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Real Estate Tax Article Response

Thank you for the article on elder abuse and real estate taxes. I am not one to start movements or even protests. Instead, I sit home, cry and try to remember what was.

My father lost his home because of the games played with him around his house. It was our family homes. I was not old enough nor employed to be able to help. I am now both, but he is gone and so is our family home. He spent the last years of his life in a Senior Home and he was miserable. How I hate those who caused this. It is all about greed.

Count me in on anything you do around these issues. I know how painful it was for him as he tried to save a home on which he owed very little. Our mortgage had been paid in full since our family lived in that house and owned it for many decades. He took out a small mortgage to make needed repairs and got caught in the real estate taxes game.

The same things happened to him that you described. He thought he could defer the taxes as a lien on the house, but the city pushed him off. They didn’t say no – they couldn’t because he qualified. What they did was everything they could to not accept his application. The bank let it be known that they would not allow the deferral and would not sign off on one if the city decided to accept his application. Caught in a bind he didn’t know what to do. He wrote to everyone and every institution he could think of looking for help. No one responded. He thought and expected people to do the right thing, but they never do when money is involved. I believe the person who bought the house out of foreclosure for a fraction of its value was somehow connected to the bank and/or the city or both. The house was fixed up and then resold and the people who did this made well over $200,000 that I could count.

Please put my name on a list of people you send out notices whenever you do something about all of this. I don’t have much, but I have myself and a little money left over from my job each week. I want to do what I can to make sure others don’t suffer the way my father did at the end of his life.

He lived less than two years in that Senior Citizen place. All of his papers, furnishings, clothes and memorabilia were gone. There was no place for it in his tiny room and even if there was space the bank made sure nothing survived. A sheriff showed up with a truck and hauled away all that was dear to him while he watched, cried and begged them to stop. It was one of the worse moments of my life. I shall take those memories to my grave.

God bless you and may your work succeed. Much pain can be alleviated if only people acted out of a sense of goodness. We are all human – we err – we try and sometimes succeed and sometimes don’t – but when we put aside our humanity for that corporate suit we become something else. I saw that something else through what happened to my father.



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