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Notre Dame/Steve Bannon?

One can’t help but notice the incredible “coincidences” that now abound. Are they really coincidences or are we in the middle of people who are just plain dishonest, manipulative, power hungry and see bigotry as the way to gain what they couldn’t come close to without that way of functioning.

Politics has become really ugly. We no longer have to worry about how Hitler came to power. We are seeing real-time examples showing us just how he did it with todays’ improvements by people like Steve Bannon, Donald Trump et al.

Yet one more “coincidence” of violence against…..speculate a bit about the burning of Notre Dame in Paris. This happens just two days after Steve Bannon announces the purchase of the monastery which he intends to convert into some kind of training camp for people to take down the pope and the Catholic Church. And Please don’t say – ‘but Steve Bannon is Catholic.’

That matches the two days after Trump announces he is not a Globalist and the results are felt in Pittsburgh. And just a couple days after Trump grossly attacks people against whom he plays the victim with those people who Trump has characterized as victimizing him subsequently receiving bombs – which apparently didn’t go off because of the incompetence of their maker……. and so many more such coincidences. They have now become difficult to list or recount they are so numerous.

Lets get international and look at New Zealand – shootings right at the time Trump needed something really big to distract from what was coming, exposing his evil within days. What came were the New Zealand shootings – what was diminished and distracted from – look it up in your news feed and see for yourselves. Do the work people and keep on that edge as you read the news which is grave and see the proximity to Trump’s need for distractions from the horribleness of his life, his so-called presidency and more.

Notre Dame burns – just two days after Bannon called for and talked about how the Pope and the Catholic Church needed to be taken down and this “hit” on the Catholic Church- this time a “two’fer – Trump facing the release of the redacted Mueller Report just a couple days later.

Don’t be dissuaded from looking closely because Bannon is Catholic and Stephen Miller is Jewish along with the claim that Trump is crazy. Crazy like a fox.

Some of the most racist people against Blacks I know are Black. Why? Because, apparently, they see power within the group and their power-over dissipating if integration comes along. That has been the case. It is how Whites have chosen Black leaders over the centuries. Look for those who will do the most damage and exercise the most control over the Black Community. That is who you help become leader of the group. Same thing goes in the female community and in all the other minority groups. It has always been so. Those in the minority communities don’t seem to have clear vision to be able to see such. We even define terms to make sure those power dynamics are skewered. We make the claim that Blacks cannot be racist – one must call such Blacks who clearly show their racism – prejudiced. That is one of the most ridiculous definitions I’ve heard in a very long time, but those so declared as “leaders” totally talk about that definition, correcting those who see otherwise so nothing will dilute their power.

The biggest disgrace of this the century, however, is the ascendancy of Donald Trump into the office of president of the United States. He is clearly someone who showed before he was “elected” that he would take down the country and would turn it into a racist, fascist dictatorship preferably with him as the fascist dictator. Trump was discovered as that kind of person by influential people in governments hostile to the United States, people who thus far had not been able to get far in weakening and taking down America. So let’s try Trump. And they did.

They have gone very far with Donald Trump. He has and is consistently weakening every institution within these United States and he has done a very good job at such. As the days pass he is acquiring a collection of people around him who will go to jail doing his bidding because they have blindsided themselves to the point of believing they will be great in his administration if they do his bidding. They are people with histories of having done ugly, lying, illegal things before he found them and brought them into his inner circle. William Barr being the latest. Someone who has had extensive influence and changed America with the way he has obstructed justice for at least two previous presidents. He has now stepped forward – at just the right moment – to attempt to do the same thing for Donald Trump.

He issued a statement which Trump could use and did to claim he was “exonerated”. He has postponed until a holiday weekend with Congress out of town to release the redacted Mueller Report. He is redacting the report and our guess is his “redactions” will be blackening out those parts which tell the truth about Donald Trump – the ugly truth. And Congress will go along with the program dragging its feet and talking big and bad throughout.

Why is Donald Trump still in office being called President. Even casual observers saw he would not win the election because he had – what – some 25% of the vote without the help of those within those hostile governmental and other kinds of communities who saw themselves benefitting from such an evil soul?

Trump’s very vile history is well documented on thousands of videos around the world which are played constantly over some kind of media. They were played even before Trump and his supporters claimed he was the next President. People who voted for Trump knew his reputation; they knew his evil; they knew the kind of history he created; they knew him to be dishonest, – a casino operator, unethical contractor person who stiffed those very middle class people trying to establish themselves in their corporate entities as well as others who he could reach any way his evil mind allowed – those wanting to move ahead educationally; those interested in wine, cheese and goodness knows what else he put out to stiff the rest of the world so he could thrive.

But then so was Hitler’s history before he became head of Germany – although videos and other instant replay devices were not available during Hitler’s reign. That had to go by slower means and sometimes even word of mouth. The need for power and control amongst those who would follow was so great they gave up their eternity for a few months of following a monster. And isn’t that true of Donald Trump’s followers?

What bothers me most is why he is still in office? Why those who claim to be against him have not so moved and are passively doing what they can to allow him to remain in office – why? Because they are larger than life as the opposition and their power and control is more complete by so passively allowing Donald J. Trump to remain while claiming to be on the side of John and Jane Q. Public. They see power in allowing Trump to remain in office damaging the world because if he is removed now someone else might run for the office of president and win, ruining their chances to come to power in a sprint rather than the very difficult road that would present.

Where do you stand? Don’t you realize your children are watching? How are they taking this in and how is this affecting their lives as they learn and grow? Are these the lessons you want them to act on as adults? As of now you have no choice. What they are being shown is what happens in this country when an African American is president and what happens when a so called White American is president. What Trump is teaching them about “whiteness” is lessons I would not want my children to learn. And those lessons are being allowed by both Black and White Americans.

And to you racists. They are being taught – thanks to the lessons you are making possible – that if you want a great president vote for an African American. If you want one who is a mess-up, who is evil, who is vile and will engage in corruption, attempted murder by remote control and more, then vote for a White man.

Et tu?


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