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We have a man who calls himself President of the United States. He is illegitimate, an extreme bully, has covered up many crimes including a monstrous murder for another country and is totally engaged in treason and the destruction of the United States and yet we have not taken him down. He has delayed his own removal and the indictment of others who aided him by closing down the American Government. He knows his time is short so he has taken this grand action.

What will he do next?

His ex-wife claimed, in her divorce papers, that he kept a copy of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” on his bedside table. With that as his reading material, I would guess his next step is to call for a National Emergency. Isn’t that what Hitler did? Weakened Germany with outlandish actions and as a denouement he called a National Emergency and it was all over until six million Jews and others were killed, Germany was totally destroyed – and unlike Trump, Hitler was not a puppet of a foreign sovereign.

Trump has an attorney who speaks for him on television. Rudi Giuliani. How was this attorney chosen by Trump? Could it be Trump saw the press conference Mr. Giuliani called outside the Mayor’s House in New York City with his then mistress to announce he was going to marry this woman?

Inside Gracie Mansion, Mr. Giuliani’s wife was making breakfast for their son totally unaware of what was going on outside or that there even was a press conference or that her husband was going to divorce her to marry someone else. She learned that when a reporter called to verify the story.

Does that way of operating seem to reflect Trump’s ethics and character? Does that clear up why he chose Giuliani and what he expects from him?

Besides hiring Giuliani, Trump has tried many other ways to shut down the Russian investigation by doing many things – he fired James Comey; he fired Jeff Sessions; he hired Matt Whitaker; he hired William Barr and on and on it has gone – mostly unsuccessful. But his greatest action in attempting to shut down the Russian investigation is this grand Trump government shutdown. Will we allow it to be successful? Or have we had enough!

Trump can console himself with what he has done to the children!

Something like what is and has been happening at the southern border of the U S. has a historical ring to it. Remember when, in these United States, tens of thousands of Native American children were taken forcibly from their homes and sent other places never to see their families again? What was the result? The complete and total oppression of Native Americans. They have not recovered from then to this day. An entire generation was taken from them, forcibly. The overwhelming feelings of helplessness and loss and what losing an entire generation of a nation’s children does to that nation is indescribable. Those children who survived and were not killed, maimed or otherwise destroyed just given a new identity, never recovered. Is that the playbook from which Trump has taken a page to decide what to do about immigration from South America?

Don’t you think we have done enough? Don’t you think it is time to stop pretending to fight the program until the job of total oppression is done and then we can abdicate all responsibility by destroying the final organizer -the doer – the bigot – the neo-Nazi – the Trump? He has no idea what lies in his future. He thinks he is going to be enormously wealthy and live out his life traveling the globe after his removal from office. Can he spell Khashoggi!

Pretend Donald Trump is African American! Now lets replay that reality show again and see what happens?

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