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Turkey – Armenians – Kurds – Genocide

The second time around for Turkey in a very few years.

In 1914 there started a genocide in Turkey of a Christian minority who lived as second class citizens. There started the physical annihilation of Armenian Christian people. It was genocide under the cover of war. In fact, the term “genocide” was coined out of that event. Another terms for “genocide” is “massacre” – something African Americans in the United States know a lot about – having been the target of quite a few.

The Armenian genocide lasted until about 1923 and some million plus Armenians were slaughtered by the Turks. How long will this genocide last from 2019 until when? And how many Kurds will have been slaughtered when it finally ends. The reports of Kurds being shot on the side of the road by Turkish soldiers who seem to be seeking them out in a killing field.

This comes about with a president of the United States with no ethics and certainly no problems with anything even close to doing what is right. What is right in this man’s mind is what benefits America’s illegitimate president, Donald Trump. After all, who is Donald Trump’s favorite past United States president – isn’t that Andrew Jackson, one of whose claims to fame was the Trail of Tears which resulted in the slaughter and death of millions of Native Americans?

In about 1838 Andrew Jackson forced Native American Tribes living in the Southeastern United States to travel some 1,000 miles to reservations in Oklahoma. No food, no clothing, no places to stop, herded by federal troops they were forced to march west from their native lands throughout Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and North Carolina because whites wanted their land. Whites wanted to move onto the land on which Native Americans lived, built homes, raised families for decades. It was the point where Native Americans lost any power they may have had or thought they had. They were, from that point on, relegated to a position of powerlessness. Many died because of diseases, lack of water, shelter and bad road conditions. These are people who lived in this country for some 13,000 years before whites appeared – that we can establish.

Over his lifetime, Andrew Jackson, this favorite president of Donald Trump – whose picture has a prominent place in the Oval Office while Trump is using it – owned some 300 slaves. The massacre of African Americans is the stuff of legend. We hope you will note and join the boycott against Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill. Donald Trump took over and cancelled Barack Obama’s program. That program was to have the next printing of the $20 bill to have the face of Harriet Tubman instead of Andrew Jackson. Trump declared there would be no such printing with Harriet Tubman. If there is to be a woman on American currency, according to Trump, it would be a woman worthy of the honor not like a Harriet Tubman. And who was she? An escaped slave who risked her life innumerable times to lead other slaves to freedom. Trump does not want that kind of example to be rewarded and we can now clearly see why.

We will appear wherever you would like someone to come with a stamp and others to come with their $20 bills to be stamped to attempt to rectify this and at the least to express the horror of United States citizens at such a move by Donald Trump.

Faced with impeachment, Trump needed a distraction and gave Erdogan the green light to start a war which includes Turkey starting and moving ahead with a genocide, this time against the Kurds. Turkey, Russia and Saudi Arabia seem to be combining in some way to help Donald Trump become a fascist dictator over the United States so he can then manufacture a genocide against people of color? Besides giving Erdogan of Turkey the go ahead for the Kurdish genocide Donald Trump is also sending substantial numbers of American troops to Saudi Arabia without any clear and definite reason. Where is the military brass speaking out about this? Quiet compliance and even quieter obedience is not what is called for here. That is what happened in Nazi Germany. Why is this beginning to look like a huge slaughtering of human beings before it is over. This is not the first time Kurds have been lied to and led to believe their work would result in their being rewarded. Their work is resulting in their being slaughtered in an incredible genocide.

Since the heads of those three countries – Turkey, Russia, Saudi Arabia – have shown they are not reticent about killing and Donald Trump adds a fourth and is showing that he is definitely not reticent about killing, but can keep up with the best of the slaughterers of human beings, we can only wait and see what will be the result of this newest development.

Who are the citizens of the U. S. supporting this Kurdish genocide? Are they doing it in the hopes it will take root in the United States and eliminate the racial problems in that country? The human suffering Donald Trump has caused and is increasingly causing as he escalates his killing fields is taking hold, spreading and the push back is not something we can see. Trump seems to have a clear field to do whatever he decides to do. Is this how low the United States has sunk? Allow this to happen while verbally calling it horrendous and other nouns, adjectives, verbs, and more?

Why are the generals and others obeying his orders? Because they value their careers more than they value the unnecessary, random and power-hungry taking of human life? Why are others going along to get along with this massacre? Why are we putting American military personnel in harms way? Are we waiting until all of this subsides and goals we want to see accomplish have happened and then we can call an end to this slaughter?

Trump does the damage he is guilty of doing because he has been allowed to proceed. Talk is cheap and does nothing, but allows horribleness to take place. So many cowards, so few heroes.

I can’t help but note that the person who opened the door to ending the refusal of Trump to allow his people to testify before Congress was a woman. Many men simply acquiesced because it was the easiest thing for them to do and probably quietly satisfied their needs. A woman whose name and actions will go down in history as a heroine in this sordid story. Et tu, Brutus?

Who are the American and other billionaires supporting Trump? Their names need to be circulated far and wide. And aren’t they all male? et tu, Brutus!



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