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Bettina Network Lifestyle Community Members Speak!

Wednesday, December 26th, 2018

We are having a wonderful holiday.  Hope your holiday is full of love, family, friends and so much more.

Many members of Bettina Network Lifestyle Community sent us bits and pieces for Bettina Network Blog.  They also sent financial contributions to keep us going so we feel well fed both materially and in the soul with what looks like the success of Bettina Network, inc.

What follows are some of what we received to go in the blog.  It would be even better if all of you sent full blown articles on whatever topic you want information published – political, historical, scientific, literature-your short stories-poems- expositions.  Whatever you want to share.

Before we start sharing we would like to remind you that Bettina Network Oracle said some months ago that children would start dying – murdered by Donald J. Trump and his Administration.

Into this happy season comes the tragic and vicious news that Donald Trump – the illegitimate president of these United States has started killing children and the pace will accelerate.  Where do you stand and what are you going to do about this? Trump wants to scare the brown and black people of the world away from the borders of the United States.  What better way than to put those who arrive, after experiencing horrible trauma and an extremely difficult trip looking for asylum, into American Concentration Camps.  Moving them through a “cold box” to jeopardize any resistance they may still have left to illness, while exposing their children to sexual traffickers and so much more.

We get the news of their children’s death at the hands of a liar, thief, sexual assaulter, murderer, mafia don etc and there is no uprising in this country?  We were quiet through the first death we knew about – although you will soon hear of many more – from the past – not those dying today.  That is also a part of this holiday season.

Are you going to take the road of Germans – the middle class Germans – who kept silent, went about their daily lives as though Jews were not being slaughtered and turned into slaves by Hitler or are you going to make sure the same thing does not happen in these United States?  It was the ordinary citizen who allowed Hitler to rise and wreck his evil.  Not willing to jeopardize their middle class economic position to take a stand against the evil which stared them in the face.  As long as it wasn’t one of their family?

From the Bettina Network Lifestyle Community:

  1. ” Is one of the reasons Trump is so enamored of Russia and Putin the fact that Russia is a white country?  And one of the few such places left in the world?  Is that what makes him drawn to the particular fascist dictators he shows a complete attraction to?”
  2. “Donald J. Trump sent out an order to withdraw United States troops from Syria. He did that while on the telephone with Erdogan or shortly thereafter.  Erdogan’s first choice was that Trump send Methullah Gulen to the Turkish prison island. – so he could be imprisoned and possibly killed there? Trump did everything he could to comply, but his power as president did not extend to his being able to do that – although he did try.  We heard the figure of $15 million tossed around as payment for the deed.  Trump could and did comply with Erdogan’s second choice – to withdraw U. S. troops from Syria.  Why would he allow himself to be complicit in this cover-up? Trump was clearly looking for some way to distract the world from Mohammed bin Salam’s involvement in the brutal and vicious killing of Khashoggi and to begin the process of putting Saudi Arabia on a positive footing with the world as he managed to wipe the story out of the media.  To do that he needed Erdogan to stop telling the media about the details of the killing and to not provide the proof the rest of us needed to bring some kind of justice for the killing.  This pulling the U. S. troops out of Syria solved that, we have not heard one word from Erdogan about the tapes, the killing nor anymore details about what he and his knows about what happened.  That has not been brought into the world’s view for action. Trump’s indebtedness to Saudi Arabia and his beholdeness to MbS was partially satisfied.”
  3. “Trump is a man who does not think!  He is not dumb, stupid nor all of those negative adjectives.  He is a man who, instead of thinking and feeling has substituted  manipulation, shrewdness, insults to and intimidation of others in his path – particularly those he has to address as President of the United States.  The worst I have seen of anyone was the performance Donald Trump made in front of the rally after the hearing on the Brett Kavanaugh/Christine Blasey Ford sexual assault allegations which moved his people to vote for Kavanaugh.  Was that because they did not believe Blasey Ford?  Or was that because of the fear such a performance raised in them of Trump doing the same thing to them and their political and public destruction imminently following.  What was tragic was the fact that Trump’s performance did not destroy Trump, it scared his people into falling into line and doing his bidding. That speaks volumes for the ethics, morals, character of those in politics and those supporting them in these United States.  Truthfulness, integrity, honor, – none of those things apply anymore.  Manipulation to gain power and control over to do the kind of scumbag actions which have been carried out by this president are what holds the day.  The United States Government has become a criminal mafia headed by the mafia “Don” – Donald J. Trump.  In fact, I am beginning to think the mafia, as we have known mafias, is several steps above Trump in the way it operates.”
  4. “The elegance, thoughtfulness, grace, compassion of the Obama Administration has been replaced by the cruelty, viciousness, untruthfulness, cheating and sexual abuse by almost all those in this current administration.  Every time someone is appointed, one of the first scandals that comes out is of that persons past scandalous involvement in the sexual assault, abuse, denigration of women – white, black, pink, green, purple women.”
  5. “I am constantly stunned at the similarities between Trump and Hitler. Trump folds his arms in front of himself when seriously speaking around the table – so did Hitler.  Hitlers messiah complex was strong and evil – so is Trump’s.  It has pushed Trump to come out with his need for absolute control – he showed that in his call to take troops out of Syria without consulting anyone.  His Messiah Complex is right at the peak of being the destruction of Western Civilization.  Hitler blamed the Communists  for everything – Trump blames the Democrats whether it is true or not and he pushes that song with his Republican Congress following his lead.”
  6. “I know many of us make parallels to Donald Trump and Adolph Hitler.  I would like to remind all of us, including Donald and Melanie Trump that Hitler ended in a fulthy bunker alone except for the woman who lived through him, got her identity from him as well as her self-worth and called it love.  This was the face of evil.  The United States is becoming the country which has supplanted that history by attempting to recreate it.  Hitler ended his reign by committing suicide.  Before he did, however, he was manic about his need to kill as many Jews as quickly as possible.  The United States’ killing spree has just begun.  Are there those who are going to stop this madness or are we going to let our passive bigotry lead us into a pretense to be helpless in the face of it and let it go on until we have reached the point where White Supremacy is no longer threatened by the Black and Brown peoples of the world.”


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