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Learn More About How We Use Your Donation!

We have developed a group of companies with the goal of working to reduce and eventually eliminate homelessness while bridging the gap between the ultra rich and those with nothing.

With this publication we strive to serve as an outlet for truth.  Our goal is to move towards becoming a world wide media center incorporating other publications along the way.  We need your help in this sharing of the experiences, knowledge and wisdom of others.  For you to receive good and truthful information without it being used to manipulate, twist and control is rare.  That is our wheel house.

Your contribution to Bettina Network, inc. helps make this possible. We hope you are generous and frequent in your contributions and will follow Bettina Network, inc. as it moves, grows, changes.

In addition, a contribution to Bettina Network, inc. of $100 or more gives you membership in Bettina Network’s Lifestyle Community with all of its benefits.

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