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Harriet Tubman Boycott

Friday, August 23rd, 2019

by: Marceline Donaldson

We have had telephone calls from several people who wanted a Harriet Tubman stamp. So we are putting out the particulars on where to get your stamp.

If you want a contact person try

They will soon have a web site to keep you up to date on their Tubman stamp. Their website when operational will be

We will also be setting up shop to get the word out.

I double checked with banks – tried three – and each one said the same thing to me that we wrote about in the blog on the Harriet Tubman Boycott. If you have a $20 that has been stamped with Harriet Tubman’s face covering Andrew Jackson’s face it is still legal tender and you can use it in stores, take it to banks, etc. and they will give you other denominations for your $20. Or pay for your purchases and they will give you change. When that $20 reaches a bank it will be taken out of circulation.

Our goal is to make sure all $20 bills which do not have Harriet Tubmans portrait – those $20 will be out of circulation. The Obama Administration laid out the plans for the Harriet Tubman $20 bill. It was to take affect within months of his leaving office. Donald Trump and Mnuchin decided to keep the Andrew Jackson bill in circulation. They did not want the embarrassment of having a black womans’ face on United State currency.

Andrew Jackson, according to Mr. Trump, is his favorite president. Given Trump’s racism, sexism and bigotry around everything and everyone not male, white, protestant, northern european, we understand his preference. He has chosen the president under whom the Trail of Tears happened. That is his kind of president. It is so fitting that Harriet Tubman, who sacrificed so much to help free African slaves should replace Andrew Jackson’s portrait on United States $20 bills.

Only a White Nationalist president like Andrew Jackson would think otherwise. Trump’s separation of families at the southern border, exposing children to sex traffickers who are always looking for such easy pickings, goes along with the Trail of Tears president. Both have caused unbelievable suffering of tens of thousands of feeling, thinking, caring, human beings – of tens of thousands women, children, men, the elderly, babies in arms.

My great-great grandmother was on that Trail of Tears. Every time I think of it I tear up and get emotional. She was taken off the trail by my great-great grandfather, an Irishman, who she met in the process of all of her suffering. They had several children, settled in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and their progeny are all over the world doing incredible things. These are the people Trump wants to eliminate.

Wherever we go we will have our Harriet Tubman stamp with us. If you need bills stamped, please ask, the stamp is self-inked and we bought extra ink anticipating a wide demand.

May you all be surrounded by love in all that you do and may it benefit the world immensely. Make sure you will not be talked about as being one of those who helped bring forth a holocaust in these United States because good people, like you, did nothing. And make no mistake, Trump is building a true holocaust.

When we talked about Trump Concentration Camps folks didn’t believe it. Thought it was an exaggeration. Today, 24 people have been killed in those Trump Concentration Camps. There are “cold rooms” where immigrants are kept if they cross the border and have some kind of respiratory ailment – a cold, the flu, etc. And they are kept in those “cold rooms” for as long as a month with only the light cotton clothes they had on when they entered and the flip flops on their feet. That 24 people will add up quickly at the rate Trump is moving.

To have your $20 bill stamped with the likeness of Harriet Tubman to help withdraw all of the $20 off the market does not take much. If you want your own stamp so you can spread the word even further they cost only $25 and can be purchased from with the information we gave you at the start of this blog.

Good stamping!



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