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From a Bully to a Killer!

What causes some people to become beautiful human beings and some to be horrible? That is a consistent thought of mine as I go about work, play, eating with many different souls and see the total difference in how they live their lives. None, however, reach the depth of evil that Donald Trump is exploring and taking joy in as he tries to become wealthy, maintain power and just ignore humanity.

Evil begets evil! Take a look at his growing up years, his young adult years, his family environment and more.

  1. Rudy Giuliani – the name most often associated with Trump today. Having followed his career, his morals, ethics, character are defined by one act: During his time as mayor of New York City he lived in the mayors mansion with his wife and son. One day, Rudy held a press conference in front of Gracie Mansion. With him for this conference was his ‘mistress’. They announced at that press conference, which was the reason it was called – Rudy and this ‘mistress’ were getting married. Turns out his wife was inside making breakfast for their son and had no idea what was going on until a reporter called her to verify what he had just heard. Can you imagine learning about your husbands affair, your upcoming divorce and his upcoming marriage in such a way? That, in a nutshell, says it all about Rudy Giuliani. We could go into pages on his affairs with others, but that one event defines him and he has not strayed from the ethical, moral character this describes.

2. Jeffry Epstein – a close friend of Donald Trump. Some think they should not be lumped together, but they were close and their supposed falling out was over what? Something that changed Trump for the better? Or something that caused one to step on the toes of another and they parted ways to maintain their respective areas of power.

So much has been talked about and written about we really don’t have to go into anymore detail except to point out that Epstein has or had a beautiful townhouse in Manhattan. His neighbor, across the street, in a very lovely townhouse was Bill Cosby.

Epstein was very generously given a start by having been given a job at a fairly exclusive private school by Attorney General Barr’s father. “Given” is used generously because Epstein had no college degree nor any of the other qualifications one looks for hiring a person into such a job. Does that reach out to tell us something about AG Barr?

3. Donald Trump, as has been reported, used lots of concrete in building his buildings and bought his concrete from a person reputed to be Italian Mafia – the same person/family who was Trump’s fathers business partner which, no doubt, helped him become as successful as he wound up able to leave Trump over $400 million dollars. Trump didn’t forget his mafia connections because as you look at the wall, there have been many iterations considered. The one Trump decided on was metal rods filled with concrete. Was that Trump’s way of bringing along a benefactor? Although, we understand, his connections to the Italian Mafia pale compared to the ones with the Eastern European mafia for whom he has almost totally dropped the I.M.

4. Trump’s immigrant family – which started when his grandfather immigrated to the U. S. from Germany – dirt poor, no education, and wound up fairly wealthy having built a hotel – we heard on the backs of women prostitutes – and used that hotel as a brothel.

All of this was public knowledge before Trump became president. I used to think ill of the American voting public, however, today I realize they tried – with Hillary Clinton, in spite of Russia, et al dumping on her and trying to handicap her campaign for president in favor of Donald Trump. Hillary wound up with over 3 million more votes than did Donald Trump. Her reputation almost totally destroyed and all the years of very hard work she did for this country and many of its citizens crapped on = but time has a way of pulling back the lies and replacing them with the truth. Hillary’s legacy will be golden. Foreign intervention didn’t quite do the job, but did enough so that Russia and Putin benefitted immensely from the effort. The major difference, Russia, Putin and Trump’s benefits are fleeting. Hillary’s will last for many generations.

5. Looking at those appointed to different positions by Donald Trump it is very difficult to find someone of those who does not have sexual assault complaints in their background; someone who has done a great job in life before working with Trump; in other words someone not tarnished by the brush showing their evil predilections working out in parts of their lives – and that includes the sycophants he attracts and uses, along with those willing to sacrifice their reputations for what they see at gold at the end of the rainbow, only to discover that rainbow they see is a mirage. All of that also holds for Donald Trump’s friends.

6. And let us not forget the evangelical christians. Those who call themselves Christians and come from a long line of people who did the bidding of the one they call god ( clearly not of God) from the time we took goodness from Native Americans and gave them death, destruction, and all kind of horrors; those evangelical christians who gave cover and justification to those, also calling themselves christians, during the time of slavery when they tried to right the wrong of treating human beings with as much evil as they could muster – when they hanged, burnt, beat, starved and more human beings they stole from another country and used to build the new country to which they ran after their lives in their “old” country turned out to be not great – people, who by the way they were treating ‘slaves and others’ made the treatment they received from their “old country” look beautiful by comparison; and when some of the new “Americans” with others fought back, they received a retaliation which showed forth the evil being sown into the soil of these United States.

This is neither reserved nor limited to those who traveled to this new land looking for a better life and took that “better life” at the expense of others because we could go back to the horrors of Joan of Arc and others who paid huge prices for what they believed, but we are living in the time when Donald Trump moves quickly from bullying coming from his life of entitlement to killing because his power escalated to the point of allowing him to do such and his evil is now totally out of control.

Evil has almost enveloped and devoured this U. S. A. And where are you! Protesting that it isn’t that bad? Working to bring about change in your area? Complaining that we should stop fighting and just wait it out, things will change for the better? Or are you doing something else which will not make things better, but insure this too shall pass allowing the evil to wait in the corners of the globe for the next time it can break out. We have had so many “break outs” in these United States it is tiring to even try to chronicle them.

So what now America!!!!!!!!



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