this off. Her flawed reasons are seen by others, but she is totally blind to them – blinded by the power and money shining on the opposite road. Either way, with Treasonous Trump as president or without him Cute Nancy still benefits and moves ahead in her job.

Moscow Mitch is clearly building an empire with his wife and doing it in the muck and slim of treason along with Trump. A patriot is not a word which even begins to describe Moscow Mitch. Someone who puts himself and his power and money needs above all is where Moscow Mitch has always been and continues to be. I read in this blog some time ago the question asked as to how Moscow Mitch knew Treasonous Trump would be the next president, however, illegitimately. From everything showing, the country wanted Hillary Clinton as its next president. Moscow Mitch knew otherwise and he showed that knowing by the way he worked to keep President Barack Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court from even getting a hearing. He certainly was not stonewalling that nomination so Hillary Clinton could choose the next Supreme Court justice. We see the actions happening all around us, but we don’t walk those action to their most logical conclusion. We prefer to keep on our blinders so we can keep from acting to save these United States of America. We think that by so doing we will come out of this just fine. We won’t! Germany thought the same and look at that history and how much was paid so most could live their quiet lives of desperation as they always had – without taking action which could upheaval or jeopardize what they had and where they were going.

So in the long run aren’t we all after the same thing? Power and money? Only the degree to which we act and the size of the reward we have decided is ours, if we work hard, keep silence differs. – Go along to get along is that what separates us? Big sin or little sin?

They all need to go. And NOW!


Mitch – How did you know? Barr – Who is your handler?

Thursday, April 11th, 2019

It is time to acknowledge that something is very wrong in our government and with our politicians which is beginning to show publicly in some strange ways.

For example: Mitch McConnell blocked Obama’s appointment of Supreme Court justices months before the end of his term. One such appointment he blocked was a relatively middle of the road/conservative justice from being appointed to the Court. Appointed instead was the man who is known as an extreme political activist, credibly accused sexual assaulter and who was brought onto the political stage by the Bush family.

We have talked lots and printed much about that, but no one has asked how Mitch McConnell knew his blocking Obama’s appointment of Merrick Garland would result in Donald Trump appointing conservative political operatives like Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. If Hillary Clinton had won the presidency, which was widely expected and seemed to be a done deal, her appointments would probably have been to the left of Obama’s. Does anyone believe Mitch was holding open Supreme Court appointments for Hillary’s nominations?

Mitch McConnell proceeded in the face of what was showing and expected and blocked not only the Supreme Court justice appointment by Obama, but much else also, which he then released when Donald Trump reached the point where his friends and supporters called him “President”. We were not amongst those.

Who majorly ushered Mitch McConnell onto the political stage?

How did you know Mitch? What connections do you have not showing? Add that to all else you have done, what kind of country are you helping to shape? Would you and your children want to live in the kind of country you are helping to create when those whispering in your ear become those in total control of that country? Do you really think they will allow you and your family to prosper after your work is done and you are gone? Or does that matter to you?


William Barr we have the same question of you!

Who is whispering in your ear? From whom are you taking your orders? Do you really expect us to believe that you just happened to turn up at the exact time your writing that lengthy opinion for Donald Trump would result in your being named Attorney General and your carrying out the wishes of whoever is giving you marching orders at this time?

Didn’t you help bail the Bush family out of an Iran mess? Or was that Reagan?

Just before Mueller’s investigation ends, you, Mr. Barr, turn up having laid recent ground work to become Attorney General to stop the Mueller investigation without the public being aware of your role in wrapping up that investigation putting yourself in place to put out an “exoneration” of a man who calls himself president of these United States so he can finish the work of destroying what took hundreds of years to build? You were clearly put in that place by – who? – the same people who called you up to duty and now will keep you in front of us where you can play your part in this farce?

Who benefits here? Who has orchestrated this? Or did this happen accidentally with everyone acting independently and this just comes together in such a smooth way? We don’t think so!

We saw “Mafia Speak” within the Court setting, when the judge in the Manafort case did his mafia speech before sentencing Manafort. Remember that little ditty about how this had nothing to do with “collusion”. Shortly thereafter on the front steps of the Court Manafort’s attorney made the same speech = one having nothing to do with the case he was coming outside from having represented his client making the announcement not about the case he was in front of the judge to carry forth but to say – Manafort was judged free of any collusion. That was not true, but this attorney carried his speech off as though it were.

And then shortly thereafter Donald Trump, that same afternoon, talking to the press shouting questions at him, makes his speech about how “honored” he was that day by the judge and Manafort’s attorney. Trump’s speech in its words and tone was that of a man who, that day, became comfortable with his role as “the Don”. His choice of words – striking – “honored”. ‘I am honored.’ ‘You have honored me’. That is about as close as a mafia don comes to humility. But then one discovers it is not about the “Don’s” humility, but about the “Don” allowing you to show your humility because having done his bidding and the bidding of those supporting him he is about to allow you to show your humility by allowing you to kiss the ring

Today we had “Mafia Speak” in the reverse. Donald Trump comes out with his bit of “Mafia Speak” which sets the stage and then William Barr, before Congress, follows him almost within minutes saying almost the exact same thing Donald Trump said to the press shouting questions at him.

This is a well orchestrated play being enacted in front of us and are we all too stupid or too innocent to see this?

Who gains? Who loses? What is at stake? This is a game with real life consequences in which the United States as a republic wins or the mafia in which Donald Trump was once a participant, but now apparently is the “Don” wins. Today he may be shored up by his fascist friends around the globe – supported by the billionaire’s club, but tomorrow? Donald Trump is not the type of person to be grateful or to be one of those serving and working with. His “friends” will soon see they are working for him and it will not be pleasant for any of them. Barr may see himself wielding power today, but he needs to take a good look at history to realize his future and it is not pleasant.

We have entered the era of a world-wide mafia generating from and controlled by the United States government which is in the process of forming a very tight, very strong mafia from which there will be no relief nor any turning back.

Today you can call us crazy, paranoid, delusional! However, tomorrow when you realize the situation in which you are living what will you call us then? And what will we call you? Involved? Taking action to preserve a democracy? Or one of the good people who allowed this to move to its conclusion by doing nothing?

Take a look at past Bettina Network Blogs and you will see we predicted this. It does not take a genius to see what is happening. We also talked about children being murdered and Concentration Camps – different from those in Nazi Germany. Concentration Camps where children would be incarcerated and then disappear.

We hope you are listening. We do not want to be in the position of saying “we told you so.


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